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13 Best Lululemon ABC Pants for Men

Lululemon loves naming its products. Additionally, most of the time, these monikers are on play on the clothing item’s performance aspect. So, if you were to see something called ABC Pants, then it’s bound to leave you confused. think, But in this case, ABC means “Anti-ball crushing” – no, really! Basically, Lululemon ABC pants for men, dress ones, and otherwise, employ ABC technology. It basically employs an ergonomic gusset for removing tension from the crotch area. Hence, the comfort level of the ABC pants is off the charts. This is largely due to the technology of fabrics such as Ulitech, a poly-cotton stretch blend, and Warpstreme, a Japanese-loomed polyester that looks like cotton and stretches like yoga pants. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the 6 best Lululemon ABC pants for men, including dress ones.

ABC Slim-Fit Warpstreme Pant


The ABC Slim-Fit Warpstreme Pant is one of the best Lululemon ABC men’s pants. These pants have reinvented the five-pocket jean look and are still super-comfy. What’s more, they come in a whopping 14 colors, including the lovely iron blue that is featured below. You’ll love the feel and the fit of the brand’s proprietary Warpstreme fabric. Not only does it fall softly and feel smooth on the body, but it’s also breathable, quick-drying, and can stretch four ways. The best bit? These pants are largely wrinkle-free and range from sizes 28-40.


  • These ABC slim pants are great for skinny guys.
  • They’re great value for money.
  • They’re stylish and comfortable.


  • Heavy-set guys might find the fit slightly off.
ABC Slim-Fit Warpstreme Pants - by Lululemon
ABC Slim-Fit Warpstreme Pants – by Lululemon

ABC Joggers


The ABC Joggers are black joggers – but a one-up from the plain, regular ones. Made from the proprietary Warpstreme fabric, these joggers are perfect for those who get very hot when it comes to bottoms. Not only are these leggings comfy and breathable, but they also work well as casual pants. Besides the amazing four-way stretch fit, the jogger moves with you due to its amazing mobility features. Finally, the elastic waistband ensures a secure fit, along with the fact that it won’t ride up.


  • These pants come with plenty of pockets, including a posterior one.
  • The pockets are deep enough for stashing smartphones.
  • They come in many color options.


  • Some sizes sell out more quickly than others.
ABC Jogger - by Lululemon
ABC Jogger – by Lululemon

ABC Classic-Fit Warpstreme Pant


The Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Warpstreme Pant is one of the best Lululemon ABC pants for men. These pants have some of the most pockets on this list – five! There are two at the back, two in the front, and there’s even a zippered pocket on the inside of the back right pocket! What’s more, the bottom cuffs can be rolled up so you can view the reflective strips on both sides. If that wasn’t enough, the pants come in as many as 15 colors and in waist sizes ranging from 28-40 inches. Finally, they even come in different length sizes, so they’ll fit men of different heights.


  • The secret zippered pocket is an excellent touch.
  • The comfort is second to none.
  • The men’s Lululemon pants are versatile and easy to dress up and down.


  • The pants don’t have stink resistance.
ABC Classic-Fit Warpstreme Pant - by Lululemon
ABC Classic-Fit Warpstreme Pant – by Lululemon

ABC Pull-On Pant


If you want uncomplicated bottoms, the ABC Pull-On Pant is what you’ve been looking for. These pants are designed for you to be on the move. Firstly, these pants are made from wrinkle-resistant and high-performance Warpstreme fabric. So, they’re the ultimate in comfort and make long days feel and look easy. Besides the pants being looser and slouchier, they have a waistband, so these are more like chino-style sweatpants.


  • These are a great alternative to sweatpants.
  • The hand pockets have a hidden phone sleeve.
  • It boasts a relaxed and looser fit.


  • It’s not as dressy as the other men’s Lululemon ABC pants.
ABC Pull-On Pant - by Lululemon
ABC Pull-On Pant – by Lululemon

ABC Slim-Fit Utilitech Pant


The ABC Slim-Fit Ultitech Pant is one of the best Lululemon ABC pants for men. These pants are a different take on the same Slim-Fit Warpstreme pants – instead, they use the abrasion-resistant Ultitech fabric. It not only feels natural but also can be stretched four ways for maximum comfort. There are other features that make these pants amazing, such as the reflective details beneath the cuffs and a hidden zippered pocket for keys and cash. Finally, the streamlined fit skims the lower half of the body, ensuring that it looks flattering.


  • It comes in nine different colors.
  • The size options range from 28 to 46.
  • It ensures all-day comfort.


  • The slim fit might not fit heavyset people.
ABC Slim-Fit Ultitech Pants - by Lululemon
ABC Slim-Fit Ultitech Pants – by Lululemon

ABC Bonded Twill Slim-Fit Pant


Undoubtedly, the ABC Bonded Twill Slim-Fit Pant is one of the best Lululemon ABC pants for men. In fact, it’s as close to perfect as pants can possibly get. Firstly, the pants boast bonded seams and a slim fit, which gives them an elevated look. Secondly, they’re made from water-resistant twill fabric, so they can be machine-washed in cold water. Despite the slim fit, the ABC technology ensures comfort around the crotch area, the thighs, and the glutes. However, one of the best features of the pants is the number of pockets. Not only do you have back pockets with a hidden zip compartment, but you also have front pockets with hidden coin and phone sleeves.


  • It comes in three neutral color options.
  • The pants come with a ton of pockets at the front and the back.
  • The fabric is water-resistant.


  • None, really.
ABC Bonded Twill Slim-Fit Pant - by Lululemon
ABC Bonded Twill Slim-Fit Pant – by Lululemon

How To Choose The Best Lululemon ABC Pants For Men?


Lululemon’s ABC pants come in two types of fabric, Ultitech, and Warpstreme. Warpstreme combines performance fabrics of spandex, polyester, and cotton and has a stretch of 50%. Ultitech, on the other hand, blends elastane, cotton, and polyester. What’s more, it’s moisture-wicking, breathable, stretchy, and soft.

Style, fit, and comfort

The comfort, fit, and style depend on the kind of ABC pants you want. If you want something along the lines of sweatpants and joggers, then go for the pull-on pants or the joggers. Meanwhile, the Warpstreme pants are perfect for date nights or casual days out. If you’re playing golf, then anything from the classic-fit Warpstreme pants or the Ultitech ones work.


Lululemon takes its pockets very seriously, whether it’s the slim-fit or classic-fit Warpstreme pants, the bonded twill one, or the joggers even.

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What is the difference between ABC and commission pants?

The main difference between ABC and Commission pants is that the ABC ones have a slimmer fit, while the Commission ones are more relaxed.

Are Lululemon ABC pants stretchy?

Yes, both the Warpstreme and the Ultitech pants are stretchy. In fact, most of the pants above boast four-way stretchability.

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