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Find Your Best Personalized Jewelry Box Etsy Offers on This List

Excellent jewelry requires excellent storage. After we’d come home and take off our favorite gilded goodies, it would be very tempting to set them on the nearest surface until we wore them next. However, that’s perhaps not the best way to preserve their good looks for a long time. And, of course, once we saw the beauty of custom jewelry boxes, we just had to have them, didn’t we? When it comes to a pretty personalized jewelry box, Etsy does it best. The many options at Etsy not only fit our style and preferences but also come in a variety of sizes to store our most treasured accessories.

Since everything must have its designated place, the same thing applies to jewelry like vintage Etsy earrings. Plus, they also made for stylish additions to our vanity and bedroom! Check out our detailed guide to custom and unique jewelry boxes on Etsy for all of your aesthetic organizing needs.

Galleria Innocente Personalized Jewelry Box


Do you generally keep your jewelry and watches together? Then consider getting the Galleria Innocente Personalized Jewelry Box. This modern jewelry box looks like it’s ready for a black tie event and is made from powder-coated metal and Huon pine. In fact, the color combination makes it look nothing less than the tuxedo of jewelry organizers. Aside from a valet tray, it even has a polished resin handle and is lined with velour. So, where’s the personalization bit? We could put our initials engraved on a chrome plaque, just like a chic set of cufflinks! All in all, this personalized jewelry-and-watch box is a great gift for him/her.


  • The quality and craftsmanship of the box is amazing.
  • It’s an excellent modern jewelry-cum-watch box.
  • It’s a handmade, made-to-order item.


  • Shipping times are very long.
Galleria Innocente Personalized Jewelry Box - by Etsy
Galleria Innocente Personalized Jewelry Box – by Etsy

Save The Date Designs Co. Octagon Velvet Ring Box


We’re absolute fans of rings and own more than a dozen different Etsy rings! That’s why we got excited when we stumbled on the Save The Date Designs Co. Octagon Velvet Ring Box. Made from high-grade, soft, and durable velvet material, this box boasted a velvet cushion on the inside that securely held our rings in place. What’s more, we could choose between single-slot and double-slot ones, depending on how many rings we wanted stored in one box. The winning feature was that we could choose different colors for the box and even include a permanently stamped vinyl decal on the top. We had the choice of initials, monograms, dates, and names.

“Thanks to Etsy, we were able to customize the coolest jewelry boxes for our rings!”



  • We had color and size options for the boxes.
  • We could personalize our initials on the top of the box and even choose the decal color.
  • It’s a handmade item.


  • Shipping is extra.
Save The Date Designs Co. Octagon Velvet Ring Box - by Etsy
Save The Date Designs Co. Octagon Velvet Ring Box – by Etsy

Made In Rose Travel Velvet Jewelry Box


We were looking for a great jewelry box for our travels, and we liked the Made In Rose Travel Velvet Jewelry Box a lot. This Italian velvet travel jewelry box is the perfect size for carrying jewelry for even a 15-day trip. We had the choice of six colors, including the champagne pink you see below. The mirror was an especially great touch, which meant that we could fix ourselves up even on the go. Not only could we customize it with our names or initials, but we could even choose the font. Wrapping things up is the snap closure, which ensured that all our jewels were secure inside.


  • Thanks to the high-quality soft velvet lining, our jewelry was protected.
  • We had a choice of colors.
  • We could personalize the box.


  • It could take slightly longer to ship.
Made In Rose Travel Velvet Jewelry Box - by Etsy
Made In Rose Travel Velvet Jewelry Box – by Etsy

Pera Case 3-Layer Jewelry Box


We were looking for a jewelry case for our vanity in which we could store everything from wedding rings to layered necklaces. That’s why the Pera Case 3-Layer Jewelry Box was perfect for us. This lockable three-layered jewelry box came with a huge storage space and hanging hooks where we could hang bracelets and hoop earrings. What’s more, there are many compartments to store all different kinds of jewelry. Since the box was made from vegan leather and boasted a soft lining, it was smooth to the touch, durable, and anti-abrasive. The best bit? The soft inner lining protected our jewelry from damage by preventing it from rubbing against each other or even the box.


