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13 Best Samsung Refrigerators at Best Buy

Refrigerators are one of the must-have home appliances, so, people would normally invest time searching for a suitable item from a well-known and trusted brand to last the longest. Samsung is one of those leading brands in electronics and home appliances including refrigerators. In search of the best Samsung refrigerator at Best Buy, we came across several models and we had the chance to try them for a while. We tested different fridges and checked all the features of each item to rank them accordingly. Refrigerators come with different features such as an external water dispenser, a top or bottom freezer, one to four doors, Wi-Fi, and many other features. So, keep reading below to know more about Samsung’s latest and best models in case you’re thinking of a new refrigerator.

SAMSUNG RF23A9675AP 4-Door Flex Refrigerator


SAMSUNG RF23A9675AP 4-Door Flex Refrigerator has a sleek and modern design we would like to have at our homes. The French-door style is one of the latest styles for those seeking a modern-looking home. This fridge takes another step forward as the four doors are customizable. In other words, we can choose a different color for each panel.
We would recommend choosing two contrasting colors that match your kitchen and other appliances, so, the overall look match and blend flawlessly. The fridge is large, so, it needs large homes. There are two sizes, 29 and 23 Cu. Ft. Personally, we would choose the larger one because it has larger storage space. Also, it includes an indoor beverage center for dispensing water and ice. Check out more features at Samsung’s official website.


  • The design is finger-resistant and looks very modern
  • The in-door beverage center produces ice bites and ice cubes
  • The panels’ colors are customizable


  • The storage capacity is less than expected

SAMSUNG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


For those who don’t have enough space in their kitchens or maybe you are looking for a small refrigerator for your camper. SAMSUNG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is one of the smallest and most practical fridges ever. This refrigerator is so slim that it fits inside small spaces. It has a bottom freezer, so, we could easily access the food and drinks we use every day as they’re on the top.
What’s more, it’s a budget-friendly option when it comes to what you pay for the fridge and the energy consumption as well. We checked the star rating of this fridge and we found it energy saving. One thing we wished to have is the ice maker. However, this isn’t a big deal with this fridge as we won’t pay a lot for the fridge. Thus, we can get a separate ice crusher. Check out these best blenders to crush ice here.


  • The fridge is slim and it doesn’t take up much space
  • The main storage area is at eye level
  • It’s energy-efficient


  • You will have trouble with placing tall objects

SAMSUNG Smart Kimchi & Specialty 4-Door French Door Refrigerator


SAMSUNG Smart Kimchi & Specialty 4-Door French Door Refrigerator is one of the frontrunners in Kimchi refrigerators in general and Samsung refrigerators in particular. Kimchi refrigerators are characterized by their colder temps and less humidity to keep food and stuff colder. This fridge has lots of cooling and freezing settings we could play around with to reach the cooling degree we want.
Further, we can control all of these settings remotely as the refrigerator is Wi-Fi enabled. The two drawers at the bottom come with containers to organize things inside. When we want to freeze things, we just convert one of those drawers into a freezer with the touch of a button. Given all the above features, it’s safe to say if you’re looking for the best kimchi refrigerator, go for this model blindly.


  • The metal panels inside keep things cool
  • The fridge is flexible and easy to organize
  • It can be controlled easily using the Samsung App


  • It’s very expensive

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SAMSUNG RF18A5101SR Smart Counter Depth 3-French Door Refrigerator


SAMSUNG RF18A5101SR Smart Counter Depth 3-French Door Refrigerator is an affordable fridge compared to other products from Samsung. Even though it isn’t very large, we believe it’s suitable for a small family. It has most of the features of other more expensive refrigerators. For example, we installed Samsung’s App and we could easily monitor and set the temperature using the mobile.
Apart from the smart features, organizing the shelves and drawers was pretty easy. The fridge is spacious from the inside and it doesn’t take up much space as well. If you have, like us, a small space in the kitchen and you don’t want to pay a lot, choose this option for optimum use of the space.


  • It’s affordable
  • It doesn’t take up much space
  • The internal capacity is good enough


  • The refrigerator produces loud noise

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SAMSUNG RF22R7351SG French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator


We’re fans of the food showcase feature. We also love the French-door refrigerators and how modern they look. Hence, the SAMSUNG RF22R7351SG French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator came to satisfy many of our needs before we even looked at the detailed features of the fridge. To easily handle the refrigerator, it has four sleek handles that resist fingerprints.
Also, we could easily place different foodstuff, cans, and even larger containers thanks to the different types of shelves coming inside the fridge. There are standard shelves, slide-in, and flip-up depending on your choice. Not to forget the front ice maker that adds to the value of any fridge.


