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13 Best Massagers for Tension Headache

It only takes a little tension headache to ruin your whole day. The unbearable pain that sticks in your head will disturb your focus and even reduce your vision, preventing you from continuing your daily activities. But don’t worry because today, we’re going to take you to take a look at some of the best alternatives to a massager for tension headache, which are tools that will help you do a self-massage for tension headaches properly. This way, you can relieve the pain by yourself instantly, without the need to leave the office or whatever activity you’re doing. These massagers will relieve tension in the area around your neck so that you can regain your focus and concentration.

And don’t forget to stay with us until the end because we’ll reveal some important tips on choosing the best massager for tension headaches. With that being said, here’s our list of the 13 best massagers for tension headaches!

CuraCane Handheld Neck Massager


Say goodbye to all those frustrating headaches. With the CuraCane Handheld Neck Massager, you can get your focus back in no time. This compact device will hit all trigger spots to relieve pressure and optimize blood flow. No more thinking, ‘I really need a good massage right now’ because you can do it all yourself!

This massager for tension headache is designed to simulate the movements of a neck massage by a professional masseuse. It will stimulate all the trigger points around your neck and head, giving you instant relief. The two massage balls are permanently attached to the frame, so they won’t easily come off or hit the wrong spots. The ergonomic handles will also help you use this massager more easily.


  • Ergonomic handles for easy control
  • Easily hits all your trigger points
  • Made from premium material for your comfort
  • Simulates tissue massage to prevent muscle injury


  • It only comes in two different colors, black and blue

Back Rescue Amazing Neck Massager


Nothing better relieving a terrible headache than a good night’s sleep. But what if you’re in the middle of a meeting or on a tight deadline? Well, you might want to consider getting the Back Rescue Amazing Neck Massager. This fantastic massager is designed to mimic the motion of a mild compression massage. It was designed by a professional chiropractor to ensure that you not only massage the surface but also relieve muscle tightness in the deeper tissues.

Using this massager is much better than doing a self-massage for tension headaches. We’ve been trying it for about 10 minutes, and we don’t think we’ve ever felt such quick relief around our necks. This thing acts like a body whisperer. It can tell exactly which spots are in need of extra stimulation and works effectively to give you a quick fix. Back Rescue will make an amazing purchase if you’re looking for a massager. It comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee policy, which allows you to request a full refund for any reason.

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  • Feel free to request a full refund for any reason
  • Stretches your neck to create a sensation of immense relief
  • Works effectively, quickly, and painlessly
  • Relieves muscle tightness in the deeper tissues


  • We think this product will be perfect if it has a heat function

Neckteck Shiatsu Massager


What if you could have your own professional Shiatsu masseuse? One you can ask to give you a great relief massage whenever and wherever you want. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, dream no more because now we have the Neckteck Shiatsu Massager. It’s a massager for tension headache inspired by the amazing Japanese Shiatsu massage technique. There are eight kneading massage nodes to help eliminate the pain and pressure from around your neck. This thing can handle it all, whether it’s muscle soreness, neck stiffness, or cervical fatigue.

Another thing we like about the Neckteck Shiatsu Massager is how safe it is to use. The heat feature comes with an auto shut function, which should come in handy in case you fall asleep while having the massager tucked around your neck. Apart from that, the intensity is fully adjustable. You can choose from three different settings so that you can adjust the pressure according to your preference. As we said at the beginning, it’s a professional shiatsu massager that you can take anywhere and anytime!


  • There are no less than eight massager nodes to hit all trigger points
  • The hot feature comes with auto shut function, which is safe to use
  • Adjust the intensity of the massage based on your personal preferences
  • Made of high-quality PU material for long-term use
  • It would make a great gift idea


  • Too bad that it’s not wireless

Headmall Massage Gun


Headmall Massage Gun is originally designed for bodybuilders. It helps preheat certain muscle groups, so they won’t produce as much lactic acid when you’re working out. But don’t worry, because this massager is also a great substitute for a self-massage for tension headaches. The bulb moves back and forth to provide stimulus to your trigger point. This will help quickly reduce stress, stiffness, and muscle fatigue around your head and neck area.

Compared to most massage guns out there, the Headmall Massage Gun is quieter. The secret lies in the high-precision moldings, which create a tight connection between the head and fuselage. This allows for smoother, less noisy movement. So if you’re in need of some deeper relaxation while at work or home, you won’t be disturbing anyone else!


  • Precision molds that create a quieter movement
  • Comes with a 2,500mAh lithium battery that can last for more than eight hours
  • Suitable for use by professionals and office workers
  • One-year guarantee, request a refund whenever you are not satisfied with your purchase


  • The handle is big and round, not the most ergonomic design around

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


Imagine a scenario where you’re having a persistent headache. You then look for your massager, hoping it’ll give you immediate relief, only to find that it refuses to turn on because the batteries have drained out. Really a big disappointment, right? Well, with the Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager, you won’t have such a horrible experience. That’s because this massager is both rechargeable and wireless. The embedded lithium-ion battery can give you 2+ hours of use, more than enough for your daily deeper relaxation sessions.

