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6 Best Etsy Radiator Covers

Radiators are among the most essential things in your home to keep you warm. I can’t even imagine living without one. However, I feel it can often be bulky and detract from my home’s aesthetic. If you feel the same, this post is for you. Radiator covers can be a decorative way to conceal unattractive radiators while protecting hot surfaces. And if you’re looking for unique, handmade options, you should consider getting an Etsy radiator cover. From magnet covers to intricate wooden designs, Etsy artisans offer radiator enclosures to match a variety of home decor styles. Don’t worry, I’ve tried the ones below and they were all a breeze to install. Keep reading and have fun finding the perfect cover to give your home a decorative boost!

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ChinuaFlooring Radiator Cover


Kicking off this list is the ChinuaFlooring Radiator Cover. If you’ve always hated how bulky and dull radiators look in your home, this is the perfect solution. This radiator cover is printed and cut to the exact dimensions you ordered, ensuring a perfect fit for your radiator. No more struggling with ill-fitting covers that leave gaps or bunch up. During testing, I found the installation process to be a piece of cake. The strong magnets ensured a secure and hassle-free installation. All I had to do was simply attach the cover to the radiator, and it’d stay firmly in place. No drilling or tools are required!

This cover isn’t just functional, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. The high-quality UV print and vivid colors add a decorative touch to any room, transforming your radiator from an eyesore into a focal point. Another reason why I chose to add it to this list was because of its versatility. Made with durable materials, this cover can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C, making it suitable for year-round use.


  • Aside from the sizes offered by the seller, you can also customize the size based on your radiator.
  • The colors of the printing are vibrant.
  • There are so many motifs and material textures to choose from.


  • The delivery process might take a while.
ChinuaFlooring Radiator Cover - by Etsy
ChinuaFlooring Radiator Enclosure – by Etsy

NestwoodShop Custom Radiator Enclosure


Gone are the days of boring radiator eyesores! The NestwoodShop Custom Radiator Enclosure is one of the most beautiful radiator covers I’ve ever seen. Made from wood, this radiator cover can easily give any space a little touch of warmth, comfort, and natural beauty. Yes, it doesn’t look fancy or anything. But for me, sometimes something simple looks better. Plus, the customizable dimensions mean you could find the perfect fit for your unique radiator, regardless of size or shape.

As with many others, I was initially worried about installation when testing this cover. Luckily, the process turned out to be surprisingly simple. With this cover, your living space will feel more cohesive and stylish, and you no longer have to hide blankets or furniture in front of the radiator to disguise its appearance.


  • You can customize the dimensions of this cover.
  • The neutral color blends easily with most decorations.
  • It also doubles as a shelf and room decoration.


  • It’s one of the more expensive radiator covers.
NestwoodShop Custom Radiator Cover - by Etsy
NestwoodShop Custom Radiator Enclosure – by Etsy

CebilBoutique Modern Radiator Enclosure


Looking for a stylish and practical way to hide your radiator? The CebilBoutique Modern Radiator Enclosure is a great option to consider. A versatile option, the raw, unpainted MDF offers a clean and contemporary aesthetic that can blend easily with any space. But what I loved the most when testing it was its easy access. The removable front panel allowed me to clean and maintain the radiator’s interior effortlessly.

“If you want to cover your radiator with a sleek, customizable cover, this UK-made cover is worth considering. It’s a versatile and affordable option compared to many others on the market.”


Unlike standard radiator covers, CebilBoutique offers customization options to fit your exact radiator size. This ensures a perfect fit and eliminates the need for awkward gaps or adjustments. Perfect! While this cover comes unpainted, you can choose from various top coat options to personalize it to match your decor. Oh, have I mentioned that it’s also more affordable than many other similarly sized covers?


  • Assembling this radiator cover is easy, even for first-timers.
  • You can paint this cover as you want.
  • It’s one of the more affordable options that doesn’t sacrifice quality.


  • It might not be the best option for those who prefer painted covers.
CebilBoutique Modern Radiator Cover - by Etsy
CebilBoutique Modern Radiator Enclosure – by Etsy

BeveledEdgeStudios Custom Radiator Enclosure


What we have here is the BeveledEdgeStudios Custom Radiator Enclosure. When I first found this cover, I immediately fell head over heels for it. If you’re wondering, this item is made of oak wood, which is a popular choice due to its attractive natural look. The light brown and slightly goldenish color is nothing but attractive and able to complement various decors. Also, based on the various radiator covers I’ve used, it has slightly better heat retention compared to metal covers.

