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13 Best Baking Pans

Are you planning to make crispy, sweet cookies for your loved ones? When baking cookies, you can have all the right ingredients for the perfect recipe. However, if you don’t have the best baking pans for cookies, they might end up burnt or stuck on the pan! That’s why we’re here to help you choose the best baking pan for toaster oven! Equipping your kitchen with a high-quality baking pan is a must, as you can use it for more than just baking. Put a rack on top of the pan, and you’ll have the best baking pan for bacon! However, since there are so many options, choosing which one to get might be challenging. Lucky for you, we’ve selected 13 of the most reliable options on the market. Scroll down, get one, and have fun whipping up a batch of cookies!

Nordic Ware Perforated Crisping Half Sheet


Kicking off this list is the Nordic Ware Perforated Crisping Half Sheet, one of the many Nordic Ware baking pans we want to recommend. As the name implies, this best baking pan for cookies is perforated. Now, you might wonder, what’s with all these holes? Perforated baking pans are made to maximize airflow, providing efficient heat transfer and distribution like textured baking pans. That way, every cookie cab be baked properly!

Baking with this item can greatly shorten your baking time and give your cookies satisfyingly crisp textures. Apart from cookies, it’s also ideal for other baked goods like pizza! Moreover, this lightweight baking pan is made of pure aluminum, meaning it’s pretty durable. Plus, the reinforced encapsulated steel rim will prevent warping and adds strength. Just note that this isn’t the most versatile option out there because of its unique design.


  • Perforated surface
  • Maximizes airflow
  • Efficient heat distribution
  • Durable
  • Cheap


  • Not versatile

Nordic Ware Prism Half Sheet


Reliable and affordable, the Nordic Ware Prism Half Sheet is one of the best baking pans for cookies that’s worth your money. Though most baking pans on the market right now are smooth, this item comes with a surface that’s embossed with a grid pattern. As appealing as it may look, it’s not just for aesthetic purposes. This texture is meant to increase airflow around your cookies for uniform crisping.

With that being said, there’s one thing you should note. While it’s great for cookies and other baked goods, the bumpy texture can sometimes make it a bit hard to remove your cookies if you don’t line them with parchment. Thankfully, this pan also excels in the durability department. It can last longer, especially if you always hand wash it properly using warm, soapy water. Oh, have we told you how affordable this item is?


  • Affordable
  • A grid pattern on the surface
  • Increased airflow for better baking
  • Durable
  • Looks good


  • A bit tricky to clean


Most of the best baking pans for cookies here look similar. But if you want something unique, why don’t you get yourself the USA Pan Bakeware Cookie Sheet? Unlike others on the market, this best baking pan for toaster oven is rimless! Trust us, if sliding those cookies onto a cooling sheet is your high priority, going the rimless route with this item is a must! Don’t worry, though, as it has a generous edge to provide grip.

On top of that, this textured baking pan is made to allow increased air circulation for even heat distribution. This means you’ll have perfectly baked cookies. Better yet, the heavy-gauge construction and steel-wire reinforcement can prevent warping at high temperatures. In fact, it can hold up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty impressive, doesn’t it? Best of all, this baking pan won’t break your wallet.


  • Rimless design
  • Generous edge provides grip
  • Even baking
  • Durable
  • Resists warping


  • Not as versatile as rimmed baking pans

Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Cooking/Baking Sheet


The Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Cooking/Baking Sheet is a must-have, perfect for even your messiest and stickiest baking projects. Its silicone-based coating allows everything to slide seamlessly from the pan, from jam-filled cookies to cheesy pizza. Another thing that we love about this item is that it’s safe with metal tools, making it somewhat superior to other best baking pans for cookies.

Another thing worth pointing out is that this best baking pan for toaster oven can conduct heat evenly, which is always a huge plus. Meanwhile, its wire rod-reinforced lip will prevent warping, and the pan is also dishwasher safe. Although, like most options, hand-washing is generally more recommended to extend this non-stick baking pan’s life. But even if you somehow break it, we’re sure you won’t think twice about replacing it at this price!


  • Affordable
  • Silicone-based coating
  • Safe with metal tools
  • Can take the heat without warping
  • Conducts heat evenly


  • A bit heavy

Chicago Metallic Commercial II Baking Pan


Here we have another Chicago Metallic pan. The Chicago Metallic Commercial II Baking Pan is your workhorse pan. Unlike many other best baking pans for cookies on this list, this lightweight, warp-resistant aluminized steel pan has an uncoated surface. This means you don’t have to worry about anything! You can use and abuse this pan (literally) without worrying about disturbing the finish. And by spending less than 25 USD, you can get a set of two! It sounds like a good deal, right?

In addition, this best baking pan for cookies conducts heat evenly, browning the bottoms of your yummy cookies perfectly while still thoroughly cooking the tops. Apart from that, it also features wide rod-reinforced rims to prevent warping. And while it’s undeniably cheap, it’s backed by an impressive limited lifetime warranty! What not to love about this best baking pan for toaster oven?


