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6 Best DHGate Designer Bags

If you haven’t hopped onto the DHgate bandwagon yet, we’d suggest you do it as soon as you can! DHgate is a China-based online marketplace that sells a huge, and we mean a huge variety of products. They range from tech items and accessories to home goods and clothing, of course. But today, we’re going to be talking about one of the bestselling items ever, which is DHGate designer bags. The online marketplace is a go-to place for designer handbags for millions of women, and we’re sure you’re going to be excited by the collection too. Thanks to the sheer size of the collection, “The Gate,” as Tiktok calls it, looks like someone’s closet exploded on the screen. Hence, we did the legwork for you, and here are the best designer handbags from “The Gate.”

Luxury’s Designer Genuine Leather Tote and Wallet


There’s nothing we love better than a deal where we get a leather tote and wallet together. That’s why we loved the Luxury’s Designer Genuine Leather Tote and Wallet, which we got for a steal deal of 25 USD! The bag and wallet are made from genuine leather and feature a fantastic brown patterned design. The larger bag boasts a spacious main compartment and even has an inner zippered pocket where we can stash our quick-grab essentials. Heck, we could even stash a lightweight summer blanket inside. Moreover, the smaller wallet is a spacious bag we could use as a mini-toiletry kit!


  • It comes in a plethora of colors, including browns, whites, and even a black-red grid combination.
  • It’s very affordable and makes for a great deal.
  • We got a bag and a wallet in one deal.


  • The bag doesn’t have a crossbody strap.
Luxury's Designer Genuine Leather Tote and Wallet - by DHGate
Luxury’s Designer Genuine Leather Tote and Wallet – by DHGate

Sacoche Borse Crossbody Tabby Bag


Quilted designer bags are a rage right now, and we wanted to get our hands on one too! That’s how we got our hands on this Sacoche Borse Crossbody Bag, which is much like Coach’s tabby bag. This is a well-sized shoulder bag crafted from luxurious black lambskin leather and featuring the iconic diamond-shaped stitched quilting. It’s the quilting design, combined with the tabby structure, that is iconic of Coach’s bag, which is what we loved about it. We also loved the classic classic polished gold chain shoulder straps that are threaded with black leather. Finally, the gold channel turn lock completes the piece.


  • The bag comes with inner patch pockets for quick-access stuff.
  • It’s very lightweight for a rather large bag.
  • It’s durable and designed well.


  • The average price is more than what we saw with most designer bags of the same size.
Sacoche Borse Crossbody Tabby Bag - by DHGate
Sacoche Borse Crossbody Tabby Bag – by DHGate

YL Leather Bucket Bag


We were crushing over the iconic YSL bucket bag, and we found the perfect copy in the form of the YL Leather Bucket Bag. This practical and aesthetically pleasing bucket bag is done with metal buckles and hooks, which lend it a very upscale look. We loved that we could carry it in two ways, that is, using the shoulder strap across the body as well as the top handle. Moreover, the metal buckle and hook opening/closing are made from high-quality light antique copper. On the inside, the main compartment held a lot of stuff, including all our favorite Lululemon summer accessories! Finally, the suede-lined zipper pocket could hold quick-access essentials, while the four metal legs ensured that the bag’s bottom never touched the ground, no matter where we kept it.


  • There’s even a detachable inner bag on the inside.
  • The bucket bag is very spacious.
  • The zipper is of high quality.


  • It’s expensive.
YL Leather Bucket Bag - by DHGate
YL Leather Bucket Bag – by DHGate

CC Classic Small Square Purse


This CC Classic Small Square Purse is another bag everyone should have in their bags collection. There are a lot of things we love about this mini bag, starting with the fact that we could carry it in three different ways. Not only could we carry it in the hand, but also across the body and over the shoulder. Even though the capacity isn’t that great, it’s absolutely perfect for a casual outing. On the inside, the bag has a large compartment, an inner flat zippered compartment, and even a rear flat “Mona Lisa” pocket. Even though we carry just the basics, i.e., a phone, sunscreen, and cardholder, we could even fit in a mini perfume and a lip balm!


  • The bag is available in a gamut of colors, including the iconic pink we see below.
  • It’s made from high-quality lambskin.
  • The hardware on the bag is excellent.


  • It’s very expensive.
CC Classic Small Square Purse - by DHGate
CC Classic Small Square Purse – by DHGate

Birkin Litchi Pochette


This Birkin Litchi Pochette is one of the best takes we’ve seen on the iconic bag from French luxury brand Hermes. The gorgeous bag is made from genuine cowhide leather and is quite spacious in size, even if it doesn’t look like it. Since it boasts a horizontal shape, we could fit quite a few things into the bag. These included our 13-inch MacBook, a few notebooks, a wallet, sunscreen, keys, cardholders, and even a water bottle! In fact, the quick-access stuff went easily in an inner zippered compartment, so we didn’t have to rummage in the huge bag looking for them. Thanks to the twist lock closure, all things stayed secure inside.

“Having a Birkin bag is the ultimate thing – and we were glad to add this pochette to our collection – worth every penny!”



  • The bag is structured and can be placed down on uneven surfaces.
  • It’s very spacious on the inside.
  • It’s well-designed and made.


  • It comes in just five color options.
Birkin Litchi Pochette - by DHGate
Birkin Litchi Pochette – by DHGate

Marc Casual Mini Canvas Shoulder Bag


We end with what is the ultimate when it comes to designer handbags, the Marc Casual Mini Canvas Shoulder Bag. This bag is a cult favorite among the stylish fashionista public, and we’ve also been bowled over by it. For one, this bag feels very durable, thanks to the well-designed PU make and the synthetic leather lining. What’s more, the bag has a spacious main compartment, which could even fit in a 13-inch MacBook Pro, a purse organizer with all essentials, and even a couple of notebooks. Plus, there’s a zippered flap on the inside, where we could stash essential things like cards, wallets, and even keys. From the practicality of one compartment to the cool-girl bag vibe, this designer bag has it all.


  • We could carry it in two ways, via the crossbody strap and the top handle.
  • It comes in a riot of colors – more than 30 options!
  • It’s affordable.


  • Even when empty, the bag has a fair bit of weight.
Marc Casual Mini Canvas Shoulder Bag - by DHGate
Marc Casual Mini Canvas Shoulder Bag – by DHGate

How To Choose The Best DHGate Designer Bags?

Decide a budget

Luxury bags charge a bomb per purse – there’s a reason they’re called “luxury,” after all. In order to avoid breaking the bank, we set a practical and realistic budget as to how much we wanted to spend on the bag. This included taking into account our financial situation, earnings, expenses, any liability, etc.

Explore different styles and brands

With designer bags, you perhaps already have a Maison in mind, as did we. Some of the most popular designer bag brands are Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and Coach. Each brand not only employs high-quality materials but also boasts excellent craftsmanship. These iconic handbags from luxury brands usually appreciate in value over time.

Consider lifestyles and preferences

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing designer handbags is one’s preferences and lifestyle. Do you love boxy, shapeless, and slouchy bags? Or do you prefer structured bags that can carry it all? Are you all about neutral-hued bags, or do you love a vivid pop of color? Take all these into account and then go for a designer bag.

Is Coach a luxury brand?

Yes, Coach New York, a.k.a. Coach, is an American luxury fashion house that specializes in leather accessories, luggage, and handbags.

What is so special about designer bags?

Designer bags have an unmatched high-end quality. It’s one of the main factors that influences their high price.

Can designer bags increase in value?

Yes, the value of designer bags goes up as time goes by.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by DHGate.