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13 Best Gas Ranges at Best Buy

No home can do without a range or oven for cooking, there are different options as gas, electric, and induction ranges. But if we are to choose a new range to buy, we will definitely choose the gas ranges at Best Buy over other range types. These ranges come with many features with cooking delicious food on top of all. Over the years, we have used many gas ranges and we got used to them and we learned the features we should look for when buying a new one.

Thus, we decided to help you when you’re up to buying a new gas range. We reviewed several options from top brands and other less common brands to curate a comprehensive list for all people. From expensive high-end options to budget-friendly ones, we have got an option for everyone. Check out our list of the top 13 gas ranges here before you make a decision.

ZLINE Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove and Electric Oven


We decided to start the list this time with something different, so, the ZLINE Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove and Electric Oven was our first choice. The oven operates with electricity, it’s a bit consuming but we won’t use that much because we like cooking on the stovetop. For this range, the burners heat very well. We boiled water on each of the burners to see how fast the heat reached the pots, the range didn’t fail us as it heats very fast, and by extension, we expect cooking to be very fast.

The next thing was baking or roasting something inside the oven. For this oven, we decided to roast chicken to see how tender and juicy they would taste. Since it is an electric oven, it doesn’t need too much preheating. It cooks in no time but we noticed that the back is hotter than the front. This might be the only con here. But all in all, this is a sturdy range at a reasonable price and very good features.


  • The burners heat very well
  • The oven cooks fast
  • It looks sturdy


  • The back of the oven gets hotter than the front

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KitchenAid Self-Cleaning Slide-In Gas Convection Range


Next, the KitchenAid Self-Cleaning Slide-In Gas Convection Range is another good option to consider with some features we appreciate having. The range lights up and preheats quickly. The oven will keep the heat inside for a long time thanks to the convection feature. Hence, we believe it’s a good choice for saving gas.

On the other side, we used the controls at the top of the range easily. This control panel looks so smart but the location of the panel isn’t the best ever as it gets dirty easily. We use the controls lock feature to solve part of the problem, so spills don’t turn the buttons on or off. In general, it’s a reliable purchase to consider.


  • There is a lock control feature
  • The range is very easy to use
  • It preheats quickly


  • The location of the control panel isn’t practical

Forno Appliances Galiano Alta Qualita


It’s our first time to try Forno appliances but it won’t be the last. The Forno Appliances Galiano Alta Qualita is one of the highly-rated ranges and is highly recommended by many people. We had to try it first to see if it was worth it or not. Our first impression about the range is that it’s large, actually, very large. There are enough burners for cooking the whole meal at once. Also, the oven itself is too large to place more than one griddle.

The burners have different settings, we could set each of them according to what we were cooking. This video from Forno Appliances helped us a lot to know more about the features of the range. Now, we can say that Forno Appliances is a reliable brand name we’ll use from now on. If you want to know more about the best brands for kitchen appliances, check our list here.


  • The range is very large
  • There are different settings for the burners
  • The range is reliable


  • The temperature of the oven isn’t very accurate

Samsung Freestanding Gas Range with WiFi and Integrated Griddle


Best value for money. The Samsung Freestanding Gas Range with WiFi and Integrated Griddle is one of our favorites for the features offered at this price point. We chose this range to save money and get the best and latest technologies from a reliable brand like Samsung. The range appears so rugged and the knobs are also heavy duty as expected from Samsung.

“We love the oven so much, especially, the integrated griddle. We used it several times to prepare cookies, burgers, and roasted potatoes, all were mouthwatering.”


We used the Samsung App to get different notifications instead of having to check the range every now and then. Also, we used the self-cleaning feature which returned the oven as new in a couple of minutes. Self-cleaning is available in many ranges but in this one, it’s so powerful that we didn’t even need to use any cleansers inside the oven.


  • The range is cheap for what is offered
  • It’s very rugged and heavy-duty
  • The oven has a self-cleaning feature


  • The oven is a bit small

Thor Kitchen Freestanding Gas Convection Range


Best for small spaces. The Thor Kitchen Freestanding Gas Convection Range is the most suitable range for studios and small flats in our opinion. This range didn’t take up any noticeable space at all, however, we could prepare four different dishes using the four burners all at once. Speaking of the burners, each of them has a different BTU. This offers a dynamic range of meal preps according to how cooked you love your food.

