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Tis The Season for The Best Etsy Christmas Baskets

Christmas is finally upon us, and with it comes the joy of gift-giving. Though my number one love language isn’t receiving gifts, I do love giving my special people special presents. That said, I’m the type of person that puts so much thought into the aesthetics. So, when it comes to Christmas gifts, I want them to be presented in the best way possible. Luckily, there are Etsy Christmas baskets! The platform has so many different baskets to choose from. Whether you want something customizable or handmade, you’ll never run out of options. To make things easier for you, I’ve picked six of my favorites. No matter what you choose, it’ll surely make your holiday season more exciting!

cosyribbon Christmas Storage Basket


Let’s kick off this list with the cosyribbon Christmas Storage Basket. If you have tons of things to store, this may be what you need. This basket is wider than most. When I first got it, I immediately used it and it was able to hold tons of Etsy Christmas ornaments, snacks, and gifts. Not to mention, the lined interior protected my ornaments from unwanted damage.

The default design of this basket comes with embroidered Christmas bells and a mistletoe. However, if you want, you can also add personalized text or design. Simply contact the seller and tell them what you want! Besides, you can customize the size of the basket, too.


  • The default size should be big enough for most.
  • It’s sturdy and durable.
  • There’s a soft lining to protect the decorations you want to keep inside the basket.


  • You can’t wash the basket since there are cardboard inserts to make it sturdy.
cosyribbon Christmas Storage Basket - by Etsy
cosyribbon Christmas Storage Basket – by Etsy

Ableyshandmadegifts Christmas Fabric Basket


Say hello to the Ableyshandmadegifts Christmas Fabric Basket, another highly recommended basket that I love. This is one of the best items to store all of your Christmas items in one place. I was thoroughly impressed by the fabric of this basket. I couldn’t believe how soft and durable it was. Apart from that, it’s also collapsible. Hence, I could store it away easily when not in use.

“Adorable, durable, and functional, this Etsy Christmas gift basket is such a good deal for the money. I’ll definitely keep it for many Christmases to come.”


Another thing to highlight is its design. One of the main reasons why I chose this basket was because of its cute and festive design. It’s not too much and doesn’t look tacky at all. I was also shocked when I found out how spacious the interior was, as it was bigger than I expected. Best of all, cleaning it is a breeze as it’s machine washable.


  • This basket has a cute and stylish design.
  • Collapsible for easy storage.
  • The fabric is soft.


  • It may take up to two weeks to arrive.
Ableyshandmadegifts Christmas Fabric Basket - by Etsy
Ableyshandmadegifts Christmas Fabric Basket – by Etsy

ElliesCraftRoom Snowman Basket


Hand-woven and hand-painted, the ElliesCraftRoom Snowman Basket has to be one of the most charming Christmas baskets ever! So, why do I think this is a great choice for this holiday season? First of all, the hand-painted snowmen are nothing short of adorable. Plus, the bright colors are sure to bring joy to everyone who sees it. Not to mention, it’s large enough to hold a variety of treats and gifts, including these Etsy Christmas mugs.

Personally, I love how the snowmen are painted. When I first saw them, I realized they were all different sizes and shapes, and each had an expressive face. Trust me; the details are truly exquisite. On top of that, my package came packaged securely. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a damaged product.


  • This is a nice choice to spice up your winter decorations.
  • The basket is big enough for most snacks and gifts.
  • The shipping is fast.


  • You can’t customize the basket.
ElliesCraftRoom Snowman Basket - by Etsy
ElliesCraftRoom Snowman Basket – by Etsy

BrookieNMags DIY Holiday Basket


Want to put the extra effort? Check out this BrookieNMags DIY Holiday Basket! Yep; this is a DIY basket, which makes it an even more special and personal basket. So, what did I get from this DIY kit? I actually got a lot of things. For one, I received a galvanized metal basket, which was the main item of this DIY kit. In addition to that, I also got a crinkle paper and a bow with the colors of my choosing.

