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13 Best Standing Desks for Small Space

Office workers have long been synonymous with sitting for long periods of time. However, as science progresses, humans have discovered that doing so can cause harm to the body. This is why standing desks have become more and more popular in recent times. And for those who don’t have the luxury of a spacious room or office, there is a standing desk for small space.

Getting the smallest adjustable standing desk will allow you to access the benefits of working from a standing position in your (perhaps) overcrowded workspace. So, have you noticed any symptoms of pain in your lower back lately? Does it make you less productive at work? If so, let’s look at some of our alternatives to a standing desk for cubicles below!

Autonomous Edition Smart Standing Desk


The Autonomous Edition Smart Standing Desk boasts a solid base. If you’re not used to lifting heavy objects, you should ask for some help. That’s because this thing is quite heavy! Once you finish the assembly process, you’ll get a magnificent standing desk for small space.

The lowest position this table can reach is 29.5 inches. It’s too high for a sitting position but (probably) too low if you’re a tall person. So you better make sure of your height first before deciding to buy this standing desk. Regardless, the Autonomous Edition Smart Standing Desk is a great product. The readings on the LCD panel are accurate, the adjustment system works flawlessly, and it’s available at a relatively affordable price.


  • Height adjustable
  • Four presets
  • Promote natural position
  • Healthier


  • It’s heavy

Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk


The Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk comes with a premium design. Having this beautiful desk in your workspace would be fantastic. Measuring 48 inches wide, the Vari is probably not the smallest adjustable standing desk around. However, you don’t need to bother clearing a lot of space to put this thing. It would be perfect for a small room or even an office cubicle.

For the assembly process, this standing desk for small space is easy to put together. It also comes with an array of convenient features, such as a cable management tray, sturdy T-legs, and four different height settings. As we mentioned earlier, the tabletop is quite wide. You should be able to find enough space for your monitor, keyboard, and other office supplies. If there’s one thing we wish we were different, it’s the adjustment mechanism. They don’t work fast enough by our standards.

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  • Ergonomics
  • Programmable height
  • Single-box shipment
  • Trusted brand


  • The height adjustment doesn’t work fast enough

SHW Memory Preset Standing Desk


Are you looking for something versatile? Then you won’t be disappointed with the SHW Electric Height-Adjustable Computer Desk. This product comes in parts that are easy to put together. Other than that, it has tough frames, although some reports say the table is a little wobbly on the highest setting. If you’re looking for a standing desk for cubicles, this 48×24 inch product will be the perfect candidate.

If you’re unsure how to assemble this table, there’s an instruction booklet included. As long as you follow all directions carefully, you should be able to get this thing done in about 15 minutes. As for motors, they work just fine. We were able to raise and lower the table at a decent speed. If you don’t mind spending $248 on your new desk, this standing desk for small space will make a great choice.


  • Electric lift system
  • Telescopic height adjustment
  • Digital display
  • Compact


  • There have been reports of a decrease in the performance of motors over time

Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 


The Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk is a compact product that will work well in any small office or workspace. As of this writing, it’s available in four different colors, so you can choose the one that matches your furniture. The model you’re looking at right now is 48 inches wide and has a white finish. But if you’re looking for something a little different, you can choose between the rustic brown and black finish.

When it comes to stability, Fezibo is as steady as a rock. After spending almost four hours with this desk, we didn’t notice any swaying or rocking whatsoever. It’s really stable and balanced, even when we put two monitors on it. As for assembly, all the holes and screws are coming together really well. You might want to be a little extra careful, though, as some parts are heavy.


  • Three preset buttons
  • Keyboard tray
  • Electric lift system
  • Simple assembly


  • Some parts are heavy

LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk


What if a standing desk married a treadmill and had kids? Well, just look at the LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk. It’s basically a compact standing desk with a treadmill underneath. If you’ve been complaining for years about how your office prevents you from exercising regularly, here’s your answer! Work on the documents as your legs make those small steps. Be more productive, complete more paperwork, and burn more calories!

The LifeSpan Fitness Treadmill Desk comes with a 2.25 horsepower motor. This allows the treadmill to go between 0.4 to 4.0 miles per hour. As for the weight capacity, this thing can handle up to a total of 350lbs. Just as you’d expect from the smallest adjustable standing desk, it comes with an electric adjustment mechanism. You can raise or lower this desk between 27 to 50 inches. Sadly, it doesn’t have extra features like a keyboard tray, cable tray, or more.


