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13 Best Shoes for Weddings

Your big day is approaching and you already chose your dress? So, it’s time to find the most comfortable shoes for weddings. We know how many details are crowding your mind now but wearing a suitable pair of shoes is very important for a wonderful dance. There are a couple of criteria, rather than the style of course, you have to think of when you buy your wedding shoes.
We have compiled this list of the best bridal shoes coming in different styles because we know not all our readers will have the same-styled wedding. Also, some of the shoes you’ll see below double as soiree shoes for wedding guests. No matter what style you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect fit here. So, let’s get started.

Sam Edelman Women’s Tatianna Sandal


Thinking of a beach wedding? Pretty good, but you also need to think of comfortable shoes for this kind of wedding. Nothing beats Sam Edelman Women’s Tatianna Sandal in comfort and simplicity. Furthermore, we used these shoes for a cocktail party and they caught the attention more than the main dress itself.

With wrappable straps, these shoes are easy to tighten and loosen around your feet. Actually, two of our reviewers with a half difference in shoe size tried the same sandals. They fit perfectly for both as this slight difference can be addressed by the straps. So, it’s one of the most versatile bridal shoes ever. Check out the official product page to know more about these marvelous sandals.


  • They’re very versatile sandals for different occasions
  • They fit wide feet easily
  • You’ll feel very comfortable wearing those sandals


  • The ankle straps might fall off

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Anna’s Bridal Pearl White Wedding Shoes


Anna’s Bridal Pearl White Wedding Shoes are the typical wedding shoes with heels you’re looking for to make your dream come true. We have picked these shoes among other white satin bridal shoes as we’re sure those will appeal to most women. They come in various colors but we fell in love with the red ones. As a bride, you might choose the best silver shoes for wedding from this brand. They also look great.

We don’t like complicated bridal shoes or those ones that look too busy with so many details. Although these shoes come with a pearl ankle strap and a satin ribbon, they don’t look busy at all. Instead, they look very cute and adorable.

“Had these shoes for a classical wedding, paired them with a simple dress and we got many compliments although the outfit was pretty simple. Can’t wait to wear them over and over again.”



  • The satin material together with the ribbon and pearls look so classy
  • The colors are so stunning
  • They’re true-to-size


  • If you prefer champagne color, it comes darker in these shoes

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DREAM PAIRS Destiny Closed Toe Strappy Heels


DREAM PAIRS Destiny Closed Toe Strappy Heels are one of the most comfortable options you can ever get. We could wear the shoes for a whole day without feeling any foot soreness. Even more, the outsoles were gripping, so, the shoes are suitable for walking on different terrains.

Sparkling with rhinestones, these shoes should never hide under a long dress. So, if you decide to go for these shoes, make sure you show them off. The pointed toes, shimmering bow, and sparkling ankle strap, all are feminine details worth showing. Apart from the design, watch this video from April & Justin Reviews to know how it feels to wear such shoes.


  • They’re so sparkling and shiny
  • The insoles are comfortable
  • The outsoles are grippy


  • They aren’t the highest quality ever

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MiLanolce Women’s Platform Sandals


For those planning to wear a short wedding dress, MiLanolce Women’s Platform Sandals are your most comfortable shoes specifically made for weddings. These sandals will make a fashion statement with no effort. With a comfy wedge, you’ll get the height you need with the feel of standing on your toes all day. Hence, if you aren’t a fan of high-heels or flats, a platform pair is your solution.

We have tried many platforms before, but these are different as we found them very responsive. The wedge soles are rubber offering a comfortable stand. Moreover, the outsoles are non-slipping, so, we could actually wear them on different terrains. These beauties come in white only but you can style them with different dresses in different colors after your big day. Check out these ASOS dresses for party for some ideas.


  • The comfort of these shoes is hard to beat.
  • You can wear them with different dresses and outfits
  • The outsoles are slip-resistant


  • The laces sometimes bunch up

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Castamere Women’s Sky High Heels


Best Colors. Sometimes, we just feel like we want a classical pair of shoes with high heels and that’s it. Castamere Women’s Sky High Heels offer this basic style in all the colors you might think of. If you’re looking for the best classic white, silver, glitter, or any other colored shoes for wedding, these are very recommended.

Although they come in very high heels and pointed toes, which isn’t the comfiest thing ever, you’ll love those as we did. If you’re used to this kind of heels, you won’t find it a problem standing with those for a couple of hours. We managed to stand on our feet for hours with these shoes and we could feel the cushioned insoles that made them bearable.


