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13 Best Air Jordan Shoes at Stockx

For many peeps, sneaker culture begins and ends with Air Jordan – and with good reason! The American brand was created for former basketball great and Hall of Fame player Michael Jordan when he played with the Chicago Bulls. What’s more, fall and winter are peak Jordan season, and Jordan has a ton to offer from 1s, 3s, 4s, and more. The best Air Jordan sneakers, including Air Jordan 4 Stockx sneakers, Nike, and even Dior ones, are not just “basketball shoes” anymore. Their importance goes beyond the hardcourt, and they’re a status symbol, a fashion statement, and, to some extent, even savvy financial investments! With origins going back to 1985, Air Jordans has almost single-handedly given rise to the sneaker culture as we know it. Plus, they’ve set a new bar for signature sneakers!

There’s never a wrong time to cop Jordans. From Lows to Highs and everything in between, this article talks about the season’s best Jordans that are always available. To that end, here are the 13 best Air Jordan shoes at Stockx, including Air Jordan 4, 13, Nike, and Dior ones.

Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo


The Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo is one of the best Air Jordan 4 Stockx. After all, crisp fall days require crisp sneakers, and Jordan 4 Retro sneaker fits the bill perfectly. These great sneakers will keep your feet warm all season long with a mesh and white leather upper. The splashes of Tech Grey on the midsole and eyelets add a dash of color, as does the red Jumpman logo embroidered on the tongue. What’s more, it’s available in half sizes between 5.5 and 15, which means that it fits the feet of a wide range of people. So, you don’t have to shy away from wearing white shoes ever again!



  • White leather and mesh upper for breathability.
  • Eye-popping red Jumpman logo.
  • Neutral-toned design.
  • Might get dirty easier.

Off-White x Nike Air Jordan V


The landscape of sneaker collaborations forever changed with Nike and Off-White’s inaugural ‘The Ten” collaboration in 2017. The Jordan 1 “Chicago” included in that collab became one of the most expensive Jordan 1 collaborations. The Off-White x Nike Air Jordan IV “Sail” was part of the 2020 lineup and was one of the best Nike Air Jordan Stockx sneakers ever. It offered a natural monochromatic colorway. What’s more, these Nike Air Jordan Stockx sneakers came with a whole host of deconstructed elements, such as mesh on the toe box and quarter. Thus, it had more breathability elements and kept odors at bay. It even has dashes of light blue on the outsole’s Nike Swoosh and the tongue’s Jumpman, thus offering a nice contrast to the sail-colored Nike Air Jordan Stockx sneaker.



  • Full-grain leather upper.
  • Hits of translucent materials and mesh on the heel and the toebox.
  • Splashes of light blue contrast. 
  • The sail-colored colorway might not appeal to everyone.

Jordan 4 Retro Lightning


The Jordan 4 Retro Lightning is one of the best Air Jordan 4 Stockx sneakers. While they were initially released in 2006, they saw a fabulous rerelease in 2021. What’s more, the 2021 rerelease happened in one of the most revered of the retro Jordan 4’s colorways. These Lightning AJs are inspired by Michael Jordan’s love of motorsports and feature a distinctive yellow Durabuck upper. Moreover, they also have a dark grey lacing system and black netted panels that stand out against the design while ensuring a snug and breathable fit. Above all, the matching grey accents highlight the Jumpman branding at the heel, the tongue liner, and the woven tongue tag. This season, the Jordan Brand did prove that lightning does strike twice.



  • Unique yellow Durabuck upper.
  • Breathable and snug fit.
  • Contrasting balck netted panels and grey lacing.
  • Not OG

Air Jordan XIII Retro “Flint”


Throughout 2020, the “Flint” Air Jordan XIII was the most-sold sneaker on StockX, selling as many as 56,000 pairs! These trendy Air Jordan 13 Stockx sneakers are easily one of the best Jordans of 2020. The initial late 90s debut was a subtle tribute to Michael Jordan’s days as a Tar Heel. The 2020 “Flint” edition of the Air Jordan 13 Stockx sneaker features a plush navy reflective mesh build, just like the 1998 OG one. What’s more, it also has UNC blue hits on the branding and a flint grey synthetic suede wrap. The holographic 23/Jumpman logo is added to the design in all its lenticular glory at the heel’s lateral side.



  • Plush navy reflective structure.
  • Flint grey synthetic suede wrap and UNV blue hits.
  • Holographic Jumpman logo.
  • The material quality isn’t the best.

Jordan 5 Retro Moonlight


Shorter days and longer nights make the Jordan 5 Retro Moonlight one of the best Air Jordan Stockx sneakers for the fall and winter. These shoes are an upgrade on the 2013 AJ5 Oreo and were released in September 2021. They feature a black Durabuck upper, complete with translucent netted inserts. What’s more, the grey embroidered Jumpman logos on the tongue offer the feel and look of dark fall nights. The white midsole with black speckled shark teeth and icy translucent sole sits in gleaming contrast to the monotone upper. All in all, the shoes offer great light and dark seasonal symmetry, making for stylish accessories.



