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13 Best Strapless Dresses for Summer

There is a fact nearly all of us agree on, women love dresses and every woman can look the prettiest in a dress. With one Google search, you’ll know how the market is full of millions of designs and options for all women to choose from. Hence, you might get lost and confused about what to choose and for which occasion. In this review, we limited our search and refine processes to strapless dresses for summer. We tried on a lot of dresses until we finally made this list of the 13 best dresses without straps to enjoy your outings this season. Let’s head directly to the list.

Cantonwalker Satin Side Slit Bodycon Mini Dress


Our first option isn’t a general summer dress for beach days or traditional outings, it’s more of a chic dress for occasions. This is Cantonwalker Satin Side Slit Bodycon Mini Dress that would turn heads at a party or even a simple wedding. We gave it a try on a beach wedding, we had to wear white and luckily, there was a unique white option from this dress.

Even though it’s a bodycon dress, it didn’t make us look fuller. The cut is so flattering and the ruched design of the dress did make us look slimmer. However, the dress was a bit too short, so, tall women might not feel very comfortable wearing this dress. And if you have an upcoming wedding, read this review of the best ASOS dresses for wedding guests.


  • The ruched design is so flattering
  • It’s a chic dress for a wedding
  • It has a hidden zipper closure


  • It fits short for tall women

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ECOWISH Maxi Hollow Out Smocked A-Line Dress


If you love long dresses, you can check our review of the 13 best maxi dresses on ASOS, or go for something strapless as ECOWISH Maxi Hollow Out Smocked A-Line Dress. The dress we tried here has a different cut on the breast that makes it look different and chic in an unsophisticated way. The rest of the dress flows in a seamless flowy way suitable for casual summer dresses.

Although the dress looks so casual, we could dress up by adding simple items and details to leverage our look in the dress. Actually, a pair of very elegant heels will do the trick. Personally, we would go for bright colors to show off the cut, especially on the chest, yet, there are different dark and light colors to choose from.


  • The dress could be used for casual or classical outings
  • The material is high quality
  • It comes in nice rich colors


  • It runs a bit large

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GRACE KARIN Smocked Ruffle Beach Midi Dress


GRACE KARIN has lots of dresses and summer clothes to add to your summer wardrobe this year. Yet, GRACE KARIN Smocked Ruffle Beach Midi Dress is one of the newly added pieces that look so elegant and we couldn’t just ignore it while we were looking for strapless dresses for summer.

We checked the trendy colors this season and it was all about light and soft hues such as lavender, light blue, light yellow, and similar colors. To our surprise, this dress comes in all of these colors. We were kinda confused because we didn’t know what to choose but in the end, this makes a good variety for women to choose whatever color they like. If you’re interested in this brand, check out its official website!


  • It defines the waist in a nice way
  • The colors are so soothing and satisfying to the eyes
  • It’s a good-quality material dress


  • The top part is slightly loose

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Tsher Tube Top Mini Dress


Mini dresses are always a winning option to go for if you want to look more feminine and girly. Tsher Tube Top Mini Dress is one of those mini dresses we tried that didn’t fail us despite its very simple design. We went for the black dress because we believe that black is the master of all colors. Wearing a simple black dress, we could wear whatever sandals, heels, or flip-flops to add a flare to our outfit.

However, if you aren’t into solid colors or basic designs, you can go for one of the floral options, they look great as well. These might restrict you a little bit in the accessories and other clothing you wear with the dress, but you’ll look perfect in the end. Did we mention that the material is so lightweight and comfy? No wonder, as it’s 100% viscose, so, it’s a perfect dress for very hot days.


  • It’s very lightweight
  • The cut is so girly
  • You can style it in different ways


  • It doesn’t suit tall women

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Chicgal Hawaiian Asymmetrical Wrap Dress


We had the best photoshoot with Chicgal Hawaiian Asymmetrical Wrap Dress on the beach that day. The dress is better worn as a cover-up over your swimsuit because the under-skirt is too short, so, it might show what’s below when the wind blows. We had the option of wearing the dress as a cover-up and it was the right decision considering that its material is quick-drying polyester.

Coming to the designs and colors, we had a wide range of options to choose from. The top part of the dress is always a solid color whereas the bottom part comes in different prints. These prints remind us of the Hawaiian style which is always trendy and unique.


