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13 Best Backpacks for Businessmen

With the technologically-advanced days we’re living in today, men and women usually need laptops, tablets, and other devices at work. Back in the days when they only needed some documents and maybe pens, a briefcase was just enough. Yet, today, a backpack is more practical especially if you’re a business traveler. These bags can carry a lot of things together, besides, they protect these smart devices from getting broken or even scratched.
We know how a backpack is very important for businessmen and women. Thus, this review will help you find out the best backpack for business travel while considering important features such as the spacious room inside the bag, the number of compartments, the material, and all of these important features. Don’t worry, as we’ve tried all of the backpacks listed here so you can rest assured they’re the best of the best! If you haven’t found a business backpack yet, don’t miss out on this review.


ebags CityLink Travel Backpack is our first recommendation as one of the best business backpacks for women and men. We believe that this backpack is fairly priced considering the multiple features we have found in this backpack. If you’re a neat person who loves to have everything organized inside his bag, this backpack will help you a lot.

We could easily pack for two days inside this bag. We put folded clothes, toiletries, and other small devices. Plus, there was a padded compartment for a 16-inch laptop. We didn’t need any other smaller bags for these toiletries or small devices as the bag already included a lot of zippered pockets. This bag is designed for travel as it lays flat when opened, also, the straps are stowable in case you want to carry it as a briefcase. Watch this video from Nomadandy to get more info about this bag.


  • There is a large number of pockets in this bag
  • It has a luggage sleeve to fit onto your main luggage bag
  • It comes with a water bottle


  • It’s a bit compact for some people

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Samsonite OpenRoad Business Backpack


Samsonite OpenRoad Business Backpack does a great thing by combining modernity with functionality. It isn’t something weird as this is what we expected from such a brand name. This bag is very durable that it’s worth every penny paid to get such an expensive bag. We know that not all businessmen will be willing to pay this amount to get a backpack, but if you need a lifetime product, this is a great option to consider.

Diving into the specs of this bag, it has a padded laptop sleeve that will keep your laptop safe all over the trip. Bear in mind that the bag comes in three different sizes, so, get the right size for your laptop. Furthermore, there is another sleeve for a tablet, and it’s also padded. These aren’t the two only pockets in this bag, there are more to check and all of these pockets are zippered, so, you can easily organize your bag. The bag still has lots of other features to go through, so, it’s better to read this comprehensive review from Luggage Portal about this bag alone.


  • The material is water resistant
  • It’s very durable
  • There are two padded pockets and several dividers


  • It’s very pricey

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Incase ICON Backpack


Next, Incase ICON Backpack is a nice option for those who are seeking quality options. This backpack is very pricey, yet, it’s worth every penny because it’s one of the highest-quality options you’ll ever get. The bag caught our attention from just the image. You can easily get that it’s a durable bag at first sight.

The design is very slim, yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t hold a lot of things. However, it’s more of a business bag, not a travel one. It’s designed to carry laptops, notebooks, tablets, gadgets, and so on, but not too many clothes. The back was well cushioned and the shoulder straps were padded for comfort. Even more, there was a USB port for charging electronic devices. Everything you need for business travel is found here in this backpack.


  • It’s very high-quality and durable
  • The design is very sleek
  • It has a USB port


  • It’s very pricey

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Swiss Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack


Swiss Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack comes in different styles but nearly they’re the same thing. It’s all about the design you love. Swiss Wenger is a brand name known for durable and high-quality backpacks, so, in terms of quality, we didn’t really need to check because we know how durable this bag is. The bag can hold a laptop of up to 17 inches, however, it’s still on the small side. So, it’s mainly designed for light travelers.

For organizing the bag, we used the main compartment for the tablet and the two other pockets for documents and notebooks. The front pocket was our favorite as it’s loaded with pockets, so, we could easily arrange everything inside the bag. Further, it was very lightweight and best of all, very comfortable on our back. So, this is a top recommended option for both men and women.


  • It’s a very high-quality backpack
  • There are several compartments and pockets
  • The bag is so breathable


  • There are no different size options

KAKA Travel Backpack


Best for multiple uses. One day we had an urgent trip where we only needed a laptop and a few clothes for one day only. On another day, we wanted to pack for a couple of days where we’ll be traveling between different cities. We didn’t find anything better than KAKA Travel Backpack to save us on different trips as it’s a multipurpose bag with different ways of use. Besides, it’s so roomy, so, you can pack a lot inside the bag, actually, more than what you might think.