As I said earlier, the basket is metal and it has a galvanized finish. If you love a rustic and farmhouse look, you’ll certainly love this basket. I was also surprised by how lightweight it was. Plus, it was easy for me to carry around. Overall, this is a well-made option and it comes with everything you need to make a festive Christmas display.


  • It’s relatively lightweight and highly durable.
  • You can personalize it with your own touches.
  • It has a charming, rustic look.


  • Some people may find it pricey.
BrookieNMags DIY Holiday Basket - by Etsy
BrookieNMags DIY Holiday Basket – by Etsy

EllieBugMakes Christmas Fabric Basket


Another beautiful addition to this list is the EllieBugMakes Christmas Fabric Basket. When I first saw this basket, I was immediately in love. One of its biggest selling points is its versatility. Upon arrival, I immediately tested the basket, and it was able to store many different items, including snacks, gifts, and decorations. It also has the perfect size for serving rolls, bread, and other baked goods.

Now, let’s talk about the durability. When I took a closer look at the basket, I was impressed by the stitching, which was even and sturdy. The pine cone embroidery was also neat. Overall, I was very happy with the quality and craftsmanship of this basket. Though not the cheapest, it sure is worth the extra money.


  • Made of high-quality linen.
  • It’s versatile enough to be used for storage or serving.
  • One of the most durable options on Etsy.


  • It can be a bit pricey.
EllieBugMakes Christmas Fabric Basket - by Etsy
EllieBugMakes Christmas Fabric Basket – by Etsy

DandyflossShop Christmas Basket


This DandyflossShop Christmas Basket is arguably the most beautiful and practical way to store all of your Christmas presents. It’s made of a sturdy and durable fabric with prints of reindeer and Christmas trees, making the holiday season more festive. One of the things I love most about this basket is its versatility. I can imagine using it this year to store presents under the tree, on a mantelpiece, or even in a corner of my room. I think it’s also a great way to transport presents to and from holiday gatherings.

In addition to being practical, this Etsy Christmas gift basket is available in three different sizes, which are small, medium, and large. If you have a lot to store, I recommend getting the bigger one, though it’s more pricey. The highlight, though, has to be its reversible design! When I first received this basket, I was surprised that I was able to reverse it. That way, if one side gets dirty, you can easily reverse it and it’ll look new.


  • It can hold a variety of different-sized gifts.
  • The sturdy material ensures the basket can last for years.
  • The beautiful green color adds a touch of holiday cheer.


  • You can’t add personalized text or design.
DandyflossShop Christmas Basket - by Etsy
DandyflossShop Christmas Basket – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Christmas Baskets

Choosing the right Christmas basket needs careful consideration. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:


There are tons of different Christmas baskets out there. For a festive holiday touch, I recommend choosing a basket adorned with Christmas ornaments, ribbons, or a seasonal greeting. That way, it can get everyone into the Christmas spirit.


To make your gift basket feel more special, you can consider adding a personal touch. Thankfully, many sellers on Etsy allow that. You can add personalized text, design, or even images. You can also include a handwritten note expressing your gratitude or a small gift tailored to the recipient’s interests.


Set a realistic budget and consider the value you want to provide. While luxurious baskets filled with expensive items can be impressive, a thoughtfully curated basket with more affordable items can still convey your appreciation.

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What should I put in a Christmas basket?

Honestly, you can put anything. Most people put treats, hot beverage items, and Christmas-related stuff in the basket.

What is the meaning of a Christmas basket?

It’s a traditional gift basket filled with a variety of seasonal treats and delicacies. It’s a popular gift during the Christmas season, often given to friends, family, colleagues, or clients as a token of appreciation or goodwill.

How to decorate a Christmas basket?

The key is to be creative. Most people decorate their baskets by adding pinecones, dried flowers, jingle bells, and other holiday ornaments.

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