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Top Rated Lululemon Women’s Shoes

In March 2022, Lululemon introduced its shoe line, and boy, was it a hit. Since then, the brand’s been slowly but steadily racking up excellent reviews, further solidifying its repute for fabulous athletic wear. That said, Lulu didn’t just decide to up and begin making shoes on a whim; it was a result of four solid years of R&D. And ever since the launch of the first Blissfeel running shoe, the Lululemon women’s shoes section has only grown – and how. Not only does Lulu now have different styles, but each line has its own unique features, designs, and more. That’s why we put together a useful guide to help you choose a top-rated shoe from Lulu.

Restfeel Women’s Slide


We begin with what are Lulu’s very first slide, the Restfeel Women’s Slide, which is perfect to wear in between all the physical activity. While the features were those typical of traditional slides, they were slightly enhanced, given Lulu’s standard. For one, we loved the foam-lined strap that softly hugged the top of our feet. At the same time, it’s simplistic too. In fact, this strap secures the feet onto a signature dual-density cushioned base for impeccable support and comfort. Finally, we felt that the heel-to-toe rubber traction gripped the ground better than the average slide-on shoes we’ve worn.


  • These slides come in three colors.
  • They have an excellent rating everywhere.
  • They’re perfect for post-workout or even for running errands.


  • They’re slightly expensive.
Restfeel Women's Slide - by Lululemon
Restfeel Women’s Slide – by Lululemon

Strongfeel Women’s Training Shoes


Since we were looking for supportive shoes, we went for the Strongfeel Women’s Training Shoes. These shoes are not only super supportive but also left us feeling secure and grounded for all kinds of strength training workouts. In fact, we found ourselves wearing these shoes for any and every workout that requires more stability than cushioned shoes. Moreover, the shoes also offer multidirectional traction and support. Even though they’re usually true to size, it’s better for wider-footed people to go up half a size.


  • These shoes come in sizes ranging from 5 to 12, including half sizes.
  • They’re designed especially for training.
  • They feel very supportive.


  • Their color choices are limited.
Strongfeel Women's Training Shoes - by Lululemon
Strongfeel Women’s Training Shoes – by Lululemon

Chargefeel Low Women’s Workout Shoes


We were looking for shoes with zen-inducing colors that would motivate us to work out, and that’s why we love the Chargefeel Low Women’s Workout Shoes. Imagine the colors: flaring red, peony pink, highlight yellow, asphalt/graphite – you get the idea. Getting down to brass tacks, these shoes come with dual-density cushioning that adds both support and bounce. What’s more, the water-resistant mesh made these perfect to wear in varying weather conditions. We were especially impressed by the reflective elements on the shoe, which provide visibility in low-light environments. Reflective elements promote visibility when it’s not quite as light outside.


  • You can expect all key Lulu shoe elements, including traction, support, and flexibility.
  • The shoes have zones of stretch and support.
  • They feel extra secure.


  • Some of the colors are expensive, going up to 100 USD.
Chargefeel Low Women's Workout Shoes - by Lululemon
Chargefeel Low Workout Shoes – by Lululemon

Blissfeel Trail Women’s Running Shoes


With dreamy names (and color options) like brier rose and highlight orange, as pictured below, it was not too hard for the Blissfeel Trail Women’s Running Shoes to capture our attention. But that’s not all that they’re good for. For one, they come with Lulu’s signature extra cushioning, which provides enough support with every stride. What’s more, they come with an effective pressure-mapped outsole, which increases traction. We especially love the durable tread that’s perfect for trail hiking and running. Wrapping up the features is the reflective fabric for low-light hikes and runs and the reinforced toe for support and protection.


  • These shoes boast extra heel support for uneven surfaces.
  • The rugged sole offers additional traction.
  • They come in sizes 5-12, including half sizes.


