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13 Best Cheap Dresses for Summer

Dresses might be the broadest category of women’s clothes ever. There are endless styles and designs of dresses, from maxi dresses to mini dresses, and from strapless sexy dresses to loose shirt dresses. It’s really impossible, to sum up and list all the dresses out there in one review. However, we’re after cheap dresses for summer that ensures you’re on-trend without paying too much money.

Hence, we decided to help you organize your summer wardrobe and rejuvenate it without spending too much money on fancy items and brands to look chic. We browsed this wide category of summer clothes and tried 13 dresses that are guaranteed to look charming and at the same time, won’t break your wallet. So, check out our list below.

PRETTYGARDEN Boho Floral Sundress


There is nothing better to start off the list than this super cute and feminine PRETTYGARDEN Boho Floral Sundress. With its elastic waist and halter neck, we couldn’t feel more elegant. Moreover, the ruffles add some vivid womanly vibes to the dress, so, it’s one of the best choices we have made recently. We have to mention that there are a few print options, so, give them all a look.

One way to style this jacket was to add a short jeans jacket and white sneakers for an overall girly casual look. Another option was to go all the way in the opposite direction and dress up in classic heels and hold a small clutch for a totally different look. Up till now, we can’t figure out which look is the best for us.


  • The material is polyester that doesn’t wrinkle
  • The design of the dress makes it suitable for casual and classic looks
  • It hides belly fat and curves you don’t want to show


  • You need to size down

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NUFIWI Women Sexy Hollow Out Maxi Dress


NUFIWI Women Sexy Hollow Out Maxi Dress is the basic dress you’re looking for to leave some room for your own creativity and taste in styling the whole outfit. Wearing this dress in a solid color, we could add a couple of accessories such as a long necklace and some of our favorite bracelets to create an overall simple summer look.

Another time, a denim short jacket was the best addition to this basic dress when it was a bit chill. The dress is polyester but it didn’t feel too heavy or hot on summer days. Also, the fabrics stretch a bit, so, we thought women with pear-shaped bodies will love this dress a lot because it would show off all the nice curves. Overall, we were so satisfied by the plenty of outfits this dress offered us at a cheap price.


  • The dress is so basic that it can be styled in many different ways
  • The material is stretchy and breathable
  • It flatters the body in a nice way


  • The straps need to be adjustable

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Oriental Pearl Summer Dress


Going out to a nearby shopping mall or up for a few-minute walk with your pet? Then, you need a quick comfy outfit that doesn’t hinder your movements and looks fashionable as well. Nothing is better than Oriental Pearl Summer Dress that looks like a shirt and in fact, feels like a comfy cotton shirt.

This wasn’t the only way we wore this dress, we also thought it’ll be suitable for a day on the beach, and it was. Given its very soft and lightweight material, we could comfortably lounge on the beach with this sleeveless shirt. With the right accessories, we had a simple, yet, very attractive outfit on the beach. If you think it’s too short or you want more coverage for any reason, the dress looks good with a pair of leggings too.


  • The material is so lightweight and comfortable
  • It could be used on the beach and for casual wear as well
  • You can wear it with pants, leggings, and shorts


  • It isn’t suitable for short women

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OUGES Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Party Dress


Dress up or down with the chic OUGES Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Party Dress. Available in colors and patterns, we didn’t find anything more suitable to attend a casual party than this dress. If you’re looking for a midi dress for cocktail parties and night outings, here is our recommendation.

“We choose this dress as an outfit for a garden party, and we believe it was the best choice ever as we recieved tons of compliments. Above all, we felt so confident and relaxed.”


Pair it with sandals for a casual summer look, or dress up in heels for a classier look. We also prefer to add a nice short necklace around the neck to accentuate the look. In addition to the nice look we achieved, we also felt relaxed and comfortable thanks to the soft breathable, and skin-friendly material.


  • The dress looks so elegant
  • It has adjustable straps
  • The material is breathable and skin-friendly


  • The quality of the material isn’t the best

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GRECERELLE Women’s Short Sleeve Maxi Dress


Most of the dresses we mentioned on this list are sleeveless or with spaghetti straps, so, to offer various options and satisfy all tastes, here is GRECERELLE Women’s Short Sleeve Maxi Dress. This soft and stretchy basic dress became our basic and first choice when we want a layer under long cardigans, jackets, and vests. We don’t have to exert effort thinking of a new outfit every day, this dress helped us a lot to create tens of outfits for the rest of the summer season.