Honestly, this Etsy radiator cover felt sturdy and was well-made. Plus, I found the horizontal slats to be very elegant. Don’t worry, the top of the cover also doubles as a shelf. It’s wide enough that you can put your vase, candles, diffusers, and other stuff on it. Best of all, you can customize the size based on the size of your radiator. For more oak furniture, why don’t you take a look at these antique China cabinets (oak) from Etsy?


  • The beautiful light brown color looks beautiful and is consistent throughout.
  • This cover conceals the radiator while still allowing for proper airflow.
  • It looks exactly like the pictures.


  • It’s on the pricier side.
BeveledEdgeStudios Custom Radiator Cover - by Etsy
BeveledEdgeStudios Custom Cover – by Etsy

Decormatstore Golden Leaves Magnet Cover for Radiator


While there are so many amazing radiator covers on Etsy, I think the Decormatstore Golden Leaves Magnet Cover is the most gorgeous option. First of all, this cover is available in various patterns, but my favorite is the Golden Leaves design. It can easily enhance the look of any room, and this variant looks luxurious. What’s more, I love how it offers optimal protection for your radiator from dust, dirt, and scratches.

Of course, this cover comes in various sizes and the seller offers custom options to fit your specific needs. You don’t have to worry about installation either as the magnetic attachment allows even beginners to set it up and remove it easily. Not to mention, it’s water-resistant! For a stylish and functional radiator cover, I highly recommend this item.


  • This magnet cover can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • It’s made from high-quality materials that are UV-resistant, water-resistant, and non-toxic.
  • The Golden Leaves design looks fancy.


  • The actual color of some patterns might differ slightly from the pictures.
Decormatstore Golden Leaves Magnet Cover for Radiator - by Etsy
Decormatstore Golden Leaves Magnet Cover – by Etsy

TreeOfLifeWorld Radiator Enclosure


Stunning is the perfect word to describe the TreeOfLifeWorld Radiator Enclosure. This cover boasts a beautiful white finish that can seamlessly complement various interior design styles, adding a touch of elegance to your home. What I love the most about this cover is the fact that it’s designed to be adaptable to various radiator sizes. Best of all, you can also personalize the size to fit your own radiator.

Based on my experience, assembling this product is a breeze to assemble. I didn’t have to use any screwdrivers, making the installation process convenient and hassle-free. Better yet, the top of the radiator also doubles as a shelf. You can keep your book, vase, and even one of these Etsy vintage desk lamps & shades or Etsy vintage alarm clocks. All in all, I think this radiator cover deserves an A+!


  • The white color can blend easily with most interior designs.
  • You can customize the size according to your radiator.
  • Made in Transylvania.


  • It’s only available in white.
TreeOfLifeWorld Radiator Cover - by Etsy
TreeOfLifeWorld Radiator Enclosure – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Radiator Covers

Before you decide which cover to get, there are some important things you should always keep in mind that can help you pick the best option. They include:


When choosing radiator covers, the first thing to consider is the material. Radiator covers come in different materials like wood, metal, or plastic. Consider factors like durability, aesthetics, price, and heat conductivity when choosing materials. Wood covers look good but may warp over time. On the other hand, metal conducts more heat but can get hot to the touch.


In addition to that, you’ll also want some ventilation so heat from the radiator can still circulate into the room. Covers that fully enclose the radiator may block too much heat. I recommend looking for covers with vents, slats, or grilles.


Last but not least, you should get accurate measurements of your radiator and ensure the cover will fit properly. This includes height, width, and depth. Custom, made-to-measure covers allow for an exact fit. Pre-made, one-size-fits-all covers may have a looser fit unless you measure carefully. Also, ensure the cover is slightly larger than the radiator to allow for proper air circulation.

What is the best material to cover a radiator?

Choosing the best material to cover a radiator depends on several factors. For me, I prefer wooden covers as they provide amazing insulation and are not as hot to the touch, making them a safer option. If you’re tight on budget, MDF covers are great, too.

Are radiator covers a good idea?

Of course! They not only hide unsightly radiators and improve the overall look of a room but also prevent kids and pets from touching the hot surface of the radiator.

Should a radiator be covered?

While not a must, covering a radiator can give you some benefits. First, it protects children and pets from burns. In addition, it can also improve the appearance of radiators. Not to mention, some covers offer a shelf or space on top for small items.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Etsy.