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13 Best Straw Tote Bags for Summer

Straw bags have been around for decades. They never go old, but now, they’ve become more fun and versatile than ever. That said, straw tote bags for summer are the most practical option you can go for. We have a few and they’re certainly a great addition to our summer essentials. You’ll find so much room inside the bag for all the beach essentials you think you need. Even more, these bags are so light and comfortable to carry. They can also be a statement piece if you style them the right way.

Given the many straw bags available on the market today, we know how confusing it might be to choose from all these available options. So, we’ve curated some of the best models on the market and created the list below. Read on and learn more about them!

Chloe Medium Marcie Basket


We decided to start our review with this Instagrammable luxurious bag from Chloe. Chloe Medium Marcie Basket is made of straw and leather for an ultimate feminine design. We know it won’t be the first option for many women because of its very expensive price, yet, as usual, we wanted to try different things and include all possible options to satisfy different tastes.

The quality is nothing to speak of. This bag is one of the highest qualities you can go for. Although it doesn’t have an inner lining, our stuff didn’t get stuck inside because it’s perfectly woven in the neatest way ever. Watch this unboxing video to have a closer look at this beautiful bag!


  • The quality is perfect
  • The bag has fine leather details
  • Its size is suitable as a tote bag


  • It’s too expensive for some people

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QTKJ Woven Tote Bag


We could easily distinguish ourselves from others with this simple QTKJ Woven Tote Bag. We didn’t have to go for the most expensive bags and branded ones to make a statement, just a few details like the finish, the design, and versatility are key. After receiving the bag, we couldn’t wait to style it and head anywhere with this bag to see how it looks.

“We love this bag to the moon and back. It’s now our everday tote bag for everywhere. It’s affordable, stylish, and we love the color as well. A new staple to our summer bags.”


With its minimalistic look, the bag leverages a boho style we love a lot, especially in summer. We quickly learned that there are so many styling options that can work with this versatile bag. Given its price, it’s fair to say this bag is one of the cheapest, yet prettiest accessories we got this summer. We also paired it with one of those cheap dresses for summer to have a lovely priceless look.


  • It’s made of natural woven straw
  • The price is affordable
  • The size is suitable for most outings


  • It doesn’t have zippered pockets inside

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KALIDI Straw Tote Beach Bag


Our idea of a perfect straw bag is a bag that lasts for years holding whatever it can hold without frequent tear and wear. Thus, when we came across KALIDI Straw Tote Beach Bag, we thought it was the ideal beach bag we were looking for. We know that we should focus on the seams inside and the straps to know if it’s really a good quality bag or not. Thus, this was the first test.

The bag is made of nylon straw which is somehow durable but a bit rough. The inner lining had two pouches and a zippered pocket suitable for mobiles, keys, wallets, and things like that. The straps are well stitched to the bag as well as the lining. Overall, it’s a good bag for a beach day but not with so many belongings to take to the beach.


  • The material is durable
  • There are different colors of the bag
  • It has inner pockets


  • It isn’t very large as it appears in the image

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The Drop Tracy Canvas Detail Straw Tote


Too many embellishments can be tricky. Sure, they add to the bag, but too many of them may convey crowdedness and unease. That’s why we appreciate The Drop Tracy Canvas Detail Straw Tote, this simple, yet, detailed bag featuring a little canvas detail on both sides of the bag with different colors to choose from.

This simple, and only, detail on the straw bag perfectly adds an edge to the bag. It’s a nice visual in a different color completely contrasting the beige color of the straw bag to pop out and draw attention to the bag. We love the idea of repeating colors, so, we chose the hot pink bag with an outfit including shades of pink and fuschia. It upscaled the outfit more than we ever thought.


  • The bag is simple, yet, elegant
  • It’s durable for use for many seasons
  • The size is suitable for many people


  • It’s a bit stiff

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Mar Y Sol Samana Ombre Stripe Tote Straw Bag


Best Colors. Designed with four shades of colors, the Mar Y Sol Samana Ombre Stripe Tote Straw Bag deserves a place in your wardrobe if you have enough budget for such a bag. It works as an everyday bag and a beach bag as well. It can be the masterpiece of your outfit no matter what you’re wearing.

