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Our Favorite Summer Accessories from Lululemon

We’ve always had a special place in our hearts – and wardrobes – for Lululemon, thanks to their amazing, high-performing, and insanely comfortable clothes, shoes, and accessories. So, it might come as no surprise to you that we’ve practically built our summer style and attire around Lulu’s versatile summer staples. Right from their cult-favorite scrunchies and hats to their fanny packs and even bottles, the best summer accessories from Lululemon are as diverse as they’re fabulous. To celebrate our love for Lulu and a wonderfully sun-kissed summer, we’ve listed the best accessories from the brand for the season and a helpful guide.

Everywhere Belt Bag


There’s no way to make a “best summer Lulu accessory” list and not have the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag on it. It’s not surprising, considering that the bag has a 4.7-star rating from more than 12,500 reviewers! In fact, Lulu has a “purchase limit” on the bag to keep it from selling out; that’s how popular it is! One person can only buy up to 10, and that too all of them in different colors (trust us, we tried). So, what is it about this bag that’s so good?

For one, we love that this bag can be worn in two ways. We could wear it as a crossbody bag or wear it like a traditional fanny pack. Secondly, it’s small enough for us to haul it around but spacious enough to fit in all our valuables. These include everything from wallet and phone to even passport and hotel key. Plus, it came in a bevy of gorgeous colors, including the dark forest green below. Obviously, we can’t help but be mesmerized by this bag.

“We weren’t particularly fond of belt bags – until we came across Lulu’s Everywhere Belt Bag, of course. Now we don’t go anywhere without it!”



  • Despite being small, it’s very roomy.
  • The bag doesn’t feel cramped.
  • The fabric is stain-repelling.


  • It only has a single zipper.
Everywhere Belt Bag - by Lululemon
Everywhere Belt Bag – by Lululemon

Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat


We’re yoga fiends, so it should come as no surprise that one of the first things we bought for the summer was Lululemon’s Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat. This yoga mat makes for an excellent travel accessory for us as we like to stay active even on vacation (yes, we know it’s blasphemy, but we can’t help it!). So, we were able to bring our yoga practice with us even to the beaches of California. We love that the mat is made from sustainably sourced natural rubber, which helps because we’re eco-conscious too. Plus, it helped immensely on a long layover. What’s more, it weighs just three lbs, which makes it pretty lightweight compared to the other yoga mats on the market. The best bit? It takes up, length-wise, about half the space of a regular yoga mat when it’s folded up.


  • This foldable mat is extremely lightweight and portable.
  • It’s machine-washable.
  • It has clean-cut edges that don’t fray. 


  • It’s slightly less strong as compared to other travel mats.
Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat - by Lululemon
Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat – by Lululemon

Wide Brim Logo Bucket Hat


We were going to be spending a heck of a lot of time in the sun on our beach holiday. So, for a long walk in the sun or a day at the beach, we opted for the Lululemon Wide-Brim Logo Bucket Hat. Not only is the hat UV-protective and water-repelling, but it’s also fuss-free enough for us to throw in our bags when we were on the go. For us, it was loose enough, so we didn’t get “hat head” either, which was very important for us. Furthermore, the mesh fabric lining is naturally breathable, quick-drying, and sweat-wicking. Finally, the hat comes in some amazing light and bright colors, including the wild berry/raspberry coulis below.


  • The hat comes in many colors, perfect for summer.
  • The wide brim offers protection from the sun.
  • It’s sweat-wicking, water-repelling, and UV-resistant.


  • The hat runs small.
Wide Brim Logo Bucket Hat - by Lululemon
Wide Brim Logo Bucket Hat – by Lululemon

Skinny Scrunchies


Hair and sweat don’t mix, and long-haired gals like us out there all get it. That’s why we love these Lululemon Skinny Scrunchies, which kept our hair pulled back and looking cute at the same time. We used these mini scrunchies all summer long due to the soft fabric. That basically meant that they didn’t tear our hair and cause split ends or breakage. And that’s a huge win in our book! What’s more, they come in a pack of six scrunchies, and that too as different color sets. So, while there’s a neutral all-white/black set, there’s also a set with British colors, an all-black set, and even a rainbow one. Our absolute favorite is the summer set we chose, which has a bevy of bright colors that went with all our outfits.


