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13 Best Bath Towels for Women

There’s nothing better than taking a bath in a warm shower right after a long day. But do you know how you can elevate the experience even further? By wrapping yourself in the best bath towels for women when you step out of the bathroom. Good bath towels for ladies will feel soft against your skin and dry you quickly.

The problem is that bath towels for women are now coming from a wide variety of brands. They’re also available at different prices and models. To say that choosing bath towels for ladies should be quick and easy is an oversimplification. So today, we’re going to invite you to check out our 13 reviews on the best bath towels for ladies around. We’ll also reveal how you can choose your own bath towels for women. But first, let’s check out our recommendations below!

Dependable Women’s Bath Towel


Dependable Women’s Bath Towel is a nice towel. It feels gentle on your skin and dries you out pretty quickly. Just ensure you get one with the right waist size, as some Amazon customers say this towel is a little too small. You’ll also want to go slow with the button string loop string. We’re not too sure, but it looks like it’ll break easily if you pull it too hard.

But apart from that, these bath towels for women are pretty decent. They wrap around your body nicely and feel comfortable. These polyester towels will be perfect if you’re someone with a smaller waist. That’s because they come in one size fits all. On the other hand, if you’re a woman of more generous proportions, then you might want to look at some other alternatives.


  • Non-slip
  • Multi-use
  • Quality polyester
  • Fast drying


  • One size fits most

ExpressBuyNow Spa Bath Towel


The ExpressBuyNow Spa Bath Towel is perfect for when you’re done swimming in a public pool. It’s only available in ‘one size fits all,’ but in our case, the towels fit better than we thought. Other than that, it feels great on our skin. The towel was soft and cute. We decided to get the rose one, and it turned out pretty.

On the downside, these bath towels for ladies aren’t very absorbent. We tried to use it as soon as we finished showering. But we realized that if we missed a spot or were in a hurry, the water would bead up on the surface instead of being absorbed into it. So yes, this is annoying, but not a big deal. If you wipe your body thoroughly and slowly, this towel should work fine.

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  • Microfiber
  • Free size
  • Adjustable button closure
  • Machine washable


  • It’s not very absorbent

Camo Chique Plus Size Luxury Spa Wrap


Camo Chique Plus Size Luxury Spa Wrap is a fantastic spa wrap. There’s a lot to love about this product. We’re really glad we had the opportunity to try out these bath towels for women. First of all, the measurement is accurate. We ordered a size 3X, and it turned out to be quite comfortable. It wraps around our bodies nicely and leaves some room for spare. Apart from that, these bath towels for women come with snaps, so you can easily adjust them according to your needs.

We also love the fact that this wrap comes with a pocket. You have no idea how often we use it. It holds a variety of items well, including a smartphone and wallet, as we’re getting ready in the morning. Overall, we were satisfied with these towels. We’ve spent almost two weeks with it, and it seems to hold up well. We even washed the towel with hot water, and it still looks pretty.


  • Comfortable snap
  • Accurate size
  • Versatile
  • Handy pocket


  • Only available in three colors

AYAIM Spa Body Towel Wrap


The AYAIM Spa Body Towel Wrap will make an excellent purchase if you get very cold after showering. Just wrap it around your body, and you’ll get a comfortable warmth instantly. We do admit that the seams around the velcro are a little loose. But a couple of simple sewing should fix the problem. Apart from that, these bath towels for ladies are comfortable and absorbent. They’ve even become our favorite towels around the house now!

However, this product isn’t recommended for sauna use. That’s because the material feels more like a blanket than a towel. Apart from that, the quality is good. Some of you may find the head towel too big, but you can easily fix this with a couple of clips. Overall, everything was good. You should get them while they’re around!


  • Elastic band design
  • Portable pocket
  • Two buttons
  • Premium materials


  • Some say that the head towel is too big

Boca Terry Womens Spa Wrap


The Boca Terry Womens Spa Wrap will give you great value for your money. It wraps around your body nicely and absorbs equally well. The size may not be accurate, but the towel comes with a sizable snap. This means you should be able to adjust the size of the wrap to your body easily. We highly recommend this product, especially for curvy ladies who have had a hard time finding the right towel.

