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6 Best Etsy Dining Room Wall Decor

Dining room wall decor is something that we probably think last about. That is probably why most of us are out of ideas when it comes to it! We were looking for wall decor ideas to refresh our dining space, and the empty walls were all about endless possibilities โ€” especially when we turned to Etsy. Etsy dining room wall decor ideas were equally endless, and they certainly excited us about making the dining room space more lively and stylish. What’s more, Etsy has something for everybody, no matter the style, taste, and personality of the people living there. So, if you’re ready to turn those bare, stark dining room walls into stylish centerpieces, then Etsy is where you should head. We’re certain you can turn your dining room walls into a customized space featuring things you adore.

You might want to start by reading about our favorite Etsy modern wall art.

U Space Art Large Original Canvas Oil Painting


We’d always loved the idea of having a handmade oil painting over our huge dining room wall. That’s why we loved this U Space Art Large Original Canvas Oil Painting of a gorgeous riverscape that was perfect for the muted tones and hues of our dining space. This handmade painting is made in a contemporary style using acrylic/oils on an unstretched and frameless canvas. It’s what made the beauty of the landscape all the better. What’s more, the painting even came with a 2-3 inch white border, allowing those who want to frame the painting to get it done. Since it was transported in a solid tube roll, we weren’t worried about it being damaged until it reached us.


  • It’s hand-painted and, thus, unique.
  • We could even get it framed, thanks to the thoughtful extra border.
  • it was transported carefully.


  • The larger sizes are expensive.
U Space Art Large Original Canvas Oil Painting - by Etsy
U Space Art Large Original Canvas Oil Painting – by Etsy

My Eclectic HeartAZ Antique Buffet


Imagine finding an antique buffet that not only looked good but also complemented our Etsy rustic dining table and set of 4 antique dining chairs! Behold the My Eclectic HeartAZ Antique Buffet, which also happens to be one of the best oak antique china cabinets on Etsy. This exquisite buffet, which might as well have the look of an Etsy antique dresser, fits perfectly with our modern minimalist dining room furnishings of navy, grey, and white. What helped was that the buffet also had a unique palette of white, light blue-gray, and deep blue, complete with copper and gold accents that set it apart. Opulent and minimalist at the same time, the buffet even had good storage in the form of two side shelves and three center drawers.


  • It’s handmade and unique.
  • It’s not just a functional buffet but also an antique piece of art.
  • The surfaces of the piece have been treated carefully.


  • It’s very expensive and also has long shipping times.
My Eclectic HeartAZ Antique Buffet - by Etsy
My Eclectic HeartAZ Antique Buffet – by Etsy

Brighton Roc Mirrors Baroque Stone Wall Mirror


When we’re talking of a buffet, we have to have a baroque mirror over it, don’t we? Check out the Brighton Roc Mirrors Baroque Stone Wall Mirror, which perfectly complemented our antique buffet above. What’s interesting is that the beautifully ornate design comes from a window on George Street in Bath in the UK! Since our dining room gets less natural light, putting this mirror certainly brightened up the area due to light bouncing off of it. In fact, it even gave the illusion of more space! In fact, we could even choose between two colors, black and natural stone, especially since we wanted it to match our dining room decor.


  • The mirror is made by hand, unique, and made to order.
  • It looks and feels like real stone.
  • The mirror even came ready to hand with a cord and backed with baize.


  • Shipping costs are a bit high.
Brighton Roc Mirrors Baroque Stone Wall Mirror - by Etsy
Brighton Roc Mirrors Baroque Stone Wall Mirror – by Etsy

Bell And The Whistle Gather Sign


As a family, some of our best memories at home have been when we gathered at the dining table. That’s just one of the reasons why we’ve Bell And The Whistle Gather Sign, which is one of the best Etsy dining room wall decor we’ve seen. Firstly, we loved the cursive lettering and font of the sign, which gave it a very cozy look. The signboard is made from birchwood, which has been sanded and painted to a color of our choice. In fact, we had the choice of more than 30 unique and offbeat colors! Do you want a distressed finish? They offer that personalization, too! Wrapping things up is the ready-to-hang system, which included all the hardware we needed to mount this on our wall.

“We finally had something that we felt right on our favorite wall of the house!”



  • The sign came with all the hardware we needed to hang it up easily.
  • The sign and hanging method are invisible and sturdy.
  • They offer a ton of colors, sizes, and personalization options.


  • The keyhole hanging option costs more in every size choice.
Bell And The Whistle Gather Sign - by Etsy
Bell And The Whistle Gather Sign – by Etsy

Rubelle US Vintage Tree Branch Chandelier


The Rubelle US Vintage Tree Branch Chandelier is one of our absolute favorite Etsy antique chandelier options. This stunning Nordic-style light fixture absolutely transformed our minimalist dining room space, adding a rustic-chic ambiance. Built in a strong resin frame, the wonderful wood-look-like replica chandelier boasts flowing lines, at the end of which sit candle-shaped bulbs. What we loved about the chandelier was the adjustable cord length, which allowed us to tailor the height to our ceiling height and dining space. So, we could transform it from a high-ceiling light to a low-slung one whenever we wanted.


  • The chandelier came extremely well-wrapped in a protective parcel, complete with spare light bulbs.
  • We could choose the style (number of lights) as well between warm and cold lights.
  • The minimalist Nordic fixture was the perfect dining room decor.


  • It’s on the expensive side.
Rubelle US Vintage Tree Branch Chandelier - by Etsy
Rubelle US Vintage Tree Branch Chandelier – by Etsy

The Red Poppy Peddler Boho Wall Vase


The Red Poppy Peddler Boho Wall Vase rightfully sits at the top of the list. This wall decor item features stunning teardrop bottles that are mounted on a knotty pineboard using chic copper hardware. The boho-rustic wall decor style perfectly complemented our minimalist dining room area, especially since we’re huge fans of plants all around the house. In fact, we could rotate the contents of the vase, sometimes putting our favorite faux plants and something using fresh flower cuttings, too. Since we had the choice of buying a set of two/three, we bought the unique three-piece set, thus creating a one-of-a-kind focal point in our dining room wall.


  • We could choose a set of two/three vases.
  • We could even choose the stain color, and had six options at that.
  • It ships very fast!


  • None.
The Red Poppy Peddler Boho Wall Vase - by Etsy
The Red Poppy Peddler Boho Wall Vase – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Etsy Dining Room Wall Decor?


When it came to choosing the right size for our wall decor for the dining room, there were a few things we kept in mind. First, we considered the size of our dining room furniture, that is, the table. For instance, we had a large wall behind an eight-seater dining table, so we went looking for a large piece of art or a larger light fixture, as a smaller piece would get lost. Next, we thought about how much empty wall space we had. We made sure to leave enough negative space around any large piece of artwork or light fixture or cabinet we fixed so as to not leave it looking cluttered.

Color and style

One of the most important things we considered when choosing wall decor was the style of the room. That is, whether we wanted the decor to blend in or become the focal point of the space. Since we had a more casual dining space, we chose abstract and modern pieces. Is your dining room more formal? Go for traditional-styled stuff. Another thing we kept in mind was the room colors. Since our dining room was painted white, we chose a decor that added a pop of color. Is your dining region already quite colorful? Go for muted tones or similar colors.

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How big should wall art be in the dining room?

When it comes to Etsy dining room wall decor, the artwork should be according to the size of the wall and the furniture, as neither should overpower the other.

How do you decorate an empty dining room wall?

You could put anything from mirrors, hutches, and floating shelves to art pieces, planters, and credenzas to fill an empty dining room wall.

Some images in this article are copyrighted by Etsy.