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13 Best Cute Plus Size Outfits for Summer

The cold season is off and it’s time now to shed off most of the heavy clothes layers to replace them with lovely flowy summer outfits. There are plenty of ideas and styles to think of when it comes to summer wear. Whether you’re into formal outfits, beach wear, casual jeans outfits, or anything else, you can create lots of cute plus size outfits for summer. And the best thing is that you can still embrace your own personal taste while looking fashionable and trendy.

In this read-up, we went for plus-size clothes only. We searched here and there for plus-size pieces including shorts, sets, dresses, tops, and everything else to cherry-pick the top 13 pieces to mix and match this summer. We wanted to share those items with you, so, you can create your own style and have a stunning summer look.

IN’VOLAND 2 Piece Linen Shirt and Drawstring Shorts Set


Catch up on your morning coffee with this IN’VOLAND 2 Piece Linen Shirt and Drawstring Shorts Set that can take you from day to night. The set includes a cotton linen shirt we loved a lot and felt so comfortable in as it’s a very suitable material for summer. Also, the shorts are made of the same material and they fitted loose when we managed to pick the right material.

We believe that every woman should have at least one of those sets for quick outings. For us, it saved our lives million times when we needed something breathable and easy to move with for the hottest and longest summer days. We just wished the fabric had more stretch, but overall, it was a perfect set to choose for summer.


  • The set comes in several trendy summer colors
  • The fabrics are so breathable and lightweight
  • It’s a very practical set for different outings


  • The fabric doesn’t have any stretch

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MakeMeChic Scallop Trim Flowy Wide Leg Shorts


One way of wearing shorts for plus-sized women is going for flowy wide shorts. MakeMeChic Scallop Trim Flowy Wide Leg Shorts are one of those wide shorts we found suitable for curvy women as the design itself is loose. The shorts aren’t stretchable but they fit well and the waist is elastic for different body measurements.

Consider these shorts the perfect transition from loungewear to beach wear and vacations. Some women would wear these shorts only for lounging by the home, but personally, we could style them with traditional T-shirts for walking by the sea. We also wore them with a lace crop top for a morning casual party.


  • The waistband is elastic
  • They make the legs look slimmer
  • You can wear them to lounge or as a casual wear


  • They might not look good for most outings

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MakeMeChic Tie Dye Cami Romper


Want something unique, with colorful designs for summer? MakeMeChic Tie Dye Cami Romper will do the trick. This was our first time to try a romper. We always thought that rompers would make us look fatter, so, we have been always staying away from them but we discovered that we have been missing a lot.

With the right soft material and flowy cut, the romper can look the best on plus-sized women. Also, the colorful design mixing different shades of the same color with white did its job of flattering and hiding all the imperfections. The two side pockets were our favorite in this new style. Besides their normal uses, they gave the romper a very casual look.


  • The romper has a flowy design
  • It’s very comfortable to wear
  • It comes with two side pockets


  • The fabrics are a bit cheap

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MakeMeChic Floral Split Wide Leg Pants


Summer is here and here’s a reminder that this year you can play around with pool cover-ups to have a different look each time you want to take Instagram photos. MakeMeChic Floral Split Wide Leg Pants isn’t the typical cover-up you might go for. You might not even notice that it can be worn as a cover-up.

Since we had it in real, we found that the sides are split, so, it showed all our thighs. At this point, we thought of wearing it as a cover-up and it was the best decision we made. With a simple swimsuit, we are ready for a photoshoot. However, this isn’t the only way you can wear the pants. You might wear them for a casual outing but don’t forget your shorts under them.


  • The pants can be worn in several ways
  • The design is so different and unique
  • They dry out quickly


  • The sides aren’t stitched, so, they show a lot

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SOLY HUX Off The Shoulder Striped Asymmetrical Mini Sundresses


Let’s go for some sexy and feminine outfits for plus sizes. In this case, we’ll definitely go for dresses. SOLY HUX Off The Shoulder Striped Asymmetrical Mini Sundresses is a very flirty dress we discovered from SOLY HUX, this brand has lots of trendy cool items this summer. The asymmetrical cut and the waisted belt made us look slimmer and hugged our bodies in a way we loved. Thumbs up for this chic outfit.

Try wearing this dress with one of the cutest sandals for summer, you’ll get all the heads turned. We didn’t find too many colors to choose from, the black and white stripes were our choice as we could match them with any shoes and bags of any color.


