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6 Etsy Evil Eye Bracelets

Historically, the ‘Evil Eye,’ as it’s called, is considered to be a stare or a look or a thought placed upon the unprotected, bringing about bad luck. This belief is taken quite seriously in many cultures, but its origins lie in the Mediterranean and West Asia and are also called “nazar.” Hence, this is where the quasi-universal symbol of protection comes in – in the form of evil eye jewelry. They are said to counter the ill effects of all negative gaze by providing constant protection while also providing positive energy to those who wear them. Today, the mesmerizing Evil Eye charm is very popular as jewelry, as evidenced by our sheer choices for Etsy evil eye bracelets. The most common design is a blue eye with a white background, but there are other variations as well.

These include everything from silver and gold ones to beaded versions and even feature-ringed circle ones. The bracelet choices we browsed through were all dainty yet versatile in design, making it easy to style them. Whether you believe in the myth or not, they do make for gorgeous jewelry. Here’s a detailed guide to Etsy’s best and most stylish takes on warding off the evil eye.

Agata Store Jewelry Evil Eye 18k Gold Chain Bracelet


The Agata Store Jewelry Evil Eye 18k Gold Chain Bracelet is the perfect everyday bracelet to wear for protection against the “evil eye”. Instead of just a single evil eye design, this bracelet has many of them instead, linked by a chain bracelet. The design is what makes this bracelet unique and one of a kind. The bracelet, filled with rhodium or 18K gold, is hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t cause any irritation, rashes, or anything else. What we loved about the bracelet was that we could also choose from five different widths, and we even had the option of getting a two-inch extender as well. If that wasn’t enough, we even had the option of three finishes, dark blue, light blue, and red.


  • Since it’s nickel and lead-free, it’s 100% hypoallergenic and will suit people with very sensitive skin.
  • The bracelet not only looks good but is extremely durable too.
  • It’s a great alternative to expensive gold jewelry.


  • It needs a lot of care.
Agata Store Jewelry Evil Eye 18k Gold Chain Bracelet - by Etsy
Agata Store Jewelry Evil Eye 18k Gold Chain Bracelet – by Etsy

A Majestic Rose Evil Eye Stretch Bracelet


The A Majestic Rose Evil Eye Stretch Bracelet is the most common of all kinds of bracelets. Since it’s stretchable, it fits wrists of all sizes, which is what makes it so universal and versatile. This handmade jewel is made from glass and features multiple beads strung onto a stretchable string. We loved the smaller size of the beads, making the design look much more detailed than many other eye beads we’ve seen. Moreover, the glass beads feature the traditional evil eye design of a white eye on a blue background. Even though it’s on a stretchable string, we had eight bracelet lengths to choose from and three bead sizes. Finally, we could even choose multiple bracelet quantities ranging from 2 to 13!

“We were looking for the perfect evil eye bracelets to gift each other among our group of friends, and this one was perfect in every sense of the word.”



  • Since it’s stretchable, the bracelet fits wrists of all sizes. Even then, it has size options.
  • It perfectly suits those who don’t want to wear gold or gold-like evil eye jewelry.
  • The beads have an excellent design.


  • It might be a bit too simple for stylish jewelry.
A Majestic Rose Evil Eye Stretch Bracelet - by Etsy
A Majestic Rose Evil Eye Stretch Bracelet – by Etsy

Grec Muse Chunky Mother-of-pearl Evil Eye Bracelet


We were looking to make a stylish and flamboyant statement with evil eye bracelets, which is why the Grec Muse Chunky Mother-of-pearl Evil Eye Bracelet was just what we needed. This chunky bracelet not only has a traditional evil eye charm but also has huge mother-of-pearl beads for the actual wrist design. Basically, they’re a mixture of mother-of-pearl beds and glass pearls, which makes this bracelet as trendy and fun as it’s traditional. We loved the flat, gold enamel-rimmed evil eye design made from brass, with the blue eye in the center of a white background. But what we really appreciated was the secure closure and the extension chain, which ensured that the length of the bracelet was adjustable, making for a very thoughtful design.


  • It’s a handmade, made-to-order item.
  • The evil eye charm is very well-designed, as is the pearl wrist design.
  • It’s traditional and trendy at the same time.