Apart from that, these bath towels for ladies are easy to use. They’re thick and perfect. These towels are for you if you’re a woman with big breasts. There’s a thick elastic to hold the towel from slipping. Meanwhile, all of the snaps are sturdy. If you’re looking for the best bath towels for ladies, then this is it!


  • 100% cotton
  • Elastic waistband
  • Adjustable snaps
  • Generous pocket


  • We’re still working on that!

Polyte Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towel


We’ve tried a variety of towels, and the Polyte Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towel really holds a special place in our hearts. It comes with long and strong Velcro. Meanwhile, the fabric is plush. It doesn’t feel cheap, like what you normally get from affordable towels out there. Apart from that, the Polite also includes a head wrap! If you’re looking for the best value for your money, these bath towels for women won’t let you down.

The only drawback is that the Polyte Quick Dry Microfiber Bath Towel isn’t available in extra-large sizes. So if you consider yourself to be a bigger, curvy woman, you might want to look at some other alternatives. Regardless, this towel is a winner. It’s comfortable, and the size is good. Check it out if you have time.


  • Super soft feeling
  • Multi-use
  • Loop fastener
  • Super absorbent


  • One size fits most

Orrpally Women’s Bath Wrap


The Orrpally Women Bath Wrap will be perfect for both the home and the gym. The product page says that this towel is made of terry cotton, but it feels more like microfiber. Apart from that, these towels were really handy. It’s nice to have it around when you put your makeup on or just put it on until you’re ready to get dressed or go to bed. Furthermore, these bath towels for women are great. They’re a little thicker than our regular towels. There’s also a turban included, but we rarely use it.

The Orrpally Women’s Bath Wrap is also very lightweight. There’s a hanging loop included, so you can easily hang this towel to dry. Overall, we love this cute set. It’s available at an affordable price and is fun to use. As of this writing, this towel is available at $27 on Amazon. Check it now while you can.

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  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to care
  • Convenient pocket


  • They get wrinkled easily

Zexxxy Women’s Shower Wrap


Most users on Amazon say they find the Zexxxy Women’s Shower Wrap running small. Luckily, we don’t have that kind of issue. We ordered the XL one, and the towel wrapped around our bodies nicely, especially around the chest area. Our only complaint is regarding the velcro strip. It sometimes pokes our bodies, and it hurts. But apart from that, these bath towels for women are amazing. They are comfortable and thick, and the velcro holds everything well.

We do admit that the material is not the best. But on the more positive side, it does feel solid and not see-through. It’s kind of similar to those clothes that scratch you when you have dry skin, but not that bad. Overall, we are quite happy with this product. It is available in a variety of cute and comfortable colors to wear.


  • Bath wrap
  • Headband
  • Convenient pocket
  • Velcro closure


  • The material isn’t the best

HomeZzz Towel Wrap for Women


HomeZzz Towel Wrap for Women is a nice two-piece set. We absolutely fell in love with their designs. The hair wrap helps our curly hair to dry quickly without any frizz. Meanwhile, the material is top-notch. It feels soft against our skin and is lightweight. Exactly what we imagine when we think about the best bath towels for ladies. We just wish they were available in more colors because we’ll definitely be buying them all!

The HomeZzz Towel Wrap also comes with an elastic band. It twists up and doesn’t just stay flat and straight. We usually use this towel when we want to put makeup on after having a shower. The hair wrap worked great. If you have no idea how to put it on, there are instructions included. Overall, we’re quite happy with this towel. It’s lightweight so that you won’t get too hot during the summer.


  • Velcro
  • Soft texture
  • Breathable
  • Water absorption


  • Some people say that the towel runs small

By Lora Terry Cotton Shower Bath Wrap


By Lora Terry The Cotton Shower Bath Wrap has become a really nice addition to our bedroom. We appreciate the fact that these bath towels for women stay in place. This allowed us to easily do our hair and put our makeup on while we got ready in the morning. The elastic band is strong. It helps keep things nice and tight.

Apart from that, the towel was thick and comfortable. It’s easy to use, both for the shower and pool. The velcro is easy to open or close. Meanwhile, the towel itself is a breeze to clean. Plus, it’s soft and has a cute design. In short, there’s nothing wrong with this towel. However, some users on Amazon did complain about how they didn’t like how the towels fit. So make sure you pick the right size before you check out.


  • Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Practical
  • Vibrant colors


  • You need to make sure you pick the right size

Gosche Bath Wrap Towels


There’s a lot to love about the Gosche Bath Wrap Towels. They come with velcro and two snaps on the top and bottom to keep things in place. Furthermore, the towel feels soft and absorbs well. If you have had many embarrassing moments with your bath towels before, then the Gosche will be your lifesaver. This wrap will stay where it was placed. Even when you sit down, it won’t move an inch!

Gosche Bath Wrap Towels would be perfect for showers in the gym. We also took them to the beach, and they were nice. These towels cover everything nicely. Our only gripe is that they’re quite long. We love to keep our robes on when we’re doing our hair and make-up, and things get too hot! So unless you live somewhere with cooler temperatures, you might want to check out some other alternatives.

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  • Wide use
  • Easy to care
  • Easy to wear
  • Fashion design


  • You might find this towel too long

Arus Women’s GOTS Closure Bath Wrap


Arus Women’s GOTS Closure Bath Wrap is of high quality. It neither looks nor feels cheap. There’s a velcro closure on the top, so the towel won’t slip off no matter how you move. Be careful with the size, though. We’re about five feet six inches tall, and the medium is too big for us. So make sure of the sizing details before you move on with the checkout process.

According to the product page, these bath towels for ladies are made of Terry cotton. But in fact, it’s not 100 percent cotton and not very absorbent. This means you must slowly wipe your body to make all the water disappear. Otherwise, you’ll leave your body wet. But despite that, Arus Women’s GOTS Closure Bath Wrap is still an impressive product. It’s not the softest around, but it can get the job done.


  • GOTS certified
  • Premium cotton
  • Multipurpose
  • Breathable


  • The material isn’t the softest

Sioro Women’s Towel Wrap


We simply fell in love with the Sioro Women’s Towel Wrap. It’s perfect when you’re out after finishing a shower or when you’re on vacation. The towel covered everything well. The fabric overlaps the front, so there won’t be any accidental revealing! We also love the fact that the Velcro is strong. Depending on your body size, you may need to do a couple of readjusting. But overall, these bath towels for women are fantastic.

The material is good. It’s not too heavy, but not too light either. Oh, and how could we forget the pocket? We really love it. It’s large and holds our smartphones and wallets while we do our hair and make-up. If you’re looking for bath towels for ladies, be it for yourself or as a gift, this one won’t let you down!


  • Adjustable closure
  • Large side pocket
  • Elastic top
  • Bamboo cotton fabric


  • We’re still working on that!

How to Choose the Best Bath Towels for Women

Picking up bath towels for women can be a tedious process. Of course, you can always grab any cheap towels around you, but if you just want to settle for the best bath towels for ladies, you’re going to need to put in some extra effort and time. But don’t worry, because we’ll make your life easier. Below, we’ve listed the three most important factors in choosing bath towels for women. Let’s check them out!


If you’re looking for better absorbency and softness, thicker towels are your answer. The problem is, how do you know that the bath towels for women you’re looking at are thick enough? Well, you can use GSM, aka grams per square meter, as a guide. The GSM of 500 should be more than enough if you want a towel that’s soft and can help dry yourself fairly quickly.


Best bath towels for ladies are supposed to be made from 100 percent cotton. This will make the towel feel soft and absorb well. Therefore, make sure about what material is used before you decide to buy any towels. Check the laundry tag and read the product description carefully.


Last but not least, think about the price. Bath towels for women come in a variety of styles and prices. Some can even go up to $100 or more, while others can be yours for as low as $30. The key is knowing which towels offer the best value for your money. Know the difference between a low-quality product and an affordable one.

What are the Three Types of Towels?

There are actually seven types of towels that every household should have. They are bath towels, bath mats, washcloths, hand towels, clean-up towels, beach towels, and decorative towels. This article will find some of the best alternatives to the best bath towels for women.

Which Cotton is the Best in a Bath Towel?

Most experts believe that Egyptian cotton is the best material that can be used to make a towel. This material tends to be more absorbent and feels softer. But if you’re looking for something that dries faster, Turkish cotton would be a better option.

How Often Should You Replace Your Bath Towels?

There are no exact rules for this, but we think every two years is a great time to look for new bath towels for ladies. But if you feel the towels don’t dry you thoroughly before two years, you should consider getting a new one.