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6 Best Etsy Vintage Prom Dresses: 60s Style

Were you pumped up with that glitter-coated prom invite initially but are now sweating over the vintage Great Gatsby theme? While the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, or 1990s theme sounds amazingly chic in theory, looking for a vintage-inspired dress to match the theme isn’t exactly easy – until you turn to Etsy, that is. Even with fashion going through a huge transformation from the 20s to almost the 70s, Etsy caters to all eras and we found dresses from every period in time! What’s more, the best Etsy vintage prom dress options were not just across a range of budgets but also hemlines, sleeve styles, and necklines. Hence, we could choose one depending on our preferences, especially when it comes to comfort.

So, instead of digging through mothball-filled boxes in your grandmother’s basement, why not score an old-time yet stylish prom dress from Etsy without breaking a sweat – or the bank? Check out this detailed guide to the same, with a focus on dresses from the swinging sixties.

Abandoned Love Shop Daisy Dream Vintage 1960s Prom Tulle Ballerina Dress


Since we are ardent lovers of tulle, Etsy was a feast for our eyes – and we lost our hearts to this gorgeous Abandoned Love Shop Daisy Dream Vintage 1960s Prom Tulle Ballerina Dress. This lovely little frothy party dress from the ’60s is the epitome of girly-girl perfection. For one, the top is covered in a design surrounding daisies, complete with a flattering round neck. However, it’s the bottom that’s the winner – it features a tiered bottom in pinkish-lavender ruffles, complete with bow detailing at the back. Considering it’s a vintage dress, it’s in great condition. Rounding up the features was the metal zipper at the back, which ensured a good fit, considering the dress is available only in XS/S size.


  • It only has vintage wear and tear and has been cleaned.
  • The dress fits very well.
  • The design, along with the tiered tulle, is gorgeous.


  • The light colors and the outright cute design might not appeal to everyone.
Abandoned Love Shop Daisy Dream Vintage 60s Prom Tulle Ballerina Dress - by Etsy
Abandoned Love Shop Daisy Dream Vintage 60s Prom Tulle Ballerina Dress – by Etsy

Still Chic Silk Off Shoulder Ball Gown


Where could we combine functionality and great style in a single package? That would be the Still Chic Silk Off-Shoulder Ball Gown. This rare find of a dress from the 1950s oozes old-school glamour and was made in England. We loved just about everything about this opulent dress, starting from the just off-the-shoulder neckline. It allowed us to show off our shoulders and also complement the dress with a gorgeous neckpiece. After nipping in at the waist, it forms a jaw-dropping fit-and-flare silhouette, giving it an iconic ball gown look. Not only that, but it’s also expertly handcrafted from excellent quality raspberry pink shot silk with an iridescent hue.

“The fabric and color give this classic dress a real period feel! Plus, it’s comfortable.”



  • Despite being vintage, it’s in an incredibly immaculate vintage condition.
  • The fabric is exquisite, and the tailoring quality is even better.
  • The dress is fully lined, with a zip at the back for a great fit.


  • It might not be the best shape for curvy women.
Still Chic Silk Off Shoulder Ball Gown - by Etsy
Still Chic Silk Off Shoulder Ball Gown – by Etsy

Gilfe Vintage 60’s Royal Blue Dress


How about a tea dress for a prom dress? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Behold the Gilfe Vintage 60’s Royal Blue Dress, which made us stand out in the crowd. This dress is an absolute dream and is handcrafted carefully from royal blue lace fabric that’s been stitched over lilac satin. But that’s not all. The dress even featured delicate lilac trim down the back and the front and over the shoulders, adding even more flair to it. But what made it a great Etsy 60s dress was the fact that the skirt had three layers, with the underlayer being delicate, high-quality tulle. Delicate lace sleeves, a lace hem, and a back zipper round up the dress’ features.


  • This dress is one of the most unique tea dresses you can wear.
  • The lace layer and trim are gorgeous.
  • It’s been designed and made very well and with care.


  • The dress runs small.
Gilfe Vintage 60's Royal Blue Dress - by Etsy
Gilfe Vintage 60’s Royal Blue Dress – by Etsy

She Is Me Dress Women’s Red Beaded Halter Velvet Prom Dress


We were looking for a sizzling, head-turning prom dress, and we were thrilled to have found the She Is Me Dress Women’s Red Beaded Halter Velvet Prom Dress. While this gorgeous beaded dress is in a red color, we could also customize the color according to what we wanted. If that’s not enough, the seller has sizes US 0 through 16 available already, along with the option of customizing the size too! This handmade dress boasts a halter necklace with a fitted waist and a flared, flowing bodice skirt. In fact, the seller is very responsive, and one can even reach out to them if one wants something more customized or has any issue with the order.


