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13 Best Flat Screen TVs at Best Buy

Today, it’s difficult to find curved TV screens as most manufacturers are more into flat TV screens. Personally, we think they offer a better watching experience. Plus, they’re higher in quality, spoiling our eyes for hours. You can easily find a flat screen TV at Best Buy, yet, how would you know it’s the best option for you since nearly all the options are flat-screen?

Finding the most suitable option depends on the content you’ll watch or how you’ll use the TV in general. Will you use it in the dark or a well-lit room? Is it mainly for gaming or streaking 4K content? Over the past weeks, we have tested several TVs to compare the available options. Then, we compiled this list of the most recommended TVs with flat screens based on some criteria that we’re also sharing below.



One of the best brands for electronics in general is Samsung, so, we had to check Samsung screens when we decided to prepare this list. We came across the SAMSUNG TU690T Crystal UHD and it met our expectations from Samsung TVs. The best thing is that the price is suitable for what you get.

The TV is easy to use and we could get to different features from the first time we used it. In addition, the color range and contrast are good. Although it doesn’t have the best brightness, it’s still good at this price. Check out more about this TV from the official website here. You’ll know if this TV is suitable for you or not.


  • The TV offers a decent watching experience
  • It’s worth the price
  • It’s easy to use


  • The screen quality isn’t the highest

Insignia N10 Series LED Full HD TV


Next, we tested the Insignia N10 Series LED Full HD TV. HD TVs aren’t a bad option but we hoped the TV came in 4K resolution for better quality. If you’re going to use the TV for streaming content, you won’t experience any issues. On the other side, gaming is also possible with this TV but get ready to lose some quality.

The audio of the TV has different options. We can use it with the normal speakers and with headphones as well. At this price point, we can’t complain about any features. What’s more, the setup didn’t take us any time. We just plugged in the TV and the process went smoothly in minutes. Totally recommended for a budget-friendly TV.


  • The video and audio are good quality
  • The price is reasonable
  • The setup process is easy


  • There is no 4K resolution option

LG UQ75 Series Smart webOS TV


The LG UQ75 Series Smart webOS TV is a user-friendly TV at a great price considering its large screen and different features. We didn’t have any problem navigating through different options and features using the remote controller. Similarly, we didn’t have any problems installing this on our own without any help, thus, it checked the user-friendly box in all ways.

As for the images and sound, it’s perfect in both. Moreover, both the picture and audio quality are adjustable. There are different sizes but we definitely recommend the largest screen because it has better picture quality and the price is suitable. We aren’t the only ones recommending this TV, check out this video from Crusher-V Appliances Trading to know all the features of the TV.


  • It has great picture and audio qualities
  • The price is suitable for what you get
  • It’s easy to navigate


  • The remote controller is difficult to use

Amazon z4-Series Smart Fire TV


We were looking for a TV screen that offers Fire TV features at a reasonable price without compensating for the quality. We found the Amazon z4-Series Smart Fire TV on Best Buy and decided to give it a try. The TV gave us wide streaming content options, so, it was just what we were looking for. On the other side, the TV is very easy to use. We mastered all the commands on the same day we bought the TV.

At this point, we already tested and viewed several flat-screen TVs, so, we know that we could get a good TV with various features at a good price. Thus, Amazon TV was one of our choices. The TV is offered with a sound bar but you can buy the screen without this soundbar. However, we recommend buying this soundbar because the audio quality isn’t the best without this soundbar.


  • The picture quality is great
  • The TV is easy to use
  • It’s sold at a reasonable price


  • The audio quality is slightly poor

Westinghouse UHD Smart Roku TV with HDR


Next, we tested Westinghouse UHD Smart Roku TV with HDR given its lightweight and affordable price. Well, don’t expect to have features like those found in a Sony TV but still, we had what we were looking for. This brand is now one of the best for home and kitchen appliances, so, we didn’t hesitate to buy the TV and give it a try. The TV includes some features that allow you to customize the screen quality. This is so far so good for this particular TV.

Also, the audio is customizable. The main speakers are enough for us. We didn’t consider a soundbar with this TV. Most of the features of this TV are easy to use and pretty much enough for a moderate user. If you need something for your living room and you aren’t too picky about the features, this will do the job.