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Warp-resistant
  • Can take the beating
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some people prefer coated pans

Nordic Ware 45027AMZ Oven Bacon Baking Tray


Introducing you to Nordic Ware 45027AMZ Oven Bacon Baking Tray, which many see as the best bacon baking pan. This item is an excellent option for you to cook your bacon evenly! It can drain the bacon fat away while the hot air circulates underneath. That way, you don’t need to turn or flip the strips. Pretty convenient, right?

Like many other best baking pans for cookies, the pan is made of stainless steel. This makes cleaning it up a breeze. Plus, the pan’s four corners also double as spouts for easy disposal of bacon fat. Apart from cooking bacon, you can also use this best baking pan for bacon to cook dried fruits, crisp fries, tots, and much more. Thanks to its praise-worthy versatility, no wonder it’s called the best baking pan for toaster oven.


  • Versatile
  • Stainless steel pan
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical-free
  • Can cook bacon evenly without the mess


  • Not the most durable pan


If your budget is extremely tight, consider getting the Good Cook Cookie Baking Sheet! Costing you less than 10 USD, you’ll never regret getting this best baking pan for toaster oven! Though cheap, we still think it’s worth using. It allows you to easily bake delicious treats that can slide right off the tray! Made with a durable non-stick coating, this pan will surely satisfy your kitchen cleaning and taste buds. On top of that, it’s also scratch-resistant!

Easy to clean, this baking pan is also lightweight, which is another reason you should consider getting it. Like many other best baking pans for cookies, this 15” x 10” baking pan fits most home ovens. Though dishwasher safe, we still recommend handwashing it using warm, soapy water to keep it long-lasting. While other best baking pans for cookies might be more durable, it’s hard to say no to this option after knowing its price tag!


  • Insanely cheap
  • Easy cleanup
  • Fits most ovens
  • Non-stick coating
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Not as durable as other best baking pans for cookies

Farberware 47139 Colorvive Nonstick Baking Sheet


Lately, ceramic has become a popular non-stick coating in cookware, so don’t be shocked to find many ceramic-coated baking pans, like the Farberware 47139 Colorvive Nonstick Baking Sheet. This pan is a standard half-sheet size for one of the best baking pans for cookies. It boasts generous side rims, making it easy to get the pan in and out of your oven. Not to mention, the quilted pattern found on the base of the pan helps to create airflow under your cookies, promising even baking.

Thanks to the ceramic coating of this best baking pan for toaster oven, it can easily handle high heat. It can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it great for home baking. If this Copper Brown variant isn’t your cup of tea, know it’s also available in Purple and Red! However, you should always thoroughly dry it after washing to avoid rusting.


  • Can hold up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Even baking
  • Attractive colorways
  • Warp-free performance
  • Ceramic coating


  • Can rust easily if not dried thoroughly

Checkered Chef Baking Sheet with Wire Rack Set


Our list won’t be complete with this best-selling item, the Checkered Chef Baking Sheet with Wire Rack Set. When used together, this baking pan and rack set is a game-changer. The pan is 18″ x 13″, while the rack is 17″ x 12″, making this set great for smaller ovens. As the best baking pan for bacon, the baking pan is made with rolled edges, so there’ll be no sharp edges hitting your oven. Not to mention, the strengthening crossbar also prevents the pan from warping and twisting when exposed to extreme heat.

Meanwhile, the baking rack is made of 100% stainless steel, and there are no artificial coatings and treatments. This material ensures that the rack is rust-proof and toxins-free. Aside from cooking bacon, it can also be used for cooking chicken wings and other meats. Baking bacon slices with this set will get better results than pan-frying! Are you searching for the best baking pan for cookies? This set can be one too!


  • Extremely popular
  • 100% stainless steel baking rack
  • Durable baking pan
  • Great for smaller ovens
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit hard to keep it sparkling clean


Next is the Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Bakeware Mega Cookie Sheet, the perfect pick for those wanting to bake a huge batch of cookies. Bigger than your typical half-sheet pan, it still fits in most home ovens! This 15” x 21” pan gives you more room for cookies, pastries, and more. Made of high-quality steel with a dark finish, this best baking pan for cookies can retain heat well, keeping your cookies from spreading too quickly.

Furthermore, the pan’s non-stick coating also does an incredible job in helping cookies and other baked goods release easily. This also makes cleanup a piece of cake! While it’s said that it’s dishwasher safe, its large size may not fit in your dishwasher. So, handwashing it with warp, soapy water is highly recommended to keep it long-lasting.


  • Bigger than most half-sheet pans
  • Retains heat well
  • Non-stick coating
  • Easy cleanup
  • Durable


  • Some people report warping over 300 degrees Fahrenheit

Chef Pomodoro Non-Stick Baking Sheet and Cooling Rack Set


Those searching for the best bacon baking pan should look at the Chef Pomodoro Non-Stick Baking Sheet and Cooling Rack Set! What we love about this set is that it isn’t limited to just cooking bacon strips! Made with carbon steel, the baking pan is warp-proof and can handle extreme heat exceptionally well. This also means it can distribute heat faster. As the name suggests, it comes with a cooling rack that gives you elevation for your roasting needs or when you want to cool your cookies, making it the best baking pan for cookies for some.