  • The refrigerator has a food showcase
  • It can be organized easily
  • You can choose the types of shelves you want


  • It’s smaller from the inside than expected

SAMSUNG RF30BB6200QL Bespoke 3-French Door Refrigerator


Best value for money. SAMSUNG RF30BB6200QL Bespoke 3-French Door Refrigerator blows cold air into every corner of the fridge despite how large it is. We didn’t have to wait for hours to get a perfect cold drink but we had to wait a bit to get some ice. The fridge includes more drawers and shelves, more than similar products from Samsung, so, we had a neat and organized fridge.
One of the things we miss a lot in many refrigerators is the quiet operation. This fridge works with almost no noise at all. All the sounds we heard from this fridge were the notification sounds we received on our mobile phones when the door was left open. This is another added feature to this fridge.


  • It comes with many drawers and shelves
  • It has great cooling features
  • The fridge doesn’t produce too much noise


  • The ice maker is very slow

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SAMSUNG RS27T5561SR Side-by-Side Refrigerator


SAMSUNG RS27T5561SR Side-by-Side Refrigerator is our recommendation for those looking for a side-by-side refrigerator. Although these fridges seem smaller inside, they’re more neat and organized from our point of view. The internal splitter, shelves, and drawers are organized in a good way that makes storing your food inside better.
Moving to the outside part, the fridge looks modern. It has an efficient ice maker that doesn’t take up much space and it’s easily controllable. Also, there is a smart family hub but actually, we don’t think this is the best family hub ever. To take a look at the fridge from the inside, check out this video from AdamsTechReviews.


  • The fridge has a smart design and fingerprint-resistant feature
  • The ice-maker is so efficient
  • It’s easily organized


  • The smart hub doesn’t have a lot of features

SAMSUNG RF29BB8600AP Bespoke Smart 4-Door French Door Refrigerator


Best cooling. SAMSUNG RF29BB8600AP Bespoke Smart 4-Door French Door Refrigerator is the one we would choose if we want extra cooling functions. This fridge exceeds all the others in terms of the cooling abilities it has. The fridge is divided into three zones, the main fridge, the FlexZone drawer, and the freezer. Each of them has independent temperature control, so, it was very easy to get the temperature we wanted for each area.
Moreover, the stainless steel panels will maintain the temperature for the longest. So, stock up on as much food as you want, it will remain cool and reserved. One other feature that large families and people who love bulk shopping will appreciate is the large capacity of the fridge. It’s nearly 29 Cu. Ft. Best of all, the external panels are customizable in terms of colors, hence, shop for matching appliances. You might check our review of the best brands for kitchen appliances here.


  • You can choose the color of the panels
  • The FlexZone drawer has five temperature settings
  • It has a dual auto ice maker


  • It needs more quality control

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Samsung RF27T5501SR 3-French Door Refrigerator


Samsung RF27T5501SR 3-French Door Refrigerator is a smart choice for those looking for an intelligent refrigerator among other things. It features a family hub that you can connect to your mobile and get access to a lot of features. We gave it a try and we were amazed by the so many things we can do with this family hub. We could even show recipes on the panel and get them read out loud while we’re preparing delicious food.
As for the cooling abilities, this fridge is one of the best. It has an all-around cooling feature which means all the food and beverages are cooled to the same degree no matter where you place them inside the fridge. Further, the fridge comes with multiple drawers that are large enough for storing frozen food. If you want to take a look at the inside of the fridge, check out this video from DIY Reviews by Charles.


  • The fridge has a water dispenser and ice maker which are easy to access
  • It has a spacious internal storage
  • The family hub is very intelligent


  • Cleaning the drawers is a bit cumbersome

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Samsung RF23J9011SG Counter-Depth French 4-Flex Door Refrigerator


Samsung RF23J9011SG Counter-Depth French 4-Flex Door Refrigerator has triple cooling instead of the double cooling feature most Samsung refrigerators have. This feature allowed us to control the temperature and humidity of each zone of the refrigerator. We didn’t know that we could use one of the bottom areas as a cooler or a freezer depending on our needs. It was one of the flexibility features this fridge offers.
Speaking of flexibility, the fridge has three-way shelves that we could slide, flip up, or just put as they are. Also, the transparent drawers can be pulled out to see what’s stored inside without losing the coolness inside. Many people love these features for offering much flexibility and ease of use but we love them more because they make cleaning the fridge easier.


  • The fridge has a triple cooling system
  • The shelves are easily adjustable
  • The bottom side can be used as a freezer or a cooler


  • The ice maker has low-capacity

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Samsung RF23M8070SG Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator


Best with four doors. Samsung RF23M8070SG Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator is the best Samsung refrigerator in Best Buy with four doors and a very sleek design that attracts the eyes at first sight. This fridge comes in two colors, black and Tuscan. Both look so modern bearing in mind the stainless steel finish they both come in. Personally, we would go for the Tuscan Stainless Steel option because it’s more unique but make sure it matches your home interior.
The fridge is packed with features we enjoyed a lot. It has an auto water fill with an infuser, so, we could prepare refreshing drinks easily. The ice maker is also great although we think some refrigerators have better and quicker ones. Apart from that, the LED lightening inside is very revealing and makes it easy to see what’s inside clearly.