Use it as a backpack, shoulder bag, duffle bag, or a traditional travel bag. It acts in the best way no matter how you prefer it. The bag comes with 10 pockets, yet, while packing we found that some of these pockets weren’t so practical or weren’t the easiest to reach. So, we actually didn’t use them. Rather than that, it’s an excellent bag all the way.


  • It’s a very comfortable bag with padded straps and back
  • It can be used in several ways
  • It’s very roomy


  • Some of the pockets aren’t the easiest to reach

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KROSER Laptop Backpack


Although KROSER Laptop Backpack isn’t especially categorized in women’s business backpacks, they prefer it more than men. This is because the bag is a bit classy and the available colors are more womanly. However, there is a black color in case you don’t like floral patterns or light colors. It’s very chic, besides being functional. So, if you care about style, go for this bag even for outings. We can also interest you in those bloomingdales handbags for a classy style.

Back to our backpack, the main compartment opens from the top side. It has a padded sleeve for a laptop, besides, there is a spacious room for other small stuff. We found this bag better used as a second travel bag. It has a luggage strap, so, we could easily fit it on the main luggage bag. This was easier to move with the bag ìn the airport, so, we loved the option.


  • The design is classy with several patterns to choose from
  • The material is durable
  • It comes with a luggage strap


  • It might be small for some people

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MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack


MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack comes in so many color options. It also comes in three different size options, so, you have a couple of choices here to make. Similar to all business backpacks, this one has a padded sleeve for a laptop. It also has a USB port to recharge your electronic devices when needed.

Apart from that, there are a couple of pockets rather than the main ones. When we wanted to organize our stuff inside the bag, we found a couple of small pockets, especially in the front one, so, everything we have had its dedicated place. Later, it was very easy to find our stuff inside. The only thing we wished for is that it was more comfortable, perhaps the shoulder straps need more padding and need to be wider.


  • The bag comes with many pockets and compartments for organizing things inside
  • It comes in many color choices
  • The material is so durable


  • It isn’t the most comfortable backpack ever

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Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack


You don’t need to get a backpack and a carry-on bag with Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack. This backpack can be used in both ways as it has two shoulder straps for carrying on the back and a long one to carry as a messenger bag. Further, there is a waist strap that relieves the pain on your shoulders if you’re packing heavy.

Being one of the most-rated business backpacks, we decided to try it for a couple of days to know how much we can pack inside. The bag was very roomy and there was a zipper that creates more space. However, we didn’t find any dividers inside, so, we had to use separate bag organizers.

“This bag was one of the comfiest to wear and easiest to pack as well. We found it very flexible without being flimsy and this is exactly what we were looking for.”



  • It can be used as a backpack or a carry-on
  • It’s very versatile and the outer shell is flexible
  • There is room for expandability


  • There are no inside pockets or dividers

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High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack


High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack is a nice backpack for women, mommies, students, and everyday needs. High Sierra is already a known brand that designs a lot of backpacks in practical designs. We loved this one the most because the patterns are different without being too funky. In the end, business travelers should look somehow classy.

Apart from business, this bag can be used for other purposes. It looks like a traditional backpack without many complications in the design, yet, it serves the purposes as needed. We used the main compartment for the laptop and it was padded as usual. There was another large compartment for clothes and packable items whereas the two front pockets were used for power banks, headphones, and these small devices we needed for a business commute.


  • The backpack is very simple and can be used for different purposes
  • It comes in several patterns
  • The material is water resistant


  • The zippers aren’t the strongest

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BANGE Travel Backpack


Best interior space. We consider ourselves light travelers but not every time. Sometimes, we have to take several items on our business trips including a laptop, a tablet, documents, clothes, and other belongings. These items won’t all fit inside one of the above-mentioned backpacks, so, we finally found BANGE Travel Backpack to serve this purpose. This backpack, or in other words, briefcase, is the largest one while keeping the main feature of being a comfy backpack.

The bag is expandable, so, you have a couple of options here. You can use the zippers and buckles to get more room if you have more items to pack for one of your trips. The bag has a handle to be carried as a briefcase but we preferred using the shoulder straps, so, it was more comfortable. We also wanted a bottle pocket but this bag didn’t come with this feature. Yet, it isn’t a big deal anyways. You can check those bottles for lunch box and pack them inside your spacious backpack.


  • It’s expandable for a wider room inside
  • The bag features an anti-theft design with a combination lock
  • The material is very durable and water-resistant


  • It’s a bit heavyweight

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AMBOR Travel Laptop Backpack


Best for comfort. AMBOR Travel Laptop Backpack comes in different designs including some floral patterns. However, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a suitable bag for men. All can use this bag especially when you know that it’s very lightweight and comfortable with spacious room for a laptop and other belongings.

