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13 Best Hard Drives at Best Buy

Adding extra storage to your laptop, PC or even game console doesn’t have to be cloud-based as it needs a reliable internet connection to transfer your data. Although you can easily purchase cloud storage, external hard drives are still a practical and affordable option. We browsed several hard drives at Best Buy to curate this list of the top options. When you buy a hard drive, the capacity is an important factor to consider but it isn’t the only thing we checked. There are several other factors we had to make sure of before recommending any hard drive. So, if you’re interested, continue reading this review, and don’t forget to check the buying guide at the bottom.

WD My Cloud Home Duo


Kicking off the list with WD My Cloud Home Duo, an external and cloud hard drive. The advantage of having both types of storage in the same hard drive is that we can access our data from wherever we are. The hard drive comes with personal cloud software where we can upload our data and access it even from our mobile phones.

On the other side, we wanted to see an automatic backup feature on this cloud but unfortunately, we had to upload everything we wanted to store on the cloud. However, the hard drive is still a great one given the different capacities offered and the ease of installation and use.


  • My Cloud App is user-friendly
  • There are storage capacity options up to 20 TB
  • The cloud-based content is shareable


  • You have to backup data manually

WD – Easystore External USB 3.0


WD – Easystore External USB 3.0 is a quick and easy option at an affordable price and moderate storage capacity. This model in the image below has a 5 TB storage capacity which is enough for most people. We could store all our data including images, videos, music, and everything else and there is still much storage. We watched this video from Cz Gu to learn more about the features of the hard.

When it comes to reliability, Western Digital is a brand name that manufactures a lot of electronic devices and several models of external hard drives. This one in particular should last for years depending on how you take care of it. With a good mix of speed, cost, and capacity, it’s one of the recommended external hard drives at Best Buy for normal users.


  • The hard drive is value for money
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It’s slim and lightweight


  • It isn’t the most long-lasting option

Western Digital My Cloud EX2


On another side, for those who have all their work on PCs and want to store a large amount of data on a hard disk, Western Digital My Cloud EX2 is more than perfect. It’s one of the largest capacities we have ever found. Yet, it isn’t very expensive given the storage space it offers.
By now we think you know that the capacity isn’t the only thing we assess the hard disks upon.

Western Digital My Cloud EX2 wasn’t chosen for just offering several capacity options. It has a strong processor that provides lag-free data transferring and processing. Plus, we could merge and manage all our data on different devices. We just downloaded the software on all the devices and it automatically synced the data on these devices.


  • It features automatic syncing of data
  • The hard drive works very fast
  • There are different capacity options


  • It produces loud noise

Seagate Expansion Portable


Rated for being one of the most common hard drives around the world, Seagate Expansion Portable is a value-for-money device for all users. It might not be the cheapest but it offers great performance all the way. We were also backed by great customer service who would solve any problem if it happened.

“We have been using Seagate hard drives for years and this one has the same performance we were used too. What’s more, it’s lighter weight than other HDD drives we use.”


Across all the tests we made for this hard drive, it didn’t fail in any of them. We got satisfying results and we could also choose from different capacity options. Even more, its slick design appeals to all HDD-bro people and the lightweight makes it an easy option to carry in the pocket. It also works for PC and Mac, so, save your money and get one hard drive for both computers.


  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • The drive is compatible with Mac and PC
  • It’s a great value for money


  • It’s a bit slow

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Western Digital Easystore 14TB


The Western Digital Easystore 14TB is different from the other WD Easystore hard drive mentioned above. Apart from the larger capacity, it’s faster when it comes to transferring data or working on the hard drive in general. Also, it has an automatic backup feature as we can back up our large sum of files on the cloud.

Moreover, the compatibility with Mac and PC is a great feature, we didn’t have to buy a converter or any other additional piece to work on both devices. If you think that 14TB is too much or too low, no worries, there are other capacities from 8 to 20 TB. Needless to say, everything comes at a price.


  • The hard drive features a cloud storage
  • It transfers data quickly
  • There are different capacities


  • It heats fast

Crucial X10 Pro


Best small capacity. Looking for an affordable hard drive for personal use? The Crucial X10 Pro is one of the top small-capacity and affordable hard drives. This hard drive is suitable for those who just need a little extra storage, this hard drive is suitable. In our tests, the hard drive performed well, it was fast when it came to transferring data. Also, it’s a reliable one given the material which appears to be rugged in addition to resisting dust.

We used this hard drive to save some data that is more likely to be transferred from one device to the other. Also, our favorite PC games need updates which take up space on the device, so, this hard is a good option to consider. If you’re a gamer, you might be interested in those best headphones with a microphone.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Suitable for personal use
  • It’s resistant to dust and elements


  • It isn’t too fast



Best portable. We wanted to address different needs, so, the SAMSUNG T7 Shield is the hard drive we would recommend for anyone who wants something in his bag every day. The hard drive is very small, slim, and lightweight. It literally fits inside anything including our pockets! What’s more important is that it’s rugged and resistant to dust and water. We took it everywhere and it still works as the first day we bought it.

Further, the hard drive is fast when it comes to transferring data. We usually experience heat problems with fast hard drives but not with this one. The best part is that it has all types of connections, so, it’s compatible with laptops, Macs, and gaming consoles. Check out the specific adaptors and cables coming with this hard drive at their official website here.


  • The hard drive is fast
  • It’s durable and portable
  • The drive works with all devices


  • The cables are short

Western Digital My Passport


If we were to choose a brand, not specific portable hard drives at Best Buy, it would be Wester Digital. There are lots of options we’re recommending from this brand, including the Western Digital My Passport. The first thing we appreciated about this hard drive is that it comes with a 3-year warranty which means we’re always backed by customer support.