Apart from the burners, the oven itself is large considering the overall size of the range. We could place two medium-sized griddles inside. We also loved the design of the range as the glass top enhanced the design greatly. Moreover, cleaning was such a breeze that it took us a minute to wipe everything off. For controlling the range, there is an LED display screen which is easy to use. It tells us the exact temperature of the oven and there is a timer as well. Despite being so small, it met our expectations and we don’t think we need more than this for a studio.


  • The knobs are heavy duty
  • There is an LED screen for controlling the range
  • The capacity of the oven is acceptable


  • It isn’t suitable for large kitchens

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Forno Appliances Capriasca Freestanding Gas Range with Convection Oven


We could use the burners of Forno Appliances Capriasca Freestanding Gas Range with Convection Oven at the highest or lowest temps. Each of the burners has a wide range of heat options for this reason. Even more, the oven heats very well and very fast too. The convection fan helped distribute the heat and we didn’t notice any hot spots in the cake we baked inside.

The range isn’t very large, so, by extension, the oven isn’t large either. However, there are three racks to place three pans at once. Again, the convection fan does its job of evenly distributing heat all around. If you have a small kitchen and want to save space, this range is for you. You can also save more space using the best over-sink cutting boards.


  • The oven has a convection fan to distribute the heat inside
  • The burners and oven heat very well
  • It saves space


  • The temperature isn’t accurate

Samsung NX60T8111SG


Best design. We’re up to rejuvenating the whole kitchen and making it look smarter and more on the modern side. So, we were looking for a range that meets our needs and adds to the elegance of our dream kitchen. We found the Samsung NX60T8111SG, it’s the best design we have seen among all other ranges so far. The black fingerprint-resistant finish is a great addition to the elegance and high-end design of this range.

As for the performance, we used the top first. We noticed that the grates are cast heavy-duty iron. These grates are so stable that we could slide one pot from a burner to the other without lifting. Moving to the oven, it preheats in no time and cooks in no time as well. One thing we loved a lot was the control panel. The buttons look so smart but they are nearly touch buttons. You have to be careful when using them.


  • The range looks so smart and elegant
  • The grates cover the whole range
  • The oven cooks food fast


  • The buttons are so sensitive

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The Frigidaire Gallery Freestanding Gas Range with Air Fry is a good option for those who have a small space in their kitchen and need something to fit in this space. The range isn’t too large, yet, it was suitable for our vacation home as we barely cook there. There are four burners similar to most ranges of the same size. Cooking on all of the burners at the same time is easy as there is enough space even for large pots. An added bonus, there is an accessory drawer to store cooking utensils to save space in the kitchen.

On the other side, there is an air fry feature that is a must-have for quick meal preps. We found that it comes with a probe which is an extra accessory we would use for air frying veggies to get a crunchy outer layer. Moreover, the finish of the appliance is really chic, it added a lot to our kitchen.


  • The range has an air fry feature
  • There is an accessory drawer
  • The finish of the range is elegant


  • The knobs get so hot when using the air fry feature

Frigidaire Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Range


The Frigidaire Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Range met our expectations as we wanted a range that cooks food fast and well. We bought this range because it’s large and the middle grate offers extra space when needed. The most important thing we need is different-sized burners for large and small pans. Also, we used all the burners at the same time with no issues. There was enough space for all.

Before cooking in the oven, we have to preheat the oven first. One of the aspects we don’t always bear in mind is the sound of the oven while preheating. This range offers a quiet preheating process. And the time needed to preheat the oven isn’t too long. Overall, we had a good experience with this range from Frigidaire at a reasonable price.


  • The range is self-cleaning
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It has enough space for different pots and pans


  • The control panel is hard to reach

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Samsung Front Control Slide-In Gas Convection Range with Air Fry & Wi-Fi


Best for fast cooking. Samsung appliances are one of the best options we always try and the Samsung Front Control Slide-In Gas Convection Range with Air Fry & Wi-Fi is one of the best gas ranges at Best Buy we tested. This range is full of features, we like the air fry option the most, it allows us to maintain our healthy diet while enjoying delicious food as well.

We tried air frying some wedges seasoned with olive oil and they were fantastic. Furthermore, cooking using this range is a fast process. Whether we use the oven, air fry, or the burners, we get the whole meal ready in minutes. You can see the features in detail here on Samsung’s official website. Also, don’t miss out on our list of the best Samsung refrigerators at Best Buy.