  • The TV is affordable
  • It’s lightweight
  • The audio quality is good


  • There aren’t too many features

VIZIO D-Series Full HD Smart TV


VIZIO D-Series Full HD Smart TV is one of the easiest TVs on the market. We say easiest because it’s easy to use and easy to set up as well. Once we received the TV, we checked the manual and we got everything settled in no time. The picture is fairly good and the audio quality is similarly okay. If you’re after the basic features and quality, this TV will be a good deal.

When it comes to resolution, we actually prefer 4K TVs but a full HD one isn’t a bad thing if it has the smart and tech-based features this TV has. If you’re hesitant to buy such a brand, we assure you that Vizio is a brand worth exploring as it has a set of new smart TVs that are nothing less than the most common brands. So, go ahead and buy this TV for a basic flat screen TV at Best Buy,


  • It has all the basic features of smart TVs
  • The price is reasonable
  • It’s easy to use


  • There aren’t 4K screens

Samsung CU8000 Crystal UHD Smart Tizen TV


The Samsung CU8000 Crystal UHD Smart Tizen TV isn’t a brand new TV as you might think. It’s an upgrade of this series that Samsung keeps upgrading over time to offer the best innovations in flat and smart TVs. We like the design of this TV, it’s very slim, thus, looks so smart. That’s what modern TVs should look like. This new model can read lots of color hues and saturations which makes the picture look very natural and clear.

“This TV passed all of our tests with flying colors. We were particularly impressed with the brightness level, which was acceptable for all the content we watched.”


Samsung is a reliable brand name, so, we had trust in what we were buying before even we tried it. Also, we were backed by great after-sales service as the customer service answered all our queries to help us install the device properly. You might want to check these best Samsung refrigerators at Best Buy as well if you want reliable appliances for your kitchen.


  • The TV has good brightness levels
  • The design is modern and sleek
  • It’s a good value for money


  • You can use either the soundbar or speakers only



Best responsiveness. We know that many people now use TVs for different purposes rather than watching regular cable content. That’s why having a very responsive TV is a must. The TCL Q7 QLED Smart TV is one of those TVs that takes no time to switch from one App to the other. If you have a stable internet connection, you can go from Cable TV to Netflix and vice versa in a second.

Furthermore, there is an adaptive brightness feature that adapts the image quality automatically based on the content. We didn’t like this feature a lot because the brightness kept changing although we were viewing the same content. Thus, we switched this feature off in the settings and all went well.


  • It’s very responsive
  • The TV is suitable for gaming
  • It’s available in very large screen sizes


  • The adaptive brightness feature isn’t good in dark settings



Best for gaming. We found the gaming screen we were looking for. Here is the Sony X95K BRAVIA XR Mini LED screen. It’s designed particularly for this reason although we tested it for streaming and watching cable content as well. The screen has a very powerful processor that results in no lag at all. Even with very high-quality content, we didn’t experience any problems with the TV.

On the other side, the audio system offers a great immersive experience that is highly recommended for gamers. When using the TV to stream regular content, we already knew that it would be equally amazing and it didn’t fail us. There are options with a soundbar if you want clearer audio.


  • The quality of the images is perfect
  • It comes with soundbar options
  • It’s very smart and it gives access to lots of internet-based services


  • It’s very expensive



The INSIGNIA F30 Series is one of the best INSIGNIA TVs when it comes to Fire TV systems. Generally, INSIGNIA has one of the cheapest flat screen TV prices at Best Buy but it isn’t only about the price here. The TV has lots of features that we didn’t think we could get at such a price. It gave us access to many internet-based services in a very easy way.

Moreover, we tested the TV for gaming. The sound quality and image resolution were suitable for a real-life gaming experience. In addition, the voice-assistant feature enables controlling the TV remotely. That’s a must-have feature when you get a TV with a remote controller that doesn’t include a number pad. It was a bit annoying to deal with this controller at first but we got used to it now.


