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13 Best 32 Inch TVs at Best Buy

Large TV screens aren’t a synonym for better quality. You can get a smaller screen with high quality as well, it all depends on the space. That’s why we have been looking for 32 inch TVs at Best Buy for a while. With this small size, we didn’t expect 4K resolutions of course, yet, we were looking for a fairly good TV quality that doesn’t cause a significant loss in the details.

Further, for smaller spaces such as a small bedroom, kitchen, camper, or studio, a 32-inch screen is more suitable and healthier for the eyes. Hence, we had several reasons to search and test different options, and here is what we found. Below, we created a list of the best options we tried and what urged us to recommend the TV. And don’t forget to check our buying guide too.

LG LED HD Smart webOS TV


Starting off the list with one of our favorite brands ever, it’s the LG LED HD Smart webOS TV. One of the reasons we like this TV is because of the colors. We admire how bright and sharp the colors are. They make the picture look so clear and this enhances our watching experience. We tried watching the TV in a well-lit room and a dark room to see how it looks in both conditions and it was very good.

One thing we didn’t like a lot on the TV is the home screen. It looks a bit messy, but thankfully we could find our way and browse the different channels we used to watch on our old screen. When we think of upgrading, we’ll get the same TV as it’s available in 4K and 8K too. For now, we’re satisfied with the experience we had with this small screen.


  • The colors are bright and sharp
  • There are different screen resolutions
  • The TV works with all streaming Apps


  • The home screen isn’t very user-friendly

TCL S3 S-Class


The second screen we recommend is the TCL S3 S-Class. Again, we like the colors of this screen and the contrast levels. It’s more than what we expected from this small lightweight screen. Speaking of the weight, the screen was so light that we managed to mount it on the wall easily. One person did the job alone which proves how lightweight this TV is.

Moreover, the remote controller is intuitive and easy to use. Navigating through the different features and Apps of the TV was fairly easy. We recommend the TV for small rooms such as a camper where space is limited and user-friendly devices are much needed. Also, the price is a selling point here.


  • The TV is user-friendly
  • It’s lightweight
  • The screen quality is fair


  • The audio quality isn’t the best

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VIZIO D-Series Full HD Smart TV


Next, the VIZIO D-Series Full HD Smart TV is an option that is worth checking with full HD quality. There are different screen sizes but we’re now concerned with the 32-inch screen. Being small, we could handle everything without professional help. It comes with a user guide that we use to mount the TV and then browse channels and Apps.

Some of you might not know this brand as it isn’t as famous as Samsung or LG. However, it turned out to be an ideal competitor to such brands at lower prices. The main thing we always look for when buying any new TV screen is the picture and audio quality. When tested, the screen passed the test with a full mark as both the picture and audio were what was expected from a small screen.


  • The TV is easy to use
  • The quality is good
  • There are many smart features


  • The screen is a bit flimsy

Insignia N10 Series LED Full HD TV


The Insignia N10 Series LED Full HD TV isn’t the best resolution we have ever tried, yet, it’s a suitable option for a secondary small screen at home. We didn’t face any problems while installing the TV and setting everything up to get started. We could use the screen to watch cable channels, stream content, and as a PC screen. If you aren’t after the highest resolutions, and you’re probably since you’re looking for 32-inch screens, then this Insignia TV will do the job.

Insignia is one of the brands people go after because it’s relatively cheap. The screens are fairly priced among other similar options although they have good features. For example, the sound quality is so good. We can hear clearly with no distortion even at the highest volumes.


  • The TV quality is good
  • The price is affordable
  • Installing the TV is very easy


  • The TV doesn’t have the best resolution

TCL S2 S-Class Smart Roku TV


The TCL S2 S-Class Smart Roku TV is the second TCL TV we’re recommending today. This smart TV is now one of our favorites as it proved to be a good quality and good value for money. The TV is very lightweight, very slim, and very easy to set up. It blends flawlessly with the wall when mounted on it.

“This TCL screen fits perfectly in the limited space we have. It looks good and the sound is great too. Couldn’t be more satisfied.”


Once we received the TV, we immediately wanted to try the smart features, so, we configured the WiFi network. This process took us literally a couple of minutes. Then, we played around with features such as the built-in Roku TV and the streaming Apps. Everything was easy to reach and control. Plus, the picture quality is very good too.