Apart from that, this massager for tension headache has four different massage nodes. They’re all strategically placed to mimic Japanese Shiatsu massage techniques. These nodes work wonders for muscle stiffness and fatigue. Apart from that, the heat function will give you a comfortable, relaxing sensation. And to guarantee your safety, this thing is FDA-registered, so you can use it without any worries at all.


  • The manufacturer provides lifetime support that can be extended for up to two years
  • Unlike other massage tools, this thing has been regulated by the FDA
  • Helps relieve stiffness and muscle fatigue
  • Powerful and relaxing heat function


  • We wish it came with different heat settings

Afunso Head Scalp Massager


Let’s face it. Despite how well most of the massagers out there are, most people are reluctant to use them. This is because they think these tools give ‘strange’ and ‘unnatural’ sensations. Well, if you are one of those people, allow us to introduce you to the Afunso Head Scalp Massager. This massager for tension headache relies on the contraction and compression of the airbags to create a massaging motion, which is far different from similar devices out there. This allows you to get a sensation that feels much more natural. It feels gentle, but at the same time, it can relieve muscle stiffness and optimize blood flow in the right spots.

Another reason why you need an alternative to self-massage for tension headaches is its portability. Unlike other products on this list, the Afunso Head Scalp Massager is lightweight and detachable. You can take the scalp massager apart and put it in a different storage case for easier transport. If you travel a lot or want something more practical, this massager for tension headache is a must-have.


  • It can be used to massage almost any part of the body, including arms and legs
  • Giving you a professional masseuse-like massage at a lower cost
  • There are three different massage modes to choose from: weak, neutral and strong
  • Gives you a more natural sensation


  • It probably won’t help much if you have a more intense headache

LittleMum Trapezius Trigger Point Massager


The LittleMum Trapezius Trigger Point Massager offers a unique approach compared to most massage tools out there. Instead of relying on batteries or electricity to move the massager’s nodes, this massager encourages you to move to stimulate all the trigger points. All you need to do is set the massager on your chair, put your back on it, move your body a little, and let the magic do the work. It’s simple, effective, and requires no electric power at all!

In terms of quality, this massager for tension headache is made of premium material. It uses food-grade silicone instead of hard plastic. Apart from that, all of the massage nodes use heavy and sturdy EVA foam. This allows you to get a true massage sensation. Overall, this massager is a great solution if you need something non-electric in your office.


  • One of the few non-electric massagers
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Works effectively in relieving pain and stress
  • Come with a customer warranty of up to 15 years


  • Requires you to move actively for optimal results

Kim Carrey 3D Deep Tissue Electric Massage


Kim Carrey 3D Deep Tissue Electric Massage is the perfect solution if you frequently get headache attacks while traveling or in the office. This massager is compact enough for you to place it on the headrest of your car seat or office chair. So when you suddenly have stiffness in your deeper tissues, you can turn on the massager, adjust the intensity, and get the quick fix you really need.

The 3D deep-kneading nodes are claimed to be able to give you the sensation of a real shiatsu massage. They alternately move clockwise and counterclockwise to stimulate your trigger points. For an added comfort sensation, there’s a heat function that can help improve blood flow and relieve your pain effectively. Sadly, this massager uses an AC/DC adapter. This means you need to be near a power outlet to use it. But if that’s not a problem for you, this self massage for tension headache tool is just what you’ve been looking for.


  • 3D deep-kneading nodes to give the sensation of a real shiatsu massage
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, including neck, shoulder, and lower back
  • Perfect for use in car seats or office chairs
  • Come with an auto shut-off feature, safe to use


  • You need to be near a power outlet to use it

Atncsme Manual Neck Massager


The Atncsme Manual Neck Massager is claimed to give you a pain-relieving massage three times better than most massage tools. The secret lies in the three silicone balls, strategically placed to ensure that all your trigger points are properly stimulated. You can even adjust the angle to suit your body type. We’ve tried this massager for tension headache ourselves, and the results are amazing. We can get relief and refreshment in under five minutes of therapy.

As the name describes, this massager requires you to do everything manually. This means you need to hold the device with both your hands and move it back and forth to create the desired massage sensation. For $15, this thing works exactly as promised. But if you think the manual operation is a bit of a pain, you can always spend another $10 or $20 to get an electric massager.


  • The silicone balls help relax your tight muscles
  • Requires manual operation, so you can easily adjust the intensity
  • Portable, easy to carry around
  • Lightweight


  • Some people may not like the idea of manually moving a massager when they have a severe headache

Chnneu Cervical Pillow Headache Massager


Are you tired of doing self-massage for tension headaches? Have you done it over and over again and never got the desired result? Well, maybe it’s time for you to get some help. The Chnneu Cervical Pillow Headache Massager is a cervical massage pillow made of high-quality PP material. It has six massage nodes to relax your tight muscles.