  • They come in many color options
  • The shoes are true to size
  • The insoles are cushioned


  • They’re a bit too small for some women

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LifeStride Women’s Yaya Sandal


Let’s get ready for a different style with this LifeStride Women’s Yaya Sandal. These shoes will allow you to go with your own style. You don’t have to go with the flow to look pretty, you can look stunning your own way. These shoes are too simple and cute, especially if you want to go the simplest way with your wedding. Actually, they’re so versatile offering different styling options.

From our side, we styled them with a casual patterned dress. Since these sandals were so calm, they looked perfect with our dress and this is the trick. These sandals won’t steal the eyes from the dress and at the same time, you’ll feel comfy wearing them. We found that the footbed was padded and the heels weren’t so high, making them some of the most comfortable shoes for weddings.


  • The footbed is cushioned
  • The shoes have stretchable straps that don’t slip
  • They’re so comfy


  • They aren’t the best for wide feet

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LLBubble Satin Pearls Wedding Flat Shoes


Well, we know that not all shoe brands care about bridal flat shoes although they’re really important. We decided to spend some time looking for the best most comfortable shoes designed for weddings and finally, we found LLBubble Satin Pearls Wedding Flat Shoes. Many brides will just get any flat shoes to feel comfortable, but we also considered style in our recommendations.

Another thing we love about these shoes is that you don’t want to get them as a second pair for a long wedding day. These are just enough for the whole day. Furthermore, these shoes are available in different colors which makes them suitable for different outfits. The turquoise color is our top pick, it’s a trend this season too.


  • They’re very comfortable shoes
  • There are different colors
  • They double as night, party, and different occasions shoes


  • There should be half sizes

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Emily Bridal Women’s Wedding Shoes


Whether you’re a bride or you’re attending an important wedding, Emily Bridal Women’s Wedding Shoes can be your shoes for the day. Many brides want tall heels as they definitely look more feminine, elegant, and sexy. However, they always feel the risk of discomfort. So, before recommending any shoes for weddings, we tested them first for comfort.

Luckily, we found these shoes in lovely colors as we wanted to pair them with some of the best maxi dresses on ASOS. The details on the back of the shoes leverage the style a lot, so, we wanted to show them off. That’s why we recommend opting for these shoes with ankle-length dresses. If we’re to pick a pair of these shoes for a wedding, in fact, we won’t go for white. The silver ones look more attractive.


  • The heels are of suitable size
  • The price is suitable for these shoes
  • The floral details on the back are so feminine


  • Some women find problems with sizing

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IDIFU Women’s IN4 Sabrina Platform


IDIFU Women’s IN4 Sabrina Platform is one of the finest and most comfortable shoes made for weddings. We consider them minimalists although we know that some people might not agree with us. However, the heels, ankle strap, and overall design have nothing complicated to deal with these sandals as a sophisticated option for a wedding.

These platforms already became a staple in our wardrobe as they’re easily matched with everything even a pair of jeans. Think of how versatile they’re going from a pair of sandals to wear with a shirt and jeans to bridal shoes. They’re actually priceless. We didn’t forget to test them for quality and they efficiently passed the test.


  • The sandals are very simple and versatile
  • They have a timeless design
  • They’re usually true to size


  • They might not be suitable for wide feet

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Betsey Johnson Women’s Sidny Sneaker


Best for Comfort. Are you a woman who looks for her comfort and nothing is worth feeling comfortable all day? Betsey Johnson Women’s Sidny Sneaker is yours. Comfort doesn’t have to contradict style. You can look stylish, and even more, embrace the change and wear sparkling silver sneakers shoes on your wedding day.

We loved those sneakers a lot and if it isn’t about the main wedding shoes, they might be our spare shoes when it gets difficult standing on heels. Regardless of weddings, the sneakers are already available in a wide variety of stunning colors. So, we now know what we’re gonna buy for the next party or ceremony. Good to know that these sneakers have a high platform heel, so, you’ll still find a length.


  • These shoes are extremely comfortable to wear for hours
  • They come in many sparkling colors
  • They look so festive and cool


  • They’re a bit narrow in the toe box

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Steve Madden Women’s Irenee Heeled Sandal


Best Quality. One of the things you as a bride might be looking for is quality. Sometimes, we tend to compensate for the material and longevity of the product for comfort. We ourselves have done so several times. Yet, on your wedding, things might be different and quality might be the top priority. Steve Madden Women’s Irenee Heeled Sandal is the best quality and best material for any white or silver shoes. The silver option is very glimmering, so, put it into your consideration.