The dress has some nice details that added a lot to the overall look. The side pockets and the elastic high waist for example. Further, there are solid colors and patterns, but from a personal point of view, we loved the solid colors more.


  • It makes a perfect layering piece under jackets and cardigans
  • The material is mostly rayon
  • There are two side pockets


  • It’s too long for some women

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VOTEPRETTY Short Sleeve V Neck Wrap Dress


VOTEPRETTY Short Sleeve V Neck Wrap Dress is a flowy dress that hugs the body and defines the waistline in an elegant way. It flows from the loose short sleeves and the deep v-neck to the semi-drape skirt covering most of the legs. For us, the highlight was the two side pockets that didn’t make us look hippy but they were useful on most days.

We know that summer is the season for floral prints and bright colors, but we loved the black color of this dress. With its simple, yet, unique style, we felt so fashionable, so, black will always be our first choice of this dress. This short video from WTI is a good starting point if you want to know more features about the dress.


  • It’s a simple dress that looks very elegant at the same time
  • It has two side pockets
  • The V-neck design is so fashionable


  • The colors are a bit off

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Riviera Sun Tie Dye Summer Dress


All of the dresses on this list are considered cheap in one way or another but Riviera Sun Tie Dye Summer Dress is the cheapest of all. Our main goal wasn’t to include the cheapest dresses in general but the best cheap dresses. Thus, this dress from Riviera has some features rather than being cheap to be included on this list.

We used the dress as a cover-up, the quick-dry rayon fabric encouraged us to use it this way as we wanted to look chic even after getting out of the pool or the sea. Pair it with some trendy flip-flops and a summer hat for a lovely beach dress or use it as a cover-up as we did, you’ll rock both ways. The dress comes in seven sizes, so, you’ll find your size for sure. Also, the drape loose style makes it suitable for all sizes.


  • The price is very cheap
  • The material dries out very quickly
  • It’s available in all sizes


  • It’s a bit see-through

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LaiyiVic Women’s Casual Maxi Dress


We know that some women who enjoy a fuller figure will feel embarrassed to wear a summer dress, although we believe any woman can wear whatever she feels like wearing. However, LaiyiVic Women’s Casual Maxi Dress is a great option for women who don’t want to show off their curves and hide all that they believe are imperfections in their bodies.

We already tried many loose dresses that cover more than what they show, but this one, in particular, was one of the most covering dresses. Also, it isn’t the typical dark-colored dress with fewer patterns or stripes to convey a slimmer look, instead, it’s a patterned dress but we didn’t feel the patterns add weight at all.


  • The dress is suitable for curvy women
  • It comes in a soft and comfortable material
  • It doesn’t wrinkle easily


  • It’s too long for many women

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ETCYY Boho Floral Print Beach Dress


Best prints and designs. Although it’s described as a floral beach dress, we found solid colors of ETCYY Boho Floral Print Beach Dress. In both cases, the dress is amazing giving us an option for casual wear and beach wear as well. Trying the dress on, we didn’t feel it looks good on only one body shape. In fact, it looks good on pear-shaped and apple-shaped bodies, and of course, anything in-between.

Personally, we would like to have more than one print of this dress. Given its cheap price, we could get several dresses easily to give them a try. All of them looked super cute with the two side pockets that just add style to the dress. What’s better, the material is so soft, comfy, and skin-friendly. It’s the best-printed summer dress so far.


  • The dress is so lightweight and comfortable
  • There are many designs and prints to choose from
  • It can be used on different occasions


  • The chain strap isn’t favorable for many women

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Riviera Sun Rasta Maxi Summer Dress


Best value for money. Inspired by Rasta and African cultures, the Riviera Sun Rasta Maxi Summer Dress is one of the cheapest options you can choose if you’re after long dresses. It comes in many color combos, so, all of us could easily find an appealing option that matches their taste. We loved how the colors blended together giving a smokey effect.

As for the size, the dress comes in different sizes and it’s already loose, so, it fits all women. It doesn’t define the body shape but gives a nice look, thus, we were confident wearing the dress all day. The straps are adjustable for a tight fit and removable whenever you want a bit different style.


  • The material is 100% rayon for softness and comfort
  • The straps are adjustable and removable
  • The dress comes in various attractive color combos


  • It shrinks a bit after wash

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Elescat Boho Sleeveless Vintage Floral Flowy dress


Best for the beach. With many patterns and color combinations, we didn’t know what to choose from this marvelous Elescat Boho Sleeveless Vintage Floral Flowy dress. Once we made the choice, we dressed up and headed directly to the beach. Pairing this short dress with a straw tote bag and a straw sun hat, we had the best style ever on the beach.