  • The style might be a bit too flamboyant for some.
Grec Muse Chunky Mother-of-pearl Evil Eye Bracelet - by Etsy
Grec Muse Chunky Mother-of-pearl Evil Eye Bracelet – by Etsy

HY Gold Jewelry 14K Gold Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet


Bangle bracelets have a sophisticated charm, so we loved the HY Gold Jewelry 14K Gold Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet. Since we have a minimalist style when it comes to jewelry, this bangle bracelet perfectly suited our sensibilities. For one, the bracelet was made from 14K gold, meaning it was hypoallergenic, nickel, and lead-free. So, even people with sensitive skin could wear it. What’s more, the workmanship is particularly outstanding, especially the well-designed evil eye in the center. It features a white and black eye against a brilliant ultramarine blue color. Plus, it’s even studded with clear stones around the evil eye design, enhancing it and making it all the better. A secure and easy-to-use spring ring closure completes the bracelet.


  • The bangle bracelet boasts a unique, minimalistic style.
  • It’s hypoallergenic and lead and nickel-free.
  • We could even add our personalization to it.


  • Some people noted some issues with shipping.
HY Gold Jewelry 14K Gold Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet - by Etsy
HY Gold Jewelry 14K Gold Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet – by Etsy

Your Lucky Charms USA Multicolor Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet


For those who love multicolored jewelry, this Your Lucky Charms USA Multicolor Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet is just the thing they want. This lovely handmade item features a well-designed and comfortable nylon cord, which can be adjusted to the size of our wrists. What’s more, it even features 6mm evil eye glass charms in multiple colors including blue, red, and yellow. What’s more, they are all interspersed with 2mm of faceted multicolored stones, which only enhance the beauty of the bracelet. Rounding up the design is a flat bead in the design, which we had the choice to make from gold or silver. Wear this lovely bracelet on the left wrist and watch it bring you good luck and keep you safe!


  • The bracelet’s size is adjustable, fitting from 4.5-7.5 inches sizes.
  • We had the option to personalize it with gold or silver.
  • The evil eye and glass beads are very well-designed in detail.


  • Some people might find it a tad too colorful.
Your Lucky Charms USA Multicolor Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet - by Etsy
Your Lucky Charms USA Multicolor Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet – by Etsy


The Dainty Personalized Co. Cuban Link Chain Evil Eye Bracelet is at the top of the list. This handmade item is designed from 925 sterling silver and in a very minimalist style. What’s more, we had the option of 4 finishes, i.e., 925 sterling silver, 14K gold, rose gold, and no finish as well. Moreover, we had the choice of 13 chain lengths, which meant that we could order multiple bracelets to fit wrists of all sizes. The standout feature is the evil eye design in the center, which is made up of cubic zirconia stones surrounding a blue one in the center. A secure and well-designed lobster claw design completes the bracelet.

Check out the personalized jewelry boxes on Etsy to keep your personalized evil eye jewelry.


  • We could choose from four finishes.
  • The bracelet itself is made from 925 sterling silver and is very well-designed.
  • The evil eye design is made from cubic zirconia stones and is beautiful.


  • None.
Dainty Personalized Co. Cuban Link Chain Evil Eye Bracelet - by Etsy
Dainty Personalized Co. Cuban Link Chain Evil Eye Bracelet – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Evil Eye Bracelets?

Quality and Authenticity

When buying evil eye bracelets, quality and authenticity are crucial factors that one needs to consider. Since imitations and counterfeit bracelets can be found on the market, they don’t have the cultural significance and protective properties of the authentic ones. So, choose reputable sellers and ensure that the bracelets you go for are made from high-quality materials.

Fit and Size

Finding the right fit and size for your evil eye bracelet is another important factor. After all, you don’t want them to be too tight or too loose, do you? Since these bracelets come in various fits and sizes, measuring the wrist accurately is important to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. In the end, a bracelet that is too tight or too loose can be ineffective and uncomfortable.

Personal Preferences and Style

Finally, we come to the most important factor when it comes to choosing jewelry. Since there is a wide range of materials and designs available, choosing the right evil eye bracelets could be overwhelming. So, we considered our personal preferences and styles, choosing bracelets that aligned with our tastes while also reflecting our beliefs and intentions.

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What hand should I wear my evil eye bracelet?

You can wear evil eye bracelets on either wrist. However, you need to choose one depending on what you need to protect. Wearing them on the right wrist protects material objects like projects, belongings, and money. Wearing them on the left wrist, on the other hand, protects your emotional strength and personal life, such as feelings and relationships.

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

The short answer is yes, evil eye bracelets do work. They’re meant to protect people from the envious and malicious energy surrounding them, providing good energy to outweigh the bad. 

What color evil eye bracelets do I wear?

Traditionally, evil eye amulets are a deep cobalt blue. However, today they’re available in many colors, such as reds, greens, yellows, and even blacks and whites.

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