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6 Best Etsy Damascus Knives

For knife enthusiasts, Damascus steel holds a unique allure. Its captivating, layered patterns and potential for exceptional sharpness have earned it a legendary status. Though I’m not a collector, I can’t help but appreciate the unique artistry of Damascus steel. That said, Etsy is one of the most excellent sources to find this type of knife. Etsy Damascus knives are available in various styles, ranging from small folding pockets to hunting knives. I was lucky enough to test some of them and they were all nothing short of remarkable. Combining unmatched sharpness and modern aesthetics, the knives below will certainly please collectors like you. Keep reading and embark with us on this journey to discover the most exceptional Damascus knife!

ValhallaVikingAxe Damascus Hunting Knife


When it comes to hunting knives, the ValhallaVikingAxe Damascus Hunting Knife should rank high on your list. This knife boasts impressive cutting capabilities. The hand-forged Damascus steel core, reaching HRC 58-60 hardness, promises unrivaled performance and edge retention. Additionally, the ruthlessly sharp edge, handcrafted to a mirror polish, ensures effortless cuts. I tried using it for field dressing and it made everything easier for me.

The 13-inch knife features a hollow-ground blade, making it lightweight and well-balanced. This design reduces fatigue and provides a comfortable grip even during extended use. Meanwhile, the handle, made from specially treated material, is resistant to heat, moisture, and cold. I think it’s safe to say that the handle is among the best on the market, offering military-grade strength and durability.


  • A versatile tool suitable for various outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, camping, and fishing.
  • It comes with a complimentary genuine leather sheath and free resharpening before shipping.
  • It’s backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • If not oiled regularly, the knife can become rusty.
ValhallaVikingAxe Damascus Hunting Knife - by Etsy
ValhallaVikingAxe Damascus Hunting Knife – by Etsy

KnifeCut Damascus Personalized Knife


Among all of the Etsy Damascus knives I’ve seen, the KnifeCut Damascus Personalized Knife has to be among the most handsome options. This knife features a unique handle made from a choice of Green, Blue, Olive, or Black Wood, adorned with engraved steel clips. It boasts a handmade quality, meaning each knife will have slight variations in color and pattern due to the natural materials used and no two knives are the same.

You don’t have to question the quality of the Damascus steel blade. It’s among the best and promises a long-lasting and visually attractive knife. When I tried using it, I immediately noticed that the knife’s design prioritized grip and shape. I was able to handle it comfortably without feeling awkward at all. However, you do have to be extra careful when handling and storing the knife as it’s extremely sharp. Also, based on my experience, you shouldn’t keep the knife in its sheath for too long.


  • The unique and beautiful handle is available in multiple designs.
  • Each knife is handmade, making every knife a unique item.
  • It boasts a perfect grip and shape for comfortable handling.


  • The sharpness of the knife can be dangerous if not handled carefully.
KnifeCut Damascus Personalized Knife - by Etsy
KnifeCut Damascus Personalized Knife – by Etsy

OrkloKnife Damascus Pocket Knife


With a stunning look and ultra-sharp blade, the OrkloKnife Damascus Pocket Knife won’t disappoint. It’s a visually striking and functionally impressive pocket knife. This item is certainly a head-turner thanks to its distinctive layered blade pattern. It boasts a razor-sharp 3-inch Damascus steel blade that can effortlessly handle everyday cutting tasks. Out of the box, the blade offers exceptional sharpness. From cutting branches to opening boxes, I was able to use this knife for a variety of tasks.

Meanwhile, the unique handle, crafted with rosewood, blue and orange spacers brass, and stainless-steel clips, provided me with a comfortable grip. It was ergonomic to hold and didn’t feel slippery at all. Is this knife customizable? Of course! First of all, the handle is available in tons of different designs. On top of that, you can also add a custom text or logo on either one or both sides of the blade.


  • The Damascus steel blade looks gorgeous and luxurious.
  • The blade is sharp out of the box.
  • It offers a good balance of edge retention and hardness.


  • Taking care of the blade can be a hassle as you have to clean it with petrol or ethanol after every use.
OrkloKnife Damascus Pocket Knife - by Etsy
OrkloKnife Damascus Pocket Knife – by Etsy

EvilBullKnivesStore Japanese Damascus Chef Knife


The EvilBullKnivesStore Japanese Damascus Chef Knife is one of the best choices for kitchen tasks. First of all, let’s appreciate its design. The Damascus steel and wood handle combination provides a visually striking appearance. What’s more, the handle is available in two different designs. I tried the Honesuki Square model and it felt good in my hand. Aside from that, you can also opt for the Honesuki Round model, which is slightly cheaper.

Now, the blade has a hardness of 56-59 HRC, which is moderately hard. It offers the right balance between edge retention and ease of sharpening. I tried using it to cut veggies and meat during testing, and it performed well. Aside from that, this knife also comes complete with a high-quality cowhide leather sheath.