  • The TV is very good value for money
  • It has decent sound and image qualities
  • There are different screen sizes


  • You need to have a very close internet source to use the internet-based services

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Hisense U6 Series Mini-LED


Best value for money. The Hisense U6 Series Mini-LED TV is another option that is worth every penny when it comes to picture quality. Mini-LED isn’t anything related to the screen size as we thought at first, it’s all about the backlighting of the TV. This new technology uses more backlighting for a clearer and brighter image. We already tested this and it was true.

The TV is available in several sizes and resolutions, each at a price. If you think it’s too expensive, you can go a little cheaper by purchasing the full HD or the HD resolutions instead of the 4K. You won’t lose too much quality at this point because all the models use the same mini-LED technology. Moreover, we’re fans of the Filmmaker Mode which lets us watch the content in its original state even if it’s less in quality than the screen itself. This video from Tech Steve gave us more info about the TV, check it out.


  • The picture quality is great
  • There are different modes such as Filmmaker and Game modes
  • It comes in a sleek design


  • It sometimes gets out of sync

Toshiba C350 Series LED Smart Fire TV


Best Fire TV. With lots of supported internet-based services, the Toshiba C350 Series LED Smart Fire TV got our attention among all other LED screens available today. The TV has lots of features at a great price, though it isn’t cheap. We think it’s a good deal as you’ll get many features and great screen quality as well.

Speaking of the screen, it was very sharp and the images were crystal clear. The colors are also very vivid and similar to nature. On the other side, the Fire TV system is a bit cumbersome to deal with at first, if it’s your first time. Yet, once you get to know all the settings and features, you won’t settle for less than a Toshiba screen.


  • The screen offers great quality
  • The TV is full of features
  • It has automatic modes


  • The audio isn’t the best

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Hisense ULED 4K Premium 55U6H


The Hisense ULED 4K Premium 55U6H is the best TV we have tried so far as it has most of the features all the other TVs above have at a very decent price. Starting with the screen quality, it’s very clear showing all the colors as if we were in the scene itself. The TV brought live to the images in a vivid way we loved so much.

Next, the audio was also good and we didn’t think we would ever need a soundbar or any audio systems. We learned that the technology used in the audio is Dolby Atmos sound which gives a cinema-like experience. Moreover, the TV is smart as it uses Google Assistant and Alexa to control the TV remotely. There are different sizes available, so we would choose the 65-inch screen for our home to get the best experience.


  • The TV has 4K resolution and bright image colors
  • The audio is high-quality
  • It’s available in different size options


  • The screen flickers with very bright content

Our Verdict!

We tested many options but the above 13 products are our favorites. Further, the four products below are the highly recommended ones based on certain features. Take a look!

How To Choose The Best Flat Screen TV at Best Buy?

To curate this list, we had a checklist to test every product using this list. Here are the main points we were checking in each product.


The first thing you will notice whenever you watch any TV is the quality of the image. This quality is determined by several things such as the resolution, colors, and screen. For these TVs, we checked whether it’s full HD or 4K resolution. Needless to say, 4K is better but full HD is also good in some models. Also, the color brightness plays a role in the quality of the image. The more color spectrum the screen can read the better. In the end, quality is a combination of several factors that all work together.

Screen Size

It isn’t about large screens in general but a size suitable for the room where the TV is placed. The thing we were looking for here is the availability of different sizes. At least 43 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches as these are the most common sizes people usually look for. If it’s a living room TV, we recommend buying at least a 55-inch screen for a better viewing experience.

Value for money

We didn’t say the exact price because there are various flat-screen TV prices out there. It depends on everyone’s budget, you can find something as low as $200 and others up to $2000. The thing is to find something that is worth it. In other words, you should get what you pay for. So, expect more features such as free streaming content, a powerful processor, and high-tech adjustable picture quality. However, at a lower price, you can get a good flat screen with very basic features.

What is special about OLED TVs?

OLED TVs use organic light-emitting diode technology which produces better image quality. So, if you’re after quality, OLED screens are a great choice.

Should I buy a soundbar for better TV sound?

If you want a home cinema experience, we highly recommend getting a soundbar or any sound system because TVs have decent audio. On the other side, if it’s all about gaming, a headphone for PC gaming is enough.

How can I determine the right TV size?

It depends on the room space and the seating distance. The further the seating is, the larger the TV should be.