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13 Best Long Coats for Summer

Finally, it’s summertime! For the summer, our first instinct might be to reach for lightweight tank tops and breezy shorts. But what if we told you there’s a fashion-forward secret to staying cool and stylish during the scorching season? Yes, a long coat for summer. Gone are the days when coats were reserved solely for the chillier months. Fashion mavens have set a new standard, defying conventional rules by embracing long coats as the ultimate summer statement piece.

Picture this, strolling along the palm-lined streets, our billowing, lightweight, long coat creating an ethereal aura, catching gentle gusts of wind. From bohemian-inspired designs in dreamy pastel hues to tailored classics in crisp whites, the options are as diverse as the landscapes we’ll traverse on our summer adventures. Whether we’re heading to a beachside soirée or a city rooftop party, a long coat can effortlessly elevate our outfits. We also pair the jacket with the best straw tote bags for summer for an elevated look.

ZEFOTIM Trench Coat


Step into a comfy style with the ZEFOTIM Trench Coat, our new go-to outerwear for the warm months. Crafted from a soft, skin-friendly material, this coat is perfect for windy days. We love the casual style that looks chic. And with various colors to choose from, we can easily find one that complements our unique personality.

The long sleeves accentuate our natural beauty. No matter the body shape, this coat fits perfectly, making us feel stylish all day. Whether it’s a casual day out, a work meeting, a relaxing beach trip, or a festive holiday gathering, this is the coat we can rely on. Its versatility knows no bounds. We can pair it with short jeans, leggings, skirts, or boots. The easy-to-wear design and convenient closure make getting ready a breeze. Prefer to wear dresses? We recommend checking out the best cheap summer dresses for summer.


  • Highly durable because it’s made from polyester.
  • We love that it’s not too thick nor too thin, just perfect.
  • It has two huge pockets.


  • The size runs small.

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Ermonn Crochet Cardigan 


When we received the Ermonn Crochet Cardigan, the first thing that struck us was the soft and stretchy fabric. It feels incredibly gentle on the skin, making it perfect for those long summer days when we want to stay cozy without feeling stuffy.

What we adore most about this cardigan is its casual design with a hollow-out knit design. Wearing this cardigan feels like a cozy hug wrapped around us. This is truly a must-have addition to any summer outfit. We love to wear it for a casual day of shopping. It seamlessly pairs with tank tops, tees, shirts, dresses, leggings, and jeans.


  • There are plenty of color options. But purple is our favorite.
  • The hollow-out design is innovative.
  • The cardigan is made of soft and breathable fabric.


  • It’s not that durable.

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MessBebe Long Cardigan


The MessBebe Long Cardigan is made from a combination of 55% polyester and 45% viscose. This lightweight summer cardigan is a must-have! We knew we were in for a treat from the first touch as the fabric felt incredibly soft. Whether we’re going for a casual hangout or a day at work, it complements any outfit. On a sunny beach day, we used it as a cover-up, and it worked wonders in shielding us from the relentless sunshine. We found endless occasions to flaunt this versatile cardigan.

Its breathable design ensures we stay cool and fresh even during the warmest days. The excellent portability makes it easy to carry around, perfect for those spontaneous outings. Embracing a casual and loose-fit style, it boasts an open neckline and front with no closures. While the layered split on both sides adds a unique twist.


  • We love the classic design.
  • It’s machine-washable.
  • The combination of polyester and viscose makes it durable.


  • Some say that the slits are a bit too high.

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VIISHOW Kimono Cardigan


The VIISHOW Kimono Cardigan is a versatile wardrobe gem we can’t get enough of. Regarding style and comfort, this cardigan sweater is an absolute winner. Having tried it in various seasons, we can vouch for its year-round versatility. The thin, lightweight fabric is perfect for various occasions. During spring and summer, it keeps us looking stylish without weighing us down. And as winter approaches, its soft and cozy fabric wraps us in all-day comfort and warmth.

The cardigan’s design is spot-on, with long sleeves, an open front, and a loose fit. Its midi length adds a touch of elegance that complements any style. We love the rib trim on the cuffs, hem, and shawl collar. It gives the cardigan a chic drape that never fails to catch compliments. There are also two front pockets. Made from 80% viscose and 20% nylon, this cardigan is made to be long-lasting. And the pull-on closure adds to its convenience.


  • The pull-on closure adds to its convenience.
  • There are over 15 color options available.
  • We appreciate the large front pockets.


  • The sizes aren’t US standards.

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The GRACE KARIN Maxi Coat is an excellent addition to our coat collection. It’s the ultimate companion for our everyday activities. When we wear this, it turns heads, and we receive many compliments. Crafted from a blend of 98% acrylic and 2% polyester, this duster cardigan envelops us in a soft and warm embrace.