  • Small and compact
  • Bluetooth capability
  • LED display
  • Shock absorption


  • No keyboard tray

Banti Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk


Getting an L-shaped desk is always a great idea, especially when you don’t have much room to work with. This is why we don’t hesitate to recommend the Banti Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk. This amazing product comes with an electric high filing system and will fit smoothly in the corner of your office. It is also available in four different color options, so you can choose the one that best matches your décor.

The model you’re looking at now offers up to 48 inches of workspace. It also comes with a wooden stand for the monitor and headset. Meanwhile, the dual-motor allows you to extend the table between 27.6 to 47.3 inches. For greater convenience, there are three different preset buttons, so you don’t have to re-adjust the table every time you want to use it. As for the weight limit, this cubicle standing desk can hold up to 176lbs.


  • Elegant
  • Wooden stand
  • Detachable casters
  • Robust lift system


  • There are minor complaints regarding scuff

NSDirect Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk


The NSDirect Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a great option when you don’t have much to spend. This affordable standing desk comes with a 48×24 inch tabletop or roughly the same as most of the products on this list. But what makes it shine even brighter is its price point, which as of this writing, stands at $329. And what do you get for that kind of money? Well, a lot!

First of all, there’s an electric adjustment mechanism that allows you to extend this table from 23.2 to 45.3 inches. Once you find an appropriate setting, save it, so you don’t have to redo it over and over again. In addition, there are a total of four preset buttons for you to choose from. As for the weight capacity, this thing can hold up to 264lbs. Apart from that, this standing desk for small space also has a wooden post for your headset. Lovely!

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  • Electric lift system
  • Stable structure
  • Spacious workspace
  • Trustworthy


  • Your mouse or pen might catch the desktop’s seam

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk


The Fully Jarvis Standing Desk is perhaps one of the most popular standing desks on Amazon. At least two things make this product stand out from the crowd. First, it has perfect customer service. Second, the Jarvis desk generally comes with a long-term warranty. The model you’re seeing now is 48 inches wide, which is great for small spaces. Other than that, all of the extendable legs are pretty sturdy. However, they’re not aluminum, so you may notice a slight wobble as you raise or lower the table.

We also love the bamboo finish, which looks super pretty. Place this thing n one corner of your workspace, and we guarantee it will instantly become an attention grabber. Apart from its aesthetically pleasing design, the Jarvis Standing Desk also comes with several convenient features, including an LED display and four memory presets. You can’t go wrong with this one if you’re on the hunt for the smallest adjustable standing desk.


  • Adjustable
  • Programmable
  • Durable
  • Stable


  • It didn’t get any reviews on Amazon

Flexispot EG1


Coming in at 40×24 inches, the Flexispot EG1 is another small standing desk for you to consider. While a little wider than most of the products on this list, this desk still provides a great fit in an office cubicle or small apartment. One of the best ways to take advantage of this table is to place it right in the corner. This way, you’ll have a lot of space left.

This standing desk for cubicles doesn’t come with a keyboard rack. But if you need one, we recommend getting one that uses clamps. Besides being easy to install, it doesn’t require much clearance. As for the weight capacity, this standing desk for small space can only handle around 132lbs. It’s not heavy-duty. We know exactly that. However, this standing desk is a much better alternative to a regular office desk that only makes your back worse.


  • Spacious work area
  • Electric adjustable system
  • Solid construction
  • Easy operation


  • You may need to use a special screwdriver to assemble this

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Desk


The SHW Electric Height Adjustable Desk also comes in a small dimension. You should be able to fit this desk in your small room or apartment easily. Apart from that, the SHW desk also offers plenty of functionality. There are a few extra accessories to help you with your work routine, which includes a stand for your headset, a small tray for stationery, and an LCD panel with four memory presets. If that’s not enough, there are four lockable wheels. You can easily move the table around the house and lock it in your desired position.

Available at around $250, the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Desk does come with a few downsides. First, this standing desk for cubicle desktop comes in two pieces and has a clear seam in the middle. Next, this table isn’t the most stable around. Don’t worry; it won’t wobble as you type. However, the table might budget a bit when you bump into it. Despite these two things, SHW Electric is a great product. This one won’t let you down if you’re looking for a new desk for your small apartment.