  • It’s a smart range with a WiFi connection
  • There is an air fry option in the oven
  • Cooking is very fast with this range


  • It’s expensive

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GE Slide-In Gas Range


The GE Slide-In Gas Range flawlessly fitted into the dedicated space we had in the kitchen to enhance it a bit more. The range looked great but the performance was greater. Similar to most GE appliances, this range is rugged, and we think we will keep it for years. We are still testing the range but we have already figured out a few features that made us believe it’s a good option to consider.

The grates are so stable and heavy that no matter what pots we use, they never slide off. The burners have different BTUs and the best thing is that by getting them too low, food is cooked super slow to get very well-done unburnt food. On the other side, when we needed fast meal prep, we used the medium burner and set it to a higher degree. Check this video from CNET to know more about the features of this range.


  • The grate is heavy and stable
  • The oven is easy to clean
  • It’s a reliable range


  • The knobs and the area around get hot

Thor Kitchen Freestanding Gas Range with True Convection and Self Cleaning


The Thor Kitchen Freestanding Gas Range with True Convection and Self Cleaning has a control panel that tilts up making it a unique option among other gas ranges. This feature makes controlling the range easier, we could see the options on the panel without leaning forward towards the range. The controls on the panel are very insightful. We knew the exact temperature and the time needed to preheat the oven using this control panel.

One thing we have to note here is that this range is for large kitchens. It has six burners and a large oven plus a drawer for accessories, so, it won’t fit inside small kitchens. Apart from size, the range has an air fry feature for cooking healthier food. We prefer cooking over the range itself, so, the burner with simmer function is our favorite. It cooks food slower than others because it’s 650 BTUs only. Yet, we got very mouth-watering dishes using this burner.


  • The range has an insightful control panel
  • The space inside the oven is large
  • It has powerful burners


  • The timer can’t be heard from another room

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Our top gas range choice is the SAMSUNG NX60T8751SS. We chose this for several reasons, one of them being the dual-oven feature we didn’t experience in any of the other ranges. This allowed us to cook and bake at the same time and control the heat we needed for each dish separately. This saves us a lot of time and definitely, gas!

Another feature we were amazed at is how fast this range heats. The burners have different BTUs and all of them distribute heat evenly, so, a pot of water will get boiled in no time. For preheating, the oven took a couple of minutes only. When separated, we just need to operate the part we will use and by the time we bring our dish, the oven is preheated. See? it saves a hell of time. Yet, the best part is the WiFi feature and the air fry one too.


  • The gas range comes with smart technology
  • The oven can be separated into two parts
  • It has an air fryer feature
  • The range is finger-resistant


  • The knobs fail quickly

Our Verdict!

Choosing a gas range isn’t difficult if you’re looking for something specific. Here are the best products we tried based on certain criteria.

How To Choose The Best Gas Ranges at Best Buy?

To get the best gas range, we have to test it based on several factors. Here we’re sharing our checklist that might help you when buying a new gas range. Each of the features below should be checked based on your needs.


The burners are the most important thing in a range. When checking the burners, we aren’t only concerned with the number of burners but their performance as well. We test how quickly they’re in boiling water which gives us an indication of their performance. Also, we check the heat distribution by placing a pan full of food to see if each of the burners can heat the food evenly or not. Finally, we place a pot or a pan over each burner to ensure that all of them can work at the same time without affecting each other’s performance.


The next test is related to the body of the range itself Here, we’re concerned with the size as most people already have a predetermined space for a gas range in their kitchen. So, we make sure that the size is suitable for the space. Further, we test all the controls of the range including the knobs and the control panel. We see how easy and practical they are and if they get very hot when the range is working. We don’t love the control panels at the back of the range because these are the hardest to use.


The final test is for the oven. This is a practical test as we have to cook something inside the oven to know how powerful it is. Sometimes we had to cook several dishes to test different things. For example, we bake a cake or some cookies to know if the heat is distributed well inside. We also cook meat or chicken to see if the oven maintains the tenderness of the food inside or if it comes out dry and burnt. Finally, we clean the oven after all to see how easy it is to clean the oven and remove the odors.

What does BTU stand for?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit which is how powerful the burner of a range is. The more the BTU is the higher the heat produced is. We look for ranges with burners that have different BTUs.

What grates are the best in gas ranges?

Cast iron grates are wonderful as they’re so sturdy and pots never slide over them. However, they’re a bit hard to clean, so, enameled cast iron grates might be a good option as well.

What are self-cleaning gas ranges?

These gas ranges have ovens that use heat or steam to remove grease from the inside after cooking. This feature is extremely helpful for those who use ovens regularly and cook fatty food.