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TicketNetwork Login: What You Should Know

If you’re a frequent eventgoer like us, then we’re sure you’re familiar with TicketNetwork. It’s one of our favorite online marketplaces to buy concert tickets. In fact, we just bought tickets from the platform to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour earlier this year! In addition to concerts, the website also offers tickets for theater shows, sporting events, and a host of other live entertainment. That said, we needed to know and do the TicketNetwork login process properly in order to secure our tickets. The faster one logs in, the bigger the chances for them to get their tickets. Aside from the simple login, you should also know how to secure your account and troubleshoot common login issues in case something happens. If you’re thinking of making a TicketNetwork account, this post will be hugely beneficial, so keep reading.

Creating a TicketNetwork account

Of course, we needed a TicketNetwork account before logging in and buying the tickets. The good thing was that creating an account on the website is absolutely free. All we needed to get started was a valid email address and a chosen password. We remember that our signup process was straightforward and only took us a few minutes.

Here’s what we did step by step:

  • We went to the TicketNetwork website ( and clicked on the “Sign Up” button right at the bottom of the page. You’ll find it under the heading that says ‘Company.’
  • The next page we were directed to with both sign-in and register headings. Under the register heading, there’s a space for an e-mail and password that we wanted to register with. Remember: the password should have a letter and a number, and it should be 12-24 characters long. Check the Captcha box that says “I’m not a robot,” and click on “Register account”.
  • We were then taken to our “Account” page, but since we’d just registered, our e-mail ID wasn’t yet verified. The next step was to go to our e-mail account, where we had a welcome mail from TicketNetwork. There, we clicked on the link that said “Verify Your Email,” which took us to our “Account” page again. But this time, it said that we’d successfully verified our e-mail address.
TicketNetwork Account
TicketNetwork Account

Signing In

Once you’ve registered for an account, signing into your TicketNetwork account is as simple as heading to the main page, clicking on “Sign In,” and entering the e-mail ID and password you registered with.

Profile Page

One of the most important steps of the TicketNetwork sign-in process is completing the profile. It’s imperative you do that as it contains not just your personal details but also billing information, which will be required later on when you go to purchase tickets.

First, head to the “Profile” tab, where you need to enter your contact information, including your first and last name, phone, and e-mail address. We also had the option of linking our Google and Facebook accounts, which was useful since we keep posting regular updates. Next, go through the communication preferences, i.e., whether or not you’d like cart reminders, event updates, and newsletters. You also get to choose if you want to select ticket sellers and approved third parties to contact you about exclusive offers, deals, and discounts.

TicketNetwork Profile
TicketNetwork Profile

Then, we come to the billing information, which requires you to enter your credit card number and expiration date, which is saved securely. Secondly, you need to enter your address in detail, after which check the box if the billing and shipping addresses are the same. After you’re done, hit the “Update” button. Voila! Your account information is up to date. Updating the profile also has another major plus point – you get local recommendations for top-selling events near you.

TicketNetwork Profile 2
TicketNetwork Profile 2

Support Pages

One of the best things about the TicketNetwork sign-in process is that there are lots of support pages for those who find navigating the website challenging. In fact, it’s the support pages that make the task a lot easier. One such important and helpful support page is the TicketNetwork FAQs and Help Center page, which has different help sections. These include everything from ordering tickets and ticket listing information to payments and orders, ticket delivery methods, shipping, and other general information.

TicketNetwork Support
TicketNetwork Support

There’s also a useful page listing TicketNetwork’s Policies, which include everything from general policies to privacy policies and rights and even their COVID-19 policy.

TicketNetwork Support 2
TicketNetwork Support 2

How do I reset my account password?

Click on the “Forgot Password” link on the sign-in page, from where one can send an email to your email account associated with Ticket Network. It has a link that will allow you to change your password.

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I am receiving an error message “Oops, something went wrong.” What should I do?

In such cases, usually, your tickets have already been accepted by your email. Or, your browser could be refreshing due to a connection blip. Also, it could be possible that the tickets went into the Ticketmaster account. You needn’t worry, as it could take multiple attempts for the acceptance attempt to complete.

What are “E-tickets” and “Instant Download” tickets?

Instant download/E-tickets are electronically delivered tickets in a PDF file, either right on the TicketNetwork portal or will be sent to your e-mail.

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