The bag features an ergonomic design with mesh parts on the backside. This mesh construction allows for good airflow, so, it’s breathable too. We also used the chest strap to balance the weight of the bag on the back and shoulders without overloading one side. We know how important it’s for travelers and commuters to have a comfy bag, so, AMBOR has a great selling point here. By the way, you might be interested in those massagers for back and neck if you work a lot of time on a computer or a laptop.


  • It’s very lightweight and comfortable
  • The bag is very breathable
  • There are different colors and patterns


  • It isn’t designed for heavy use

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Mancro Business Travel Laptop Backpack


Best value for money. When we were searching for different backpacks, we decided to go for some money-saving options because we know you all don’t have the same budget for a business backpack. We found Mancro Business Travel Laptop Backpack as the best value-for-money option. It isn’t the cheapest, but it’s better than other cheap items because it has a lot of great features and perfect quality at a very affordable price.

The bag looks very compact with a flat bottom to stand on any surface. However, it isn’t small from the inside. It’s actually spacious with several pockets and the main padded packet for your laptop. Also, there is a USB charger and best of all, a combination lock in case you want to leave your bag somewhere without fear of theft. The manufacturer says it’s water-resistant. With a very simple test of pouring water droplets on the bag from different sides, we assure you it’s really water-resistant.


  • The material is water-resistant polyester
  • It’s very affordable
  • It has combination locks


  • The water bottle pocket is small

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Volher Laptop Backpack


Volher Laptop Backpack is the top-rated option we have found so far, and it was our favorite as well. This business backpack has all that it takes to serve a business traveler or a commuter every day. First, we had to choose from the available colors which were so different. We loved that there are dark and bright colors to satisfy all tastes.

Once we received the bag, we started investigating the different options such as the number of compartments, the zippers, the laptop sleeve, and all of these features. We found there was a USB port which is so beneficial for commuters who take a long journey to their work every day. Also, the back and shoulder straps were padded which made it so comfortable even if carried for long hours. The number of pockets was just suitable for what we needed and there were two size options that should be determined by the laptop size. Here is another honest review from Jaxchronicles if you want to know more about the bag.


  • The bag comes at a very affordable price
  • It has a suitable number of compartments
  • It comes in different colors and two sizes
  • There is a USB port


  • It’s just that the light grey color isn’t as shown in the images

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Our Verdict!

We know that we aren’t all the same, so, our preferences vary a lot. However, based on our testing, we figured out these backpacks have certain features that distinguish them from the others, check them out.

How To Choose The Best Backpack for Business Travel?

You don’t have to go after functionality only to get the best business backpacks for women and men. You can get a good-looking backpack while having the most important features you need in your bag. So, these are the most important features you should be looking for.


This has to do with the number of compartments and their size. Think about your needs, would you place your laptop only inside the bag? Or do you have a laptop, a tablet, a power bank, and maybe other important documents? According to your special needs, pick a suitable backpack. Also, make sure to know the size of your laptop before buying. Most backpacks come with special compartments for the laptop but they vary in size. Further, backpacks with zippered front pockets are better because you can place things like a mobile phone, a USB charger, or your wallet inside those easy-to-reach pockets.


This is extremely important to check before buying because, in the end, you don’t want to pay a lot for a backpack that wears out after a couple of months. You need something that lives, especially if you travel a lot. The important considerations here are durability, water resistance, and scratch resistance. Many polyester or nylon bags do a great job in this category. Leather can be a good material but you’ll have to pay a lot to get a durable genuine leather backpack.


Your comfort is non-negotiable when it comes to business traveling. Get a bag that doesn’t add load to your back rather than what’s already added. Many backpacks are padded from the backside and straps to release some of the tension from your back and shoulders. Also, women’s business backpacks are usually smaller in size than those for men. Having a bag that suits your body is important, so, you don’t feel like you’re carrying a haul.

Can I use Women’s Sling bags for business travel?

It all depends on the stuff you’ll be carrying inside your bag. If you don’t carry a lot, a sling backpack is okay. However, business backpacks made for women are usually more comfortable because you carry them on both shoulders.

Should I get a TSA-approved Backpack for travel?

Not necessarily because you’ll be carrying the backpack most of the time, so, the TSA agents don’t need to open it on their own while you aren’t present.

What is the lightest material for backpacks?

Nylon is widely used as it’s the lightest material, cheapest, and somehow stretchable. We recommend it as the best backpack for business travel.