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13 Cutest Sandals for Summer

Finally, it’s summer and time to prepare our summer closet with the best dresses, lightweight clothes, flip-flops, and the cutest sandals for summer. Sandals are probably the most practical footwear in summer. We love to wear them on the beach, on outings, or even for work depending on our mood. The best thing is that sandals come in different styles, so, there are plenty of outfits you can wear with them.

While looking for the best sandals, we put into consideration some features to get the best available options ever. So, let’s start to build the summer footwear collection by browsing the 13 best options we have tried here!

Sanuk Yoga Gora Gora


Sanuk Yoga Gora Gora sandals are named yoga sandals for a reason, the footbed is made of the same material used to make yoga mats. So, expect a very soft, cushioned, and pillow-like feeling while walking in these sandals. On the other side, the outsoles are the typical EVA straw outsoles for durability and more comfort.

Thinking of how to style these sandals, we first thought of the colors. There aren’t many color options, yet, the available three colors are a good start. We chose this coral color as it looked so summery. With a dress of similar colors, we headed directly to the beach with these beauties to get all the heads turned around to our attractive outfits.


  • The footbed is so soft and comfortable
  • The materials used are all recycled materials
  • They’re very lightweight


  • There aren’t many size or color options

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OLUKAI Upena Women’s Beach Sandals


The second summer sandal we recommend is OLUKAI Upena Women’s Beach Sandal. Although they aren’t as easy to wear as the previous pair, they’re still a good choice for the beach. OLUKAI leather sandals are so comfortable because of the cushioned footbed and anatomically-molded insoles. The full-grain leather material offers much breathability for hot days.

“We were looking for a pair of sandals that last for years and finally, we found it! For us, they aren’t only beach sandals, but they’re also suitable for everywhere.”


Since it’s a beach sandal, we took it to the beach and spent our day with these sandals on. They were lightweight, gripping, and they felt durable as well. We liked the fact that they come with a one-year guarantee which proves the high quality. In fact, we didn’t need this warranty to know it was a durable piece to wear because our tests proved it.


  • The material is 100% leather
  • They’re breathable
  • They come with a one-year warranty


  • There aren’t half sizes

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Sofft Womens Mirabelle


We know that following the latest fashion trends and looking stylish is one of the priorities of many women, and we share the same thing. Thus, Sofft Womens Mirabelle sandals are one of the recommendations we have for every woman who wants to enjoy a lovely style this summer.
However, we won’t compensate for comfort, so, these sandals aren’t recommended for their style only, they’re also comfortable based on our personal trial and test of the sandals.

With a cushioned footbed, we walked miles with the sandals without feeling the uneven terrain under our feet. Also, the outsoles offered a wide range of flexibility, so, we didn’t feel like wearing stiff-heeled shoes just to look elegant. If heels and elegant shoes interest you more, then, check out these best MyTheresa Shoes.


  • The sandals are very flexible and lightweight
  • They have cushioned footbed
  • They leverage a trendy fashionable style


  • They don’t provide the best traction

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Naot Kayla Wedge Sandal


When we found Naot Kayla Wedge Sandal, we weren’t so encouraged to include it in our list because it seemed too pricey for us. We didn’t understand why would we pay more than $100 bucks for a traditional sandal although we can get the same design and colors at lower prices. However, searching through the specs, we recognized that it has a lot of features made specifically for foot problems.

The main feature is the specific cork and latex footbed that naturally contours the foot. Next, the anatomical heel cup offers great arch support. They also didn’t forget the upper material of the sandal itself. It’s 100% leather that feels soft and doesn’t irritate the skin.


  • These sandals are the best option for foot problems
  • The arch support is great
  • They look good with various color options


  • They’re too expensive

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Plaka Flat Sandals Palm Leaf


Plaka Flat Sandals Palm Leaf features a boho-styled sandal with many color options for a perfect tropical vacation. Surprisingly, these sandals are handmade, we can imagine how much effort is put into each piece to come out with this masterpiece that easily leverages any outfit.

Basically, we were looking for sandals that we can wear on the beach and for other outings as well. We wore this pair on the beach. We knew that the first concern that comes to your mind is if these sandals are comfortable on the beach or not as the woven fabrics would get wet and won’t dry out quickly. Yet, the opposite was true because this sandal is woven with quick-dry nylon material. Moreover, the soles are made of vegan rubber material to handle the hot terrains whether it’s sand or concrete.


