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13 Best 4K TVs at Best Buy

Nowadays, most streaming content is in 4K, so having a TV that supports this kind of content is a must. We wanted to upgrade and get one of those 4K options, so, we had the chance to try different options and create a list of the best 4K TVs at Best Buy. Each TV has different specs and some have advanced features. Our list caters to different needs and budgets. We tried a variety of brands to curate a list of the best options that meet the needs of each person. We will walk you through the information you need to know about those TVs and how to choose a suitable one for your needs. So, continue reading to know more about 4K TVs.

TCL S4 4K LED Smart TV


Although TCL isn’t a very famous brand name to buy a new Best Buy 4K UHD TV, TCL S4 4K LED Smart TV is a good start. We would highly encourage exploring the options offered by this brand but let’s first start with this option. The TV has enhanced motion technology, so, we didn’t experience any delay in the motion.

Further, it has a game mode that works automatically whenever it detects there is any gameplay on the TV. Another good point is that the design of the screen itself is very modern and sleek. The screen is so slim and flat to be mounted on the wall easily. Last but not least, the sound is improved for this TV. We think this is because of the introduction of the new DTS Virtual Sound feature.


  • The price is great for the features
  • It has an automatic game mode
  • The audio is enhanced


  • The ads might bother the users



We were surprised at how much difference the SAMSUNG Neo QLED 4K QN85C Series TV changed our watching experience at home. No need to go to cinemas while having this TV at home. Samsung is already a reliable brand name for electronics and also one of the most famous brands for kitchen appliances. So, we trust the manufacturer before anything else.

When we received the TV, we directly assembled everything. The process was so easy as the user manual had everything explained in detail. The picture quality is amazing and the audio doesn’t need any kind of soundbars. However, you can buy this TV with different types of soundbars if you want to enhance your experience.


  • The AI-powered processor is so smart
  • There are different TV and soundbar packages
  • The Neo QLED technology offers great picture quality


  • The controls are a bit difficult to reach at first



Another TCL TV to prove that it’s a brand worth checking is the TCL Q7 QLED Smart TV. The TV worked smoothly and we could easily operate all the Apps we wanted on the TV. We used a soundbar to improve the quality of the audio a little bit. However, it’s still good even without the soundbar.

Moreover, the responsiveness of the TV is quick. We could switch back and forth between channels and Apps in no time. We noticed that the brightness of the screen changes constantly. Later, we knew it was because of the adaptive brightness control but actually, this feature isn’t the smartest in this TV. This issue appears more in dark rooms, so, to solve the issue, you can just turn this setting off.


  • The video and audio quality are so good
  • The TV is very responsive
  • It features a game accelerator


  • The adaptive brightness feature isn’t so smart

Westinghouse 4K HD TV


The Westinghouse 4K HD TV is one of the TVs that are worth checking. This TV is also one of the cheapest, we would recommend it for those looking for an average 4K TV for general use. The TV did offer a good picture quality and good sound. Although the brightness wasn’t the best we could still feel the difference between HD and 4K resolutions.

Further, the audio was good for our use. We could watch a movie at our home with no audio distortion. But since we tried other options, we can say that there are better audio features. However, we’ll still use this TV for a small room. The biggest plus point here is that you’ll pay the least to get a 4K TV with all the streaming Apps you’re used to. Plus, it’s so lightweight and easy to mount.


  • It’s a cheap 4K TV
  • The resolution is very good at this price point
  • You can mount and operate the TV easily


  • The picture and audio aren’t the highest quality



Looking for a reliable 4K TV with the best features? The SAMSUNG QLED Q80B Series is an option to consider. When we first tested the TV, the remote controller was a bit cumbersome for us. However, when we got used to it, we could browse the channels and different Apps quickly. The quality of the picture is excellent and the colors are so bright.

In fact, we always search for a TV that could do well as a TV and PS monitor. This Samsung model met our needs with its high frame rate, so, we didn’t regret paying for this TV. At this price point and given that we could easily return the product if it didn’t meet our desires, we didn’t hesitate to keep the TV once we tried switching from the TV mode to the PS mode and vice versa. The TV worked seamlessly and the quality is at its best.


