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13 Best Plus Size Dresses for Summer Wedding Guests

Weddings never end, and it’s summer now when the wedding season is hot. Finding a new wedding dress might be the first task on your to-do list now. We know how frustrating it feels when you can’t find plus size dresses for summer wedding guest that suit the occasion and at the same time look trendy. Further, there are other features each woman is surely looking for in her new dress. Yet, don’t bother yourself anymore, we have got you covered!
We have done the tedious work of searching online and looking through the new trends to come up with this list of the best dresses to attend a wedding this summer. This list is for curvy women who enjoy a fuller figure, so, they can look great in what they’re wearing.

Hanna Nikole Plus Size One Shoulder Bodycon Dress


Bodycon dresses are always a quick choice for a wedding to ensure you’re on-trend and Hanna Nikole Plus Size One Shoulder Bodycon Dress is no exception. Ruched details and a waist belt combo make it ideal for a curvey woman. This style will flatter the hips while not hiding the feminine curves. If you want to see how it looks on curvy women, check out this video.

For styling options, we wore it with a strapless bra as it’s a one-shoulder dress. We went to an evening reception with the royal blue option, we got compliments on the dress and the color as well. While the material isn’t so lightweight and breathable, it’s still a great option we’ll choose for formal occasions. You can check out some of the best formal dresses for summer weddings here as well.


  • It flatters the body in a feminine way
  • The colors are stunning
  • The waist belt adds to the elegance of the dress


  • The material isn’t the best for summer

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SCOMCHIC Womens Plus Size Off The Shoulder Side Split Ruffle Long Dress


Sometimes, it’s all about a simple flowy dress that doesn’t have too many details as the wedding you’re attending is similarly simple. Here comes SCOMCHIC Womens Plus Size Off The Shoulder Side Split Ruffle Long Dress, a perfect choice for such simple occasions. Its material is also suitable for beach or garden weddings where you need a lightweight breezy material.

“We got the dress for a garden wedding with a bit casual vibes and it was just the right option. A very versatile dress with a flowy cut that felt very comfortable and lightweight. Just on spot.”


We figured out several wearing options for this dress, so, we can look a bit different each time we wear the dress. It goes as an off-shoulder dress, with shoulders, and one shoulder. In all cases, pick a strapless bra to look better and dressy. We found this video from Shopping Update showing off the dress, so, you can get an idea about how it looks in real life.


  • The dress is so lightweight and comfortable
  • It can be worn in several styles
  • The price is suitable for what you get


  • The material doesn’t feel very classy for some women

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KIMCURVY Spaghetti Strap Cowl Neck Ruched Dress


We didn’t believe that summer satin dresses can look good on a plus-size wedding guest until we tried KIMCURVY Spaghetti Strap Cowl Neck Ruched Dress. With the ruched waist, we got the slimming effect we needed to balance the hips and the bust areas. This dress is designed to fit curvy women without showing the hips in an undesired way.

What’s more, the satin fabrics look very smooth and silky in any color. But the dress is available in summer colors we love a lot such as green and light pink. On top of them all, the wine-red satin dress is your way to look sexy at any wedding. With some glamorous accessories, you’ll feel like a lady with no effort at all.


  • The dress is so slimming
  • Its material is silky and smooth
  • You can look very elegant in this dress


  • The dress has no stretch, so, you need to get an exact fit

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The Drop Sita Short Cutout Sateen Dress


You can go for something semi-casual like The Drop Sita Short Cutout Sateen Dress and still win the best summer wedding guest plus size dresses prize. You don’t need satin, polyester, or such materials that sometimes feel too hot in summer to dress for a wedding. A cotton dress like this one might be the best option if the wedding is a casual beach or garden wedding.

That’s what we exactly did when we came across this lovely dress. We chose this hot pink color to attend a morning party and we had the best feeling ever. Nothing beats a comfy dress in the hot season that shows much of the body in a girly way. The dress is available in all the sizes you might think of up to 5X.


  • The material is so comfortable and soft
  • There are sizes up to 5X
  • The dress is suitable for cocktail or casual weddings


  • It runs smaller than expected

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Miusol Plus Size V Neck Floral Lace Ruffle Maxi Dress


Lightweight nylon with floral lace details and a defined waistline make Miusol Plus Size V Neck Floral Lace Ruffle Maxi Dress a very elegant option for weddings. Not to forget the ruffles flowing from the waistline to the heels that make the dress look more expensive than it actually is.