  • Electric lift system
  • telescopic height
  • Hanging hooks
  • Center drawer


  • It’s not the most stable table around

Flexispot EC1 Essential Standing Desk


The Flexispot EC1 Essential Standing Desk doesn’t come with complex parts. They’re easy to assemble. In fact, it only took us about 20 minutes to get this thing done. Some of the instructions aren’t very clear, but the results are amazing! This standing desk for small space has a solid construction. Apart from that, the adjustment mechanism works smoothly and almost flawlessly.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Flexispot EC1 doesn’t have any drawbacks. Our biggest complaint is the desktop material. It catches dust, marks, and fingerprints fairly easily. Other than that, we think that cable management could be better. Some adhesive cable clips are included, but they’re not strong enough. Regardless, it’s still a great product. If you have $249 to spend, this one will make a great purchase.

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  • Solid construction
  • Electric lift system
  • Smooth adjustment
  • Spacious work area


  • Poor cable management

Siducal Mobile Stand-Up Desk


Siducal Mobile Stand manages to catch us by surprise. Despite the price, this smallest adjustable standing desk has a solid construction. If you think you need better ergonomics during your working routine, this tiny desk will make for valuable help. It comes with a keyboard tilt holder, so you can constantly adjust your wrist position for greater comfort.

As for the assembly process, there’s nothing too complicated. However, please note that the instruction manual does not contain illustrations or images. So unless you’re good with mechanics and parts, you better ask someone else for help. But the good thing is that they include the required wrench and screwdrivers. In short, the Siducal Mobile Stand is a great standing desk for small space. But if you’re not too confident in your craftsmanship, you might want to look for some other alternatives.


  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomics
  • Heavy duty
  • Multifunction


  • The instruction manual doesn’t include any illustrations or pictures

Ytaoka Folding Standing Desk


For the number one position, we decided to pick the Ytaoka Folding Standing Desk. This tiny table can be yours for as little as $90! But don’t let that fool you because this thing is surprisingly sturdy. It has a solid metal base and is well-wield. Of course, you won’t get a designer desk here. But if you have a small budget, this one will be an obvious choice.

Some might say that this is a bare-bones standing desk for small space, but we prefer to call it highly functional. That’s because you get everything you need from a standing desk for cubicles. It’s small and perfect for a tiny office or apartment. This table will be perfect for preventing you from getting back pain from sitting continuously. Apart from that, it’s lightweight. You won’t find it much trouble when you need to move the table around.


  • No assembly
  • Anti-scratch
  • Stable
  • Versatile


  • The assembly manual isn’t in English

How to Choose The Best Standing Desk for Small Space

How you work will be determined by how you organize your workspace. Whether in one corner of your house or in a confined cubicle, you will need a good desk. And since we’re talking about working from a standing position, that means you need a standing desk for small space.

However, finding the smallest adjustable standing desk is easier said than done. There are many options available out there, ranging from affordable to one with great aesthetics and generous features. This is why finding a standing desk for cubicles can be quite tricky. So, here are some tips on choosing the best standing desk for small spaces.


The shape of your desk can be either beneficial or detrimental to your productivity. For example, an L-shaped table would be a good buy if you intend to save a lot of space. On the other hand, if you move around a lot, getting a standing desk with smooth-rolling wheels would be a great idea.


Next, think about the material. A standing desk for small space generally comes with laminate or solid wood. On the one hand, a laminate finish will give you a sleek appearance, but it tends to catch fingerprints and dust more easily. On the other hand, solid wood is going to make the whole table heavier. But on the brighter side, it’s available at a lower price.


Finally, a standing desk for cubicles offers a variety of different functionalities. Choose the one that you think is most important. For example, we’re using at least two monitors and a desktop PC for our setup, so we’ll need good cable management. This is why we prefer standing desks that come with cable trays or adhesive cable clips.

Do Standing Desks Actually Do Anything?

For some, standing desk for small space can help reduce back pain. Sadly, no official research has been able to find a direct correlation between the two. However, a study shows that standing desks make employees in call centers 45 percent more productive than employees who sit throughout their shifts.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Use a Standing Desk?

Most ergonomics experts say that you shouldn’t spend more than an hour straight at a standing desk for small space. After 60 minutes, you should rest and sit for about 5-15 minutes before you return to your standing position.

Why Are Standing Desks So Expensive?

There are several factors that cause this. But the three main ones are the small market size, the cost per piece, and the electrical components. You can always get a converter to level up your regular desk if you want a cheaper solution.