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6 Best Etsy Rings for Women

When Mila Kunis revealed that she’d bought her and her husband Ashton Kutcher’s wedding bands on Etsy, peeps were shocked that A-listers were buying such important keepsakes from the indie seller. However, we weren’t surprised. Not only is there a wide range of gorgeous Etsy rings for women, but also there are innumerable categories for the same. We’ve found everything from engagement rings and cocktail rings to simple bands and even stacked rings for those of us who can’t get enough of them even on one finger! If that wasn’t enough, many shops even create custom designs, which makes an already special piece of jewelry even more special and meaningful. So, what are you waiting for? Measure your ring size as we lay down some of the best rings from the Indie website that’s become a darling for jewelry lovers.

Jewels By Sailor Cluster Moss Agate Engagement Ring


We absolutely fell in love with this unique and stunning Jewels By Sailor Cluster Moss Agate Engagement Ring, especially since we wanted to ditch a diamond! There are many reasons why we loved this moss agate ring, starting with the lovely color. The shades of green looked different in different lights, which was especially made all the better by the intricate detailing. What’s more, we could choose the band color from anything ranging from 925 sterling silver to 14K gold. In fact, the 14K gold version complemented our Etsy 14k gold bracelet too! Moreover, the Art Deco style only enhances the beauty of the stone, the setting, and the jewel. All in all, the ring certainly had us believing in love at first sight – with ourselves.


  • This stunning ring makes for a great alternative to an engagement ring.
  • The stone and setting are unique.
  • We loved the customization options.


  • Shipping took a bit of time.
Jewels By Sailor Cluster Moss Agate Engagement Ring - by Etsy
Jewels By Sailor Cluster Moss Agate Engagement Ring – by Etsy

Caitlyn Minimalist Dainty Diamond Ring Set


We’re huge fans of stacked rings, which is why it was love at first sight with the Caitlyn Minimalist Dainty Diamond Ring Set. This stunning set features three stacking rings, each of which we could wear alone on their own, too, on separate fingers. When we wanted to attract attention to them, we’d stack them all together to make a glamorous and flamboyant statement. In fact, it was the versatility of the ring set that got us so many compliments. What’s more, the rings are made from high-quality solid 925 sterling silver, with options for an 18K gold or a sterling silver finish that was up to us.

We loved the three cubic zirconia diamond gemstone rings. One of them featured baguette and round stones, and the second one had pave diamonds, each on a 1 mm thin band. The third, on the other hand, was itself a sprinkle diamond textured band, which set it apart from any ring we’d ever seen.


  • All we had to do to order them was choose our ring sizes and finishes.
  • All jewelry from this seller came nicely packaged and ready to gift in elegant recyclable boxes.
  • It’s a unique, handmade item.


  • The dainty design might not be for everybody.
Caitlyn Minimalist Dainty Diamond Ring Set - by Etsy
Caitlyn Minimalist Dainty Diamond Ring Set – by Etsy

Istanbul Jewel Silver Turkish Ottoman Ring


Ever since we’ve been to Turkey, we’ve become absolute fans of their jaw-droppingly gorgeous jewelry, which ranges from statement to minimalist. But what if we told you we found a ring that combines both aesthetics and looks decidedly like it’s from another century? Behold the gorgeous Istanbul Jewel Silver Turkish Ottoman Ring, a mid-century-styled ring that had us falling in love with it at first sight. This handmade ruby ring is designed from 925 sterling silver and bronze (for the yellow gold effect).

What’s more, it featured cubic zirconia stones set in a lovely prong setting, but the highlight is the blood-red rubies in the central design. The floral design features eight circular rubies around a larger, oval-shaped ruby that catches the eye of anybody who sees this ring. Delicate, flamboyant, antique, and modern all at once, this is the ring to wear to turn heads.


  • It’s a handmade item and unique.
  • We loved the Turkish-Ottoman design style of the ring.
  • Since the material is silver, the ring works for people with sensitive skin too.


  • Some people might find the ring size a little too large for their fingers.
Istanbul Jewel Silver Turkish Ottoman Ring - by Etsy
Istanbul Jewel Silver Turkish Ottoman Ring – by Etsy

Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring


We’ve always been fans of name jewelry, like name pendants. This time we thought to take it up a notch and go for a name ring, and what better than the Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring to make a statement? This is one of the most unique pieces of jewelry we’ve found on Etsy, and we were thrilled as the ring was dainty enough for us to wear it every day. What’s more, it’s made from high-quality solid 925 sterling silver, with the option of rose gold, 18K gold, and sterling silver for the finish.