There is no lining or any kind of closure for this bag. Yet, we didn’t find it a problem as we could just lay it on its flat bottom which is sturdy enough to stand still on its own. The bag is pricey, no doubt, yet we didn’t find anything in the same summer colors and same embellishments that is worth buying more than this bag. We also tried to make our outfits look more popping by applying colorful nail polishes for summer to match the bag.


  • It comes in very attractive colors
  • The bottom is flat and sturdy
  • It looks so elegant


  • It’s pricey

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Moroccan Original Handicrafts Palm Leaf Backpack


Masterfully handwoven in Morocco, the Moroccan Original Handicrafts Palm Leaf Backpack proves that tote bags can look different from what we’re all used to and they can be more practical as well. This bag is both a backpack and a tote bag, you can use it either way. This uniquely crafted bag is handmade by Moroccan women using natural palm leaf straw. Imagine the amount of effort put into this bag.

Looking at the interior, it has a spacious interior for shopping days, beach days, and even for new moms. The bag is lightweight so as not to add weight to your shoulders whether you’ll wear it as a backpack or a tote bag. You’ll be tempted to carry all your things inside, so, you already have enough weight.


  • The bag can be carried in two ways
  • It’s handmade using natural straw
  • The material is lightweight


  • It was expected to be more durable at this price point

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Freie Liebe Straw Woven Tote Bag


Forget about everything you previously know about beach bags. Freie Liebe Straw Woven Tote Bag reinvents traditional straw bags in a more playful way that looks fashionable and functional as well. This is one of the most spacious bags we have ever worn. You could literally fit everything inside the bag and there is a small pocket inside too.

Speaking of fashion, the bag comes in colors you won’t always find for straw bags. There are green and Fuschia colors that easily match most summer outfits. Not into colorful straw bags? Go for the beige or khaki bags. Alternatively, a black straw bag can be a perfect choice for any outfit, so, you’re totally covered.


  • The bag has a spacious interior
  • It comes in different colors
  • The straw material is woven in a nice design


  • The zippers are a bit flimsy

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Vera Bradley Straw Bucket Tote Bag


Didn’t find a statement straw tote bag yet? Vera Bradley Straw Bucket Tote Bag is what you’re looking for to completely change how you look on the beach this summer. Complete it with the cutest sandals for summer, and you won the best outfit this season. The bag is available in three colors, we chose this one in the image below to replicate the shades of the sky hugging the sea.

The bag is so spacious to hold all our beach items and personal belongings for a full day under the sun. Also, it’s a structured bag that isn’t too stiff and not too flimsy. It settled comfortably on our shoulders while not feeling too heavy. One thing to note here, you need to take care of the bag and clean it with a damp cloth regularly, so, it would last forever. Check out its official product page for more information!


  • The colors are so attractive and stylish
  • It’s a lightweight bag
  • It has a spacious interior


  • It looks better in the photos than in reality

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BeeGreen Initial Jute Beach Tote Bag


We’d be lying if we didn’t say we loved BeeGreen Initial Jute Beach Tote Bag for the personalization it offers in the first place. Who doesn’t want to have a piece of accessories that reflects her name? We didn’t exert much effort to get a tote bag with the first letter of our names on it, all the options are available, you just have to choose the letter you want.

Apart from the personalization feature it offers, there are other things that might encourage you to buy the bag. It’s so spacious from the inside that it handled our too many things to the beach. Also, the price point is something we couldn’t just ignore. Well, we know the quality isn’t the best, but it’s just enough for straw tote bags for summer.


  • It’s so spacious with enough inner space
  • The bag offers some personalization
  • The bag is cheap


  • It’s a bit flimsy

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Epsion Straw Beach Bag


Best for Short Outings. A tote straw bag doesn’t have to be large to look good. Epsion Straw Beach Bag will capture the essence of a summer day on the beach but in a neat way. Perhaps, one of the things that made us hesitant to choose this bag is that it isn’t large enough for the beach. Yet, if you aren’t a woman who packs a lot or you need a tote straw bag for anywhere else, not essentially the beach, this bag is perfect.

We were so lucky to find a natural straw bag at this price point. Plus, the tassel on one side of the straps added to the elegance of the bag. Inside, the lining is polyester with pockets and a zippered pocket for organizing things. It’s a typical straw bag of medium size for several uses.