Next, the hard comes with a USB 3.0 port which is somehow fast. However, we noticed that this device is slower than others we have tried. So, speed isn’t a pro here. The device is very reliable and long-lasting, we recommend watching this video from Noah Best to know all the features. Also, it’s important to point out that there different versions; one for PC and the other for Mac devices.


  • The hard drive is very reliable
  • It comes in different color options
  • It’s easy to install and use


  • It’s a bit slow compared to other devices

SanDisk Professional ArmorAT


Best shielded. Traveling with your data? The SanDisk Professional ArmorAT is the most suitable choice with its shielded outer cover. If it accidentally falls, you won’t experience the tragedy of data loss. Believe us, it’s the worst thing we have ever faced since we started backing up our data on external hard drives. So, we would pay bucks just to get a shielded hard drive like this one.

Apart from the external protection, the hard disk also offers internal protection. We could secure the data internally using a password which is a feature offered with this hard disk. With its top-tier speed, the hard disk is capable of handling the largest amounts of data in the shortest periods. We count on this device for most of our work.


  • The hard drive is so rugged
  • It offers good security measures
  • It’s good value for money


  • It’s a bit heavy

Seagate Game Drive


Best for PS gamers. While gamers can use any hard disk to download and store all the PS games they like and manage their gameplay, the Seagate Game Drive is specially made for PS. Being a gamer means you want a hard drive that gets data transferred in no time. We know how big the data of PS games might be. So, it needs a speedy hard drive that is capable of handling this data in the least time possible.

We liked the blue LED that flashes when the drive works. It’s a nice addition to our PS setup. An important note here to mention is that we tried the hard drive on other devices and it worked but it’s the best and the fastest with PS5 and PS4. Further, it’s so lightweight, so, portability isn’t an issue with this hard drive.


  • It’s nicely designed to suit PS setups
  • The hard drive is so fast
  • It’s lightweight and compact


  • There aren’t different capacity options to choose from

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LaCie Rugged USB-C Hard Drive


With a securing shield, we could take LaCie Rugged USB-C Hard Drive wherever we go without having to buy any covers or additional shields to protect the hard drive. It exceeds others in physical protection rather than protecting data. Moreover, it’s nearly the only hard drive we tested that offers HDD and SSD options. So, you’re totally covered.

Apart from the options provided, the hard drive looks so modern. It’s also distinguished by the color it comes in, no more traditional black or white hard drives. It’s also super convenient to hold, carry, and transfer data. There is a mini device in terms of the physical size and another small option in terms of the storage capacity.


  • It’s very small and compact
  • There is a protective shield around the hard drive
  • It’s compatible with Mac and PC


  • It needs time to set up

SanDisk Professional External Hard Drive


The SanDisk Professional External Hard Drive is a good performer and it checks many boxes. The hard drive wins in our speed and capacity benchmarks, hence, topping our list of the best hard drives. However, it loses its edge in the price. We think the price range of this device is higher than similar devices offering the same features.

Although the design isn’t the main thing we’re searching for, it’s good to have a nice-looking hard drive like this one. It’s also compact no matter which capacity you choose This might be a slight justification for the price as it sits elegantly on any desk. Speaking of desks, check out our list of the best height-adjusting standing desks here.


  • There are capacities of up to 22TB
  • It looks so elegant
  • The device is very fast


  • It’s a bit pricey

WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive


Here is the best external hard drive we have tried so far. WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive is offered in two options; one for Xbox only and the other for all devices. Needless to say, we would choose the universal one. It’s more practical for us as we use all electronic devices. If you’re like us, go for this universal hard drive to save those extra bucks, and don’t buy one for each device.

Backing up the data is the number one reason you might be buying a hard for, this will do the job right. On the other side, if it’s all about games and their data, this hard is the best as well. It works for all game consoles. Best of all, it comes with a three-year warranty. Check this list of the best Headphones for PC gaming as they might fall in your interests.


  • It’s compatible with all devices
  • It’s great value for money
  • The hard drive is super fast


  • There are no large-capacity options

Our Verdict!

These are the top 4 hard drives based on some factors we have tested in all the 13 options above. So, we recommend you start with those first.

How To Choose The Best Hard Drives at Best Buy?

Want to know how we tested the hard drives and what factors we based our choice on? Here is a quick guide to the criteria to look for when buying new hard drives


There are two main types of hard drives in all electronic devices, SSD and HDD. Without bothering you with much say about the technology behind those types, SSD is faster. SSD hard drives have fewer moving parts inside and they give quicker access to your data. You’ll notice this when moving content from your device to the SSD hard drive. On the other side, HDDs are cheaper but they’re slow when it comes to accessing the data stored on the hard.

Physical size

Apart from the storage capacity, which is very important too, the physical size makes a difference. smaller and portable hard drives are more practical and highly recommended. Unless you’ll be working in the same place every day and you won’t need to transfer data between devices, then, always go for slim and small hard drives.

Connection type

This factor is often overlooked although it’s very crucial. Would you use the hard drive with a Mac or a PC? You might want something universal for all devices including Xbox and PS. So, it’s important to check the connection type whether it’s a USB or Thunderbolt 3. Some hard drives come with several connections including a USB-C connector. So, always make sure that the hard drive will be compatible with your devices.

How much storage is enough for a hard drive?

It depends on your needs, however, the larger the better because hard drives are made to last. However, when the capacity increases the price increases. Thus, the budget is something to consider here.

What are the disadvantages of SSD hard drives?

External hard drives are worth buying but nothing comes without disadvantages. SSD drives have a shorter lifespan and limited storage capacities.

What is the largest capacity for external hard drives?

Currently, you can buy hard drives that reach 30TB.