Apart from the material, the sandals are very comfy and the heels are too short. Hence, you won’t feel them even on the longest wedding day ever. We went for the gold metallic sandal for a classic dinner and they were just the thing for the occasion. We never regretted paying the extra pennies for these shoes. More to know about the shoes is here in Don’tWasteYourMoney reviews.


  • The quality is perfect
  • The shoes are so comfortable for a wedding
  • They’re made of 100% leather


  • They are a bit expensive

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DREAM PAIRS Dolce Fashion Stilettos Sandals


Best Value for Money. If you’re, like us, looking forward to saving much of your budget and using it for something else rather than shoes, we recommend DREAM PAIRS Dolce Fashion Stilettos Sandals. These sandals are very simple and to the point. We couldn’t believe how these sandals can literally match any wedding gown. We even picked the royal blue satin color for an upcoming ceremony. It’s a great deal we can’t miss out on, and you shouldn’t!

Speaking of the colors, apart from white, we found gold, nude, silver, and glitter colors. These can also look very good at a wedding. The silver one in particular is the best shoes for wedding. Best of all, the shoes are so comfortable that you won’t even notice they’re high-heeled. So, don’t hesitate to give those a look.


  • They’re so comfortable
  • The colors are so stunning
  • You won’t pay that much for the shoes


  • The shoes run a little big

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IDIFU IN2 Candice Wedding Rhinestones Sequins Low Kitten Heels


IDIFU IN2 Candice Wedding Rhinestones Sequins Low Kitten Heels are the last and the best silver shoes for wedding we’re recommending today. These shoes come in low kitten heels that look so adorable. This was our first time trying on these heels, and to our surprise, they’re so comfortable and easy to walk with.

With the shiny rhinestones of the shoes, you can easily stand out among others. The heels also have a stunning pearly design to complement this glimmery look. We found these shoes to give us a mixed blend of sophistication, fashion, and best of all, comfort. Also, when checking the available colors and the price, all were found suitable. Thus, these became our favorite now.


  • The design is unique and fashionable
  • They’re comfortable
  • The rhinestone and pearly design give the shoes a shimmery look


  • The heels need to be sturdier

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Our Verdict!

We believe that all of the above shoes are perfect, but we also believe that there are always the best of the best. So, here is our best-of-the-best list of the most comfortable shoes for weddings to consider as a first step.

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Weddings?

We know that every woman would like to have a unique wedding with every single detail unique to her including the wedding shoes. So, to help you find comfortable shoes designed for weddings, here are the features you should never compensate for.


As you have guessed, the first thing we’re always looking for is style. All the styles can be stunning but they should match the dress as well. From high-heeled sandals, to kitten heels, wedding mules, platforms, and flats. All of these shoes are great depending on how you style them. High-heeled sandals and platforms are very classical, so, we think they go the best with classical gowns. Whereas wedding mules can be perfect with simple dresses and sometimes boho-styled weddings. We also believe that flats should be considered because they’re so comfortable and they can look amazing as well. We personally would choose a flat pair of shoes for a wedding.


Most people think that wedding shoes are, by default, white. However, we’re here to change this concept and say that you can find colored wedding shoes and still look like a princess. While we were reviewing the latest trends in wedding shoes, we found white, cream, silver, and even gold shoes for weddings. Hence, it’s time to think more of other colors to leverage your wedding gown and look unique as desired.


Finally, there is no way to compensate for comfort on your big day. As we have mentioned above, flat shoes are our favorites because they’re extremely comfortable. We would always go for flat shoes as brides or wedding guests. However, if you don’t want to wear flats in your day, some platforms and kitten heels are also comfortable. Just make sure to get your correct size.

What shoes are the best for beach and garden weddings?

When it comes to beach and garden weddings, you should consider wearing block heel shoes or flats. They’re some of the most comfortable shoes made for weddings in those settings.

Are sneakers suitable for a wedding?

Personally, we would go for what makes us comfortable and happy. So, if you feel like you want to wear white sneakers to your wedding, just go for it. There are so many comfortable shoes for weddings to choose from.

Can I reuse my wedding shoes?

Difenetly yes! Especially if it’s cream, silver, or different-colored wedding shoes. You can style them easily with other dresses when you’re the guest. Check out those ASOS dresses for wedding guests to pair with your shoes.