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6 Best Etsy Jewelry for Moms

I think we can all agree that just one single day isn’t enough to show just how much we appreciate all that our moms do. Whether they come in the form of our mentors, friends, aunts, or our own moms, there’s no denying that they deserve all the love and appreciation. Not to discount the loveliness of flowers, but jewelry, and meaningful jewelry at that, is a great way to show appreciation to these amazing women. And there’s no better way to make a fuss than by adding something shiny and decadent to their bauble collection by investing in the best Etsy jewelry for mom. There’s something powerfully sentimental about jewelry, whether it’s a mother-daughter necklace or personalized jewelry, and Etsy does that in spades.

With infinite choices and possibilities of jewelry that’s as beautiful as it’s personal, Etsy is the place to turn to when it comes to appreciating mothers. Check out this detailed guide to pick the best there is for the mom in your life.

Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring


Is the mom in your life a fan of rings? Ours is, which is why we got her the utterly stunning Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring. Since this is an adjustable ring, we didn’t have to worry about the ring not fitting the finger. Even then, we had choices of ring sizes ranging from 3.5 to 11.5 so the fit could be as accurate as possible. There were a lot of other things we loved about this dainty piece of jewelry. For one, it’s custom-made from high-quality solid 925 sterling silver and finished in rose gold, silver, and 18K gold.

What’s more, we could personalize the rings with not just the names of our choice but even the font of our choice. In fact, we could personalize the design with names, initials, or numbers – whatever we wanted. You could engrave it with your and your mom’s name, and it’ll be a jewelry piece close to her heart.

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  • The jewelry comes ready to gift in gorgeous jewelry boxes.
  • We had personalization and even finish options.
  • It’s handcrafted and designed very well.


  • Rings might not be the best choice if someone’s hands go in the water all the time for work.
Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring - by Etsy
Caitlyn Minimalist Double Name Ring – by Etsy

Silveristic Family Birthstone Necklace


Birthstone necklaces are the ideal gift for moms. After all, they brought us all into this world, and if we could give them the world, we would, right? That’s why we got the Silveristic Family Birthstone Necklace for the mom in our life. This lovely necklace is a completely customized piece of artwork. We had the choice to add as many as 11 birthstones to a single necklace, and we added three for all three children. Thanks to the helpful chart listed by the seller, we knew every month’s birthstone, and we even had the choice to choose the metal – rose gold, silver, and gold – and length of the chain – 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. If that wasn’t enough, we could even select the order of the stones, making this a great Etsy personalized necklace for mom.


  • The necklace has a secure spring ring closure.
  • The cable-style chain is adjustable and comes in different lengths.
  • We could even choose the order of the stones.


  • Some might find the necklace a tad too dainty and delicate.
Silveristic Family Birthstone Necklace - by Etsy
Silveristic Family Birthstone Necklace – by Etsy

LYNN Minimalist Personalized Mother-Daughter Necklace


We were looking for an Etsy mom-daughter necklace when we came across this LYNN Minimalist Personalized Mother-Daughter Necklace. This necklace made for the perfect meaningful gift between our mom and us, with the added advantage of being very well-designed. Firstly, the necklace is made from 925 sterling silver and some with three fill options – 18K rose gold, 18K gold, or 100% silver. We loved the personalization options, too; for one, the circular pendant could be personalized with a symbol, a name, or even any words. Moreover, we could even personalize the tiny heart with an initial, with a birthstone as a special add-on option.


  • We had endless personalization options for the fill metal, the number of circles, and the number of hearts.
  • We even had an option for the length of the chain.
  • It’s a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry.


  • Any chain length above 22 inches costs extra.
LYNN Minimalist Personalized Mother-Daughter Necklace - by Etsy
LYNN Minimalist Personalized Mom-Daughter Necklace/Jewelry – by Etsy

Celestial by AJ Birth Flower Engraved Pendant Bar Necklace


Are you a bride looking to gift your mother something special on your wedding day? The Celestial by AJ Birth Flower Engraved Pendant Bar Necklace is just the perfect big-day gift to give your mom. While we’ve all seen necklaces with names, initials, symbols, and even birthstones, having personalized necklaces with birth flower designs is all the more unique and special. We could create our own flower necklace with three different finishes: rose gold, gold, and silver. Moreover, we could get flower designs engraved on just one, two, three, or all four sides of the cylindrical pendant and even choose a different flower for each side! If you don’t see your favorite flower on the seller’s list, you can even reach out to them – and they could even customize it for you!