  • The dress makes women look less weight
  • They’re so cute for different occasions
  • The price is suitable


  • The material is too light and thin

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PRETTYGARDEN Floral Wrap V Neck Belted Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress


It appears that we liked the idea of dresses for plus sizes. PRETTYGARDEN Floral Wrap V Neck Belted Ruffle Hem Maxi Dress was the second dress we tried and loved, so, here we are recommending it for all plus-sized women. The dress is already loose, so, Xlarge and XXlarge options are suitable for plus sizes. What’s more, if you have large boobs, the dress will define them in a way you won’t accept anything else after that. Watch this video from Reviews Unscripted to see how it fits plus sizes.

As comfortable as loungewear, this dress comes in a very lightweight and soft material. However, it’s chic enough to wear out and about. There are many colors, patterns, and floral designs. We love smaller patterns as they made us look more cute and less weight. We also loved the loose sleeves because it’s always a problem for fuller figures.


  • The dress has a flowy modest cut
  • The material is suitable for different outings and occasions
  • There are many patterns and color options


  • The stitches have some flaws

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MakeMeChic Floral Short Puff Shirred Waist Dress


With this MakeMeChic Floral Short Puff Shirred Waist Dress, we could prove that floral dresses are the most versatile piece of clothes any woman should have this summer. Easily made casual with the proper shoes and the same ease made classier with heels or mules. This dress is something to rely on for most of your outings. If you’re struggling to find proper heels to get dressed up, check out this review of the best heels at DSW.

“Finding a summer dress that looks cute, trendy, and fits perfect for busty and fuller figures was a rare thing, but this dress made it possible. We might be sticking to it all summer.”


We know that sometimes the pictures are deceiving, so, we came across this video from Alexandra Rodriguez to see the dress as a real try-on. From our side, we found the dress so pretty and properly fitting us. Hence, it’s a top choice for us now.


  • It looks so girly and shapes the waist in a beautiful way
  • The fabrics are skin-friendly
  • It’s worth the price


  • The material isn’t the best quality

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Rothco Paratrooper Fatigue Cargo Camouflage Pants


Don’t underestimate the power of the camouflage print. It can act as a base for different pieces of greenish, brown, beige, reddish, and many other shades of color. Rothco Paratrooper Fatigue Cargo Camouflage Pants are the camouflage base we’re talking about, we used them as a main item and played around with different tops to get cute plus size outfits for summer.

Overall, all the looks were bold and that’s what we were aiming for. The cargo style is something not all women will wear occasionally. Fuller figures might think it’s gonna make them look so hippy. Yet, this pattern in particular does the opposite. If you aren’t convinced, then, watch this video from Stylish Curves to see how the pants look on plus sizes. It’s the second item she tried.


  • There are different prints of the camouflage style
  • The material is high quality
  • It never goes off-trend


  • The pants are a bit pricey

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BFFBABY Boho Ruffle Crop Top Shorts Set


Best for the beach. Summer means sea and beach, so, it’s time to look for cute outfits for the beach that suit plus size. Here we found it, it’s BFFBABY Boho Ruffle Crop Top Shorts Set. If you wear bikinis or even one-piece swimsuits, this set will look stunning and so flirty over your swimsuit. We wore it this way and we received tons of compliments that day.

Further, the set comes in many colors that we didn’t even check them all. We wanted something that match our greenish-blue swimsuit and once we found the right color, we immediately bought it. Overall, the set was comfy and the material was stretchable, so, it was a good choice for a beach day.


  • There are many colors to choose from
  • The set comes in sizes up to 6X-large
  • The shorts are stretchable


  • Some sets come in different colored shorts and tops

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Haloumoning Sleeveless Henley Top


Best price. We wanted to make a statement with the outfit we are wearing and at the same time pay the least amount of money possible. Haloumoning Sleeveless Henley Top is just a simple top but we could really do a lot with this top to get an eye-catching overall outfit. For example, a floral lightweight jacket with a chic pair of sneakers and jeans shorts looked great. Check out this list of the best Ssense sneakers to see what we have tried before.

Another option is to wear this top with a feminine skirt and a pair of summer sandals for a totally different look. We tucked the top inside a mini ruffle skirt and it looked so summerish and flattering as well. The top is available in sizes up to 5X, so, we think it’s a good bargain for all women to check out.


  • The top is so versatile for multiple outfit options
  • There are sizes up to 5X
  • The top is available in many colors


  • The material is thinner than expected

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CARCOS Womens Plus Size Top


Best material. This breathable and lightweight CARCOS Womens Plus Size Top will be a precious addition to your summer collection this year. The top we’re talking about is just a traditional v-neck top, yet, it’s a must-have for summer. Its material is almost all cotton with some spandex for stretch. You’ll want to wear it every day for how comfy it is.