  • The TV is lightweight
  • It’s very slim and looks modern
  • All the features work easily and flawlessly


  • The remote controller needs to be pointed directly to the TV

Westinghouse HD Smart Roku TV


The Westinghouse HD Smart Roku TV is an amazing TV at this price point. We highly recommend this one for those looking for budget-friendly 32 inch TVs at Best Buy. Compared to other TVs at the same price, this one wins. The setup, quality, and ease of use are all good selling points. We didn’t expect so much from the TV, yet, it proved to be a reliable brand among others. You need to look at the official website for more features.

Apart from cable channels, we wanted a TV to use other streaming services and subscription-based ones. The best thing this TV offers is that all the subscription services use QR codes for ease of use. In less than a minute we would reach whatever content we want. For a 32-inch TV, the picture quality is fair. There are other options of the same brand with larger screens as well. You might want to check those best flat-screen TVs at Best Buy if you want larger options.


  • The TV is very affordable
  • It’s easy to use
  • The picture quality is good


  • It has very basic features only

Sony W830K HD LED Google TV


Best quality. A list of the best TVs at Best Buy must include one of Sony’s creations and we chose the Sony W830K HD LED Google TV. This TV, similar to most Sony TVs, has very clear and sharp pictures. The colors are also stunning and very saturated. Even though it’s a small screen, the experience we had watching different content was similar to that of full UHD TVs.

If you’re, like us, after quality, then nothing beats Sony. You can also check our list of the best 4K TVs at Best Buy for higher quality. On the other side, we thought we would buy too much for a Sony TV but not for this one. It’s reasonably priced considering its quality. So, thumbs up for checking all the boxes without breaking the bank. TechRaman’s video elaborates more on the features of this TV, we benefited from this video a lot.


  • The picture and sound quality are perfect
  • It’s lightweight and easy to hang
  • The price is very reasonable


  • It isn’t very responsive

Samsung Class M4500 Series


The Samsung Class M4500 Series is a great 32 inch Samsung TV at Best Buy we tried so far when it comes to relatively small screens. The quality of the screen is extremely perfect and the volume reaches the highest levels. It’s very expected from Samsung as this brand has been manufacturing such electronics for years. We have tested and reviewed the best Samsung refrigerators as well, don’t miss them out.

Another option related to how smart this screen is is the smart App we use to control everything on the screen without using the remote controller. Speaking of the remote controller, it isn’t the best thing ever, we didn’t like it honestly but it works. We still have the option to connect the screen to our mobile or laptop, so, no issues here. Check this video from Coffee & Tech for more about this marvelous Samsung screen.


  • The screen is value for money
  • The sound quality and volume are very good
  • It has many smart features


  • The remote controller isn’t user-friendly

Hisense A4 Series LED Google TV


Although the Hisense A4 Series LED Google TV isn’t as famous as other brands such as Samsung or Sony, it’s an option that is worth checking. It’s a smart TV with many smart features such as wireless screen mirroring and recommending content based on the previous activity. We liked most of the recommendations as they were really accurate and matched our preferences which proves how smart this TV is.

Moving to the image and sound quality, the TV offers great picture quality and colors. We could see this clearly while watching movies in particular. We wanted to have a TV that enhanced the modern design of our living room. This was the perfect choice for us as the slim bezels of the TV look so modern and sleek. They add to the watching experience as well. Speaking of which, have you checked out our favorite portable DVD players at Best Buy?


  • The TV looks so modern and slim
  • It’s affordable
  • It has lots of smart features


  • The TV is a bit flimsy

Insignia F20 Series LED HD TV


One of the things we assess a TV upon is the sound quality. The Insignia F20 Series LED HD TV proves to be one of the best sound qualities ever. It isn’t only loud similar to sound bars but it’s also clear and powerful. The second thing we check is the image quality. The TV has sharp colors and high brightness levels. We didn’t have any problems with viewing any type of content.

We didn’t feel the screen was small even though it was just 32 inches. Also, we could watch any type of content including all streaming Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and all similar apps. We also used it as a computer screen and it worked flawlessly. There is a smaller screen size if you want something more compact without losing quality.


