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Best Etsy Wedding Gifts

The wedding season is a time of gift-giving only rivaled by the winter holidays! And when one is a wedding guest like us, the question on our mind is always, “What do we get them?” Honing in on amazing and jaw-dropping wedding gifts for bridal showers, bridesmaid gifts, or for the couple isn’t an easy feat. Thankfully, when we looked at Etsy wedding gifts, we found a hoard of fabulous gifts for the couple. Whether we were looking for the gregarious groom or the blushing bride, the website is rife with some of the best wedding gifts we’ve seen in years. Still, it can be quite overwhelming narrowing down to the perfect present. That’s why we’ve also developed a gift-giving guide, along with listing the best big-day gifts we could find.

La Vie Sainte Oyster Salt and Pepper Dishes


Does the couple who’s getting married love to entertain? The La Vie Sainte Oyster Salt and Pepper Dishes set is perfect for them. This chic, coastal salt-and-pepper-dishes set will certainly level up any tablescape game. We especially loved the blue-and-white color scheme, which makes these vessels wonderful Hanukkah gifts as well. These dishes are crafted from high-quality oyster shells, with the shells having been chosen carefully for their natural beauty, shape, and size. Moreover, the gold is golden leaf paint. The best bit? The set even comes with a set of two mini gold scoop spoons.


  • These items are handcrafted.
  • They’re made from natural oyster shells.
  • The blue and white color scheme is the perfect wedding gifting color.


  • While the dishes are dishwasher-safe, they need to be cleaned with a damp cloth. So they require a good amount of maintenance.
La Vie Sainte Oyster Salt and Pepper Dishes - by Etsy
La Vie Sainte Oyster Salt and Pepper Dishes – by Etsy

Frankie Norman Designs Personalized Couple Portrait


How about giving a wedding gift that’s been featured in The Knot,, and Vogue? That’s what we thought – and did too! Presenting the Frankie Norman Designs Personalized Couple Portrait, which makes for a handcrafted, bespoke illustration that’s truly a keepsake. For one, we had the choice of two sizes, A4 and A5. This print brings the wedding portrait to life in a wonderful artistic form. All we needed to do is send the Etsy maker a photograph of what we’d like illustrated, along with color and text preferences. Did you know that they have the option to add pets too? Yes!


  • We had the choice of two sizes.
  • The prints can be customized for color and text too.
  • This makes for a keepsake from the wedding ceremony.


  • The prints come unframed.
Frankie Norman Designs Personalized Couple Portrait - by Etsy
Frankie Norman Designs Personalized Couple Portrait – by Etsy

CAL Giftery Passport Holders and Luggage Tags


Is the couple that’s getting married a pair of wanderlusters? We’ve found just the thing to give them, the CAL Giftery Passport Holders and Luggage Tags. This is one heck of a wedding gift that gets them ready for and makes them look forward to their honeymoon. The passport holder and luggage tag are both made from 100% leather-looking PU with a Saffiano fine-grain finish. So, no matter which color we picked – and there were a lot of choices – they looked chic and sophisticated. What’s more, we could even customize them with prefixes, initials, and/or names. Not only did we have font options, but we also could choose from silver-toned, rose gold, or gold text.


  • The passport holder and luggage tag look expensive, with spot-on color and high-quality text.
  • The passport holder has space for a passport, a pocket for notes, and four credit card slots.
  • Both are made from PU leather.


  • Some of the lighter colors might get dirty quickly.
CAL Giftery Passport Holders and Luggage Tags - by Etsy
CAL Giftery Passport Holders and Luggage Tags – by Etsy

Mr. and Mrs. AZ Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes


His and hers really don’t get any better than these Mr. and Mrs. AZ Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes. Since the couple we were getting the gift for love customized gifts (and drinking champagne), we thought they could raise a glass (or two) to themselves with these flutes. The two customized champagne glasses, one for each newlywed, can be personalized too. We could either add the wedding date along with words, or no dates, and even request for same-sex sets too. After all, inclusivity is essential, right? We especially loved that the permanent laser etching makes for a luxe look that’ll last as long as their love (in a good way!).


