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13 Best Towels for Curly Hair

Getting the best towels is crucial, especially if you’re someone with curly hair. Best towels for curly hair are believed to have a greater health impact on your hair. This is why microfiber towels are getting so much attention among the curly hair community. They come with soft synthetic fibers that can reduce frizz while not lifting your cuticles.

You can get many other great benefits from using the best hair towels for curly hair. It also drains water from your hair faster and significantly reduces blow dry time. That being said, here are our 13 towels good for curly hair. Some of them are affordable, too, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your wallet!

Coco & Eve Microfiber Towel Wrap


Coco & Eve Microfiber Towel Wrap works effectively in draining water from your curls. This allows you to blow dry your hair much faster. It comes with an attractive pattern design as well. Yes, we know you’ll only be wearing this turban for a short time, but you’ll look fantastic during those minutes!

Besides the best towels for curly hair, Coco & Eve is known for its skin and hair care products. Getting their hair care bundle wouldn’t be a bad idea since it includes a microfiber towel for your curls. Plus, you’ll also get their critically acclaimed hair mask and detangler! Make sure to check them out if you can.


  • Less frizz
  • Cut drying time
  • Perfect size
  • Smooth


  • It’s a kind of short

Evolatree Microfiber Hair Towel


Getting frustrated with the frizz on your curls? Then the Evolatree Microfiber Hair Towel is your answer! It’s specifically designed to reduce frizz on your head while maintaining your hair pattern. We also love the fact that these towels come in a portable design. You can quickly tuck it into your bag or jacket pocket. It’s great for travel!

Being one of the best hair towels for curly hair, the Evolatree Microfiber Hair Towel is made from a blend of polyester and polyamide. They have soft synthetic fibers, which are great for your curls and won’t damage your cuticles. As for color, these towels are available in raven or gray. And for extra convenience, they also have a wooden loop and button. This way, the towel will stay securely over your head, no matter how you move!

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  • Exclusive quality
  • Super smooth
  • Wooden buttons
  • Soft


  • It’s not very absorbent

Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap


As someone with curly, long, and thick hair, we know how much of a hassle it can be to do your hair in the morning. Especially if you don’t really like those pre-formed turbans. The solution? Get a high-quality microfiber towel like the Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap.

Dubbed as towels good for curly hair, they come in fairly long dimensions. They should be more than enough to wrap your long, twisted curls to create your own turban. The towels are now available in two different sizes. You can also choose between four solid colors. This way, you can pick one that really represents your character. Isn’t that cute?


  • Gentle
  • Dry faster
  • Available in two sizes
  • Easy to care


  • Wrapping your hair can be a little frustrating

Hopeshine Hair Towel Twist


Hopeshine Hair Towel Twist is guaranteed to feel gentle on your hair. It’s made from a high-quality blend of polyester and polyamide microfiber. These towels would be great for anyone, no matter what their hair type. The fibers are made to be super absorbent, so your curls will dry before you even know it!

As for care, these towels are machine washable. You just need to throw them in your washing machine, let them spin for a few minutes, and they’ll look just as good as new. Regardless, these towels come in a pack of three. There are up to 15 variants for you to choose from, each of them offering a different mix of colors. This one won’t let you down if you’re looking for the best towels for curly hair.


  • Lightweight
  • Super soft
  • Absorbent
  • Gentle


  • It’s ok for the price

M-Bestl Hair Towel Turban with Button


If you’re looking for a convenient wrap for your curls, the M-Bestl Hair Towel Turban with Button will make a remarkable choice. It’s available in two sizes: small and large. This makes the towel work great for all hair types and lengths. Meanwhile, there are six different colors to choose from, with khaki and coffee being our favorites.

Crafted from premium microfiber fabric, the M-Bestl Hair Turban is absorbent. It will dry your hair faster, allowing you to let the air do the rest of the work. Or, if you prefer heat-drying, you’ll spend less time with your hairdryer. Last but not least, we also appreciate the button. It helped keep the towel in place while we put our make-up on. So if you’re in the market hunting for the best hair towels for curly hair, this one definitely won’t let you down.


