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13 Best Wedding Guest Dresses On Etsy

Attending weddings could potentially be just as costly as they’re special. Whether it’s the gifts, hotel arrangements, or transportation, they all tend to add up. So, is there any respite? Yes, the good news is that we didn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress – we simply turned to Etsy! The best wedding guest dresses on Etsy that we found not only have hundreds of excellent reviews, but they’re also something that we’d actually want to (and will be able to) re-wear. Not only are they all affordable, but they’re also comfortable, stylish, and fit a range of guest-wedding dress codes. From formal gowns and satin dresses to bohemian-style dresses for outdoor weddings, here are some excellent choices from the highest-rated sellers at Etsy.

Not PERFECT LINEN Mama-2 Dress


Best linen dress. In the own words of this brand: “The beauty of linen is that it’s not perfect,” and we agree – but in a good way. The family-run Lithuanian brand embraces the unique qualities of the natural fabric that is linen to create everything from scarves, cardigans, and jackets to tunics, jumpsuits, tops, and even dresses. What’s more, they have more than 50 different color options, along with the option to customize the design too.

So, we actually ended up with a bespoke dress that stood out from the wedding crowd, which is the Not PERFECT LINEN Mama-2 Dress. This “Canyon Clay”-colored dress is the perfect peach-hued dress for day or outdoor weddings for pregnant and postpartum mommies. The loose-fitting maxi dress has a button-down front and is available in multiple sleeve designs – sleeveless, long, and short-sleeve ones. Moreover, the dress is made from the brand’s OEKO TEX-certified European linen that’s been pre-washed to avoid shrinking. 


  • The sizing options run from XS to XL, and custom sizing options are available.
  • The linen has been pre-washed to prevent it from shrinking.
  • It has many sizes and color options.


  • It’s slightly expensive.
Not Perfect Linen 'MAMA-2' dress - by Etsy
Not Perfect Linen ‘MAMA-2’ dress – by Etsy

Peakaboo Boutique HP Elegant Floral Midi Dress


We were the talk of the town, or rather the wedding, in this Peakaboo Boutique HP Elegant Floral Midi Dress. Made in Italy, this lovely dress was perfect for the spring-summer wedding we were attending. For one, the stunning dress has 3/4 length sleeves, which lend it an elegant and understated look. The elasticated cuff adds to the chicness and keeps everything looking out together. We especially loved the belt, which makes it super-stylish. That, along with the pleated accordion style of the bottom half, is what makes it the perfect sophisticated wedding guest dress.

“Comfortable, stylish, and fabulous – this is THE wedding guest dress for all times!”



  • This dress is also available in four more colors, black, navy, mauve, and ivory.
  • The delivery is very quick.
  • The pleats flatter your silhouette.


  • It has a one-size-fits-multiple-sizes policy.
Peakaboo Boutique HP Elegant Floral Midi Dress - by Etsy
Peakaboo Boutique HP Elegant Floral Midi Dress – by Etsy

Linenfox Mira Dress


We were looking for an exquisite linen dress for a summer barn wedding, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with the Linenfox Mira Dress. This dress comes from Linenfox, an Etsy seller with dozens of different styles of summer essentials. The Mira Dress is one of its best offerings, as well as an Etsy pick. We love the spaghetti straps and halter-neck design, which allowed us to show off our shoulders and collarbones. Moreover, the asymmetrical overlapping skirt gives it an elevated, chic look. The best bit? The dress is available in 11 colors as well as midi and maxi lengths, thus making for a sustainable, stylish, and customizable linen dress.


  • The dress looks soft and flowy.
  • It comes in multiple sizes and colors and can be customized for its length.
  • The seller is quick to respond.