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  • This is the perfectly minimalist dainty gift to be given to moms.
  • The engraving is detailed, well-designed, and customizable.
  • The necklaces are waterproof.


  • The chain length cannot be changed.
Celestial by AJ Birth Flower Engraved Pendant Bar Necklace - by Etsy
Celestial by AJ Birth Flower Mom Engraved Pendant Bar Necklace/Jewelry – by Etsy

Geo Minimalist Birthstone Bracelet


We’ve been talking about necklaces until now; why not get a lovely bracelet for your mom? Behold the Geo Minimalist Birthstone Bracelet, a handmade piece of jewelry that your mom will cherish to the hilt. Made from stainless steel, the bracelet comes with three finish options: rose gold, silver, and 18K gold. In fact, the piece of jewelry is upcycled, which means that the metals have been recycled! We could choose how many leaves we wanted added to the bracelet, depending on the number of children or the people in the family. If that wasn’t enough, the bracelet even features birthstones, which we could also choose how and how many to add to the bracelet. But the best bit? The bracelet is adjustable, so it will easily fit a wrist of any size.


  • We could personalize the metal, the stones, and even the design of the bracelet.
  • It’s adjustable to fit any wrist size.
  • It’s an upcycled piece of jewelry.


  • Some might not like the leaves flipping back and forth.
Geo Minimalist Birthstone Bracelet - by Etsy
Geo Minimalist Birthstone Mom Bracelet Jewelry – by Etsy

Caitlyn Minimalist Actual Kids Drawing Necklace


Which mom doesn’t like showing off their kids’ artwork and talents? How about turning those precious pieces of paper into jewelry? That’s what the Caitlyn Minimalist Actual Kids Drawing Necklace is all about. This necklace immortalizes our first drawings, handwriting, and diary doodles into a unique, adorable, one-of-a-kind wearable art for our mommies! Made from high-quality solid 925 sterling silver, we could choose three finishes for the necklace – rose gold, silver, and gold. All we had to do was send the shop owner a scan/picture of the message, handwriting, or drawing, either before or after purchasing the necklace. Finally, we could also choose the chain length ranging from 14 to 22 inches.


  • This necklace came ready to gift in an elegant jewelry box.
  • We could personalize everything from the size of the necklace to that of the pendant.
  • It’s one of the most unique pieces of jewelry for moms ever!


  • None.
Caitlyn Minimalist Actual Kids Drawing Necklace - by Etsy
Caitlyn Minimalist Actual Kids Drawing Necklace – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Jewelry For Mom?

Style And Preferences 

Everyone knows the moms in their lives best, so one should choose something that will fit their styles and preferences. Since gifts from kids are treasured for a lifetime, it’s best to stay away from the flavor of the month or even the year and not invest in what is a fad or a trend. Also, one needs to consider the mom’s lifestyle. For instance, if she constantly works with her hands, or if they’re in the water, then maybe skip rings and go for necklaces.

Jewelry Type

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, my oh my! Shopping for mom jewelry can get a bit overwhelming, and for good measure. Starting with a one-size-fits-all item, like a necklace or bracelet, is a great idea. At the same time, rings are thoughtful; unless and until you know the correct size, you might want to stick to looking through adjustable ring choices. Also, if you’re choosing earrings, do make sure that the mom you’re getting them for has pierced ears – or you’ll have to invest in clip-on earrings

How do you choose jewelry for the mom in your life?

Look for longevity when shopping for Etsy jewelry for your mom, and consider the wear and tear and the quality of the piece.

What jewelry represents family?

There are many ways to do so – through important images, dates, names, symbols, flowers, and even birthstones.

Is jewelry a good gift for your mom?

Yes, especially if she wears some kind of jewelry on a daily basis. While taking note of personal preferences is always good, gifts from children will always be special, appreciated, and worn.

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