  • The dress is available in many sizes, including custom sizes.
  • It also comes in custom colors if one requires that.
  • It’s a rare find.


  • The shipping times are very long.
She Is Me Dress Women's Red Beaded Halter Velvet Prom Dress - by Etsy
She Is Me Dress Women’s Red Beaded Halter Velvet Prom Dress – by Etsy

The Vintage Venus Shop Vintage 1960s White/Silver Metallic Gown


There’s nothing lovelier than The Vintage Venus Shop Vintage 1960s White/Silver Metallic Gown when it comes to classic prom dresses. That’s because it’s an original design from the able stable of Emma Domb, the amazing Kentucky-born, SFO-based dress designer. There’s a lot we loved about this fabulous 1960s dress, starting with the metallic white and silver shade. It’s a classic color, especially for a prom dress. What’s more, this Emma Domb formal dress has a beautifully design high neckline and a very flattering low back. So, we were able to show off our toned back – which we had to work a lot to get! Wrapping things up is the tulle underskirt to keep the dress full and the zippered back that ensures a comfy fit.


  • This vintage dress is in great condition.
  • The tulle underskirt keeps the dress full when we sashay about.
  • The zippered back ensured a comfy and flattering fit.


  • It’s expensive.
The Vintage Venus Shop Vintage 1960s White-Silver Metallic Gown - by Etsy
The Vintage Venus Shop Vintage 1960s White-Silver Metallic Gown – by Etsy

Irreverent Finery Y2K Vintage Glitter Maxi Gown


There has to be a black dress on the list of best dresses, doesn’t there? That’s why we have the Irreverent Finery Y2K Vintage Glitter Maxi Gown here. After all, who doesn’t love some glitter when it comes to prom, right? We loved this black glitter dress from Teddi, as it gave us major Y2K vibes. What most women, including us, absolutely loved about this gown is that it was super stretchy. So, no matter one’s body shape or size, the gown will fit you like a glove. What’s more, the wide boat neckline is flattering to all body types, with the tank-style back straps leading to what is a very deep – and amazing – back. The best bit? There’s no zipper or anything involved – all we needed to do was pull the dress over our heads!


  • The dress is fitted through the hips, waist, and bodice.
  • We could wear it easily over the head without worrying about any closure.
  • The neckline and back are flattering.
  • We loved the all-over sparkling glitter print.


  • None.
Irreverent Finery Y2K Glitter Maxi Gown - by Etsy
Irreverent Finery Y2K Glitter Maxi Gown – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Vintage Prom Dress?

Era Design and Shape

One of the first things we did was bring up photo references from different eras to determine the shape and design of the dresses we should be looking into. For instance, 1960s vintage prom dresses usually boasted a classic design with a tight upper bodice with thick/spaghetti straps across the top of the shoulders and a wide bell skirt. What’s more, they might even come across a strapless bandeau top option, which would look especially great if one wanted to show off their well-shaped shoulder blades.


Since prom dresses come in a wide range of colors, we considered matching them with our eyes, our hair, or our bodies. While many people go for contrasts, bright colors such as different kinds of reds will put one firmly in the spotlight. On the other hand, purple and pink are jolly, fun colors, blues are confident, and blacks are chic and sophisticated. Since the fabric from the 1960s was vibrant and voluptuous, the dresses from that era are flamboyant to the T.

Body Type And Fit

  • Pear-shaped: Gor for fitted dresses with tighter tops and long, stretched bottoms.
  • Petite/Slim and slender: Bell-shaped dresses are a great idea, along with floor-length and ruffled dresses.
  • Hourglass-shaped: These really lucky peeps can carry off any kind of dress.
  • A busty body may need dresses with a more precise neckline, which needs to be checked for support too. Hence, if you want your chest to grab attention, this one may suit you well.
  • Apple-shaped: Go for a shorter empire waistline dress to show off those legs.

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What is the most common prom dress color?

Technically, the most popular prom dress color is red, as it’s versatile, vibrant, and bold, exuding energy and confidence.

Can girls wear white to prom?

Absolutely, white is a trendsetting color choice for a prom dress, as it’s elegant enough to make a head-turning statement.

What do most girls wear to prom?

Long dresses are usually a timeless option as they’re elegant. These include everything from mermaid gowns to A-line dresses and ball gowns.

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