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Why These Etsy Christmas Mugs are The Perfect Gift

Though it isn’t exactly Christmas yet, I can already feel the holiday’s festivity. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably already thinking of what gifts to give your friends and family. After contemplating a lot, I figured that getting them a mug may be a good idea. It’s an item that everyone uses and by getting the right one, it can get them into the holiday spirit! That said, where better to find unique mugs than Etsy? There are so many beautiful Etsy Christmas mugs made by different sellers, but today, I want to show you six of my favorites. Some of them are handmade, and some are customizable. Nevertheless, they all impressed me with not only their eye-catching design but also their quality. If you want to give your precious ones a mug, keep scrolling and I’m sure you’ll find one that suits them well.

LadybirdCeramics1 Handmade Oversized Christmas Mug


For those who have the “go big or go home” mindset in their minds 24/7, this is the perfect Christmas gift. As the name suggests, the LadybirdCeramics1 Handmade Oversized Christmas Mug is huge. Unlike the rest of the mugs on this list, this mug can hold up to 24 oz of liquid. At first, I thought this mug was going to be heavy. However, I was shocked when I held it for the first time as it was really lightweight. This is because the seller uses earthenware clay, making the mug lightweight but still durable.

This is one of the top Etsy mugs handmade by professionals as the seller has been painting for more than 20 years. Thus, the design is nothing short of exquisite. With attention to detail as well as raised texture, I was able to feel the bumps on the surface of the mug. Also, since it was handpainted, no two mugs are exactly alike, making it an even more special gift. Yes; this isn’t the most affordable choice, but considering its size and quality, I think it’s worth the extra money.

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  • It’s one of the bigger mugs on Etsy.
  • Though big, it’s still lightweight.
  • The raised texture of the mug makes it more interesting and special.


  • It can get too hot when put in the microwave.
LadybirdCeramics1 Handmade Oversized Christmas Mug - by Etsy
LadybirdCeramics1 Handmade Oversized Christmas Mug – by Etsy

HouseofPavan Merry Christmas Mug


If you have a clumsy friend who drops things more than often, perhaps the HouseofPavan Merry Christmas Mug suits them more. Compared to ceramic mugs, this one is noticeably more lightweight and it has amazing insulation. More importantly, it’s highly durable and won’t break or crack even if dropped. I’ve done the drop test and this mug showed no sign of drops at all. Nope; I didn’t even see a scratch. Pretty impressive, right?

Now, let’s talk about its stunning design. Featuring boxes of gifts under the two Christmas trees along with the text “Merry Christmas”, this is a great gift to add some festive cheer to anyone’s morning or afternoon routine. What’s more, the design is printed on both sides. In case you’re wondering, the size of this mug is 12 oz. It was big enough for me, and the handle was also comfortable to hold. Best of all, it’s cheap.


  • The colors are exactly the same as the pictures.
  • The stainless steel material is exceptionally durable.
  • Keeping it clean is easy as it’s dishwasher-safe.


  • You should be careful when using it for hot drinks as the handle can be too hot to hold.
HouseofPavan Merry Christmas Mug - by Etsy
HouseofPavan Merry Christmas Mug – by Etsy

PersonalizedShed Christmas Mug


Etsy is big on personalized gifts, and if you’re looking for one for this holiday season, look no further than the PersonalizedShed Christmas Mug. Cute and simple, you can’t go wrong with this mug. When I discovered this mug, I was charmed by the cute designs. It’s available in three different prints, which include a sitting reindeer, a reindeer face, and a snowman face. Each is nothing short of adorable and screams Christmas like no other.

I also loved the size of the mug. It can hold 11 fl oz of liquid and the ceramic material has amazing insulation. It was able to keep my drink cold and hot longer than I expected. On top of that, I was impressed by the sublimation printing. It made the reindeer look more vibrant and wasn’t prone to cracking or peeling at all even though I’ve washed it many times. Finally, you can personalize this mug by adding a name.


  • This is one of the cheapest, personalized mugs out there.
  • It’s a great gift for people of any age.
  • The sipping is quick and the mug is packed well.


  • It may be too small for some people.
PersonalizedShed Christmas Mug - by Etsy
PersonalizedShed Christmas Mug – by Etsy

CGBGiftware Gingerbread Man Stoneware Mug


The CGBGiftware Gingerbread Man Stoneware Mug is a must-have addition to anyone’s drinkware collection. With a charming gingerbread man, it makes such an adorable Christmas gift. What’s more, I loved the candy cane handle! It was definitely a fun and festive touch that I didn’t expect. Plus, it was very comfortable for me to hold. Speaking of which, when I first received this mug, it came packaged in a beautifully decorated box.