“We had this fridge in our household for a couple of months now and it’s working great! We never regretered every penny paid to get such a modern and functional refrigerator.”



  • The refrigerator has clean lines and a sleek look
  • It doesn’t consume much energy
  • The internal storage is large


  • The ice maker is a bit slow

SAMSUNG RF28R7201SR 4-Door French Door Refrigerator


Best internal space. SAMSUNG RF28R7201SR 4-Door French Door Refrigerator is definitely a huge refrigerator but wait until you check inside. Basically, it’s one of the largest fridges we have ever tried. Not because it’s 28 Cu. Ft., we have already seen similar sizes, but because the internal storage is made in a way that we can make use of every inch and space.
The drawer has an adjustable smart divider that gives us the freedom to arrange our stuff in the way we want. Similarly, the shelves are easily manipulated to make room for taller cans, bottles, and such things. The same thing applies to the freezer, we could place large cans and bottles inside the freezer conveniently. By the way, check out the best water bottles for the freezer here.


  • The freezer is spacious inside
  • It doesn’t leave fingerprints
  • The middle drawer has four temperature settings


  • The ice maker doesn’t make good ice cubes

SAMSUNG RS27T5200SR Side-by-Side Refrigerator


SAMSUNG RS27T5200SR Side-by-Side Refrigerator is a standard when it comes to this type of refrigerator. We chose this over all other refrigerators as it has most of the features we were looking for. Although it misses some smart features as the family hub, this isn’t really a must-have feature for us and many people as well.
Starting with the internal capacity, it’s 27.4 Cu. Ft. exactly. This storage capacity is large enough for a big family. Also, the shelves and drawers are put in a smart way, so, we could organize things inside neatly. The top shelves are adjustable allowing space for tall bottles. Outside, we had this dispenser that looked sleek and practical. It works using three touch buttons and the vertical space under the dispenser was enough for a 64 oz. cup.


  • The price is affordable for a large fridge
  • It cools everything inside consistently
  • The design is sleek and adapts to different spaces


  • You need to take care of the exterior as it dents easily

Our Verdict!

We believe that all Samsung refrigerators mentioned above are great, but some stand apart from the others in terms of certain features. We recommend you start with these first.

How To Choose The Best Samsung Refrigerator at Best Buy?

Need more clarification and arranged steps to choose the best fridge for your home? Here are quick points and instructions to follow when buying.


The first thing you should settle for is the space you already have in your home for the fridge. You might be replacing an old refrigerator, so, you need to get something that fits in the same space. Alternatively, you might be renovating the whole kitchen, so, you’re open to a larger fridge. Anyways, there are two measurements to know before buying; the capacity and the size. The capacity is measured by cubic feet and it’s a standard for all fridges. So, for example, all 23 Cu. Ft. fridges should be the same. On the other side, the size includes the length, width, and height of the fridge. These aren’t always the same because some fridges are wider or taller because they have extra parts. Hence, make sure you have all the measures before buying.

Smart features

Refrigerators are no longer the home appliance we use to store food and drinks only. Today, they can have many other smart features that many people are interested in having. One of the features we personally prefer is the family hub feature. This is a smart panel on the front door of the fridge that enables you to control everything without opening the fridge. Simply, connect the fridge to Wi-Fi and control the temperature, see what’s inside, stream music, and many other abilities using this family hub. Also, most Samsung refrigerators now connect Samsung’s SmartThings app to enable you to control everything using your mobile.

Additional features

Some features aren’t essential in refrigerators such as the ice maker, water dispenser, multiple doors, FlexZone drawer, and food showcase. All of these features aren’t necessary as the refrigerator would work normally without them. Yet, we would like to have some of these features because they really make a difference. You too need to check all the available features of the fridge and make a choice. Know that each additional feature comes at a price. So, balance things and make your decision based on your budget.

What is a 5-star refrigerator?

Five-star refrigerators are energy-saving ones. That is as the number of stars increases, it means the refrigerator is more capable of saving energy.

How long should refrigerators last?

On average, refrigerators last for up to 12 years. However, this number might increase to up to 20 years if used in an appropriate way.

Are side-by-side or double-door refrigerators better?

Side-by-side refrigerators are slimmer, so, they fit in smaller spaces. However, french-door or double-door refrigerators have more storage space inside, so, they’re better for larger families.