  • The halter neck might not be for everyone.
Linenfox Mira Dress - Etsy
Linenfox Mira Dress – Etsy

Blooming Island Helena Pleated Goddess Dress


Best formal dress. Attending a formal wedding at a posh hotel or resort is always challenging. Luckily, we chanced upon the Blooming Island Helena Pleated Goddess Dress, and it’s one of the most impeccably made dresses we’ve ever seen. There are a lot of things we loved about the dress, starting from the material itself, which is pleated silky fabric. That is made up of a mix of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, which means that it had stretch and give. And that’s unheard of in formal, pleated gowns! The 100% polyester lining kept us comfortable throughout, and the asymmetrical hem was as stylish as it got. Plus, it helped us keep the train on one side and walk without tripping. The keyhole at the side is a genius stroke by Blooming Island, as is the invisible side zipper.


  • The dress comes in sizes and color options.
  • The pleats tend to hide imperfections if that’s how you think.
  • The invisible side zipper helps keep things secure.


  • The one-shoulder look might not be for everyone.
Blooming Island Helena Pleated Goddess Dress - by Etsy
Blooming Island Helena Pleated Goddess Dress – by Etsy

Sondeflor Shop Linen Wrap Dress


Most versatile dress. Fall weddings are just magical, and for a friend’s wedding in the fall, we couldn’t think of anything better than this Sondeflor Shop Linen Wrap Dress. This graceful linen wrap dress in forest green was perfect for her outdoor wedding with auburn autumn leaves in the background. For one, the dress is designed to fit all kinds of different body shapes comfortably. The adjustable waist belt helped in this effort, allowing the dress to mold into different shapes and draping styles. We loved the flattering V-shape neckline and the twirling skirt, which accentuated our silhouettes. Rounding up the features are details such as the short sleeves and the white inner lining that brought timeless elegance to the table.


  • The white bottom hem and midi length are perfect for the fall.
  • The dress is available in a variety of size options.
  • The wrap design and V-neck are universally flattering.


  • The fit is a bit different than the size chart
Sondeflor Shop Linen Wrap Dress - by Etsy
Sondeflor Shop Linen Wrap Dress – by Etsy

Lemiche Purple Pencil Dress


A formal wedding in the evening? Look no further than this elegant and classy Lemiche Purple Pencil Dress. The dress is fashioned from authentic and exclusive Japanese kimono silk, but the fine exclusive silk in the middle of the dress has been dyed using multiple handcraft techniques by Japanese artisans. The traditional colorful pattern is of hagi (bush cover), kiku (chrysanthemum), ume (Japanese plum), take (bamboo), and kiko (tortoise shell), which signify good fortune and longevity. The double-layered top is a lustrous cotton sateen, with added elasticity for a comfortable fit. We loved the fusion of traditional and modern and were the cynosure of all eyes when we donned the dress.


  • It comes in multiple size options.
  • The dress is handmade by Japanese artisans, so it’s one of a kind.
  • The craftsmanship is excellent.


  • Some women might not like the pencil cut.
Lemiche Purple Pencil Dress - by Etsy
Lemiche Purple Pencil Dress – by Etsy

Creative Studi Designs Blue Evening Maxi Lace Dress


Best maxi dress. We were looking for a special dress for a winter wedding where we just weren’t just the guests but also the bridesmaids. So, we needed something absolutely special, and yet a dress and color that complemented that of the bride. That’s why it was love at first sight with the Creative Studi Designs Blue Evening Maxi Lace Dress. This elegant party dress has an A-line bottom and a corset-type lace top part. It’s made from lace and satin with 3D appliques, and the craftsmanship is excellent on this one. Not only is the dress custom-made, but also it’s tailored to order. Plus, we had the choice of 11 different colors, along with customization for the length and even the sleeves of the dress. And – no surprises for guessing – we got a ton of compliments for this one!


  • The dress is suitable for different body shapes
  • The colors are so attractive
  • It’s comfortable to wear


  • The material is thinner than expected
Creative Studi Designs Blue Evening Maxi Lace Dress - by Etsy
Creative Studi Designs Blue Evening Maxi Lace Dress – by Etsy

LaMora By Lara Green Deep V Neck Mini Dress


For a pre-wedding shindig on the beach, this LaMora By Lara Green Deep V Neck Mini Dress was one of the best wedding guest dresses on Etsy. This lightweight dress is made from a mix of polyester and spandex, with the fabric being great for spring and summer seasons. We were very comfortable in this breezy and flowy dress which we wore for an entire day on the beach. The best bit is that we were able to dress it up or down, and in this case, we wore them with the cutest sandals for summer. We especially loved the deep V-neck and tie-ruffle detail, with ruffles at the hem as well.