The classic knitted design takes our casual look to a new level. Also, the button-down front and side split details add a touch of versatility. With its relaxed fit and flowy silhouette, we always feel comfortable wearing it all day.


  • We can easily mix and match.
  • It feels super soft on our skin.
  • It’s not too dressy for casual wear, yet not super casual.


  • We can only dry clean it.

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ANRABESS Casual Long Sweater


Best versatility. We can’t stop raving about the ANRABESS Casual Long Sweater. Crafted from 50% viscose, 30% nylon, and 20% polyester, this cardigan offers both comfort and quality. The draped open front design gives us a laid-back vibe. And guess what? It even comes with handy pockets.

What we love the most is its versatility. Whether planning a relaxed day at home or a fun outing with friends, this cardigan is our favorite choice. The long sleeves and thigh-length design provide the right warmth for those windy evenings. We can’t get enough of its knitted, relaxed fit. It’s just so flattering and feels like a warm hug.


  • We can easily dress it up.
  • There are two huge pockets.
  • It features a pull-on closure.


  • The coat is not machine-washable.

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Made By Johnny Classic Cardigan


We’ve found a true gem in the world of sweater cardigans. Made By Johnny Classic Cardigan is a versatile piece that every fashion-conscious individual must have. From casual settings to formal gatherings, this cardigan keeps us looking stylish and comfy.

One thing we adore about this cardigan is its adaptability. We can pair it with jeans, boots, leggings, or even a casual top. It always enhances our style. Crafted from a stretchy and breathable fabric blend of 70% viscose and 30% nylon, it’s neither too thick nor too thin. Moreover, the open-front design and long sleeves ensure unrestricted movement. Want to see more options from this brand? Head to Made By Johnny’s official website.


  • There are more than 30 colors available.
  • It’s not too thick nor too thin, just perfect.
  • We love the length and the fit.


  • It’s not that durable.

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Isaac Liev Lightweight Sweater

Best quality. We’re obsessed with Isaac Liev Lightweight Sweater. Its premium quality maxi-length cardigan duster looks fabulous and feels soft on our skin. Made from a slightly stretchy fabric, this flowy cardigan offers a unique silky feeling of softness for everyday comfort. We love that it’s super lightweight and naturally breathable.

The truth is, it’s not just a one-time wonder. This maxi cardigan is built to last through numerous washes without losing its fit. The fashion-forward design is equally impressive. It’s collarless and open-fronted, with slim long sleeves and a long floor-length drape. And speaking of options, we’re spoiled for choice with the range of bright and vibrant colors available.


  • We love its versatility, especially when we pair it with sneakers.
  • The rayon and spandex blend makes it durable yet soft.
  • It’s 100% made in the USA.


  • It wrinkles easily.

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GRACE KARIN Essential Cardigan


We can’t stop talking about the GRACE KARIN Essential Cardigan. This sweater ticks all the boxes for a must-have wardrobe essential. First off, the fabric is stretchy and breathable. Second, It fits like a charm, keeping us feeling cozy. And what we like the most is its open-front design. Unlike other sweaters, this long duster cardigan doesn’t have a closure, allowing us to pair it with a wide range of tops.

The beauty of this cardigan lies in its simplicity. It’s a classic piece that goes with everything. During warmer months, it provides us with the right amount of coverage, and when the temperatures drop, it becomes the perfect outerwear. Need more details? Check out the review on Yahoo Life.


  • Mixing it with our favorite blouse, tank, jeans, or leggings is easy.
  • We love that it drapes and flows nicely.
  • It’s made of 75% viscose and 25% polyester.


  • It had a pretty strong chemical smell when we first unboxed it.

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MEROKEETY Waffle Knit Coat


Best for windy days. The MEROKEETY Waffle Knit Coat has quickly become a wardrobe favorite for us. Made from 62% polyester, 35% rayon, and 3% spandex, this cardigan is durable yet comfortable for daily wear. The fabric’s stretchiness allows for easy movement while maintaining its shape. The unique design sets it apart from our average cardigan. With oversized boyfriend style and Dolman sleeves featuring sewn cuffs, it exudes a relaxed yet fashionable vibe.

We can’t emphasize enough how perfect this is for those blustery, chilly days. Recently, we took it for a spin on a particularly windy afternoon, and it kept us cozy. Also, this cardigan is a true all-rounder. Whether it’s a family reunion, a day at the office, or a night out with friends, this coat perfectly fits in. We also love to pair it with our favorite summer accessories from Lululemon.


  • There are more than 20 color options to choose from.
  • We think it looks cute when we wear it with jeans.
  • We love the loose-fit design.


  • Some color examples in the photos aren’t accurate.

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Dokotoo Thin Coat


Dokotoo Thin Coat is perfect for people like us who are always on the move. Whether we’re out with friends, at work, or simply lounging around, this versatile cardigan has got us covered. The open front and relaxed fit with a button closure make it easy to slip into.