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  • The handle is available in two different models.
  • A reliable option for those looking for durable, sharp kitchen knives.
  • You can easily sharpen the blade using a sharpening stone.


  • You can’t put it in your dishwasher.
EvilBullKnivesStore Japanese Damascus Chef Knife - by Etsy
EvilBullKnivesStore Japanese Damascus Chef Knife – by Etsy

FieldKnifeBlades Personalized Damascus Knife


If you’re looking for a proper Etsy Damascus knife for hunting, I have the perfect choice. Introducing you to the FieldKnifeBlades Personalized Damascus Knife. It’s a well-made and durable knife well-suited for a variety of tasks, especially hunting. One of the things that caught my attention the most was its aesthetically pleasing design. Because it’s hand-forged, every detail of this knife is immaculate. Not to mention, you can engrave the knife and the included leather cover, too.

“Stunning, sharp, and comfortable to hold, this Damascus knife has everything you need. It’s definitely worth the extra money.”


As a hunting knife, the quality of this knife is top-notch. It’s made from 512 layers of stainless steel and high carbon steel, suitable for hunting tasks. When I first held the knife, I was impressed by the handle as it felt solid to grip. Finally, the handle is available in five different color options. However, I think the Jade Green variant looks the most eye-catching.


  • This knife is hand-forged for a unique look and feel.
  • It has been lab-tested for durability.
  • Well-balanced and easy to grip.


  • It requires special care and must be kept completely dry after each cleaning.
FieldKnifeBlades Personalized Damascus Knife - by Etsy
FieldKnifeBlades Personalized Damascus Knife – by Etsy

MorfSteelware Damascus Pocket Folding Knife


One of the most sought-after options, the MorfSteelware Damascus Pocket Folding Knife is a beast. It boasts a hand-forged Damascus blade, crafted from high-carbon steel and folded multiple times. This process creates a razor-sharp and shatterproof blade, making it suitable for demanding tasks like hunting, wood carving, and even military drills. When I tested this knife, I loved its ergonomic handle a lot, which featured exotic Pakka wood along with brass spacers as well as steel bolsters. This design prioritizes comfort and control, even during tough jobs. Additionally, I was able to handle the knife safely thanks to its anti-slip design.

Furthermore, this knife comes with a sturdy leather sheath. It’s not just an ordinary sheath, though, as it features an integrated belt loop and snap lock. This not only protects the blade but also allows for convenient and secure carrying. Of course, the Damascus steel is rust-resistant, too, promising long-lasting performance with proper care. Best of all, you can engrave your name on the knife and sheath, too.


  • This knife has an exceptional sharpness.
  • The ergonomic handle promises a comfortable and secure grip.
  • A good option for tough jobs.


  • You have to be careful when unfolding the knife.
MorfSteelware Damascus Pocket Folding Knife - by Etsy
MorfSteelware Damascus Pocket Folding Knife – by Etsy

How To Choose the Best Etsy Damascus Knives

Choosing the right Damascus knife isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are some important factors to always keep in mind, which include:

Steel quality

Damascus knives are typically made by forge-welding multiple layers of steel and iron to create a distinctive patterned surface. The quality and hardness of the steel used, as well as the amount of pattern layering and intricacy, impacts the strength, edge retention, and uniqueness of the blade. Higher-quality Damascus tends to use higher carbon steels and more intricate forging.

Blade geometry and design

Beyond just admiring the Damascus patterning, you should also consider the overall shape, grind, thickness, and design of the blade. A well-designed knife should have a blade suited to its intended usage with a properly sharpened edge and tapered bolster for comfort. Meanwhile, a knife with good balance and ergonomics helps with control. Apart from that, you should also think about what will you be using the knife for. Different types of Damascus knives are better suited for different tasks. 

Fit and finish

Finally, you should also check the knife’s overall fit and finish. Check for a tight, secure handle installation. The polish, smoothness of pins/rivets, handle shaping, taper, and seamless transition from bolster to handle all impact the quality feel, and durability. A smooth, well-constructed knife is more comfortable and long-lasting.

What is special about Damascus knives?

Damascus knives are generally known for two main things, which are their distinctive appearance and their performance characteristics. Damascus steel has a wavy, watered pattern that’s created by folding and forging together different types of steel. Plus, Damascus knives are also popular for having good edge retention, durability, and stain resistance.

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Why Damascus knife is so expensive?

Damascus knives are expensive because the meticulous process of making them demands skilled craftsmanship and takes considerable time. On top of that, crafting Damascus steel requires extensive knowledge and experience.

Do chefs use Damascus steel?

Yes, many professional chefs do use Damascus steel knives in their kitchens. They’re often used by chefs who want the perfect mix of razor-sharp edges, robustness, and heirloom aesthetics in their kitchen knives.

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