  • The dress can be dressed up or down.
  • It’s very flowy and comfortable.
  • The ruched waist, along with the V-neck, is very flattering.


  • The sizes are limited and sell out quickly.
LaMora By Lara Green Deep V Neck Mini Dress - by Etsy
LaMora By Lara Green Deep V Neck Mini Dress – by Etsy

Linen Handmade Studio Corset Back Lilly Linen Dress


Whether you’re looking for wrap dresses, puff-sleeved dresses, or long linen ones, this Etsy seller has you covered. Linen Handmade Studio sure knows what summer dreams are made of and has lots of different colors and styles to choose from.  Since we’re conscious summer-dress-lovers-turned-wedding-attendees, we were looking for linen dresses when we chanced upon the Linen Handmade Studio Corset Back Lilly Linen Dress.

This dress is available in a whopping 30 color options, including the stunning navy you see below. We wore it to a beach wedding, and with its flared skirt and open corset back, the Lilly sleeveless dress was the perfect sustainable wedding dress. What’s more, the dress is made from Oeko-Tex-certified 100% linen that’s grown in Europe. The highlight is the open corset back, which has double fabric in the front and adjustable cross-back corset-style straps at the back. So, we were able to adjust the fit according to our comfort. 


  • The dress has many color and size options.
  • The fit is adjustable.
  • The linen is 100% Oeko-Tex-certified.


  • Not everyone will be comfortable with the open corset back.
Linen Handmade Studio Corset Back Lilly Linen Dress - by Etsy
Linen Handmade Studio Corset Back Lilly Linen Dress – by Etsy

My Baby By Merry US Chiffon Tulle Bridesmaid Dress


Since we’ve gotten the invite to be a bridesmaid for an outdoor wedding, we’ve had our eye on the My Baby By Merry US Chiffon Tulle Bridesmaid Dress. And we’re thrilled with our choice! This gorgeous dress is made from high-quality and delicate chiffon and tulle. Moreover, we love the flattering square neck pattern that shows off our collarbones. The puffy long sleeves are a great addition, especially when we were wearing this to a wedding. Finally, the lightweight materials ensured comfort while we danced the night away.


  • The dress is available in three colors.
  • It accentuates the body in a flattering way.
  • It’s available in different sizes.


  • It’s expensive.
My Baby By Merry US Chiffon Tulle Bridesmaid Dress - by Etsy
My Baby By Merry US Chiffon Tulle Bridesmaid Dress – by Etsy

Ladies’ Tenderness Satin Dress


Satin is a material that’s perfect for weddings. That’s one of the reasons we chose the Ladies Tenderness Satin Dress to wear to a day wedding we’d been invited to. The dress is handmade from high-quality silk satin fabric, which has excellent durability and wear resistance. So, no matter how we moved while wearing this dress, it didn’t wrinkle. Not just that, but it’s also breathable and has hypoallergenic properties. What’s more, we loved the hardware on the dress, including the acrylic pearl straps and the concealed side zip. If that wasn’t enough, the dress comes in multiple colors, including blue, blue-gray, light pink, milky beige, and the powder rose that you can see below.


  • It’s available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • The high-quality satin is very durable.
  • The dress is gorgeous looking.


  • It’s expensive.
Ladies' Tenderness Satin Dress - by Etsy
Ladies’ Tenderness Satin Dress – by Etsy

Fashion By Goddiva Scalloped Lace Midi Dress


The Fashion By Goddiva Scalloped Lace Midi Dress is the perfect wedding guest dress, according to us. This gorgeous dress is made from 100% polyester with a similar 100% polyester lining, so we could comfortably wear it throughout the day. What’s more, it has a lovely V-neck with scalloped detail along the neckline. Moreover, we absolutely love the embroidered sheer long sleeves and back, which allowed us to show off just the right amount of skin. Wrapping up the features is the dipped hem, which makes for a stunning fit for anyone. A must-have for any special occasion! Whether you’re going to a wedding or on a date night, this gown will complete your look. Teamed with the right shoes and accessories, this dress can take you to places no other dress has ever, or will ever take you.