  • The dress is very lightweight and suitable for the beach
  • There are different prints and designs to choose from
  • The price is good for the dress


  • The under-skirt is too short

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Mizoci Ruched Bodycon Tube Top Club Party Midi Dress


Want something very flattering and shows off your curves in a sexy feminine way? Mizoci Ruched Bodycon Tube Top Club Party Midi Dress is highly recommended to achieve this mission. If you have hip curves and you have been looking for a dress that doesn’t make you feel hippy but defines your body, don’t search anywhere else. We already found it and tried it as well, and here is our opinion.

The dress has some stretch to fit each woman’s unique body shape. The ruched design is a great way to flatter the curves but doesn’t hide them at all. Further, the strapless design adds to the feminine look. Just make sure to wear proper underwear if you got the white color because it’s very see-through. Read about this dress here on Don’t Waste Your Money and how you can style it.


  • It’s so flattering
  • The dress is suitable for classy outings
  • It has some stretch


  • The light colors are see-through

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SOLY HUX Women’s Floral Summer Beach


One of the prints we like a lot for summer is the floral print. But actually, not all the floral prints out there look nice and worth wearing. For SOLY HUX Women’s Floral Summer Beach, the floral print of this dress is one of the best we have ever tried. This tropical style is very unique and attractive. The rich colors also add to the glam of the dress.

“Although we weren’t too much into the tropical style, this dress changed our mind completely. We are now fans of the leafy and floral tropical prints. Thumbs up to this summer dress.”


The dress fitted well, the ruffles on the chest were a bit longer than those on the back which makes it easier to know on which side you should wear the dress. The waist is elastic, so, sizing was not a problem at all. What’s more, there are plus sizes of the dress, so, all women can buy the dress.


  • The designs and prints are great
  • It’s suitable for plus sizes
  • The waist is elastic


  • The material isn’t the highest quality

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SAUKOLE Boho Drawstring Waist with Pockets Sundress


While there are lots of strapless dresses in all the lengths and cuts you might think of, we didn’t find the dress we would wear for a normal outing with our friends. But once we came across SAUKOLE Boho Drawstring Waist with Pockets Sundress, we knew it was what we were looking for.

This dress looks like it’s a mini skirt and a top. The defined waist with the drawstring gives this feeling, whereas the pockets make it look sporty in a certain way. We paired it with sneakers and a casual handbag for a morning walk. The material was soft and suitable for the morning, so, we knew we were right choosing this dress for morning outings. Complement this outfit with one of these beautiful Bloomingdale handbags!


  • The dress is casual with unique boho prints
  • It has a waist drawstring and side pockets
  • The material is suitable for sunny days


  • The top part runs larger than expected

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Riviera Sun Strapless Tube Short Dress


Best for the beach. If we were to choose one dress only for the beach, it would be Riviera Sun Strapless Tube Short Dress. Aside from its rayon material, the design and colors are made specifically for beach days. Also, it has an option that isn’t available in any other dress, there are removable straps to wear it in two different ways.

Another feature that will encourage you to try this dress is the price. Riviera Sun dresses are normally cheap but their quality isn’t bad at all. We could even fill our summer wardrobe with these dresses to have a different look every day on the beach. And don’t worry about the material, it dries quickly and that’s why many women use it as a beach dress.


  • The material is so soft and quick-dry
  • There are removable straps
  • The designs and colors are so vibrant


  • It shrinks a bit after washing

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Loxdonz Strapless Tube Short Dress


Most comfortable. We decided to spend a day on the beach wearing a basic swimsuit and a cover-up. We wanted something very comfortable over the swimsuit because we knew our day will be too long. Nothing met all the criteria better than Loxdonz Strapless Tube Short Dress. This solid-colored dress that flows from the waist to above the knees featuring a simple cut really made our day.

For our swimsuit, we chose the bright coral color but you can choose from various colors that will keep you on-trend. The dress isn’t designed to be worn as a cover-up only, you can wear it for other outings but it works the best as a beach dress. We just wished it dries out quicker, so, we can get it wet more frequently without having to wait for too long to dry.