  • The design is compact and simple, with flexible removable dividers.
  • We could organize our jewelry very well.
  • We could choose from four colors and even monogram our initials on the box.


  • It’s expensive.
Pera Case 3-Layer Jewelry Box - by Etsy
Pera Case 3-Layer Jewelry Box – by Etsy

Made In Rose Suede Jewelry Roll


The Made In Rose Suede Jewelry Roll is a rather unique and different jewelry box – because it’s not a box! Instead, it’s a jewelry roll with different slots, compartments, and types of storage for different kinds of jewelry. And since it’s a roll, not a box, it’s an excellent Etsy custom jewelry box for travel. Made from luxury Italian velvet, this roll features full suede on the inside that’s comfy and soft to the touch. In fact, the high-quality soft velvet lining protected our jewelry, especially since we were traveling with it. What we loved most about it was, though, that we monogram our initials on top of the roll. This, apart from the fact that we had five color choices for the roll itself – lavender pink, emerald green, royal blue, silver gray, and dark rose.


  • This is one of the best travel jewelry boxes we’ve seen.
  • We could even personalize it.
  • It’s very reasonably priced.


  • The white and champagne fonts might look slightly washed out on the lighter colors.
Made In Rose Suede Jewelry Roll - by Etsy
Made In Rose Suede Jewelry Roll – by Etsy

Alda Production Personalized Wooden Jewelry Box


The Alda Production Personalized Wooden Jewelry Box sits at the top of the list for more reasons than one. Firstly, the box is made from 100% high-quality wood, which meant that it not only looked good but was durable too. What’s more, on the inside, it was the ultimate solution for our jewelry organizing needs. This was thanks to the different slots and pockets to securely hold our bracelets, earrings, rings, bangles, and necklaces. But what made it even a great gift, especially for newlywed brides, was that we could engrave it with a name or initials and dates and make it a personalized gift. That, along with the fact that the box came with a gift pouch, made it to the top of this list.


  • We could choose between a rectangular and a hexagonal-shaped box.
  • It could be personalized.
  • It was well-designed.


  • None.
Alda Production Personalized Wooden Jewelry Box - by Etsy
Alda Production Personalized Wooden Jewelry Box – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Personalized Jewelry Box on Etsy?

Protective Materials

One of the top factors to check for when it comes to jewelry boxes, personalized or otherwise, is whether they’re made from and feature protective materials actually touching the jewelry. Since jewelry is susceptible to getting damaged during transport, protective materials such as padded envelopes, pillows, and bubble wrap can avoid that.

Jewelry Bag/Pouch

The ultimate thing, besides the actual jewelry, is to create an attractive unboxing experience for the customer. Look for Etsy shops that put the jewelry in a drawstring bag or pouch before the jewelry box. While we love natural-looking materials like linen and cotton bags, the velvety fabric is also great for a jewelry pouch.

Appreciation and freebies

In the end, including a handwritten or printed thank you card is a great way for sellers to show their appreciation for their customers, and many Etsy sellers do that. Another hallmark of a great Etsy seller is when they include a small gift to surprise customers and make them feel special. While it doesn’t devalue the actual products, it’s just a gesture that certainly makes customers feel special. Have they included a discount code for future buys? Go for them.‍

What fabric is used in jewelry boxes?

Usually, natural fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton are the best choices as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Another good choice is velvet, that’s made from cotton, rayon, and silk.

Is it necessary to have a jewelry box?

Do you have a sizable amount of jewelry? Then, you should definitely use a jewelry box for safe storage.

What makes a good jewelry box?

One of the best things to do is look for boxes with compartments to store different kinds of jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Etsy.