  • Affordable retro version.
  • Black Durabuck upper with netted inserts.
  • Comfy white midsole.
  • The sizing is slightly off.

Air Jordan I Retro High Dior


The Air Jordan I Retro High Dior is one of the best Air Jordan Dior Stockx shoes on this list. This most talked-about AJ of 2020 is also the most expensive Jordan sneaker of the year. The luxe sneakers debuted on the Dior runway in mid-2019 and were released with much fanfare. The French fashion house-crafted the shoe as it would a Dior handbag, giving it the same hand-finished touches, painted edges, Italian leather, and attention to detail. What’s more, the sneakers are created in both low-top and high-top versions. Furthermore, it features excellent details such as the “Air Dior” wings logo on the collar and an enlarged Swoosh with a custom Dior oblique design. It’s no wonder these shoes sold for a high average price of 9800 USD!



  • Come in both high and low-top designs.
  • Hand-finished touches and attention to detail.
  • Exclusive.
  • Very, very expensive.

Air Jordan IV Retro “Black Cat”


Yet another excellent Air Jordan 4 Stockx sneakers in 2020 were the Air Jordan IV Retro “Black Cat.” The no-fuss sneakers were treated to a retro release for the first time in AJ history, which is a big deal! These sneakers were first released in 2006, with the name “Black Cat” derived from one of Michael Jordan’s many nicknames! The nubuck leather upper is complemented beautifully by graphite matte finishes. Furthermore, the Jumpman logos on the heel and the tongue blend seamlessly with the stealthy yet sexy color scheme. With more than 20,000 pairs selling in 2020, these sneakers are certainly a cheat code. What else can we say?



  • Sexy all-black design.
  • Nubuck leather upper and graphite matte finishes.
  • Retro released for the first time.
  • No mesh in the design.

Jordan 1 AJKO Billie Eilish Ghost Green


Do you love Billie Eilish? Are you singing “Bad Guy,” “No Time To Die,” and “Lovely” all the time? Then accessorize your performance with the Jordan 1 AJKO Billie Eilish Ghost Green sneakers! Michael Jordan teamed up with British pop icon Billie Eilish to create these sneakers inspired by one of Eilish’s most famous hairstyles. The eclectic designs, colors, and motifs make this the perfect sneaker for the spooky season. Just like Ellish’s hair during her meteoric rise to stardom, these neon green sneakers feature the color across the sole and the canvas upper. The woven tongue label, which features a Blohsh, the singer’s gender-neutral stick figure emblem, further customizes the shoe. These sneakers will keep you happier than ever.



  • Fabulous neon green design.
  • Woven tongue label with a Blohsh design.
  • Stylish and comfortable.
  • The neon green isn’t up everyone’s alley.

Air Jordan IV RetroUnion “Guava Ice”


The Air Jordan IV RetroUnion “Guava Ice” is one of the best Air Jordan 4 Stockx sneakers, and for a good reason. Firstly, these shoes are another esteemed Jordan collaboration; this time, it’s Union’s Chris Gibbs. What’s more, the divisive Jordan IV is a follow-up to the 2018 Jordan I, which is his first collaboration. Many balked at the snubbed tongue when the shoes were first released, but the unique construction is part of the innovative design. What’s remarkable is that these AJs feature many new elements never seen before on the silhouette. The most notable of them is the foldable nylon tongue that flaunts the “Air Jordan” logo, usually at the back. Furthermore, Brigade Blue, Fusion Red, and Guava make this AJ 4s one of the most colorful versions of the model!



  • Foldable nylon tongue.
  • Splashes of colors.
  • Affordable.
  • Not an OG version.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Royal Toe”


The Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Royal Toe” was second only to the Flint 13 in sales on Stockx! The Jordan brand hybridizes two 1985 Jordan models for this retro release, mixing the “Black Toe” and the “Royal” color schemes. The shoes use the color-blocked pattern of the OG “Black Toe” as a starting point while applying “Royal” blue hits around the outsole, ankle, and toe. Plus, they even add a white Wings logo to the collar. There’s a lot more to like about these non-colorful sneakers. For instance, the sneakers have leather detailing and overlays on the upper, with a flexible outsole and a leather tongue tag completing the design.



  • Color-blocked design.
  • Flexible outsole.
  • Leather tongue tag and upper detailing.
  • Expensive.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Wahlburgers


The Air Jordan 4 Retro Wahlburgers are one of the most unique and expensive Air Jordan 4 Stockx sneakers on this list – and for a good reason! These shoes were spotted on Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg’s feet at some of the openings of Wahlburgers, their brand of restaurants run by the three brothers Mark, Paul, and Donnie. At that time, Wahlberg made available 30 pairs to the public via a raffle, which makes them so expensive! This Air Jordan 4s is made from rubber, cotton, and leather and features a green-based upper with black detailing. Finally, it also features a removable Wahlburgers logo on the tongue and translucent outsole and eyelets.



  • Stylish and chic.
  • Removable Wahlburgers logo on the tongue.
  • Exclusive.
  • Very, very, very expensive.

