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Best Etsy Christmas Gift Bags

The holiday season is fast approaching, and I’m already starting to think about Christmas shopping. If you’re looking for unique and affordable gift bags, Etsy is a great place to start. I’ve explored all the Etsy Christmas gift bags available on the platform and I found some beautiful options with different styles and budgets. Some of them are made of burlap, which is great for those looking for a reusable and durable choice. But if you’re into paper bags, I also have some high-quality choices worth considering. I’ve shown these bags to my friends and they all asked me where did I get them! So, let’s not waste any more time and take a look at my favorites!

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Dreampartycreation Christmas Reindeer Paper Bag


Make this holiday season more festive and memorable with the Dreampartycreation Christmas Reindeer Paper Bag! No matter who receives this bag, they sure are lucky. What made me fall in love with this bag was none other than its design. As you can see, it features a reindeer with a wreath of poinsettias on its antlers. Where else can you find a bag that looks like this?

It’s not all just about the looks, though. Made of high-quality, recycled white gloss paper, this bag is durable. When I first touched it, I could tell that it was better than many of its competitors. It was sturdy and surprisingly spacious. I also found the handles to be exceptionally strong, and I was able to put heavier gifts inside the bag, too.


  • It’s one of the cheapest options on the market.
  • There are three sizes to choose from.
  • It’s 100% recyclable.


  • It’s not personalizable.
Dreampartycreation Christmas Reindeer Paper Bag - by Etsy
Dreampartycreation Christmas Reindeer Paper Bag – by Etsy

CreativeBlossomLtd Luxury Embroidered Christmas Bag


Looking for eco-friendly gift bags for this Christmas? Look no further than the CreativeBlossomLtd Luxury Embroidered Christmas Bag. The highlight of this bag has to be its material. Made of premium burlap, it can be reused year after year as long as you take care of it properly. During testing, I was impressed by the well-padded handles. I also loved the size, as it was big and strong enough to hold my chocolates, cookies, and Etsy Christmas mug.

Additionally, the embroidery was also well done and added a touch of luxury to the bag. My name was pronounced correctly, and it made the bag look more charming. What’s more, I think this bag is super versatile. You can even use it for everyday activities like when you’re grocery shopping. Best of all, I didn’t have to wait long for the bag to arrive.


  • The bag has a large capacity.
  • It’s eco-friendly and reusable.
  • The embroidery is well-made.


  • There’s only one color option for the bag and font.
CreativeBlossomLtd Luxury Emrboidered Christmas Bag - by Etsy
CreativeBlossomLtd Luxury Embroidered Christmas Bag – by Etsy

BycrafterStore Velvet Christmas Bag


Among all Etsy Christmas gift bags, I think the BycrafterStore Velvet Christmas Bag is one of the most luxurious options. As the name suggests, it’s made of high-quality velvet that’s soft to the touch and has a rich, festive sheen. When I used it for the first time, I noticed that it was well-constructed. I found the stitching to be sturdy and the drawstring closure kept my gifts secure.

One of the best things about this gift bag is that it is highly versatile. It can be used to store gifts of all shapes and sizes, and it is also perfect for wrapping unusually shaped items. With the size of 26″ x 18.5″, it was big enough for me. I was able to hold multiple gifts at once. This makes it a great option for families or for people who are giving gifts to a group of people. Best of all, the bag is available in multiple colorways, including red, green, white, pink, blue, and grey.


  • The font is available in many different colors.
  • This gift bag is reusable.
  • It’s also easy to store as it can be folded up flat when not in use.


  • Shipping may take a while.
BycrafterStore Velevet Christmas Bag - by Etsy
BycrafterStore Velvet Christmas Bag – by Etsy

MountsCrafts Red Burlap Christmas Bag


Strong and durable, who doesn’t like this MountsCrafts Red Burlap Christmas Bag? This is one of the most beautiful and festive bags to wrap your gifts this holiday. When I first unboxed the bag, I was impressed by the high-quality burlap. I could tell it wasn’t cookie-cutter material, and I loved the addition of the personalized name.