Moving to the design, we found so many patterns and colors to choose from. We could make many cute summer outfits for plus size from each of the available blouses. But one thing that was common among all of our reviewers is that they preferred a larger size of the blouse for a flowy style. This blouse looks better when it’s a bit loose, so you might want to size it up like what we did.


  • The material is lightweight and soft
  • You can wear it with all types of bottoms
  • There are many patterns to choose from


  • You might need to size up for a loose fit

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ALLEGRACE Plus Size Denim Short


Best for everyday wear. A quality pair of denim shorts is a must this summer and every summer. That’s why we went for this ALLEGRACE Plus Size Denim Short. It became a staple in our summer collection as it could be styled in different ways to create many lovely outfits for the summer. We dressed in a white basic shirt and these shorts and paired them with colored sneakers. This was the best outfit for morning outings. The other day, we wore the shorts with a strapless black sequin blouse for a classier look.

We found these shorts in different colors including black. Also, we liked that the material has some stretch to hug the hip curves in a flattering way. The shorts have two pockets that were deep and we could easily put our mobile phone inside.


  • The shorts are too practical and easy to style
  • They have a stretchy material
  • The pockets are so useful


  • The material is thinner than expected

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ALLEGRACE Short Sleeve V Neck Ruffle Blouse


Whether you want a comfy top for long shopping days or a casual outfit to go around town, a cotton-based blouse is something you can count on. ALLEGRACE Short Sleeve V Neck Ruffle Blouse is the blouse we picked for these types of outings. There is nothing better than a rayon stretchy blouse for summer days.

We took some time browsing and checking the available patterns. Most of them are floral and lovely patterns for the summer. However, the colors shown in the images aren’t always exactly the same as you get. What made it the best option for fuller figures is the flowy ruffled design of the blouse that could really hide all the flaws and imperfections we want to hide. Read this short review from Don’t Waste Your Money for more about the blouse before you buy.


  • It’s stretchy and lightweight
  • There are many patterns to choose from
  • The design suits plus-sized women so much


  • The colors are a bit off

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Our Verdict!

The 13 plus-size items we have chosen are so different and you can create your own cute outfits for summer from each of them. However, there are four pieces we loved the most and these will be our top picks if we’re to choose. Here they are.

How To Choose The Best Cute Plus Size Outfits for Summer?

To choose the best look this summer, you have to know the latest trends. Yet, this isn’t the only thing you need to think of. There are also other things we kept in mind while searching for trendy summer outfits for fuller figures.

Special fit

Not all plus-sized women have the same fit and body shape. You might have the same weight as your friend but you both have totally different bodies. Thus, while we were searching for plus-size summer outfits that offer a cute style, we kept in mind that some dresses as the ones with elastic waists look better on pear-shaped bodies. They can flatter the hips a lot. Also, some shorts won’t look so flattering on women with wide hips. V-neck blouses can make the bust area look smaller, so, choose accordingly.

Your own style

Another thing you need to consider is your own style. You don’t have to go after a certain type of clothing just because it’s trendy this year. If you don’t like tight pants, for example, don’t just wear them because all the fashion bloggers are wearing them. Luckily, women’s clothes come in many designs and some items never go off-trend, so, you’ll always find your own style and create your own fashion statement.


Finally, we thought of different occasions and how we should style different items to suit different occasions. We know that some of you might love the formal style or the bohemian casual dresses, for example, more than anything else. Yet, you can’t just wear formal all the time or wear casual dresses for work. Consider picking different items that go with several styles. A basic v-neck loose top can be worn with formal pants or denim shorts and sneakers. Both will look totally different. Similarly, a linen cotton shirt can be worn with same-colored loose pants or shirts for a casual outfit or a midi tight skirt for a semi-formal style.

Can I look cute in plus-sized outfits?

Any woman can look elegant and cute by picking the right items. You can show off the curves you love by highlighting your waist and wearing slightly loose or not-too-tight blouses and dresses to exaggerate a feminine side.

How can I hide a big belly?

You can simply exaggerate other areas to shift the look from your belly. Try to wear loose clothes on the top and don’t tuck your blouses or shirts in. Also, an open jacket or cardigan can make this area look smaller.

How can I know my body shape?

The body shape is determined by where most of the fat in your body resides. If it’s in your hips, then you have a pear-shaped body. Alternatively, if the bust size is larger, then, you have an apple-shaped figure. An hourglass body means both the hips and the bust areas are equal.