“We love how it effortlessly complements any outfit. Our basic outfit no longer looks too basic when we put this on.”


This cardigan is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex and promises incredible softness and a gentle stretch. What we appreciate about this cardigan is its versatility. We’ve worn it to the office with a blouse and slacks and then seamlessly transitioned it into our evening relaxation routine. As the seasons change, this extra-long cardigan is our faithful companion. The attention to detail is evident in the high-low irregular hem.


  • We can choose from more than 30 vibrant patterns.
  • The relaxed fit feels so comfy for daily wear.
  • We appreciate the open front with the snap button.


  • Some people reported that the fabric was itchy.

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Amazon Essentials Lightweight Cardigan


Best value for money. We can’t help but share our love for the Amazon Essentials Lightweight Cardigan. It’s the perfect addition to our wardrobe for those casual days when we want to look simple yet stylish. The cardigan boasts a comfortable and flowy fit that makes us feel like we’re wrapped in a soft cloud of coziness.

Crafted from a blend of cotton, modal, and polyester, it combines luxury and practicality. The fabric feels gentle against our skin, making it a go-to option for not only the summer but also suitable for any season. What we like the most is the front patch pockets. We usually use them to stash our phones during quick errands or warm our hands during chilly evenings. Have a closer look by watching the full review of Amazon Essentials Cardigan on Youtube.


  • We adore the flowy fit.
  • The coat is machine-washable.
  • It feels soft and lightweight.


  • The size runs large. So it’s not suitable for those looking for fitted coats.

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MEROKEETY Knit Sweater


MEROKEETY Knit Sweater is our latest fashion obsession, seriously. This sweater is a game-changer with its amazing features and stylish design. We think it’s the best long coat for summer. First things first, let’s talk about choices. With 25 color options available, we always find the perfect shade to match our style and personality. Some of us prefer vibrant and bold, while others prefer subtle and classic.

The fabric is made from full viscose, making it super soft and elegant. Now, let’s get into the real star of the show, the unique vintage design. Imagine a sweater that blends casual and boyfriend style with the charm of a hoodie. Its loose-fitting and midi length adds a touch of laid-back elegance to our look. And let’s not forget the lightweight and comfy fabric. It’s perfect for those cozy days when we want to snuggle up.


  • It’s so versatile. We love to pair it with a tank top and jeans.
  • The coat is lightweight.
  • We like the vibrant color options.


  • The sizes are smaller than the US average.

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Our Verdict!

The concept of wearing long coats during the summer season presents a refreshing approach to fashion. While initially counterintuitive, now we know about the versatility of these wardrobe staples. MEROKEETY Knit Sweater is the best choice of all. But the other options are also excellent based on their respective categories. Here, we present some the alternatives:

How To Choose The Best Long Coat For Summer

With plenty of options, choosing the perfect long coat for summer can be hard. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of essential points to consider while shopping. We use these guidelines to select a piece that complements our style and keeps us looking and feeling cool during our sunny escapades.


When selecting a summer jacket, prioritize lightweight and breathable fabrics. Look for materials such as linen, cotton, or lightweight blends that allow air to circulate, keeping us cool and comfortable even in the heat. These fabrics will prevent us from feeling weighed down and stuffy.


The color of our jacket can significantly impact our overall summer look. Choose light colors and pastel shades that reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. Lighter hues also exude a fresh and airy vibe that complements the season perfectly. Think soft pinks, mint greens, baby blues, or classic whites for a stylish and summery appearance.


We always consider the versatility and how well it complements our existing wardrobe. Opt for styles that can easily transition from day to night, casual to formal. A versatile coat can serve as a statement piece for various occasions, whether heading to the office, a weekend brunch, or an evening event.

Can I wear a long coat when it’s hot outside?

Wearing a long jacket in the summer can be uncomfortable for most people due to the warm weather. However, some breathable sweater options are specifically designed for summer or transitional weather. These are usually made from light fabrics like linen, cotton, or other breathable materials that won’t cause us to overheat. They may also have features like vents, mesh lining, or moisture-wicking properties to enhance comfort.

How do you wear a coat in hot weather?

Choose lightweight fabrics in light colors with a loose and flowy fit. Opt for unlined or partially lined coats, shorter lengths, and open-front or single-button designs to promote better airflow. If we can, sometimes we carry the coat instead of wearing it all the time. Also, we can just drape it over our shoulders for a relaxed look.

Can I wear a wool jacket in summer?

Wearing a wool coat in the warm months is generally not recommended, as wool is a warm and insulating fabric more suitable for colder weather. Wool coats are designed to provide excellent heat retention, making them ideal for fall, winter, and early spring when temperatures are cooler. Wearing a wool coat in hot weather can lead to discomfort and overheating.