What’s so special about this bag is that it offers tons of options. For one, it’s available in three different sizes: S, M, and L. I chose the M variant, and it was bigger than I expected. On top of that, there are six different fonts to choose from for the personalized name. If you want to keep things simple, you can also opt for the non-personalized option.


  • Neat and durable stitching.
  • It’s available in several sizes, perfect for a variety of gifts.
  • You can also customize the color of the font.


  • The bag is only available in red.
MountsCrafts Red Burlap Christmas Bag - by Etsy
MountsCrafts Red Burlap Christmas Bag – by Etsy

TheNextGardenerInc Christmas Gift Bag


Need more than a dozen gift bags for this holiday season? Check out TheNextGardenerInc Christmas Gift Bag. This kraft paper bag is available in a pack of 15, which is perfect for those who have tons of friends or relatives. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the design. There are four different prints to choose from, including Reindeer, Xmas Tree, Sleigh, and Xmas Hat. I even had a hard time choosing which one I wanted as all of them were good.

Yes; as I said earlier, this is a paper bag. However, you shouldn’t underestimate its durability. The paper is thick, so I was able to put a lot of things inside, including candy cookies and some Christmas souvenirs. Most importantly, I felt that the handle was exceptionally sturdy. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and affordable gift bag, this is the one.


  • It doesn’t take long for the gift bag to arrive.
  • One of the cheapest options out there.
  • It has a timeless design.


  • Though high-quality, the paper material is still prone to tear.
TheNextGardenerInc Christmas Gift Bag - by Etsy
TheNextGardenerInc Christmas Gift Bag – by Etsy

ArfanFinds Personalized Santa Sack


Make this Christmas more special with the ArfanFinds Personalized Santa Sack. With this gift bag, giving gifts to your loved ones will be even more exciting. One of its main selling points is its material. When I first received this sack, I was amazed by how smooth and lightweight it was. Not to mention, no matter what I did, the sack remained wrinkle-free. Keeping it clean is also a breeze as all you have to do is wash it.

Furthermore, this sack is available in four different sizes, so you’ll have the perfect bag no matter the occasion. I got the L variant and it was big enough to hold a variety of gifts, including books, toys, and clothes. Its highlight, of course, is its personalization. You can add the initial and name of the receiver, making it a highly personal gift. Looking for more ways to personalize your holiday? Check out these Etsy Christmas socks and stockings!


  • This gift sack is practically tear-resistant.
  • It can be reused many times.
  • There are four sizes to choose from.


  • It’s only available in one color.
ArfanFinds Personalized Santa Sack - by Etsy
ArfanFinds Personalized Santa Sack – by Etsy

How To Choose The Best Christmas Gift Bags

Choosing the right Etsy Christmas bags can enhance the presentation of your gifts and add a touch of festive cheer to your holiday celebrations. So, here are some key factors to consider:


When it comes to material, you’ll want to opt for bags made from high-quality materials. They should be durable and can be reused for multiple seasons. Consider materials like kraft paper, burlap, or canvas, which offer a more environmentally friendly option compared to disposable plastic bags.


Aside from that, consider the size and shape of the gifts you intend to wrap. Choose bags that are appropriately sized to accommodate your gifts without being too bulky or too tight. For oddly shaped gifts, consider using versatile drawstring bags or gift sacks.


Last but not least, you should consider adding a personal touch to your gift bags by embellishing them with ribbons, bows, gift tags, or handwritten messages. This adds a unique touch and makes each gift feel extra special. Some sellers from Etsy also allow you to add personalized text.

Some of the most popular Christmas gifts include gift cards, personalized gifts, and apparel. In the end, you’ll want to consider what the person you give likes and doesn’t like.

What is the 5-gift rule for Christmas?

The 5-gift rule for Christmas is a guideline that suggests limiting gift-giving to five categories for each recipient. The categories include something the recipient wants, needs, wears, reads, and experiences.

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