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13 Best Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizers

Having a good kitchen utensils drawer organizer is essential in any station. Think about how stressful it is when you have to dig around to find a pair of scissors or a spatula! A kitchen drawer organizer for utensils will make your life so much easier. No more clutter and confusion. You can convert those frustrating minutes into preparing meals or even enjoying them!

So, investing in a kitchen drawer is a must whenever you decide to have a tidier kitchen. If you’re not sure which one to get, you can check out some kitchen utensils organization ideas. But since you’re here, why not check out our curated list of kitchen drawers? Without further ado, let’s get started!

Bellemain Drawer Knife Block


The Bellemain Drawer Knife Block is a great solution for reducing clutter around your kitchen. This fantastic accessory will keep your knife collection organized while helping you save a lot of valuable space. Compared to a traditional block, this drawer is much smaller. It works as expected and is available at a reasonable price. As of this writing, this full bamboo drawer is being offered at around $23.

Another great thing about the Bellemain Drawer Knife Block is that it looks pretty. We were surprised at how this block went well with other organizers in our kitchen. It’s as if it was made to create a cohesive look in our cooking stations. We love this kitchen utensils drawer organizer!


  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Clears up counter
  • Eco-friendly


  • Construction is a little wobbly

iDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers


iDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers are drawer dividers. They’re available in various models, and you can pick one based on your needs or the size of your kitchen. We love the variety that iDesign offers, as it makes organizing our cooking and eating utensils easier and more fun!

Another reason why we love this kitchen drawer organizer for utensils is the design. It looks gorgeous! This drawer will sit beautifully around your kitchen and create an aesthetically appealing look. This drawer is an obvious choice if you have a wood-themed cooking station in your home.

Want to add a new tool to your kitchen knife collection? Check out our best knives for cooking!


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Flatware organizer
  • Elegant bamboo
  • Versatile


  • Prone to moisture damage

Bamboo Drawer Dividers System


Bamboo Drawer Dividers System will make you instantly fall in love. This drawer is made from 100 percent high-quality bamboo. It looks beautiful and will blend well in most kitchens. Apart from that, this accessory offers plenty of customization options. You can use custom inserts to create your compartment. Look for some kitchen utensils organization ideas and let your creativity do the work!

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Bamboo Drawer Dividers System doesn’t have its drawbacks. Since it’s mass-produced, you can expect some flaws here and there. For example, you may be dealing with missing screws or a loose fit. The good news is that a little sanding and additional screws will solve this problem. For around $19, these dividers are pretty great.


  • Adjustable length
  • Stay in place
  • High-quality bamboo
  • Easy to clean


  • There are several reports of missing screws and loose fit

Bambusi Drawer Dividers


Bambusi Drawer Dividers come in a set of six. It’s enough to keep all your utensils, dishes, and crockery organized. Apart from that, the fact that these dividers are made of bamboo only makes them more appealing. They elevate the looks of our drawers. Furthermore, this drawer organizer for kitchen utensils comes with a built-in spring. This makes the installation process require almost no effort.

Thanks to its narrower profile, Bambusi Drawer Dividers will have no problem fitting in any drawer. You can easily store larger items, like rolling pins and wine openers. Apart from that, these dividers also work well with soap and hand towels. Overall, we’re satisfied with these accessories. They made our kitchen more organized than we’ve ever known!


  • Expendable
  • Adjustable
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy construction


  • You need to be absolutely sure about the size

YouCopia SpiceLiner


The YouCopia Spice Liner is great if you have lots of different spices in your kitchen. These liners will help you store them neatly instead of just letting them lie around the house. These bamboo dividers will also prevent the small bottle of spices from rolling and falling to the floor. Even better, you can cut this kitchen drawer organizer for utensils to suit your needs. Neat!

Trust us; you’ll never regret buying this thing. The YouCopia Spice Drawer Liner is a life changer. These dividers will keep all sprinkles and extracts in a safe place. You can simply pull out the drawer and quickly find what you’re looking for whenever you need them.