We could also use this dress as a cover-up over the swimsuit. In all cases, it looked very attractive and just on-trend. Different styles can suit different body shapes, however, this dress in particular is made for all body shapes. The flowy design makes it a suitable option for all women but if you need some definition, you can add a small belt around your waist.


  • The patterns are so colorful and vivid
  • The design can be worn by all women of all body shapes
  • It can be used as a swimsuit cover-up


  • The material would have been better if it was all cotton

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MOLERANI Sleeveless Loose Plain Maxi Dress


Best for pregnant moms. If it’s all about a few months or weeks and you’ll be gifted with a cutie baby, you need to feel comfortable and confident in how you’re dressed these months. MOLERANI Sleeveless Loose Plain Maxi Dress is one of those dresses that looks so cute on pregnant women. The slightly loose cut that starts from the waist looks very nice and comfortable as well if you already have a bump these days.

However, the dress isn’t only for pregnancy. We already tried the dress and the elastic waist shaped our bodies in a beautiful way we liked a lot. The two side pockets were a nice addition to the dress even though we didn’t use them at all. Moreover, we felt a bit of stretch in the material which is composed of rayon and spandex. We would like you to watch this WTI review to know more about the dress.


  • There are lots of solid colors and patterns
  • The dress is soft and a bit stretchy
  • It has an elastic waist that gives the body a nice shape


  • Some colors are see-through

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ANRABESS Women’s Casual Loose Sundress


ANRABESS Women’s Casual Loose Sundress earned its rank as the best dress for summer this year at a very affordable price considering the quality you get. The dress is composed of rayon, polyester, and spandex. This blend is the best we have tried as it offers a high-quality stretchable garment that is also soft for hot days. Check out this short review of the dress from Southern Living for more details.

This dress was our favorite for more than one reason apart from the material. The side slits, for example, are one of the design details we love. We could tie a knot on the front side for a different casual look. Speaking of the looks, we styled the dress in different ways; casual, beachwear, and semi-formal with a classic pair of heels and the right accessories. We might interest you in these best heels at DSW if you want to get this classic look.


  • The dress comes in solid colors and patterned options
  • Its materials are high-quality and suitable for summer
  • You can wear it in several styles


  • It should be hand-washed only

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Our Verdict!

As we mentioned earlier, this broad category of summer clothes is too difficult to count. So, if you’re still confused about the best options, here is a shorter list of the cheapest dresses that also have unique features to distinguish them from the others.

How To Choose The Best Cheap Dresses for Summer?

Aside from being cheap, we set a list of features and criteria before making this review to make it easier for us to choose the top 13 dresses. Not all cheap dresses are good and worth looking at, and also you don’t have to pay a lot to get a wonderful garment that highlights the season. So, here are the features we were looking for.


Needless to say, summer dresses should be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Throughout our journey of testing and reviewing several dresses, we found that viscose, rayon, cotton, and polyamide materials are the best for summer. Also, chiffon is light and soft but it’s sometimes see-through. Some women might prefer other materials such as polyester but beware because some polyester materials would make you feel hot.


As you might have already noticed from the list above, there are many styles and designs you can go for when it comes to summer dresses. Maxi dresses look better on long women. Also, tight long dresses will make you look slimmer, but if you don’t want to show off any curves, don’t go for this style especially if the material is stretchy. Waisted dresses are so cute and feminine, they suit hour-glass shaped bodies the most but they also look good on women with larger busts. Finally, ruffles add more weight, so, if you’re large on the bust, get a ruffled skirt dress and vice versa.


We don’t like the idea of restricting ourselves to certain colors that are named to be the trend this season. We would go for any color that we find appealing and attractive. In the end, it’s a matter of personal taste. However, as a rule of thumb, summer is always known for bright colors, and this is for the sake of reflecting sunlight. Yet, if you won’t be walking or staying in direct sunlight, you can go for the darkest colors, even black.

Are dresses practical options for travel?

It depends on the style you choose. Sometimes, dresses are the most practical option you can travel in as they’re so comfortable and unrestrictive, but again, it depends on the dress style.

Can I get beautiful cheap dresses for parties and occasions?

You can get on-budget soiree or cocktail dresses for your next occasion. Check out this list of the best ASOS dresses for parties as it might help.

How can I leverage my look in a basic dress?

Things like sunglasses, shoes, bags, hats, and other accessories can completely change how you look in your outfit. You might want to check this list of the best sunglasses with interchangeable lenses to get an idea about how to enhance your look.