  • Super soft
  • Premium Microfiber
  • High water absorbency
  • Button


  • The absorption level could be better

YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap


We decided to go with the YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for our number eight spot. Just like most of the products on this list, it’s made from a blend of polyester and polyamide. This makes the towel ultra soft and highly absorbent. You can have this towel wrap around your hair, and it will dry all the excess water in no time!

Being one of the good towels for curly hair, the YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap is available in a great range of colors. It’s offered in a pack of two, so you can pick whatever you think is the cutest. Whether it’s two different colors or the same color, it’s all up to you!


  • Warm
  • Cozy
  • Super-absorbent
  • Quick drying


  • Not recommended for dyed hair

Aquis Original Hair Turban


The Aquis Original Hair Turban features the brand’s fantastic moisture-wicking fabric. Compared to a regular cotton towel, this wrap is claimed to dry your hair up to 50 percent faster. We also love the fact that it is lightweight. This means you shouldn’t experience too much stress while trying to get this thing wrapped around your head, as opposed to using a regular, heavier towel.

Many people call the Aquis Hair Turban one of the best towels for curly hair, and that’s not without reason. This towel does a great job of draining water and your hair. It’s also gentle and feels gentle on your skin. We just wished the towel was longer because it squeezed our heads a bit. Apart from that, this turban is likely to slide off our heads after a while.

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  • No frizz
  • Protect hair
  • Save time
  • Lightweight


  • It runs short

DevaCurl Devatowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel


The DevaCurl Devatowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel has been getting a lot of attention from the curly hair community for a long time. It’s a great way to drain excess water from your hair. That’s because the towel is made of soft microfiber fabric. It’s gentler on your curls and significantly more absorbent than most t-shirt towels out there.

Apart from that, we also appreciate the fact that this towel is a perfect fit for our heads. We also love how our hair dries with this wrap, especially compared to regular towels. It’s also secure, thanks to the built-in loop. However, you need to be extra careful with it, as some reviewers on Amazon say that it breaks easily. If your idea of ​​the best towels for curly hair is affordable, super soft, and large, then this product is what you’re looking for.


  • Dermatologist tested
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free


  • The built-in loop is easy to break

Turbie Twist Microfiber Towels


Once you go with the Turbie Twist Microfiber Towels, you’ll never go back. Seriously, these microfiber towels are awesome. One of our colleagues even said she never washes her hair unless she has a Turbie Twist towel around! It’s great for cutting your drying time and significantly reducing the amount of frizz. This turban also helps keep your hair away from your face, so you can focus on putting your make-up on in the morning.

One reviewer on Amazon said she has been using the Turbie for 15 years and is absolutely in love with it. No wonder many people are calling this turban one of the best hair towels for curly hair. It won’t dry out your hair completely, but it’s enough to get rid of the excess water. This towel is a great product for anyone with curly hair and hates to damage their hair with a dryer


  • Great for beach or pool
  • 87% polyester
  • Easy to pack
  • Saves on laundry


  • It’s quite expensive

Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse


We’ve spent almost a week with Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse, and these towels are simply amazing. The material feels so soft, and it helps dry our curls fast. We put this towel over our heads as soon as we finish washing our hair. 15 minutes later, at least 50 percent of the excess water is gone from our hair!

We also love the fact that these towels are stretchy. This makes it perfect for anyone with curly hair out there. Do you have dyed hair? No problem. You can get the Madison Reed collaboration version. It’s designed to dry your hair faster while keeping it looking vibrant. Overall, we were impressed with the Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse. It’s big and wraps around our heads nicely. If you know someone who is looking for towels good for curly hair, don’t hesitate to recommend this one.


  • Polyester
  • Aquitex fabric
  • Three colors
  • Large


  • It’s quite pricey

L’Ange Hair Wrap Towel


L’Ange has long been known for its great hair care products, and L’Ange Hair Wrap Towel is no exception. This head towel works flawlessly. It does exactly what you’d expect. The microfiber material is absorbent and feels soft against your head. The towel is also easy to use. You need to wrap it around your head, and it will efficiently dry your hair!