  • The champagne flutes are beautifully crafted.
  • They can be customized with not just names but also dates.
  • The permanent laser etching ensures a luxe look.


  • They’re probably better suited only for those couples that drink champagne.
Mr. and Mrs. AZ Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes - by Etsy
Mr. and Mrs. AZ Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes – by Etsy

Flowery Pressed Preserved Wedding Bouquet


How about giving a gift that’ll surely tug at a couple’s heartstrings long after their big day? That’s one of the main reasons why we love the Flowery Pressed Preserved Wedding Bouquet so much. Since flowers are an important part of any wedding, this Etsy wedding gift takes them and preserves them forever in a charming frame. In fact, we even had the option to put a card in the center displaying all important information about the wedding. The best bit is that purchasing this includes the preservation of not just one bouquet but also one boutonnière! This wall art allows them to relive their wedding day for years to come.

“This is one of the best wedding keepsakes we could find, and we’ve never seen a bride or groom more thrilled to have something memorable from their wedding day!”



  • There are two sizes of frames to choose from.
  • This is a personalized, handmade gift that allows people to remember their wedding day.
  • It’s as unique as it gets.


  • The flowers’ colors might change, but that’s part of the preservation process.
Flowery Pressed Preserved Wedding Bouquet - by Etsy
Flowery Pressed Preserved Wedding Bouquet – by Etsy

Personalized Wedding Memory Box by Muujee Weddings


This Personalized Wedding Memory Box by Muujee Weddings is a bestseller for a good reason. There’ll be lots of small mementos that couples will want to hold on to from their wedding time, from invitations to even honeymoon plane tickets. This sleek wooden box ensures that they have a safe yet gorgeous place to store them all. For one, it’s made from walnut wood and comes in two rectangular options and five cube-shaped sizes. In fact, we could even personalize the lid on both sides with their wedding date, their names, and even a custom note. All in all, this makes for one amazing keepsake box.


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Personalized Wedding Memory Box by Muujee Weddings - by Etsy
Personalized Wedding Memory Box by Muujee Weddings – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Wedding Gifts on Etsy?

Relationship with the couple

One of the first things we did was consider who we were buying the gift for and how close we were to the bride, the groom, or the couple. That said, more effort needn’t always translate to a higher expense, and it’s got to do more with the thoughtfulness and relevance of the gift. For instance, we got a classic piece of jewelry for a bride who’s a close kin. The idea was to gift something so special that the bride/groom cherishes it for a lifetime. Are you looking for an impersonal gift for a classmate you haven’t met for a while or a long-distance cousin? You could pick something pertaining to their zodiac sign, like a unique trinket or a birthstone.

Consider personalities

The second rule we followed was taking into account the personality of the bride/groom. While the gift reflected our taste, it didn’t overshadow the preferences of the bride/groom. For instance, a silver dinner set is heaven-sent for newlyweds who love to host rather than a couple that doesn’t. Personalized gifts work best when they sync with the personality of the intended user.

Couple’s next plans

If you’re privy to the couple’s upcoming plans, then you could plan the gift accordingly:

  • New home: For a couple who’s moving into a new place, gifting them vouchers for their loved interior stores, a classy lamp shade, champagne flutes, whiskey glasses, and salt and pepper shakers make for excellent gifts. Also, you need to consider the space they have to spare.
  • Moving overseas: If the couple you know is shifting abroad, it’s a great idea to ditch oversized gifts and give them valuable gift cards instead.
  • Honeymooning couples: Spa vouchers, honeymoon dress sets, and bags, personalized passport holders – need we say more?

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Is 500 USD a good wedding gift?

For those who can afford to give more, giving a gift that costs up to 500 USD is a great gift to give to the couple.

What is traditional gift giving for weddings?

Some of the best traditional bride/groom gift ideas are fine jewelry, dress watches, and any kind of accessories.

Is 100 USD okay for a wedding gift?

Yes, 100 USD is a great place to start, as it’s the average wedding gift amount.

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