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Finding Post-Workout Comfort in Lululemon’s Restfeel Men’s Slide

As someone who works out regularly, wearing the proper footwear is a must. However, people often only focus on wearing the right workout shoes and ignore their other footwear. Did you know that relaxing your feet after a workout is important, especially after doing intense activities? No; this doesn’t mean you should take a break for the rest of the day. Instead, what I’m talking about is wearing a pair of shoes that offers post-workout relaxation. Enter Lululemon’s Restfeel Men’s Slide! These Lululemon men shoes are specifically designed to soothe your feet after working out. I’ve been using them for a while now it’s safe to say they’re my new favorite sandals. They’re exceptionally comfortable, supportive, and stylish. No matter where I go after my gym session, my feet can stay relaxed and comfortable. Let’s take a deeper look at why I love these sandals a lot!

Unmatched comfort for fitness enthusiasts

The reason why I enjoy wearing the Restfeel Men’s Slide is because of its dual-density midsole, which always helps relax my feet. It feels a little bit softer around the heel area, offering me unmatched comfort. Meanwhile, the forefoot area is a tiny bit harder, offering me proper support. With this perfect combination, I never experience any pain or fatigue in my feet even after working out. If you’re the type that walks a lot, I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate these sandals. 

Restfeel Men's Slide by Lululemon
Restfeel Men’s Slide by Lululemon

That’s not all! Another thing that makes me a huge fan of these sandals is their strap upper. It has a supportive and soft foam lining that makes the overall wearing experience more enjoyable. Moreover, it hugs my foot well, keeping it in place. There’s nothing bad I can say about it!

The strap upper by Lululemon
The strap upper by Lululemon

Reliable all-day performance

One of my biggest concerns when getting a pair of sandals is the traction. I’ve worn countless sandals before and more than often their traction isn’t the best. Thankfully, the same can’t be said about the Restfeel Slide. The heel-to-toe rubber sole and “Lululemon” tread pattern provide me with great traction. The friction allows me to walk confidently even on wet and slippery surfaces. Of course, you still shouldn’t run in this kind of condition. And though I’ve only worn these sandals for a while, I can tell the tread pattern will last a long time.

The sole of Restfeel Slide by Lululemon
The sole of Restfeel Slide by Lululemon

Lululemon is sure confident in these sandals. In fact, it’s so confident that it also offers you a 30-day trial. Should you be unsatisfied with the quality of these sandals, you can return them to Lulu and get a full refund. I love that confidence! 

Timeless design

With a timeless and minimalist design, anyone can rock the Restfeel Men’s Slide. These modest and simple sandals are available in five different colors, including Mineral Blue, Bone, Black, Kohlrabi Green, and Yellow/Silver. I own the Kohlrabi Green variant and it’s going to be my favorite for quite some time. In case you didn’t know, this is one of the trendiest colors this year. It’s not only refreshing but also easy on the eyes. But if you want to add a touch of color, you can try out the Yellow/Silver one. The strap upper and sole are both yellow while the midsole is grey.

Pulling off a relaxed casual look with the Restfeel Slide by Lululemon
Pulling off a relaxed casual look with the Restfeel Slide by Lululemon

“When my female coworker first wore these sandals to the office I was intrigued and asked her where I could get them. I was really excited when I found out they’re available for men, too. They look exactly like the pictures and are both comfortable and supportive.”


In addition, these Lululemon men shoes are available in a wide variety of sizes as well, from 7 up to 14. Though they’re not available in half sizes, most people say they’re true to size. I also agree with that. I chose size 10 and they fit my feet extremely well. I never have blisters and the sandals never leave my feet.


  • These sandals are perfect for active men that want to ease their feet after working out.
  • Cleaning the sandals is easy as all you need is a damp cloth.
  • They’re exceptionally lightweight and comfortable.


  • Unfortunately, these sandals aren’t wide enough for men with wider feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Lululemon slides true to size?

A: Yes! Lululemon slides are true to size for most people. However, some with wider feet have said that they’re not wide enough for them.

Q: Where does Lululemon make their shoes?

A: Lululemon manufactures its footwear in many different locations. In addition to the US, they include Canada, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, Switzerland, and many more. 

Q: Is Lululemon making a men’s shoe?

A: As of this writing, Lululemon’s Restfeel Slide is the only pair of men shoes on Lululemon. However, it does have a plan to release a men’s collection this year, so just keep an eye on the website!

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