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Best Lululemon Button Down Shirts for Men

There are so many brands right now that produce amazing apparel for men. But when it comes to comfort and performance-driven clothing, Lululemon is one of the best. I own some fashion pieces from it and was lucky enough to test some of the most comfortable Lululemon button down shirts. These shirts are a versatile and stylish choice that you can wear to the office or out to dinner. The ones below are my favorites. They’re not only stylish but also come with some special features. Some can help fight odor-causing bacteria, and some are naturally breathable. Whether you’re looking for a classic silhouette or a more modern choice, I have them all. So, without further ado, keep reading and choose which one is your favorite!

Commission Long-Sleeve Shirt Oxford


Designed to be worn all day long, the Commission Long-Sleeve Shirt Oxford is one of my favorites. This is a classic choice that never goes wrong. It’s soft, stretchy, and can be worn for quite frankly any activity. I’ve worn this shirt to a meeting, gatherings, and even grocery shopping. It can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. And if the one below is too dark for you, you can opt for other more cheerful colors like Strawberry Milkshake or Blue Linen.

The highlight of this shirt has to be its fabric. Thanks to the four-way stretch fabric, you can move your body and arm comfortably. With an underarm gusset, the mobility is further enhanced. Like many other shirts by Lululemon, this one is available in many sizes, from XS to XXL. I have the M variant and it fits me well. Others also think the same, as many people comment on the website that it’s true to size. For more long-sleeve models, check out these best long-sleeve Lululemon shirts!


  • With 10 different colors, you’ll never run out of options.
  • The fabric is extremely lightweight and comfortable.
  • This shirt is odor-resistant.


  • Shorter men may find it too long.
Commission Long-Sleeve Shirt Oxford by Lululemon
Commission Long-Sleeve Shirt Oxford by Lululemon

Relaxed-Fit Short Sleeve Shirt


Your fashion choices can make you look a certain way. And if you want to look more relaxed and less uptight, go for this Relaxed-Fit Short Sleeve Shirt. This shirt is available in four earth-toned colors, which include Black, Medium Olive, Nomad, and Bone. However, I think Nomad is the best one. I can easily mix it with darker or lighter outfits. Imagine wearing it on the weekend while enjoying your Starbucks with your closest friends. Sounds like a perfect day, right?

That’s not all, though! I also love the two front pockets. They’re roomy and super useful, especially if you have many small items to keep. Better yet, there’s also a hidden phone sleeve. I find this a nice addition, as it doesn’t get bulky or uncomfortable. Best of all, this shirt is treated with the No-Stink Zinc, which fights the bacteria that cause body odors. I truly don’t have anything but good things to say about it!


  • It’s available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • This is a stylish casual shirt that can be mixed and matched with anything.
  • The fabric is lightweight.


  • It runs a bit large for some men.
Relaxed-Fit Short Sleeve Button-Up by Lululemon
Relaxed-Fit Short Sleeve Button-Up by Lululemon

Airing Easy Short-Sleeve Shirt


Want something more interesting? Check out the Airing Easy Short-Sleeve Shirt! This is one of my favorite casual shirts that also happens to be extremely comfortable. Whenever I’m heading out to meet my friends, I’ll always consider wearing this. The highlight of this shirt, however, has to be its Kohlrabi outlines. Why does it have to be Kohlrabi? No one knows, but I think we can all agree that those outlines look good and add more character to the shirt.

Like some of Lululemon’s other shirts, this one features a WovenAir fabric that’s loved for its breathability and sweat-wicking properties. This fabric feels lightweight and good on the skin. Another reason why I like this shirt is that I can style it in many ways. I usually pair it with my shorts and leave the shirt untucked. It allows me to stay cool and comfy. And if you want, you can also add some accessories like sunglasses and a belt to give your overall look a bit more personality.


  • This shirt is available in four different designs.
  • The material is quick-drying and highly breathable.
  • It’s a nice choice for when the weather is hot.


  • It’s a bit too long for some men.
Airing Easy Short-Sleeve Shirt by Lululemon
Airing Easy Short-Sleeve Shirt by Lululemon

New Venture Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt


Versatility is the name of the game. The New Venture Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt is ready to accompany you wherever you go. This slim-fit shirt is a nice choice for those wanting to rock a more tailored look. Men who want to show off the result of their hard work in the gym will certainly love wearing it. I usually wear this shirt with my white or black T-shirt, Lululemon ABC pants, and sneakers. If you want, you can also pair it with your favorite shorts.