So far, the L’Ange Hair Wrap Towel is one of our favorites. It feels nice, thick, and super soft. However, one user on Amazon said that hers developed some black spots after a while. Therefore, make sure you wash the towels regularly. Wash it in hot water and hang it to dry. Overall, the L’Ange Hair Wrap Towel is a great towel. Some people call it the best towels for curly hair, and we couldn’t agree more.

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  • Easy to use
  • Holds tight
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight


  • Might develop some dark spots if not washed regularly

Volo Super Hero Microfiber Hair Towel


The Volo Super Hero Microfiber Hair Towel is probably one of the softest and most absorbent towels we’ve ever tried. It comes in an amazing cloud pink color, the material is just perfect, and we absolutely love everything about this towel! Seriously, for us, Volo is a game-changer. We have long, curly hair, and this towel easily wraps around our wet hair without pulling or tugging it.

Also known by many as the best hair towels for curly hair, the Volo would be great for anyone with medium to long hair. The product page claims that this towel can dry your hair faster, and we can confirm that. This microfiber towel is super absorbent. It’s also soft. Apart from that, you get an elastic band at the back to keep it in place. Some people do say these towels are a bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for.


  • Absorbent
  • 50% faster drying time
  • Generous sizing
  • Extremely soft


  • It costs you $50

Bycoo Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap


If you have long hair, then the Bycoo Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap is the towel to get. It feels soft on your hair but gets a little heavy once you get it all wrapped around your head. But on the brighter side, this product comes with an elastic loop. It helps to secure the towel, so you can focus on putting your make-up on while waiting for your hair to dry.

We also noticed that Bycoo helps reduce frizz in our hair. We don’t know how this towel does it, but we love it! No wonder this product has received thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and is often referred to as towels good for curly hair. They’re soft, and there’s a wide opening for tucking the ends of the towel in. You won’t regret buying this towel if you have long, thick curls.


  • No frizz
  • Quick dry
  • Softer hair
  • Wide opening


  • It feels a little heavy

How to Choose The Best Towels for Curly Hair

Drying your hair is probably the most troublesome part of your hair care routine. That’s quite understandable since you need to wrap a towel around your head and spend a couple of minutes waiting for it to half dry. Right after that, you can finally start the blow-dry process. But do you know what can make it more efficient? Get the best towels for curly hair!

Best hair towels for curly hair are made from high-quality microfiber fabric, so they’re able to drain moisture from your hair up to 50 percent faster than a regular towel. The question is, how did you find such a towel? Below, we’ve compiled the three most important factors for you to consider when choosing good towels for curly hair.


The microfiber towels were much better. Apart from fast-drying, they’re not as abrasive as other types of towels. This allows microfiber towels to dry your hair quickly without damaging them. So whenever you’re looking for the best towels for curly hair, get one that is made of microfiber cloth.


The longer your hair, the larger towel you’ll need. However, try to choose lightweight towels. That’s because it will tend to get heavier once you have it sitting on your head. Therefore, choosing a towel made of polyester and polyamide blend would be a good idea.


Finally, think about the price. Towels good for curly hair don’t always require you to spend a lot. The most important thing is to find a product that suits your needs. If you have long, curly hair, look for soft towels that don’t cause much frizz. If you need something to keep your hair away from your face, look for something like a pre-formed turban with an elastic band.

What Type of Towel is Best for Curly Hair?

Without a doubt, those are microfiber towels. They’re much more absorbent than regular cotton towels. They’re also not going to create much frizz in your hair. In conclusion, get microfiber towels at all costs!

Are Cotton Towels Good for Curly Hair?

Nope. Avoid them at all costs. The cotton towels will rub your hair and make them frizzy. Whenever you can, always use microfiber towels. They’re much softer and gentler on your hair.

Should You Dry Curly Hair With a Towel?

Well, it will depend on what kind of towels you have. If it’s a microfiber towel, then yes. You can use that towel to remove excess water from your hair. But if you only have cotton towels, then forget them. They’ll create frizz in your hair. You’re better off letting your hair air dry instead of using them.