  • They’re very expensive.
Blissfeel Trail Women's Running Shoes - by Lululemon
Blissfeel Trail Running Shoes – by Lululemon

Chargefeel Mid Women’s Workout Shoes


The Chargefeel Mid Women’s Workout Shoes is one of the best mid-top Lulu shoes we’ve seen. There are a lot of things we love about these shoes, starting with the engineered mesh upper, which provides both ventilation and stretch. We felt our feet feeling breathable, free, and secure at the same time. What’s more, the smooth liner felt like a second skin as it molded around our feet. The specially designed springy midsole helped bring about a pep in our step, and this might just be the most comfortable shoe we’ve ever owned!

“The Chargefeel shoes changed how we felt about mid-top shoes, and it changed our workout sessions as well.”



  • The pressure-mapped outsole is flexible and has traction.
  • It fits true to size for most and comes in half sizes too.
  • We loved the 9mm heel drop.


  • There are only two color options, both of which are neutral.
Chargefeel Mid Women's Workout Shoes - by Lululemon
Chargefeel Mid Workout Shoes – by Lululemon

Blissfeel 2 Running Shoes


Sitting at the top of the list is the Blissfeel 2 Running Shoes, which are an upgrade on the very first pair of shoes Lulu invented. Unlike their predecessor, these shoes have a reinvented upper and contoured feet and are more comfortable and supportive. In fact, they even have new laces and are available in eight colors, including a few brand-new ones. For us, these shoes are an excellent option for running as they offer quite a firm ride thanks to the brand’s compounded cushioning. Since we exactly like our shoes to be firmer and not pillowy soft, these shoes are more comfortable, as they offer a nice bit of ground feel. And just like the original, the Blissfeel 2 has a wonderfully supportive and snug fit. 


  • They come in a range of sizes from 5 to 12, including half sizes.
  • We loved the comfort offered by the foam cushioning.
  • It comes in a plethora of 12 colors.


  • None, really.
Blissfeel 2 Women's Running Shoes - by Lululemon
Blissfeel 2 Running Shoes – by Lululemon

How To Choose The Best Lululemon Women’s Shoes?

Foot type

One of the most important things to note is that not all foot types are the same. So, we considered how wide our feet are, whether we have longer toes, and whether there are any specific foot problems, like bunions, high arches, flat feet, etc.


Another important factor in choosing the right kind of footwear is choosing the correct material. While choosing shoes, we ensured that we chose those with materials that allowed sweat to pass through without leaving a ring. Additionally, we stayed away from synthetics as they could obstruct the flow of air, resulting in fungal infections. Also, we checked the shoes’ insides to ensure that nothing was sticking out. Finally, we also stayed away from metal buckles, excessive adornments, etc., that could possibly cause unnecessary discomfort.


Soles are one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing good shoes. We checked to see whether the soles had enough padding and whether we were able to walk correctly on crooked surfaces. Plus we also checked whether the soles were robust enough to shield our feet from objects with edges.

Another factor related to soles is high heels which, while fashionable, are not appropriate in all settings. Even while looking for heels, we went for platform soles so as to be more comfortable.


Finally, we come to the most important factor when it comes to choosing good shoes, which is the fit. Even if the shoes are a great fit in terms of size, excessively narrow or wide breadth will make them ineffective. So, we verified that the shoes we saw fit snugly horizontally as well.

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What is the difference between Strongfeel, Blissfeel, and Chargefeel shoes?

Every shoe is designed for different activities. The Chargefeel and Blissfeel shoes are slightly lighter, while the Strongfeel is slightly sturdier. What’s more, all shoes have different cushioning strategies. The Strongfeel has a low-profile cushion, the Chargefeel has a springy dual-density midsole, and Blissfeel has a springy and soft cushion.

What Are The Best Lululemon Sneakers for Workouts?

Blissfeel shoes are perfect for power walkers and runners, Strongfeel is perfect for low-impact strength training, and Chargefeel is the most versatile one, perfect for all kinds of workouts.

Do the Lululemon shoes run small?

While Lulu’s shoes run true to size, they’re slightly on the narrower side as compared to other athletic shoes. So, it’s best to size up.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Lululemon.