  • It’s so comfortable and flowy
  • The material is so soft and skin-friendly
  • The colors are very vibrant and trendy


  • It doesn’t dry out quickly

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Riviera Sun Rasta Maxi Sundress


Best value for money. Another dress from Riviera Sun store but this time a maxi dress for women who need more coverage. Riviera Sun Rasta Maxi Sundress is very similar to the previous dress from the same brand as they both have removable straps. Yet, the prints are different here as they’re more into the African style, not floral prints.

The cut is tight around the breast but it goes down in a loose way till the heels. If you have any imperfections you want to hide, this dress will be a good choice. Also, for those who don’t want to get sunburned after a dip in the pool, this dress will serve you a lot. It covers most of your body, and the cherry on top, the price is unbeatable.


  • It comes at a cheap price
  • The dress features a lightweight soft material
  • It hides all the imperfections


  • The material shrinks after washing

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ZESICA Bohemian Floral Printed Strapless Maxi Dress


Best prints. Want to dress up for a night or dress casually for an outing? ZESICA Bohemian Floral Printed Strapless Maxi Dress can do both. This maxi dress was the best we could find for serving different purposes without looking too odd. You can style it your own way according to the occasion. Actually, if you checked previous buyers, you’ll find some party-goers, pregnant moms, beach-goers, and all the different outings you can think of. This might give you an idea about how versatile this dress is.

We also loved the dress for the different prints and designs it offers. Two of us picked two different prints for the review, and we didn’t feel we were wearing the same thing at all. The dress is amazing in offering each lady a unique style according to her own taste. Learn more about this dress on its official website!


  • It comes in various prints and designs
  • The dress could be styled in different ways
  • It’s 100% rayon


  • It’s a bit pricey

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BORIFLORS Basic Tube Top Bodycon Midi Club Dress


Here comes our favorite among all the strapless dresses we have reviewed, it’s BORIFLORS Basic Tube Top Bodycon Midi Club Dress. This dress shaped our bodies and it was so flattering in a way like no other dress did. We liked how sexy it looked and how confident we were in this dress.

It could be worn in several ways, with high-heels and elegant jewelry for a glam look, with sneakers and an oversized jacket for a casual look, or even with boots and a trench coat when winter comes in. We could actually wear the dress every day and never get bored thanks to the hundreds of styling options. Above all, it’s a very affordable dress, what else could we wish for?


  • It’s so flattering and elegant
  • There are many wearing options and styles
  • The material is soft and comfy
  • The price is very suitable


  • The light colors might show underwear lines

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Our Verdict!

Even with 13 dresses only to choose from, still, it might be confusing. So, for the sake of easing everything out, we have this list of the top four based on certain features.

How To Choose The Best Strapless Dresses for Summer?

We know how confusing and cumbersome it is to choose from hundreds and thousands of wonderful options (We have already tried it). Thus, this buying guide will give you the main criteria that should be considered to organize your head before buying a strapless dress.


Strapless dresses can come in different styles and everything fits a specific body shape. If you have a petite body, it’s better to go for midi flowy dresses or the ones with ruffles. These will give you additional volume. On the other side, if you’re tall and slim, a tight dress might look pretty on your body. Alternatively, curves are nice and feminine to show off but for women who believe their curves aren’t so flattering, you can choose loose strapless dresses with elastic waistlines.


It all depends on when and where you’ll be wearing this dress. During the summer, it tends to be very hot, so, we went for the lightest materials and we also made sure they were breathable and soft on the skin. Yet, on some days, you might want to look elegant if it’s about a night or a party, so, heavier materials might look classier. Polyester is a good option here provided that you feel comfortable in what you wear.


Because summer dresses tend to be cheaper, some of them come at a very low quality and you can easily spot them once you hold the material in your hands. They might lint or shrink after washing, or they might bleed color if they’re patterned or colored dresses. So, it’s important not to go for cheap dresses without making sure the quality is good and reliable.

Where should I wear strapless dresses?

Strapless dresses can be worn on the beach and you can wear them for a wedding as well. It depends on the style, material, and how you style the overall look.

Can I wear a jacket over a strapless dress?

Yes, one of the ways to change the overall look is to add a short denim jacket over your strapless dress. Luckily, this style never goes off-trend.

Are strapless dresses still trendy this year?

Some styles never go off-trend and strapless dresses are one of these styles. The cut, pattern, and colors of the dresses are the things you should look for to know if you’re still trendy or not.