  • The design and colors are so tropical
  • The nylon fabric is quick-dry
  • They’re versatile and suitable for wearing on different occasions


  • There are no options for wide feet

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Rockport Ridge Sling Sandal


Leather is one of the best materials for shoes in general and genuine leather is the best of all. We wanted to include a leather pair of sandals for those looking for the best quality. Yet, we were still searching for the cutest sandals for summer, so, Rockport Ridge Sling Sandal made a great option combining both features.
The thong style of the sandals is a trendy one that never fades out. Besides, the soles are made in a way that they easily contour your feet even if you have high arches. Even the outsoles are made with great care to ensure good traction to the ground. In general, these sandals are one of our favorites as we personally love the style and we believe it’s a high-quality choice to last for years.


  • All the sizes are available in wide options
  • The material of the sandal and the soles is very high quality
  • They’re some of the comfiest options


  • The strap isn’t widely adjustable

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Steve Madden Kimmie Wedge Sandal


You don’t have to wear heels to look elegant and womanly. Steve Madden Kimmie Wedge Sandal is a stylish sandal with a wedge heel offering a fashionable trendy style. We didn’t find any problems wearing these sandals for a long time as wedge sandals are the comfiest type of raised heels you can go for. This way, we managed to blend style and comfort together.

This sandal from Steve Madden comes in different color options with thick sporty straps for a casual look. We could pair this blush sandal with different bottoms as nude colors are always a basic option to match various outfits. We could also wear the sandal on different occasions as the style goes well with casuals and classics. If you’re a fan of heels instead, you can check those best heels at DSW.


  • The upper straps are stretchable
  • It can be styled easily with different outfits
  • There are various colors to go for


  • The quality isn’t the best

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OKABASHI Women’s Maui Sandals


OKABASHI Women’s Maui Sandals are flip-flop sandals you’ll need for a day by the beach. This kind of sandal is known to be the easiest to go for, so, we used it for quick outings and of course, for beach and pool days. The sandals have two important features we were looking for all the time, flexibility and durability. The soles are so flexible that you won’t even feel you’re wearing anything on your feet. At the same time, they’re durable for walking on the streets and on the beach as well.

We also liked the bumps on the footbed, they worked on fixing the slippers to our feet and preventing slippery. These sandals are a perfect option for different surfaces including the very slick ones. Above all, the price was a great deal for us. We don’t mind paying such an amount for long-lasting and all-inclusive sandals like OKABASHI sandals.


  • They’re very flexible
  • The soles grip very well
  • The price is good considering the features


  • The size is a bit off for people with wide feet

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Vionic Women’s Rest Amber Backstrap Sandals


Best for arch support. While we were looking for supportive sandals for women who suffer from plantar fasciitis, we came across Vionic Women’s Rest Amber Backstrap Sandals. We didn’t actually believe that these will be the most supportive sandals as they look more on the fashionable side. Yet, it was a great surprise for us to find them one of the comfiest sandals we have ever tried.

Apart from comfort, we also wanted to have a pair of sandals that could be paired with our summer outfits and add to the final look. These sandals were the choice we’re looking for, they look so feminine and trendy. Moreover, they’re easy to wear and take off, hence, they make a great choice for balancing fashion and comfort. This review by QVCtv is a great starting point to know more about these sandals.


  • The sandals have great arch support
  • They’re very easy to put on and off
  • You can adjust the sandals using four straps


  • They’re wider than expected

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Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600-Sunny Flip-Flop


For those who are looking for practicality in the first place, Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600-Sunny Flip-Flop was the best option we found providing maximum comfort. The cushioning, overall material, and soles are thick and made to last. We could wear this pair all day long with no issues and walk on any terrain.

While testing them, we didn’t feel any problems standing on uneven surfaces or walking on sand because the outsoles are thick and supportive. Moreover, they provide some arch support but actually, not the best ever. Women with flat feet or any other foot conditions might not feel very comfortable in these slippers. On the other hand, the flip-flops are true to size and very lightweight. Learn more about these flip-flops by visiting their product page!


