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Best Etsy Anniversary Gifts

Marriages, whether traditional or modern, that have reached important milestones are as strong as they can get. Traditions aside, this is also a great time to give gifts to your spouse, or to the happy couple, in our case. The best Etsy anniversary gifts are not only handcrafted with care but also dial up the thoughtfulness quotient. What’s more, they range from cool to unusual and are both traditional and modern, showing the couple how much we care. From wonderfully unique gifts to personalized takes on traditional milestone gifts, check out some of the best offerings from Etsy.

The Anniversary Clock


Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Anniversary Clock is like any other clock. This isn’t special just because it can be customized, but the core function at its heart is absolutely unique. That’s because it displays the days, months, years, and even seconds that the couple has been together since their wedding day! Isn’t that something? What’s more, it comes in a few color options, but there’s something about the Royal Black color below that just radiates eternal love. Plus, we also had the choice of a black or mahogany base. Wrapping up the features is the fact that a song automatically plays when a button is pushed or on the anniversary.


  • There are color choices, as well as choices for the base shade.
  • A song plays on the anniversary date or when a button is pushed.
  • We could also personalize it with the bride and groom’s names.


  • It’s very expensive.
The Anniversary Clock - by Etsy
The Anniversary Clock – by Etsy

JMCreations18 Anniversary Wine Glasses


If you’re looking for a fun gift for an equally fun-loving couple, these JMCreations18 Anniversary Wine Glasses are perfect. Each glass reads, “I survived 25 years with her” and “I survived 25 years with him.” What’s more, they even allow for customizing the color of the heart, including a glitter option – yes! Plus, the color of the heart and the year can both be customized, and they can be different too. This considering each has at least 25-30 color options. It’s no wonder that the couple will think of us every time they take a sip from these gorgeous and personalized 15-oz glasses.


  • Text


  • These can only be given to absolutely close friends and family.
JMCreations18  Anniversary Wine Glasses - by Etsy
JMCreations18 Anniversary Wine Glasses – by Etsy

Canvas Vows Custom Sheet Music Canvas


For every couple that’s ever said, “That’s our song,” – which is practically every couple we know – the Canvas Vows Custom Sheet Music Canvas is one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. Not only is it just a unique piece of wall decor, but it also has a very special meaning. That’s because the notes on this custom-made canvas are actually the notes from a particular song that the couple loves or danced to at their wedding! This would look great hanging in the office, the family room, or even the bedroom since it has such a sentimental story behind it.

“Our friends who got married absolutely loved their wedding song, and this seemed like the perfect gift to get them for their 10th wedding anniversary. It reminded them of their wedding!”



  • We had 3 frame size options.
  • We could add personalization in the form of the song and other custom details too.
  • It’s handmade.


  • It’s expensive.
Canvas Vows Custom Sheet Music Canvas - by Etsy
Canvas Vows Custom Sheet Music Canvas – by Etsy

iWoodShop Custom Silver Chopsticks


Are you looking for an anniversary gift for a foodie couple who loves Asian food? Then there’s no better gift to give them than the iWoodShop Custom Silver Chopsticks. One of the best Etsy anniversary gifts ever, this set of custom chopsticks is just the thing that Asian food lovers will appreciate. What’s more, every pair can be engraved with the names of the couple, the date of their nuptials, and even additional meaningful messages. However, the best bit is that they’re made out of ebony wood and silver. These two pay homage to both the traditional and modern gifts for this milestone.


  • We had the option to do right-handed, left-handed, and vertical engraving.
  • There are two options for styles.
  • The material is 999 silver.


  • It’s a very specific gift not meant for everyone.
iWoodShop Custom Silver Chopsticks - by Etsy
iWoodShop Custom Silver Chopsticks – by Etsy

Inspired Decorco Wedding Collage Photo Frame


One of the best anniversary gifts you can ever give is the Inspired Decorco Wedding Collage Photo Frame. It’s not a coincidence that this wooden frame holds not one but as many as five pictures. So, we chose five of the couple’s favorite moments to display in this custom photo collage so that they could actually take a walk down memory lane. Moreover, we even added their names and wedding anniversary date to the matting, adding an extra-personalized touch to the gift and giving it tons of meaning.

Are you looking for a wedding gift? Read about the best Etsy wedding gifts.


  • This gift represents different moments in time leading up to the anniversary.
  • The couples’ names and wedding date can also be added.
  • The gift has a ton of meaning.


  • It might be a little too simple for some.
Inspired Decorco Wedding Collage Photo Frame - by Etsy
Inspired Decorco Wedding Collage Photo Frame – by Etsy

Finch and Cotter Custom Star Map Poster


Topping the list of best anniversary gifts is this Finch and Cotter Custom Star Map Poster, which is a brilliant gift for all starry-eyed lovers and star-gazers. This custom poster has a stunning picture of the night sky as it appeared from a specific location on a certain date. And that’s what makes it the perfect anniversary gift, as we personalized it with the wedding venue and the date underneath. Plus, we were even able to add the couple’s names, along with a sweet personalized phrase. This is one of the best anniversary gifts you can give anyone, especially your close friends.


  • It comes framed and ready to hang.
  • The concept and design is unique.
  • It’s available in three sizes.


  • None, really.
Finch and Cotter Custom Star Map Poster - by Etsy
Finch and Cotter Custom Star Map Poster – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Anniversary Gifts on Etsy?

Theme and closeness to the couple

Usually, there are traditional or modern themes associated with anniversaries, so you need to decide what you want to choose to make it the basis of your gift buying. Themes are synonymous with marriage anniversaries and are a wonderful way to mark the number of years for the couple.

One of the most important factors is basing the gift on how well you know the couple and their interests. Suppose either of the couple, or them together, have a particular interest in a subject, a hobby, or a sport. In that case, using that as an idea for an anniversary gift is excellent.

Celebrating The Date

One of the best gifts to give is centered around the number of years the couple has been together as the basis for the gift. For instance, if they’ve been together for 25 years, choosing a gift showcasing their 25 years of togetherness is a great idea.

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What do you buy for 7 years married?

Conventionally, the seven-year milestone is wool and copper, representing good fortune and luck.

What is the best gift for a silver anniversary?

The traditional gift for the 25th anniversary is silver, so anything from sterling picture frames and silver keychains to jewelry is a great idea.

What is the number 1 anniversary gift?

Paper is the traditional first-anniversary gift but with two symbolic meanings. First, paper is like a blank canvas, reflecting the unwritten future of the couple. The pair will work together to create their own story over the course of their marriage.

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