This shirt is also designed with comfort in mind. I’m sure you’ll fancy the underarm gusset, which allows you to move your arms freely without any restrictions. But what may surprise you is the fabric, which has been treated with the brand’s No-Stink Zinc. As you can guess from the name, it stops the growth of bacteria that causes smelly odors. With this fashion item, you’ll be able to look cool and stay fresh all day long!


  • This is a stylish shirt that can be worn for almost any occasion.
  • It’s available in many sizes, from XS to 3XL.
  • It goes well with any outfit.


  • For some men, this shirt is too small.
New Venture Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt by Lululemon
New Venture Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt by Lululemon

lululemon lab Jacquard Camp Collar Shirt


Heading out with your pals and looking for a stylish shirt that can level up your fashion game? Take a look at the lululemon lab Jacquard Camp Collar Shirt! What I love the most about this shirt is its 100% Cupro fabric. This is a silky-smooth material that’s extremely lightweight and soft. Plus, it has amazing moisture-wicking ability. I think it’s a wardrobe essential for every man this summer. Pair it with one of our favorite summer accessories from Lululemon and you’ll look perfect.

As you can see from the picture below, this shirt has a luxurious drape that makes you look fancier than usual. It’s also wrinkle-resistant, making it one of the easiest fashion items in my closet to care for. Need to keep your car key but are too lazy to bring a clutch? This shirt comes with two huge front pockets. They’re a nice addition for men who want to go out without carrying too much stuff.


  • It’s designed with ample room, giving you a relaxed look.
  • The Cupro material is naturally breathable.
  • It effortlessly makes the wearer look luxurious.


  • It’s only available in one color.
lululemon lab Jacquard Camp Collar Shirt by Lululemon
lululemon lab Jacquard Camp Collar Shirt by Lululemon

Airing Easy Camp Collar Shirt


If you don’t have this kind of shirt yet in your closet, it’s time to get one. The Airing Easy Camp Collar Shirt is easily my favorite button-down shirt. Ever since I’ve had this shirt, I’ve never been unconfident. Perfect for everyday wear, this shirt has a relaxed fit that makes every body type looks good. It offers enough extra room around the chest and waist, giving me that laid-back vibe.

“This is a great shirt that anyone can rock for any occasion. The fabric hangs nicely and it’s available in neutral tones that are far from boring.”


One of the highlights of this shirt is none other than its camp collar. It gives the shirt a casual but at the same time put-together look. Additionally, the WovenAir fabric is worth two thumbs up. It’s lightweight, stretchy, and naturally breathable. I’ve worn it many times and I never sweat a lot. Even when I do sweat, the shirt can dry quickly. Considering its style and breathability, I think this is a nice choice for this summer.


  • This shirt comes with a chest pocket that can be used to keep your keys and other smaller items.
  • It’s an all-around shirt that’s perfect for everyday wear.
  • It’s a versatile shirt that goes well with anything and can be used as an outer.


  • Some people think the buttons are too far apart.
Airing Easy Camp Collar Shirt by Lululemon
Airing Easy Camp Collar Shirt by Lululemon

How To Choose The Best Lululemon Button Down Shirts for Men

Need help on how to pick the right button-down shirt? Don’t worry! Below are some of the most important features to consider, so give them a read!


Different shirts are made from different fabrics. Whether it’s polyester, cotton, or nylon, you should always make sure it’s comfortable. Luckily, most of the shirts above are made from special fabrics that have special features that make them odor-resistant, sweat-wicking, highly breathable, or even quick-drying.


Your shirt should not only be comfortable but also look flattering on your body. Some shirts have a relaxed fit, allowing you to move freely without looking like you’re being squeezed. But if you want a more tailored look, you can go for a slim-fit shirt. The good thing is the shirts above are available in many sizes.


Before deciding which shirt to get, think of how and when you’re going to wear it a. Some shirts are too formal to dress down or too casual to dress up. I always recommend getting something that’s versatile enough to be worn for the office and on a night out.

By the way, you should also check out these top-rated Lululemon women’s shoes! I’m sure your girl will love them.

Do Lululemon shirts smell?

The answer is no! Lululemon always uses high-quality fabrics, and some of them are even specially made to fight odor-causing bacteria, keeping you fresh all day long.

Is Lululemon good for men?

Of course! Lululemon takes pride in making not only stylish but also comfortable men’s clothing, including button-down shirts. They’re extremely versatile and will instantly make you look even more dashing.

Why do men like Lululemon?

Many men love wearing clothing items from Lululemon as they’re versatile and comfortable. And if you’re looking for button-down shirts, the ones above won’t let you down.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Lululemon.