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Best Portable DVD Players at Best Buy

DVD players aren’t an old thing to think of. They’re still one of the most needed electronic products. Think of it this way, you’re on a trip and you want to pass the time but carrying a laptop is a thing. On the other side, a mobile phone is too small to watch a movie on. This is where a portable DVD player at Best Buy becomes very important. Our own experience with portable DVD players was great. We bought two of them and tested each one independently to know how it works. Our tests included everything; the image quality, sound, the material of the device itself, the battery life, and everything else.

We wanted to make sure that both devices are the best among all other DVD players on the market. So, if you’re interested in one of these devices, you need to read this review. Also, check our buying guide because it has important information about how we chose the two devices we’re recommending here in this review.

Insignia Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen NS-P10DVD20


As the name suggests, Insignia Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen NS-P10DVD20 has a screen that rotates 180 degrees. It folds flat for a tablet view. A 10-inch screen is enough for us to use in long car rides or long trips in general. Given its lightweight as well, it’s one of the most practical and easy options for travelers in particular. Since we’re frequent travelers, this DVD player was a perfect choice for us. We could also share it on one of our trips as we will tell you in minutes.

The first time we saw the product on Best Buy, we were taken by the rubberized black color and finish. We believe it’s very elegant with the fine silver lines that add to the elegance of the DVD player. It’s an electronic device, yes we know. Yet, the design is something we care about too. Why not if we can get a good performance and sleek design in one product? When we received the product and held it in our hands, it seemed a bit flimsy. However, we soon discovered that being thin and lightweight is deliberate to deliver the best portability feature.

One thing we wanted to have better in this DVD player is the fingerprint-resistant buttons. The control buttons hold residue, dust, and even fingerprints. On the positive side, the buttons resist water that might splash on the device accidentally. To clean the buttons, we had to buy a special spray that is used with such products. Well, cleaning the buttons and the device isn’t a task in the end, but fingerprint resistance would have been a nice pro feature to have in this player.

Speaking of the control buttons, there are several buttons for basic functions such as play/pause, move forward and backward, and the best thing fast forward and backward. Yet, we didn’t actually need this fast-forward all the time because the device memorized where we left the last session. This feature is very wonderful for movie addicts like us. We never had to remember or write down where we stopped because the DVD player does this job for us. As long as the CD is inside the player, you’ll always get back to where you left off. For more control, we received a remote controller that looks too smart. We never had to worry about where to leave the remote controller because there is a slot made especially for storing this controller. More buttons on the remote made it more convenient for us to use the player.

One of the reasons we prefer DVD players with swivel screens is that it offers different viewing angles. When we’re on a long way on a bus or train with no WiFi or poor network, we usually take our DVD player instead of a tablet. This model from Insignia offers the same experience and is far better because we don’t need that canvas cover to hold the device upright. It stands similar to laptops and folds similar to tablets.

On a long bus trip, two of us could share this 10-inch screen player. But we didn’t want to disturb other people with the sound of the movie we were watching, so, headphones were the solution. Luckily, this DVD player has three headphone jacks. This means we can connect three headphones at a time. If you don’t have one yet, check out our review of the best headphones with microphones here.

Our experience of watching a full movie on this DVD player was pretty good. Although the screen isn’t the largest, the resolution is good and the colors are good. As mentioned before, the player rotates 180 degrees, so, all the viewing angles offer clear images. Both of us could see a good picture when the screen was placed in the center in front of us. Further, we could control some options regarding the image. For example, we could increase the brightness and stretch the content to fill the 10-inch screen. We know these controls sometimes lead to losing a bit of quality, but they’re still useful when it comes to movies with too many night scenes.

The next thing we tested in this player is the sound. Overall, the sound quality is good. Even when we reached the highest volume, there was no distortion and the sound was very clear. With our headphones, the sound was far better. The same difference between the sound of a 4K TV and the same TV with a soundbar. The only comment we have about sound, in general, is the sound of the CD spinning inside the device. It’s louder than we expected, it sometimes feels too noisy.

Before we bought this player, we wanted to make sure that the battery, when fully charged, will give us enough power to watch a full movie. The manufacturer says the battery works from two to two and a half hours. In our test, the battery was enough for watching a full movie but not something like “Gone with the Wind”, this will be too much for the battery. Overall, this range is average among similar DVD players in the same price category and same size. It would have been much better if we could know how much battery power is remaining but we didn’t find a battery indicator similar to this on mobile.

In brief, the DVD player is a good choice for a small screen and lightweight portable DVD player at Best Buy. There are smaller screens of the same brand but, for us, a 10-inch screen is the smallest we can go for. So far, as for the price range, we’re so satisfied. Richard J Pasini sums up most of the features in this video, although he is talking about the smaller screen, it’s the same thing. We encourage you to watch it to know more and see a real live trial of the device.


  • It’s very lightweight and practical
  • It has three headphone jacks
  • The battery life is good
  • The swivel screen offers different viewing angels
  • The device looks sleek and elegant
  • The resolution and sound quality are okay considering the price
  • It comes with a remote controller for easier controls


  • The sound of the CD spinning is loud
  • The buttons aren’t fingerprint-resistant

Proscan Portable Blu-ray Player


One thing that would urge us to buy the Proscan Portable Blu-ray Player instead of the previous Insignia model is the Blu-ray compatibility. This DVD player operates any type of CD including the Blu-ray ones. So, by using this player, we were able to view higher-quality content. We thought this would come at an extra price but to our surprise, it’s at the same average.