Jordan 3 Retro A Ma Maniére


Yet another great AJ is the Jordan 3 Retro A-Ma Maniére. Air Jordan tied up with DC-based sneaker boutique A Ma Maniére to deliver one of the best AJ 3s of the year. The sneakers were released to celebrate everyday urban women. The tan, grey, and white colorway tastefully accentuates any fall fit. Furthermore, the yellowing on the lower portion of the midsole, the heel tab, the eyelets, and the raw trim on each upper panel lend these shoes a vintage aesthetic. They sure feel seasonally appropriate! What’s more, the tongue on the right sneaker features a Jumpman logo, while the left features an embroidered A-Ma Maniére logo. A quilted satin inner lining finishes off the features, adding an element of luxury. 



  • White, grey, and tan colorway is universal.
  • Vintage aesthetic with Jumpan and A-Ma Maniére logo.
  • Quilted satin inner lining. 
  • Expensive.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore 2017


The top spot on the best Air Jordan 4 Stockx sneakers list is courtesy of famed rapper Eminem. Behold the Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore 2017, which also happens to be amongst the most expensive of AJs. In 2017, the rapper partnered with StockX to raffle off these sneakers to raise money for the Marshall Mathers Foundation. The retro sneakers remain primarily faithful to the OG, but they feature a light grey hue for the sole units, heel tabs, and wings. Plus, it also has a lighter shade of blue across the shoe. Other than that, the shoes are almost the same as the OG and are comfy and chic to boot.



  • Lighter shades of blue and grey to keep it different from the OG.
  • Comfy, stylish, and chic.
  • Exclusive.
  • None, unless you count the fact that they’re one of the most expensive pieces of footwear in the world!

How To Choose The Best Air Jordan Shoes at Stockx?

Do you want to add Air Jordans to your fabulous sneaker collection? But, do you not know where to start? This ultimate buying guide will tell you everything you need to know before investing in your first and nth pair of Air Jordans. 


The Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which are the most popular, range between 90 and 170 USD. The average price of both men’s and women’s Air Jordans is around 145 USD. Today, newer versions are released with different price tags depending on their exclusive release and demand. However, you need to know that cheaper Air Jordans might feature substandard material. The most expensive Air Jordans of all time includes the autographed Jordan (25,000 USD) and the Jordan 11 Blackout Edition (21,780 USD).

Low-cut or high-top

Air Jordan sneakers, including Air Jordan 13 Stockx, Air Jordan Dior Stockx, and Nike, are classified as low-cut or high-top. In the end, it boils down to your preferences. High-top designs offer more ankle support as their laces go above your ankle bones, making them ideal for playing, running, and walking. Mid-top designs have a higher collar than low-cut ones to lockout pebbles and dirt. What’s more, they even have a metal lacing hook for tightening the laces and keeping your feet in place. Above all, they’re easy to style and go with everything from shorts to pants.

Finally, we have the low-cut Air Jordans, which are more lightweight and minimalistic than other Air Jordan sneakers. They are ideal for less intense activities like shorter trails and hikes and even go perfectly with ASOS’ maxi dresses.


Air Jordans are so popular because they come in different color schemes, which sneaker enthusiasts love. Some of the commonest colorways include the New and the OG colorway. The OG colorway was the original color scheme of the Nike Air Jordan Stockx sneaker when it was released. For instance, the OG colorway for the Air Jordan ones Stockx sneaker is red and black, while the Air Jordan 4 Stockx sneaker is white cement. On the other hand, new releases draw color inspirations from different sources.

Retro Vs. OG Jordans

OG Jordans are models of Air Jordans that feature small changes, with Jordans releasing these usually to profit from their popularity. Examples include the Jordan 4 Military, Jordan 3 Black Cement, and the Jordan 1 Shadow. On the other hand, Retro Jordans are rereleases of the most popular models, ranging from I to Air Jordan 13 Stockx sneakers. While they have the same design, they feature different materials thanks to technological advances.


Finally, we come to the size of the Air Jordan sneakers, which depends on your foot measurements for support and comfort. The best well-fitting sneakers need to feel comfortable around the heels without slippage. Also, if you’re playing in these sneakers, look for more space in the toe box. So, measure your feet by standing up and spreading your toes out across the floor. Finally, leave an allowance of 1/8th of an inch at the back of the heel for a comfortable fit.

What is Jordan’s best selling shoe?

The bestselling Jordans include the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bordeaux, the Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago,’ the Air Jordan 1 ‘Black Toe,’ and the Air Jordan Mid Bred 1, a red-and-black mid-top sneaker that the NBA once banned!

What is a OG Jordan?

As mentioned earlier, OG refers to the original colorways of the shoes when the shoes were initially released. However, they can also refer to the very first release of a sneaker.

Why are Jordan 4 Wahlburgers expensive?

Actor Mark Wahlberg busted out a pair of AJ4s for the grand opening of Wahlburgers restaurant at Minnesota’s Mall of America. In 2018, he released a pair of Air Jordans via a raffle alongside the Entertainment Industry Foundation. The raffle proceeds went to those who’d been affected by the California wildfires. And what makes them so expensive? There are only 30 pairs in existence!