The dress leverages a retro look, which is a style we love a lot. We love to look like 80s women going to a fancy wedding in a burgundy dress or other more modern colors. We also loved the see-through back which makes the lace details more obvious without being too revealing. This dress definitely needs special care to maintain the lace and ruffles, so, take care when washing and drying.


  • The dress leverages a modern-retro look
  • The lace details look so elegant
  • It’s suitable for modest wearers


  • The sizes aren’t very accurate

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Hanna Nikole 3/4 Sleeve Pencil Fishtail Dress


Hanna Nikole 3/4 Sleeve Pencil Fishtail Dress takes an old cut and reutilizes it for a modern-looking dress. While it might not be the favorite choice for many women, it’s surely one of the plus-size dresses for wedding guest that would stand out this summer. This fishtail cut is a never-old one. So, we were confident wearing it whenever we wanted.

Further, we could even use the dress for work. It isn’t just a formal party dress but it can be a dress to go for whenever you need to look classy and decent without too many embellishments. What’s so special about this cut is that it looks better on curvy women, so, here is a special option only for you.


  • The dress is suitable for formal occasions
  • The cut looks perfect on curvy women
  • There are many plus sizes to fit tightly


  • The material isn’t very lightweight

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Verdusa Lantern Sleeve Midi Belted Bodycon Dress


Is a formal wedding on your horizon? No worries, we have a great option for you. Verdusa Lantern Sleeve Midi Belted Bodycon Dress is one of the best plus size dresses for summer wedding guest that will shape the body in a feminine way without being too revealing. With the lantern sleeves, midi belt, and v-neck style, this dress will take you back in time but still looks fashionable.

Such a bodycon dress should fit the body exactly to look chic. That’s what we noticed when trying the dress as the material has some stretch to exactly fit the body. Many reviewers said the dress was flattering even for hippy women. We agree to this after trying the dress and we add that it looks better on women with larger bust sizes.


  • The dress is suitable for formal occasions
  • It flatters the body as the material has some stretch
  • The dress leverages a retro-modern look


  • The dress doesn’t look very good on women with small chests

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Floerns Plus Size V Neck Sleeveless Contrast Mesh Evening Midi Dress


Show much of your cleavage and arms with Floerns Plus Size V Neck Sleeveless Contrast Mesh Evening Midi Dress. This dress is, as the name states, designed for evening ceremonies and wedding parties. It’s so dazzling that you’ll sparkle at the party. Even though it comes in black and navy blue colors only, we shined like stars with this dress on.

The slight stretch in the fabrics made the dress fit well on our bodies. Also, a pair of heels and a clutch were the perfect matches with this dress to add more elegance and shine. We had several compliments all night but what’s better was the confidence we felt with this dress. If it were made of better quality, it would have been our favorite.


  • It’s suitable for evening weddings and parties
  • The dress looks so elegant
  • It fits most women as the material has some stretch


  • It lacks excellent quality

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MakeMeChic Plus Size Boho Floral Dress


Best for beach weddings. At first, we never thought this would be a good dress for weddings. However, when we knew we had an afternoon coast wedding, we immediately thought of the MakeMeChic Plus Size Boho Floral Dress. Luckily, it was the best decision we have made because the dress made a statement at the wedding.

Made of non-stretch material, the dress needs to be ironed before wearing. We also had to get the right size, but this isn’t a problem at all because the dress is already too loose. We loved how the bust area is shirred and the shoulders are flounced to spot the eyes on this area. The different colors and flower patterns available in this dress are so much appreciated as well.


  • The dress fits any curvy woman
  • It comes in many floral patterns
  • It can be styled for different occasions


  • The material isn’t so comfortable for summer

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Ever-Pretty Off The Shoulder Ruffle Side Split Maxi Dress


Best flattering dress. Ever-Pretty Off The Shoulder Ruffle Side Split Maxi Dress is a showstopper no matter where and when you’ll be wearing this dress. It’s a strapless dress with ruffles across the shoulders to show off this area. Whereas the A-line flowy cut flatters the body and the side slit adds an elegant touch without restricting your movements throughout the wedding.

Whenever we want to flatter the body and look chic, we would never think of anything better than this dress. Also, since we had to be present at the wedding from the first moment to the last moment, we needed the comfiest dress ever. This was the one as well. If you want to see how other women styled different colors of this dress, check out the photos on the official website of Ever-Pretty.


  • The cut is so flattering for curvy women
  • It’s very elegant for different wedding ceremonies
  • The colors are so attractive


  • The elastic shoulder is tight for some women

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Pinup Fashion Plus Size Lace Chiffon Wrap V Neck Dress


Best for cocktail parties. Pinup Fashion makes special clothes and dresses for fuller figures offering sizes from 14 to 28 plus. Pinup Fashion Plus Size Lace Chiffon Wrap V Neck Dress is one of our favorites for special weddings. So do many buyers as this is one of the popular dresses women have chosen for hiding the imperfections and looking femi.