This is our first time using DVD players, so, we wanted a kind of tutorial or manual to tell us how to use the device. Luckily, the Proscan DVD player came with setup and use instructions. Following these instructions was very easy. It didn’t take us more than a couple of minutes to start our first movie on the DVD player. We also noticed that this player works very fast, there was no lag and we didn’t have to wait all day to watch something from a Blu-ray CD.

The main feature we look for when searching for Best Buy DVD players portable is simply portability. And portability is a synonym for lightweight and practicality. The device is lightweight, we could feel it after unpacking the device and carrying it alone. By checking the specs of the device, we learned it’s only 1.28 Kg. Thus, the first box was checked.

We didn’t only use this DVD player while traveling but also before sleeping to watch a short movie with high-quality pictures and audio. Speaking of the audio, we used headphones, so, we could hear clearly but didn’t disturb others at home. There are two jacks for the headphones, so, if you’re sharing the bed with someone else, you can both listen and keep the sound away from the neighbors.

We bought the portable DVD with a two-year warranty which made us trust the product more. It would be perfect if the product lasts for more than those two years. So far, it seems like it’s a durable device. The remote controller seems durable as well and there is a built-in slot for the remote. Thus, we can keep it after use to prevent damage.

Apart from the physical quality, the image quality and resolution were perfect. The maximum video resolution we could reach is 1080p. For this device, it’s perfect as it’s just 11 inches. The picture is very clear and the colors are bright as if we were watching a movie on a traditional TV screen. You can compare the picture yourself between this player and the TV screen at your home. If you don’t have one or planning to buy a new screen, we made a review on the best flat-screen TVs at Best Buy, go and check it before you buy.

Continuing to discover the features of this player, we found a small slot for a memory card. Well, we didn’t know what to do with a memory card but soon we discovered another USB port which made us recognize that we have different multimedia viewing options. We don’t have to use CDs only, we can use a USB flash disk or a memory card if we want to go lighter and smarter. These options are great for those who usually get the CDs broken when packing and traveling.

Other ports include the HDMI port to connect to a TV screen. We asked ourselves why would we need to connect this DVD player to a TV screen. The answer is simple, to use it as a normal DVD player, so, this portable thing doubles as a traditional DVD player that operates different CDs but gives you the chance to watch 4K content at the highest quality on your large TV screen. Further, there is an Ethernet port to get a wired network connection. We wished that we could have WiFi connections as well, but honestly, this option is not popular in these devices. Maybe they need to think of it in the next generations of DVD players.

“The USB port and the HDMI port are the best features here. We use this device in multiple ways thanks to these features.”


To know the capacity of the battery, we had to fully charge it first and then watch something and keep watching until the battery died. This is what we exactly did, and here are the results. The battery charges in around four hours and it works for something between three and a half and four hours. This is pretty good for such a device and type of battery.

Another feature similar to the previous model is the last memory function. Here, we have different multimedia options such as a CD, USB drive, or a memory card. So, this function works differently as it remembers the last thing we were watching no matter which option from the previous ones we were using.

The last thing we would like you to check is this video from HSNtv it has more info about the product, so, you can easily make a decision about which DVD player to buy. Note that there are different sizes of this model, so, you also have a couple of options here. And if you’re a fan of Proscan, check out more of its products on its official website!


  • There are different multimedia options for viewing content
  • The device comes with an HDMI port to connect to the TV
  • The battery life is very good
  • It’s very lightweight
  • It has the last memory function


  • The screen doesn’t rotate
  • The picture quality could have been better

How To Choose The Best Portable DVD Player at Best Buy?

To choose the best device, we had to create something like a checklist or a list of features to help us in our tests. Here, we’re sharing this checklist to help you choose a suitable product for yourself as well.


The first thing we always check when it comes to electronic devices is the quality. Here, we’re concerned with the screen quality and the audio as well. We aren’t searching for a 4K quality but also we don’t want to watch movies in less than full HD quality. Further, the colors are also important as we want to see fully saturated images with bright colors. It’s a good thing to have some controls as brightness and contrast levels. On the other side, the sound quality and volume level are also equally important. The best portable DVD at Best Buy is the one with high volume levels but with no distortion.

Jacks and ports

Next, we check the jacks and the ports in the DVD player we’re using. Some DVD players have more than one jack for headphones, these are our favorites for watching a movie together. Further, DVD players with USB ports are great for viewing content from different devices such as a USB or a hard disk. Check out these best hard drives at Best Buy if you don’t have one.

Battery life

One important thing we have to consider as well when it comes to any portable electronic device is the battery. Most DVD players have rechargeable batteries that work for a couple of hours. The longer the battery life is the better. However, sometimes more powerful batteries are heavier. So, for us, it’s a balance between both. We want a good battery that allows us to watch a full movie at least but doesn’t add weight to our device.

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Do all Best Buy DVD players portable play Blu-ray movies?

Not necessarily, you need to check before you buy if this player, in particular, supports Blu-ray content or not.

Can I use a USB flash disk with a portable DVD player?

Most of them are designed to operate CDs only. However, some models come with a USB port.

Can I play 4K content on a portable DVD player?

The content itself might work but you won’t get the 4K experience you think of because the screen isn’t that large.