  • The screen has great sound quality
  • The screen is so bright
  • It works with all streaming apps


  • It isn’t very fast

Samsung N5300 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV


Best for ease of use. The Samsung N5300 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV didn’t take us any time to set up and use as everything was nearly preinstalled. All we had to do was to connect the TV to the WiFi and then we were ready to watch all the streaming content and cable channels we wanted.

As for the screen quality, it’s typical of what’s expected from a Samsung screen. Even though it’s a small screen, the colors are vibrant and the details are so sharp. The sound is also good, we used speakers for a higher volume, and it didn’t cause any distortion. Above all, we liked how it looks when mounted on the wall, it adds to the aesthetics of the place.


  • The sound and image quality are perfect
  • The TV is easy to deal with
  • The screen quality is good


  • The TV doesn’t have the Bluetooth option

TCL 3-Series Roku 2S335 TV


Best value for money. Another cheap 32-inch TV is the TCL 3-Series Roku 2S335 TV. We won’t lie the price was our main drive to buy this TV. We bought this TV on sale, however, it’s cheap even at its original price. It’s a smart TV with a sum of features that are essential for any TV today. It connects to streaming Apps and we can view local channels as well. Navigating through different options on the TV is very easy using the remote controller.

As for the picture and sound quality, it’s fairly good. The picture is suitable for a 32-inch TV. Whereas the sound is mediocre among similar small-screen TVs. While it isn’t the highest quality we have watched, it’s still one of the best for a small room where the seating isn’t very far from the TV.


  • The picture and audio qualities are good
  • It’s a cheap TV
  • The remote controller is easy to use


  • The TV misses some smart Apps

Samsung Q60C QLED Smart Tizen TV


Best resolution. Another screen from Samsung with 4K resolution. The Samsung Q60C QLED Smart Tizen TV is the smallest 4K screen we have tried. It proves that quality and resolution aren’t related to the size of the screen. We would choose this screen for a small room or office to have the best watching experience without going for large screens unnecessarily.

The TV is easy to navigate, and the remote controller is very user-friendly as well. Moreover, mounting the TV on the wall is similarly easy. We could get everything to operate in minutes. Similar to the other Samsung screens we have seen, this one is flat and sleek. Whether you place it on a TV unit or mount it on the wall, it adds to the modern design of the room.


  • The TV resolution is more than perfect
  • The design of the screen looks so modern
  • The screen and the remote controller are user-friendly


  • The colors could be better

Our Verdict!

Apart from the 13 options we recommended above, we have a special interest in those 4 screens for some reasons. Give them a look first.

How To Choose The Best 32 Inch TVs at Best Buy

Here is the buying guide we used to assess different TV screens. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in the list above, you can use the below criteria list to help you find the best 32-inch TV on the market.

Picture Quality

If you already checked all the previous screens, you will know that picture quality is the main thing we always look for when buying a TV. We don’t want to get a screen that makes it difficult to watch different details. Thus, even with small screens, the quality is very important. It includes the sharpness and brightness of the colors and the resolution. For small screens, full HD resolution is more than enough. Also, there are a couple of options we tested that have very sharp and clear colors.

Sound quality

The second thing after watching is listening. So, we wanted to have a screen that has good sound quality without having to add a soundbar or speakers. Of course, we didn’t expect a very high volume with a small screen, yet, we looked for clear audio with no distortion. This is possible with small screens and bear in mind the space where the screen will be placed in. It should be a small room.


Finally, the last thing we thought about is whether we want the TV for streaming online content and Apps such as YouTube and Netflix, or, to use as a PC screen. For PC, we didn’t need a very user-friendly interface because it’s just a screen. On the other side, if the main purpose is streaming online content, a responsive TV screen is a must.

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Is a 32-inch TV screen too small?

It depends on where it will be placed and how far the seating is from the screen. Sometimes a 32-inch TV is just enough for the space.

How to make the TV sound better?

You can think of investing in a soundbar or speakers. We recommend a soundbar system for better audio quality.

What is the best 32-inch TV brand?

You can find a couple of good choices, the most famous option is the 32 inch Samsung TV at Best Buy.