In order to get our name on the ring, all we needed to do was our complete first and last names for the top and bottom design in the personalization box. While we wanted our complete names, others went for initials, and there were some who simply personalized the ring with numbers! Did you know we could even choose a font of our choosing? Yes!


  • The seller/shop makes these rings in a custom manner by hand.
  • We could personalize the rings and make them made-to-order.
  • We absolutely loved the minimalistic style.


  • The shipping times are longer.
Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring - by Etsy
Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring – by Etsy

Anavia Design Dainty Birthstone Ring


Birthstone rings are always special because they’re so specific. That, as well as the promise ring design, is why we loved the Anavia Design Dainty Birthstone Ring so much. This birthstone ring is an elegant and beautiful piece of jewelry made from 925 sterling silver. What’s more, it boasted a minimalist design with a stackable ring style, allowing us to stack the rings and wear them for a statement, trendy look or wear them alone. Moreover, we could customize the ring with different birthstones, which included ours, our partner’s, and our family’s birthstones, too, to make it more special.

“We were thrilled to be able to wear not just our birthstone, but even our partner’s and our family’s birthstones on our fingers!”



  • The rings came with a gift box, so if you want to gift it to somebody, they’re perfect.
  • We could select not only the color of the stones but also the setting and the number!
  • They have all ring sizes available.


  • Some might find the rings a bit too dainty.
Anavia Design Dainty Birthstone Ring - by Etsy
Anavia Design Dainty Birthstone Ring – by Etsy

Soulin Jewellery Self-Love Ring


Nothing’s quite as special as a self-love ring, is there? The Soulin Jewellery Self Love Ring is just that – it’s more than just a piece of gorgeous jewelry. This dainty pavé circular ring is one of the best Etsy gem rings we’ve seen for more reasons than one. For one, this piece of jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and is plated with 18K white gold. What lends it the brilliance is the AAA-grade cubic zirconia stones. which caught the light as we moved our hands. In fact, we could even select primary colors from white, pink, and blue. If you want to give this ring as a gift, then the seller could even include a message card about self-love, putting the past behind, and moving on.


  • The stones and the metal are nickel and tarnish-free.
  • This ring works wonderfully as a gift.
  • It even comes with a message card.


  • None, really.
Soulin Jewellery Self-Love Ring - by Etsy
Soulin Jewellery Self-Love Ring – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Rings For Women?

Types of rings

There are different kinds of rings, some of which are engagement rings, wedding bands, cocktail rings, signet rings, birthstone ones, promise rings, stackable rings, solitaire rings, pink rings…well, the list is endless. When shopping for rings, figure out what you want before you go looking for it.


Rings feature a variety of metal bands, whether it’s rose gold, white gold, platinum, gold, and more. This completely depends on the tastes and preferences of the person wearing the ring. Since every metal is lovely, we took a look at our jewelry choices, especially rings, to confirm what we actually liked.

Style and setting

Not every ring is set in the same way. Usually, stones in rings are held in place by different settings. Two of the most popular types of settings are prong and bezel settings:

  1. Bezel: This is a protective style setting and doesn’t snag on clothes. It’s an excellent choice for sharp and pointy diamonds are that likelier to chip.
  2. Prong: Prongs are narrow metal supports that hold the diamond in place for edgy, modern, or classic appearances.


Diamonds have gradations that are determined by the 4 Cs:

  • Carat: This is the stone’s weight, and the heavier the stone, the larger the carat weight.
  • Clarity: This refers to the lack of imperfections and inclusions in the diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the better. Moreover, the range is from the highest IF to the lowest I.
  • Color: The diamond coloration range is from the highest, which is D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Most diamonds on the market are white-colored diamonds, as colorless diamonds are expensive and rare.
  • Cut: Finallt, we come to the cut of the diamond. Those that are cut well add superb brilliance to the stone, and it greatly impacts the final look of the diamond.

You might also want to check out other best Etsy anniversary gifts as well as the best Etsy wedding gifts.

Are Etsy rings good?

Absolutely, Etsy is a trusted source for any kind of ring, even engagement rings.

What rings do you wear every day?

When it comes to daily wear, gold is a classic choice as it’s easy to care for and durable. That said, silver is also an excellent alternative for the same reasons.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Etsy.