  • The TV offers great audio and video qualities
  • It has different voice assistants
  • It operates very fast


  • The remote controller isn’t very user-friendly

Toshiba C350 Series


The Toshiba C350 Series is one of the best 4K TVs at Best Buy for several reasons. First, it’s a Fire TV which means you can stream most of your favorite content on this TV. For example, we could stream Netflix movies and Amazon Prime as well. Yet, you have to subscribe to get access to all the content on the TV.

Next, the TV isn’t as expensive as most other 4K TVs but the resolution is nearly similar. The 4K model of this TV has a higher resolution than full HD TVs by around four times. Moreover, we had an immersive experience when it came to the audio or video. There are different sizes of the TV, if you want a small screen, you’ll need a desk, so, we encourage you to check this list of the best electronic adjustable standing desks.


  • The TV includes lots of streaming Apps
  • The resolution is very high-quality
  • The experience is very immersive and real


  • It isn’t the best option in direct sunlight

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The Sony X95K BRAVIA XR Mini LED is one of the smartest TVs you’ll ever buy in your life. This TV works just like human eyes. It offers a picture as if you’re seeing the movie while it’s being filmed. So, for our home cinema, we’ll choose the 85-inch Sony TV. Now we know it’s a large sum of money to get such a TV, however, the properties and features aren’t like any other TV.

We tested the TV and the performance was beyond our expectations. Blacks are so black and colors are so bright. The wide spectrum of colors this TV is able to see is amazing. Also, it has all the ports to connect external devices. Thus, the TV is good for gaming and used as a PC monitor as well. In fact, it performs the best no matter what your purpose of a new 4K TV is.


  • The TV reads a wide spectrum of colors
  • It can be used as a gaming or PC TV
  • The processor quality is the best


  • It’s very expensive



The LG C3 Series OLED EVO is one of the best LG models we have ever tried. It’s an impressive TV given the AI-powered processor used in this TV. We learned that LG has upgraded the processors of its TVs to be used in OLED 4K TVs as this one. The result is a crystal clear picture and dynamic tone mapping which increases the picture quality.

As gamers, this TV satisfied our needs from cloud gaming options and high picture synchronization. By the way, don’t miss out on our list of the best headphones for PC gaming. On the other side, we’re also movie fans, the TV is still meeting our needs offering a home cinema experience we have been searching for a while.


  • There is many free content on the TV
  • It’s a suitable option for gaming
  • The picture quality is great


  • The settings menu might be confusing at first

Hisense A6 Series


One of the brand names that sells Best Buy 4K TVs at great prices is Hisense. The Hisense A6 Series is our recommendation in this price category for great quality and massive features. Enhanced with AI UHD Upscaler, we enjoyed the best picture quality even when watching content that isn’t filmed in 4K quality.

“Although we didn’t have the chance to try all its features, the TV proved its a great choice for our needs. We believe it’s a good one for gaming and for using as a computer monitor too.”


Even more, the TV features other technologies that enhance colors and dimming zones. We felt like we were watching a movie on an above-thousand TV. This proves our claim that you don’t have to pay a lot to get the quality you want. Another point worth mentioning is the sports mode that also uses AI technology to adjust the TV settings for sports content.


  • The price is considered cheap compared to other TVs
  • It uses AI technology to adjust the settings according to the viewed content
  • There are different modes for the TV


  • The ads might become irritating at some point



Best small screen. The SAMSUNG CU7000 is an improvement of the previous 6 series with more development in the design and features of the TV. For this TV in particular, we tested the smaller size. Though its small size, it offered a theatre-like experience. It’s also very slim, a lot slimmer than the previous model.

Further, the processor is better, and the picture quality as well. The TV is capable of handling bright pictures better with the mega contrast feature that reads more hues and saturations. We felt like we were inside the action thanks to the extremely natural colors and high-resolution pictures.


  • The TV sees a wider spectrum of colors
  • It’s a good value for money
  • The screen is so slim


  • It’s a bit difficult to use

Sony 4K UHD X77L Series


Best for gaming. Needless to say, the best gaming TV should be one of Sony’s creations, especially if it’s about PS5. The Sony 4K UHD X77L Series is one the best TVs we have tried with PS5. No wonder, as the two devices are coming from the same company. Thus, they made the TV with special features to optimize the picture quality when playing.