Thanks to this best baking pan for bacon, you can turn your oven into an air fryer by placing the foot at the top of the cooking rack. That way, you can produce healthy and crispy bacon, fries, and even nuggets. Better yet, the 13″ x 18″ baking pan is dishwasher safe. However, it’s recommended to handwash it using warm, soapy water. Meanwhile, the cooling rack can only be washed by hand. Also, ensure they’re well dried before you store them to prevent them from blackening.


  • Versatile
  • Carbon steel baking pan
  • Comes with a cooling rack
  • Easy to clean
  • Pretty affordable


  • Not the most durable option

OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Half Sheet


Another great product on our list of the best baking pans for cookies is the OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Half Sheet. Known for making high-quality, non-toxic kitchen utensils, OXO also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to baking pans. This item is made of aluminized steel. Featuring a light-colored non-stick coating, your precious cooking will never stick or over-brown on this best baking pan for toaster oven. Plus, the double-layered coating is reinforced with ceramic, adding durability and making it scratch-resistant. It also keeps the steel from corroding, which is a huge plus.

Meanwhile, the micro-textured pattern helps to minimize surface contact while maximizing airflow. That way, your cookies will be evenly baked and can be easily released. We also love the square-rolled edges, making this pan look modern. It also helps the pan to be stronger and able to resist warping. Unlike some of the best baking pans for cookies out there, this one is dishwasher safe. Sounds like your ideal baking pan, right?


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not overprized
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Non-stick coating
  • Durable aluminized steel
  • Bakes evenly


  • The dimensions stated on the website are of the outside of the pan

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet


You can’t go wrong with aluminum baking pans. Enter the Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet. Unlike other cheap and flimsy options, this best baking pan for cookies is commercial grade, meaning it’s heavier and sturdier. Offering you better performance, it has rolled an encapsulated steel rim so it won’t bend or warp. Like many other best baking pans for cookies, it will never rust or corrode.

Another thing we love about this aluminum baking pan is that it can cool quicker when it’s out of the oven. So, it’ll be ready to use faster than steel pans. Moreover, this best baking pan for toaster oven is the most common size in home kitchens. However, you can also find it in quarter-sheet size for when you want to make smaller batches of cookies. Made in the US, this pan should only be hand-washed. By the way, you should also check out the best baking pans for cakes and baking pans for cupcakes made by Nordic Ware!


  • Extremely popular
  • Sturdy aluminum material
  • Cool down quickly
  • Available in many sizes
  • Easy cleanup
  • Encapsulated steel rim prevents warping


  • The embossed logo is a bit hard to clean

How To Choose The Best Baking Pans

Now that you’ve seen our top picks, it’s time to know some of the most important factors you should consider before deciding which best baking pans for cookies to buy. Those factors include:


There are many types of baking pans. Those made from aluminum are usually preferred as they’re a superior heat conductor and respond well to temperature changes. This means they can heat up quickly and cool down quickly, preventing overcooking. Then, there are ceramic-coated pans. They’re usually crafted from a base material that conducts heat and then sprayed or dip-coated with a special coating that results in a non-stick finish. It’s an excellent alternative to other coatings but is more susceptible to cracking. Apart from that, there are also stainless steel baking pans. They’re a great option as it’s non-toxic, long-lasting, and durable. They also retain heat well.


Undoubtedly, the best baking pans for cookies with non-stick coatings are the easiest to clean! Some are dishwasher safe, while others wipe off pretty easily with a damp sponge. For longevity, we highly recommend handwashing the pans and drying them immediately after that.


Usually, major manufacturers often offer some warranty on your baking pans. The length of the warranty can be anywhere from a year to a lifetime. When purchasing the best baking pans for cookies, make sure that the warranty meets your expectations!


Of course, the price tag also plays an important part in helping you decide which one to get. Carefully analyze the pan and decide whether the price is reasonable or not based on the size, material, shape, and features the pan offers. After all, there’s no guarantee that a premium-priced pan suits you better than the cheaper ones.

Can you bake cookies on stainless steel?

Why not? Stainless steel baking pans are often made with a non-stick coating, eliminating the need to grease your pan before use. Plus, they’re also more durable!

Can you bake cookies on an aluminum plan?

Of course, you can! As we said earlier, aluminum baking pans are a great heat conductor and respond well to temperature changes. They heat up and cool down quickly, preventing your cookies from being burnt.

Why do my cookies stick to the pan?

One of the most common causes of your cookies sticking to the pans is that you didn’t grease or line your baking pan. To solve this problem, you can get a non-stick baking pan! Or, you can also line the pan with parchment paper.