So how does this thing work? Pretty simple. First, you need to put it on a flat surface where you can lie down. Next, place your neck strategically over the massaging nodes for a relaxing sensation around your head, neck, and shoulders. Hold your position for about 5-10 minutes, and soon after, you should get a comfortable, refreshing sensation.


  • A massager for tension headaches made of quality PP material
  • Easy to use and requires no electricity at all
  • Works effectively; it only takes a few minutes to give you a feeling of relief
  • Light and easy to take on the go


  • There’s no information regarding the warranty and refund policy

Voyor Neck Massager Shiatsu


Voyor Neck Massager Shiatsu is a massage tool suitable for all ages. It doesn’t require any electric power and relies entirely on the movement of your hands to create the massage sensation. This is what makes the massager safe for everyone. You have complete control over the intensity of the massage, and there’s no heating function to risk burning your skin.

Carrying two silicone balls as the main massage nodes, this massager for tension headaches works well for dealing with various muscle stiffness. You can use it to massage your neck, head, shoulders, or even your feet. Move the device back and forth slowly to stimulate your deeper tissues while increasing blood flow and maintaining good energy. Weighing in at around 300 grams, this self-massage for tension headache is one of the lightest around. It is easy to carry and would make a great addition to your travel bag.


  • Take full control of the intensity of your massage
  • Works effectively in relieving stiffness and pain
  • Portable, easy to carry around, and store
  • Flexible design


  • No instructions or manual included

Aculief Tension Relief Wearable


For our second spot, we chose the Aculief Tension Relief Wearable. This unique, award-winning wearable offers a different approach than the other massagers on this list. Instead of your forehead or neck, this thing should go to your hand, more precisely a point between your thumb and forefinger. It will then create pressure to stimulate certain acupressure points, which is believed to relieve your headache. If you’re not too comfortable with taking meds every time you have a headache, this natural, drug-free option is something you should consider.

However, please note that the effect of this massager for tension headaches may differ from one person to another. It will depend on how bad your headache is and how your physical condition is. In case you’re not getting optimal effects with this massager, Aculief has a hassle-free 60-day return policy. Just send the product back and get a full refund. Great!


  • Offers a unique method to relieve your headache
  • Eligible with most health plans
  • Available in various colors
  • A natural, drug-free solution for your headaches


  • It may not be equally effective for everyone

Lyanxinlei Neck Massager


Neck pain is one of the main symptoms of intense headaches. Luckily, you can fix this with a few massages on the right trigger points. And if you don’t have time to master the technique, the Lyanxinlei Neck Massager will help you. This handheld acupressure device can stimulate the area around your neck and shoulders to optimize blood flow and reduce stiffness. All you need to do is grip the handle tightly and move it up and down. Adjust the intensity depending on how tight your muscles are.

Design-wise, this self massage for tension headache is pretty simple. There are three massage nodes to stimulate your trigger points. And since there’s no motor or electricity involved, you can freely adjust the intensity of the massage. And when you’re not using the massager, you can remove the node balls and store them elsewhere. It’s practical and great to have when you’re on the go.


  • Freely control how intense your massage is
  • Three high-quality silicone massage balls
  • Simple design, easy to carry around and store
  • It can be used to massage your neck, shoulders, or legs


  • It can easily slip if you’re not careful

How to Choose The Best Massager for Tension Headache

Massager for tension headache is becoming more and more common these days. It is something that used to sound like a novelty but has now become a must-have self-care tool. However, finding the right device for self massage for tension headaches is not easy. You need to consider many things to ensure you’ll get optimal results.

Below, we’ve listed three important things to consider when you’re planning to get a massager for tension headaches. Hopefully, this quick guide will help you decide which device to get, so you can give yourself a good self massage for tension headache.


The price is the first thing you need to consider when planning to get a massager for tension headaches. Yes, you need to be really clear with your budget. While this is not entirely true, most massagers under $100 are made by Chinese brands. Although there may be one or two exceptions, most of them are mediocre. If you need something a little more advanced, we suggest spending at least $150.


Just like any other self-care equipment, massagers for tension headaches vary for each brand. Some only weigh around 1.5 lbs, while others can reach up to over 3.0 lbs. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the heavier the massager, the more features it offers. So our advice is, don’t worry too much about weight. If the device can give you a good self massage for tension headaches, you should get it.

Battery Life

Since you will probably be using the massager for tension headaches for quite some time, you also need to think about the battery life. In general, a good massager should give you more than two hours of use. But if you don’t want to bother, you can always opt for a non-electric massager.

Can Massage Help With Tension Headaches?

Yes, absolutely. Both severe headaches and migraines can be relieved with the right massage treatment. Not only that but providing stimulation at the proper trigger points can even prevent headaches from occurring.

How Do You Relieve Tension Headaches?

You can try applying ice or heat, depending on what feels most comfortable to you. If you prefer the former, you can grab an ice pack and apply it to your neck. But if you’re more comfortable with the latter, you can use a hot towel or a hot water bottle.

Should I Massage My Head If I Have a Headache?

Yes, you can do that. A good massage around your temples and neck can help ease your migraine or headache. It’s also great for lowering blood pressure and promoting hair growth.