  • These come in a set of six and further come in seven color set options.
  • They’re soft and don’t cause breakage.
  • They go with all kinds of summer outfits.


  • Some might not be suitable for absolutely thick hair.
Skinny Scrunchies - by Lululemon
Skinny Scrunchies – by Lululemon

City Adventurer Backpack Micro 3L


Like all of the brand’s bags, once the Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack Micro 3L went viral, it was (and still is!) hard to get our hands on the exact color we wanted. So, you also need to hurry, as this cute micro-sized backpack will always sell out. For one, the bag is more than just a chic accessory. It sashays between a crossbody and a backpack, so this convertible bag got us the best of both worlds. What’s more, it’s very roomy on the inside, and we were able to fit in as many as 2 sandwiches, 2 water bottles, a mini sunscreen tube, chapstick, keys, phone, and our wallet! And while it was full, it definitely wasn’t overly stuffed.


  • The fabric is water-repelling.
  • It has an easy-access inner and exterior pocket for our essentials.
  • It has adjustable shoulder straps.


  • Some colors sell out very quickly.
City Adventurer Backpack Micro 3L - by Lululemon
City Adventurer Backpack Micro 3L – by Lululemon

Back to Life Sports Bottle 24 oz. Straw Lid


If you’re like us, always on the go, then the Lululemon Back to Life Sports Bottle With a Straw Lid is perfect for you. This life savior of a water bottle allowed us to enjoy our drink, whether walking, driving, or on the train, thanks to the built-in straw lid. So we didn’t have to struggle with opening the lid at all, as the bottle was super convenient. What’s more, we love the way it looks, and the 24 oz. capacity, which was enough for us. Since the exterior is slip-free, we were easily able to hold it in our heads without worrying that it was going to fall to the floor. Finally, we loved that the lid was dishwasher-safe, making cleaning very easy.


  • The bottle is BPA-free and has a durable construction.
  • The loop helped us carry the bottle easily.
  • We were able to drink water more easily too.


  • None, really.
Back to Life Sports Bottle 24 oz. Straw Lid - by Lululemon
Back to Life Sports Bottle 24 oz. Straw Lid – by Lululemon

How To Choose The Best Summer Accessories on Lululemon?

Lulu has an entire section titled “Summer Accessories” on their website, so we knew where to look. That said, this is how we went about choosing the right kind.


Right off the bat, the most important part of picking an accessory was to choose something that would blend well with our overall getup. One of the most basic principles we applied was contrasting colors. So, we went with combinations like yellow or green and pink, orange and navy, etc.


Jewelry is the perfect accessory to wear while catching rays at the beach, and that includes everything from rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces. They can not just add shine and sparkle to any outfit but also come in a variety of styles. So, we looked up everything from statement-making styles to subtle and delicate ones.


Hair stuff is one of the most often ignored and forgotten things when it comes to accessorizing. We gave our hair a fair bit of thought and added flair by wearing accessories such as scrunchies, clips, and even caps and hats. Since summer means the beach, which is a great place for flaunting those fabulous locks, we ensured that we had as many eye-catching accessories in our hair as possible.


No summer accessory is as versatile as a scarf. Not only does it enhance the overall appearance, but it also provides protection from the sand and the heat. Plus, scarves can be worn in about a million ways! We tied our hair with it, let it hang around our necks, and even fashioned it as a headband.


Summer bags are a staple for packing essentials such as our selfie stick, sunglasses, sunblock, and maybe even an extra pair of cutest summer sandals. We’d even slip in a tiny bottle of water – it’s hot outside. We picked bags that are not only fashionable but also functional at the same time. Finally, we chose bags that aren’t bulky but as lightweight as possible.

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What is Lululemon’s bestselling summer accessory?

That would be the Everywhere Belt Bag, which is versatile, can be worn by men and women, and comes in a whole lot of colors.

What makes Lululemon different?

Lulu’s unique proposition is that they make top-quality, technically advanced products that offer a one-of-a-kind solution.

What is Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much Accessories”?

Lulu’s “We Made Too Much” section is where it sells overstock inventory on a wide range of products. It updates every week, and the accessory section is one of the four main verticals, including shoes, women’s, and men’s.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Lululemon.