  • Soft foam
  • Easy to set-up
  • Customizable
  • Durable


  • Requires precise measurement

Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers


One of the biggest sins you can commit in managing your kitchen is putting whatever you think fits in your drawer. It would help if you avoided this disaster by turning your drawer into organized heaven. Get customizable dividers and ensure that each of your cooking utensils has its compartment.

Introducing the Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers. These tall dividers come with tension springs to ensure they won’t move around once you mount them in a spot. You can then put down some of your baking utensils, cutting boards, and plates. Each divider in this pack is 5 inches tall, but you can easily extend them as needed. If you have some great kitchen utensils organization ideas in mind, these liners will make them work.


  • Easy installation
  • Organize your kitchen
  • Adjustable
  • Tension springs


  • It may not be suitable for all kitchens

Royal Craft Wood Bambo Kitchen Drawer Organizer


Royal Craft Wood Bambo Kitchen Drawer Organizer should work great in any kitchen. Its dimensions are 13.75 x 17.75 inches, but its length can be expanded by up to 30 percent when needed. As shown in the image below, this kitchen utensils drawer organizer offers no less than nine compartments. That should be more than enough to accommodate all of your collection of spoons, forks, and serving utensils.

We also love that the Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer is made from 100 percent organic bamboo. From what we observed, this thing is pretty solid. Apart from that, the maintenance process is easy. A single wipe with a damp cloth should be more than enough to keep the drawer clean again.


  • Neat
  • Pretty
  • Easy to clean
  • Clutter-free storage


  • Not recommended for narrow drawer

Wusthof In Drawer Knife Storage


Wusthof In Drawer Knife Storage will keep all your valuable knife collection in a safe and organized place. This drawer handles sharp instruments and boasts unfinished beech wood material. As you can see, there are no less than 14-slots for storing different knives. These slots are designed in such a way as to keep your knives sharp and protected when they’re not in use.

If you have to sharpen steel, you can store it in one of the longer slots. As for the price, this kitchen drawer organizer for utensils is now on offer for $60 on Amazon. This drawer is a must if you have a collection of valuable chef’s knives in your home.

Chopping ingredients can be quite annoying if you don’t have a proper cutting board. So before you move on to the next one on our list, check out our best hardwood cutting boards.


  • Natural wood
  • High-quality
  • German design
  • Durable


  • No non-slip surface on the bottom

Madesmart Expandable Utensil Tray


The Madesmart Expandable Utensil Tray is made to accommodate larger cooking utensils. Here, we’re talking about kitchen tongs, large spatulas, and large scoops. This lightweight drawer is made of tough plastic that’s completely BPA-free. It should have no problem handling your stainless steel or cast iron cookware.

As for the price, the Madesmart Expandable Utensil Tray is one of the most affordable options out there. As of this writing, this kitchen drawer organizer for utensils is available for $26. This shelf will be perfect if you have a large collection of cooking utensils in your home. It’s durable and comes with rubber feet to ensure it stays in place.


  • Five compartments
  • High-quality BPA-free plastic
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • It doesn’t look too pretty

Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer


Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer offers you plenty of customization options. You get no less than three long splitters, six short splitters, and a couple of extenders. These components allow you to create the exact layout you want. This will be an excellent choice if you want a kitchen utensil drawer organizer with more freedom.

The Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer carries brushed aluminum material, which is quite sturdy and tough. It’s designed to be compatible with most drawers. However, make sure you measure your space properly before you decide to get this kitchen utensil drawer organizer.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy installation
  • Stylish
  • Ultra-durable


  • We don’t know how long this thing will last

Kootek 16-Piece Drawer Organizer


As the name suggests, the Kootek 16-piece Drawer Organizer offers trays of various sizes to help keep your kitchen drawers neat and organized. If you’ve been struggling with smaller kitchen utensils like tea strainers, bottle openers, and tongs, these trays will make your life so much easier. As for durability, these trays are made of strong plastic. And since they’re transparent, you can easily see whatever you put inside.