  • They’re lightweight and comfortable
  • There are wide options for each size
  • They come in very attractive color options


  • They need more arch support

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Teva Women’s Verra Sandal


Best for overall comfort. Teva Women’s Verra Sandal is one of the sandals we would recommend for any woman no matter what she is looking for. These summer footwear have a lot of features we didn’t even think of while trying and reviewing different options, they leveraged our standards later on.

For example, these are one of the few sandals we found with waterproofing features and quick drying as well. Additionally, they’re odor-free, we didn’t smell any odors even after wearing the sandals for hours of walking, kayaking, and getting into waters with them. Best of all, they’re so comfortable with the needed arch support and cushioned insoles. This video from Simply Hike is a short review summing up all the features of these sandals.


  • The sandals have good cushioning for comfort and absorbing shocks
  • They’re suitable for walking on uneven terrains
  • The material is waterproof and odorless


  • They’re too expensive

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Blowfish Malibu Balla Core Wedge Sandal


Best for a unique style. Looking for something different? We still have other options to offer. Blowfish Malibu Balla Core Wedge Sandal looks different from most of the options we mentioned on this list. It covers most of your feet while still offering some breathability through the toes, ankles, and the canvas material itself.

Overall, we felt that the sandals were lightweight and easy to go with for a whole day. We also didn’t find it difficult to wear and take off the sandals because they have zippers on both sides. The best part, they looked over stylish. We received so many compliments that we thought of getting a second pair in a different color. By the way, the colors are also so unique just like the sandal itself.


  • They combine comfort with style
  • The sandals are so breathable
  • They’re easy to put on and off


  • They aren’t the easiest to keep clean

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KEEN Women’s Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandal


Best for sportswear. Are you looking for a sandal to wear on the beach, for a hike, or for shopping? You don’t need to get a pair of sandals for each purpose, the KEEN Women’s Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandal is just enough. This pair was a great discovery for us. We know that KEEN is a famous brand for such footwear but this pair is a bit different. It’s a good thing to go for no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re heading.

Furthermore, the adjustable bungee strap is a different way to secure the sandal around your feet. We never felt the sandal was tight or loose because we could easily adjust it to the right fit. One other feature we appreciated a lot is the quick-dry fabric of the upper part. In addition, the insoles were extra cushioned, so, the sandals earned their rank as the best sandals for everywhere.


  • They’re made of quick-dry materials
  • The sandal offers good traction
  • They’re easy to adjust
  • There are many sizes and colors offered


  • They aren’t the easiest to put on and off

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Our Verdict!

While all the 13 options are great, there were certain sandals that caught our attention more than the others for specific features. Take a look at the list below!

How To Choose The Cutest Sandals for Summer?

Although different people might have different criteria when choosing sandals, there are some features we can all agree on. So, we are sharing with you the features we checked when trying on different summer sandals to prepare this list.


By comfort, we mean different things such as arch support, fit, and the overall comfort feeling we had while wearing the sandals, especially for long hours. We tried to find comfortable sandals that didn’t hurt our feet after hours of walking on different terrains. Flat sandals are more comfortable than heels. However, wedges are also comfortable and they look elegant on the feet.


Sandals can be styled differently according to the occasion. In this review, we picked different styles, so, we can satisfy all needs. For example, flip-flops are the best when it comes to beach wear and pool time. On the other side, wedges and platforms are classier, they can go well with dresses and summer skirts. You can check out some of the best ASOS dresses for parties here. Also, strapped sandals go well with jeans and casual outfits.


Finally, we checked the soles which include the insoles and outsoles as well. The more cushioned the insoles, the better. Cushioning, especially of high-quality materials offered us a great feeling of walking on pillows. Similarly, non-slipping outsoles, even for slippers with heels, were better to enable us to walk on different terrains.

What are the best sandals for summer?

It depends on why you want them and for what occasions. However, always look for breathable and comfortable sandals to wear on any occasion.

Are sandals better than shoes in summer?

Sandals are more summerish and they offer more breathability in this hot weather. They can be styled differently too. Yet, shoes offer more protection.

Is arch support a must for sandals?

It’s recommended to have sandals with arch support especially if you have any foot problems. Also, they offer more comfort.