Apart from gaming, the TV is also good for traditional uses. It has a high-quality processor for high-contrast pictures and bright colors. We tried the TV in both dark and light conditions, the picture quality didn’t change, so, it’s a worthy option for streaming and gaming. We would recommend this video from Sony Electronics for more about the features of the TV.


  • It offers exclusive features for PS
  • It features a powerful processor
  • The sound quality is perfect


  • It’s a bit slow while streaming content



Best picture quality. You’ll pay a lot to get the LG G3 Series OLED EVO but you’ll get a lot too. This TV has the best picture quality we have seen among other TVs. The colors are so bright and highly contrasted. We could see the finest details whether while gaming or watching 4K movies. However, to get such a TV, you need to pay thousands. In all cases, you get what you pay for.

Being that high-quality, we had many options. Whether to buy the TV only or with a stand, or a sound bar, each comes at a different price. Also, there are different sizes and they all have the same incredible features. Our experience with the TV was very seamless, we just had to stream the content and the TV adjusted the video and audio settings to the suitable options. To know more about the features of the TV, check out this video from The Tech Chap.


  • It uses AI to adjust the video and audio settings
  • There are different sound bar systems
  • The picture and audio quality are perfect


  • It’s very expensive



Best value for money. The INSIGNIA F30 Series is the best 4K TV if you don’t want to spend big bucks but get a good-quality TV. Though it isn’t very expensive, it has nearly all the features of other pricey TVs. We have access to all internet-based content such as Apple TV+, Netflix, Hulu, and many more. Further, the screen, even the 43-inch screen, offered a good gaming experience.

As for the sound, the DTS Studio Sound feature is perfect for an immersive sound experience. This would be great for gaming and watching movies. Needless to say, the TV supports the Alexa feature but we didn’t receive a number pad with the TV. So, when we wanted to switch channels, we had to use the sound feature. More about this TV is here on their official website.


  • It supports all streaming Apps
  • The TV features DTS Studio Sound
  • It’s affordable considering its features


  • There is no number pad to change channels

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Our Verdict!

Since 4K TVs come with different options, some TVs are distinguished with certain features. These are the best options based on our own experience.

How To Choose The Best 4K TVs at Best Buy

Most TVs you’ll see today in stores are 4K TVs. However, not all TVs are the same. Hence, there are some criteria upon which you can choose the best TV the suit your needs. Below are the factors you can base your decision on.

Display type

Among the most common display types are the LED, OLED, and QLED screens. This has to do with the position of the LED array (light-emitting diodes) in relation to the screen. LED TVs feature bright colors and high contrast but OLED and QLED screens have higher contrast. Also, OLED screens are better for viewing in dark conditions, whereas LED TVs are suitable for well-lit rooms.


The size of any TV is determined by inches. It refers to the diagonal length of the screen. Most people will go for larger screens as they believe they’re better in terms of the quality of the viewed content. However, it depends on the place of the screen and the type of content. If the room is small, it’s better to go for smaller screens so as not to harm your eyes. Also, if the content you’ll usually see on the TV isn’t high-quality or 4K content, don’t go for large screens because you’ll end up with low-quality resolution.


what is the purpose of having a new 4K TV? Will you use it for gaming? In this case, you need a high-quality OLED 4K TV with suitable game modes. On the other side, if you just want to watch satellite channels, no need for a very expensive TV, normal 4K screens with no additional features are just okay. Alternatively, 4K screens with AI features are good for streaming content on the internet.

Why should I buy a 4K TV?

Yes, 4K TVs are widely spread among all common TV brands and they enhance the quality of HD content. So, it’s advised to search for a suitable Best Buy UHD 4K TV.

Are 4K TVs the highest quality TVs available today?

Though 4K TVs are the most common types now, there are other options such as 8K TVs but they aren’t as common as 4K TVs.

What are the best brands for 4K TVs?

Most electronic brands manufacture 4K TVs. Some of the famous brands are Samsung, Toshiba, LG, and Sony.