We like that this kitchen utensils drawer organizer comes with rounded corners. This allows you to easily stack the trays on top of each other while optimizing the vertical space around your kitchen. Apart from that, the treatment is a breeze. All you have to do is submerge them in soapy water, rub them gently, and let them dry.


  • Versatile
  • Recommended for smaller items
  • 16-piece
  • Affordable


  • There’s no information on whether the plastic is BPA-free or not

Pipishell Bamboo Drawer Organizer


The Pipishell Bamboo Drawer Organizer is everything you’d expect from a kitchen drawer organizer for utensils. These bamboo-made accessories come in a sleek design and offer great functionality. This makes them ultra sturdy and resistant to moisture damage. Other than that, these trays are a breeze to setup. Depending on your inventory management skills, you should be able to fit many smaller pieces of equipment in these eight small compartments.

Need extra space for some of your larger cookware? You can easily expand these trays. Putting things down like mixing spoons and tongs shouldn’t be a problem. And if you have some concerns about aesthetics, you’ll be glad to know that the Pipishell Bamboo Drawer Organizer comes in nine different finishes. There will be at least one model that fits your kitchen style!


  • Multipurpose
  • Expandable
  • Premium bamboo
  • Adjustable


  • The product description is a little off

Oxo Good Grips Expandable Drawer Organizer


Oxo Good Grips Expandable Drawer Organizer is a breeze to operate. With just a push of a finger, you can easily expand this organizer. If you’ve ever faced a messy kitchen, you’ll know that it’s a massive game changer in organizing kitchen utensils. The compartments are easy to organize, and you can quickly see everything you’ve put down.

As we said earlier, these trays are adjustable. So if you have larger cooking utensils, you can easily free up some space for them. Apart from that, the bottom of these trays is slip resistant. So if you have a lot of kitchen utensils organization ideas in mind, these trays will be a great start to making them happen.


  • Expandable
  • Large
  • Removable
  • Anti-slip surface


  • The dividers don’t stay in place well

How to Choose The Best Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizers

If you make it to this part of the article, chances are that you’re serious about more organization in your life. Getting a kitchen utensils drawer organizer will be essential in your quest to free up more space in your kitchen, allowing you to put your latest collection of pans or your treasured chef’s knife set.

However, choosing the right kitchen drawer organizer for utensils is easier said than done, especially with many different models available. So to make your life easier, we’ve prepared three important tips for choosing a kitchen drawer organizer. If you have lots of interesting kitchen utensils organization ideas, be sure to read them before you actually start with anything!


Get a drawer organizer for kitchen utensils that aren’t easily damaged. Make sure that it can handle minor bumps or scratches. We recommend strong plastic or bamboo products, as they’re more resistant to tension and moisture.


The next important thing in choosing a kitchen drawer organizer for utensils is expandability. This will be important if you have kitchen utensils of varying sizes. So when you’re dealing with tongs or odds-sized plates, you can easily free up more space for them.


Last but not least, make sure that your drawer organizer is easy to wash. You’ll likely be storing your utensils or cutlery there, so you must ensure there won’t be any nocturia. If you can toss the organizer in a dishwasher, that’s a massive plus!

What to Put in Empty Drawers?

If you have old drawers in your house, you can use them for a quick DIY project. You can reuse them to place photo frames, jewelry, or some plants. Check out some DIY pages or forums on the Internet for some inspiration.

How Do You Store Big Utensils in the Kitchen?

There are a few tricks you can try. First of all, you can hang them on a pegboard. If you have a magnetic knife strip, you can use it to keep your cooking utensils in place. To save some space, you can also arrange them diagonally.

How Do You Store Forks and Spoons?

If you have a deep drawer, you should make your forks and spoons sit facing up. This will help you to save more space. Don’t forget to separate the spoons and forks, so you can easily get them when needed.