Made of ceramic, this mug is highly durable and it can retain heat well. I once used it for my hot chocolate and it was still warm even after I finished watching a two-hour movie. Not a fan of hot drinks? You can use it for cold drinks like iced coffee and milkshakes, too. Durable, affordable, and beautiful, this mug will certainly put an ear-to-ear smile on everyone’s face.


  • This ceramic mug is both dishwasher and microwave-safe.
  • It’s not too big or too small.
  • It’s more chip-resistant than many other similar mugs.


  • It’s only available in one size and color option.
CGBGiftware Gingerbread Man Stonewear Mug - by Etsy
CGBGiftware Gingerbread Man Stoneware Mug – by Etsy

StonehousePotteryOH Winter Tree Ceramic Coffee Mug


Another amazing winter gift for your loved ones comes in the form of the StonehousePotteryOH Winter Tree Ceramic Coffee Mug. When I received this mug, I immediately let the seller know how much I loved it. I’m not kidding; the quality of this handmade mug is superb. The winter trees with snow-capped branches were handpainted immaculately. I also didn’t have to spend extra energy to clean it as this mug is dishwasher-safe.

“I won’t be surprised if you’re obsessed with this mug. It’s absolutely beautiful and super comfortable to hold.”


Since this coffee mug is handmade, each is different and may vary slightly in size. I loved mine a lot, and it was about 4 inches tall. What’s even more impressive was how accurate mine was. When I first unboxed it, it looked exactly like the pictures the seller sent me. And while the snow-covered trees are perfect for Christmas, it’s not exclusive to the season. Hence, you can use this mug all year round.


  • The mug can keep your coffee hot for a long time.
  • It’s also microwave-safe.
  • The mug is more lightweight than expected.


  • It’s only available in one size.
StonehousePotteryOH Winter Tree Ceramic Coffee Mug - by Etsy
StonehousePotteryOH Winter Tree Ceramic Coffee Mug – by Etsy

PacificCustoms Personalized Mug


Cute and affordable, I think this PacificCustoms Personalized Mug is one of the best Etsy Christmas mugs you can send your friend or family this holiday season. Available in 2 sizes, which are 11 and 15 oz, this mug is made of high-quality ceramic. During testing, I was able to enjoy my hot chocolate with peace of mind since the cerami is non-toxic. On top of that, keeping it clean was a breeze for me as all I had to do was put it in the dishwasher.

Like many other Christmas gifts, this one is highly personalizable. First, there are six different designs to choose from. That said, I think the one below is the best. When else could you see Santa doing a dab? Furthermore, you can also choose the handle color and add a custom text if you want. When I first used this mug, I was also surprised by the quality of the printing. The colors were vibrant and looked exactly like the pictures. Imagine drinking a glass of hot coffee using this mug while wearing a funny Etsy Christmas sweater! It truly doesn’t get more Christmas than that!


  • The mug is comfortable to hold.
  • It’s affordable but doesn’t sacrifice quality.
  • The sublimation printing won’t fade or crack.


  • Since this is a ceramic mug, it’ll break if dropped.
PacificCustoms Personalized Mug - by Etsy
PacificCustoms Personalized Mug – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Christmas Mugs

Before you decide which mug to get for your loved one, make sure to consider the following things:


Christmas mugs are typically made of ceramic or stoneware. Ceramic mugs are the most common one as they’re durable and has amazing heat retention. Stoneware mugs are similar, but they’re slightly thicker and heavier. If you want something just as durable but more lightweight, look for metal mugs.


Of course, they’re also available in a variety of sizes. For most people, a mug that can hold 12 oz of drink should be more than enough. However, if you or your friend drinks a lot, don’t hesitate to look for something bigger. But for gifts, it’s a good idea to choose a medium-sized mug as it’s the most versatile size.

Microwave and dishwasher safety

Last but not least, you should check whether the mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Some mugs check both boxes, and some may only check one or none at all. A Christmas mug that’s both microwave and dishwasher-safe is normally more durable and easy to maintain.

Is a Christmas mug a good gift?

Of course! Mugs are some of the most practical gifts ever. Everyone is guaranteed to use them every single day. Plus, mugs with cute and special designs can make a great gift, too.

Is it okay to gift a mug?

Of course! It’s one of the most affordable ways to show someone that you care about them no matter the occasion or celebration. For more affordable gifts, check out these Etsy gifts under $30!

Do men like mugs as gifts?

It depends on their preferences, and whether mugs are a good gift or not isn’t determined by the receiver’s gender. But if he or she loves to drink coffee or tea, I’m sure they’ll love being gifted a mug.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Etsy.