  • The V-neck and midi length flatters the figure.
  • The sheer sleeves and back are alluring.
  • It comes in multiple sizes.


  • Not everyone will be comfortable with the sheer details.
Fashion By Goddiva Scalloped Lace Midi Dress - by Etsy
Fashion By Goddiva Scalloped Lace Midi Dress – by Etsy

Di Casa FH Yellow Dress


Sitting at the top of the list is the Di Casa FH Yellow Dress. This unique half-backless dress was ideal for us to attend a spring wedding outdoors. There’s a lot to love about this pleated midi dress. For one, it’s made from satin cotton fabric that’s very nice to the touch. What’s more, the fabric was very comfortable for us to stay throughout the wedding celebrations. The fancy buttons on the back look especially attractive and very comfortable. The hidden side seam zipper keeps things secure and fitted well.


  • This dress is as gorgeous as it’s unique.
  • We liked the hidden side seam zipper.
  • It’s made from satin cotton fabric.


  • None, really.
Di Casa FH Yellow Dress - by Etsy
Di Casa FH Yellow Dress – by Etsy

Our Verdict!

While all wedding guest dresses are nice, the ones below are quite special because of their specific features:

How To Choose The Best Wedding Guest Dresses on Etsy?


Wedding guest dresses can be of different types ranging from cocktail dresses to long formal gowns. There are A-line dresses, elegant slip dresses, lace dresses, and floral ones for an outdoor wedding – basically a variety of different styles and options. In order to figure out which one we needed to zero in on, we saw what would suit the wedding we were attending as well as our body type.


A wedding guest dress color should be chosen very, very carefully. Unless the groom or bride has specifically asked you to wear a specific color or follow a certain color scheme, wedding guest dresses can be any color except for white. After all, one simply doesn’t upstage the bride on her wedding day! So, no matter which colors you choose, it’s important that you don’t wear any white or near-white, or off-white colors on the day.


Another important factor when it comes to picking out women’s wedding guest dresses is the season when the wedding is taking place. That’s because we didn’t want to run too hot or too cold in a certain kind of dress and be uncomfortable all day long.

  • Summer weddings: Wedding guest dresses for a summer shindig should be lightweight, cool, and not too heavy. That way, we were able to stay comfortable and not get too hot throughout the day. Florals, pastels, and bright colors are great for a summer wedding dress.
  • Winter weddings: During fall and winter weddings, you might need to either go in for long-sleeved dresses or you’ll need to layer different elements so you can stay warm. Also, deep, British colors are excellent choices for dresses for a winter wedding.


Finally, we come to the wedding venue, which is another important factor to consider when choosing wedding guest dresses. While it’s important to look your best, one needs to match the outfit according to the venue – so that one isn’t the odd person out.

  • Beach weddings: Lightweight, flowing, and floral cocktail dresses are an excellent option for beach weddings. Gowns might be inappropriate because they might trail sand all over as you walk.
  • Luxury hotels: If you’re attending a wedding in a luxury location, like the Plaza Hotel in New York City, then you might want to stick to the wedding theme. You might also want to consider looking at formal wedding guest dresses or evening dresses.
  • Outdoor weddings: Is the wedding you’re attending outdoors in a barn or a garden? In such cases, light and flowing dresses are often preferable.

You might also want to check out the best Ulta makeup brush sets, the best strapless dresses for summer, and the best wedding shoes.

What is acceptable to wear to a wedding as a guest?

To put it broadly and simply, women should stick to formal dresses with elegant clutches, jeels, and jewelry. Men should wear something along the lines of a suit, formal or informal, with a tie or bowtie.

What is not appropriate to wear as a wedding guest?

Even if the dress code says “casual,” stay away from shorts, t-shirts, and jeans.

Do I have to wear a dress to a wedding as a guest?

Yes, but you could also wear long jumpsuits, especially formal, single-color ones.