We believe this dress is better for a cocktail wedding party as it’s so simple combining two chic flowy materials together to give this marvelous shape. The lace details and chiffon skirt elevate the look, whereas the v-neck style makes the bust area look smaller but you might need a special bra if you have large breasts. Though the dress is so simple, the details make it much more of a great value.


  • The details of the dress add value to it
  • It’s a flowy dress hiding all the imperfections
  • There are many plus sizes


  • The v-neck is too deep

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POSESHE Plus Size Sleeveless V Neck Bodycon Wrap Dress


Best value for money. POSESHE Plus Size Sleeveless V Neck Bodycon Wrap Dress is designed for confident women who want to show off their curves in a nice way. Before telling you about our review of this dress, we have to mention that the dress shows off the hip curves, so, if this is something you want to hide, this dress might not be the best option for you.

Our experience while wearing the dress was so great that we decided to buy more. The ruched front and the defined waist looked perfect. Also, the slightly deep V-neck adds a feminine touch, we added a bold necklace to emphasize this touch. The dress is so affordable, so, if you’re looking for something that doesn’t break the wallet and looks bold, this is the one. You might also check out those cheap dresses for summer as well.


  • The colors and patterns are so nice
  • It’s bold and very feminine showing off the curves
  • The price is very reasonable


  • The dress might make you look hippy

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Nemidor V-Neckline Midi Bridesmaid Dress


Nemidor V-Neckline Midi Bridesmaid Dress is another cocktail dress you can wear on a variety of occasions going from weddings to funerals. The dress comes in lots of solid colors and floral patterns, you choose according to the occasion. Since we were interested in wedding guest dresses, we chose the green color that was requested by the bride. Oh, we forgot to tell you, the dress makes the best bridesmaid option thanks to its simplicity and price.

About the material and style, the dress isn’t the highest quality ever but it’s a comfy material that doesn’t show off any imperfections. It goes well with summer sandals and heels. Also, the v-neck and loose sleeves hide larger areas of the body. We felt so confident in the dress, so, it’s highly recommended.


  • The dress is very affordable
  • It comes in many colors and patterns
  • It offers medium coverage
  • The cut looks perfect on all curvy women


  • The material is a bit casual, not classy

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Our Verdict!

After checking the above list, here are our top picks based on certain criteria. These might be a good place to start.

How To Choose The Best Plus Size Dresses for Summer Wedding Guest?

These guidelines below are what we usually use to pick a suitable plus-sized dress to attend a wedding in the summer. They’ll help you a lot to choose a new dress on your own.

Wedding style

The first thing you need to do is to know what type of weddings you’re going to attend. Is it a beach wedding? A formal one? Or, it’s a casual wedding in the morning? According to the wedding style, you’re gonna determine the type of dress you need to look for. A floral dress will look stylish in a beach wedding but it won’t suit an evening reception. Alternatively, a satin bodycon maxi dress looks good for a classical wedding whereas a cocktail dress makes sense for an evening reception and so on.

Dress style

It isn’t only about the occasion but also what makes you feel more comfortable. If you don’t feel comfy in short and tight dresses, don’t wear them. Also, if a certain cut doesn’t flatter your curves and makes you look hippy, don’t go for it just because it’s trendy. Not all the above dresses will look good on all curvy women, Certain cuts look better on some women than the others, so, wear whatever looks good on you.


Finally, the price range is something you need to consider when buying any clothes. You don’t have to go for the most expensive dresses to look chic. However, don’t go for very cheap dresses because this usually translates into bad materials and low quality. If you have enough time before the wedding, you can wait for sales and discounts. They’re occasional in summer.

What are the trendy colors for summer wedding guests?

The same colors we wear on the beach can look very stylish in a summer wedding. For example, lime green, fuchsia, yellow, and orange look so vibrant and trendy for wedding guest dresses.

What is the best cut for a plus-sized dress?

There are plenty of cuts and designs that look good on curvy women. The A-line cut can balance your body. Also, the halter neck and V-neck make the bust area looks smaller. Ruched waist flatter this area as well.

What is the alternative to a plus size dress for summer wedding guest?

There are many different alternatives to dresses. A classy jumpsuit can look great. Also, classical suits and pants outfits can be styled to look chic and elegant at weddings. It all depends on the wedding style you’re attending.