  • The bag is made of natural straw
  • It’s well-organized from inside
  • The price is good for such a bag


  • It isn’t the highest-quality bag ever

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Ayliss Straw Woven Tote Handmade Bag


Best for Casual Outings. If your request is just a simple straw bag for casual summer outings, Ayliss Straw Woven Tote Handmade Bag will appeal to you. We got this bag for a weekend with friends but later, it became our casual bag for every summer outing. Its simple design and handles along with the suitable interior space made it a favorite for us.

Even more, the handles come in a comfortable length, so, they’re long enough for a tote bag. Further, there is one inner pocket for things we wanted to reach every now and then like our mobile phone and money. Overall, it’s a straightforward straw tote bag for summer days that would do the job.


  • It has enough room inside
  • It’s too lightweight
  • The straps are long and comfortable


  • The weave isn’t the highest quality

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Hibala Woven Large Straw Bag


Most Spacious. Hibala Woven Large Straw Bag is a must for women who pack a lot and want a single straw bag to stuff all these things inside. The bag has enough room for a beach towel, small items such as a wallet or cards, and even a laptop or a tablet. We tested this ourselves and we ensure you that everything mentioned above can be comfortably placed inside the bag.

As far as practicality and versatility go, this bag is unbeatable. The material is also another point we couldn’t just mention. It’s a bit waterproof to protect our things inside while we were on the beach. Also, we were confused with the so many designs of the bag but luckily it’s cheap enough to choose more than one. We encourage you to read this review from Don’t waste your money for more about this bag.


  • The inner space is large
  • It’s made of eco-friendly material that is also waterproof
  • There are many designs


  • It doesn’t have zippers or buttons

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QTKJ Summer Straw Crossbody tote Bag


To look elegant and in our elements, we’ll go for this womanly QTKJ Summer Straw Crossbody Tote Bag. As you can guess from the name, it’s a crossbody and a tote bag at the same time. It has two handles, a short and another long one. Adding to the basic beige color it comes in, we could literally wear it with every outfit this summer.

For more elegance, there is a hanging pendant that could be removed if you want. We learned that the material is natural rattan and that it’s handmade as well. Hence, we expected an expensive price, but luckily, it came at a reasonable price given the features and material. Pair this bag with your cutest summer sandals and strapless dress and you’re good to go!


  • It’s a natural handmade rattan bag
  • The bag looks so chic and elegant
  • You can hold it using the short or long handle


  • The handles could have been longer

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Our Verdict!

If you asked us, which bags are the top ones among the 13 bags mentioned above, we would give this list as a comprehensive answer. These are our favorites based on certain features.

How To Choose The Best Straw Tote Bags for Summer?

When shopping for a straw bag, the design of the bag isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. There are also a few other things to take care of, and here are the most important ones.


Even though it appears that straw bags are all made of straw, this isn’t true. There are different materials used for straw bags such as raffia, ratan, and paper straw. Raffia bags are the most common ones, they’re good and easy to clean. Ratan bags are more durable and a good option as well. Aim for high-quality straw materials that last for years. Some straw bags can be very cheap that they don’t even bear your belongings inside.

Size and inner space

Since we’re only interested in tote bags, most probably you’ll find them large enough to pack all your things easily. However, very large bags aren’t as comfortable as you might think. They would fool you that you can stuff your wardrobe inside but all you end up with is pain in the shoulders. Another point we always bear in mind is the internal space and how it’s organized. Are there internal pockets or just one large compartment? Is the lining inside strong and the seams are well-stitched?


Finally, we had to consider different styles while preparing this list because we know different styles suit different outfits. Some people liked straw bags with other materials used to create attractive details such as leather linings. Also, now, straw doesn’t only come in beige and tan colors, there are many other colors that pop up with one-colored swimsuits. So, take your time browsing different styles before choosing.

Can I use tote bags for classy outings?

Although tote bags are more of a casual style, you can find some options that suit nighty outings. For example, smaller tote bags with leather details and metal closures.

How can I clean my straw tote bag?

You don’t need to wash it, a damp piece of cloth will do the trick. Yet, don’t forget to clean it from the inside as well and get rid of any dust and debris inside.

How can I organize a large straw tote bag?

If you have a lot of items, especially small items, and your bag doesn’t come with pockets inside, think of getting a bag organizer. It’s so helpful in these cases.